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BMW Z3 Maintenance & Repair



  • We just bought a 2002 Z3. It doesn't have remote keyless entry. My husband is very handy around cars and has installed a keyless entry system in another car we had. Any ideas on how easy/hard would it be to install one in our Z3? If not complicated any suggestions on where a system could be bought on the internet?
  • I'm looking at a 2001 2.5 with 120K miles on it. Are you still having good luck with yours? I'm trading in a Honda CRV with 69K on it, in good shape and a pretty sensible car for Chicago weather. So, I'm a little worried that I may be making a less than sane decision (just got divorced, and I don't really need a 4 door CRV anymore.)
  • I only have 30000 on my Z and it is running great.
    I live in Wisconsin so know what it is like to have this car in the winter. I drive it all year round and lucky for me we have not had a whole lot of snow. Some people think I'm crazy to drive it in the winter, but it handles very well. Remember it is rear wheel drive so it will handle different than your front wheel drive.
    Since we do get snow you will have to decide if you can live with the Z. If it is your only car I am not sure if I would go that route. I have a second car to depend on if and when it does snow hard since if you get more than a couple of inches just before you have to get to work you may not get there with the Z. Being a 'sports' car it does sit low to the road.
    I love the Z and am glad I purchased it. Good Luck with your decision.....
  • Thanks- I've read (on a Canadian Z blog) that the DSC helps in winter driving. The enjoyment I'm anticipating from driving the Z3 (my ex-wife's car was a beetle 5-speed convertible, and while no where near a Z3, it was a fun car to drive) will probably make me forget the convienience of the 4 wheel-drive CRV.
  • I had the same problem on my wife's 97 Roadster.
    Lubricate the window guide inside the door with silicone and the problem goes away. The guide is tight and guess it gets dry and drags.
    Carefully remove the bottom of the door panel and spray away.
  • Many thanks. I will try your approach.

    Wayne Brewer
  • Autosky science and technology co.,ltd
    Product Name: BMW OPS
    Part No.: A101
    Net Weight: 5KG

    On vehicle models from the E65 on, BMW is for the first time using fibre-optic cables as standard for communication between control units.The optical buses are notable for their high data transmission rate and they are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The optical buses in question are the MOST bus, primarily used for in-car entertainment electronics, and the byteflight bus, which serves predominantly safety-critical functions.

    OPPS has been designed for encoding, individualising and programming (CIP) via the Software Service Station (SSS) and envisaged for use as part of the BMW diagnostic system (DIS) from DISPlus and Group Tester One (GT1). It is intended for testing and programming tasks from the E65 series, taking the place of the diagnostic head.

    OPS is intended for rapid programming of control units.When operated at the SSS, no diagnostic or technical measuring pro-cedures are possible, as no measuring technology is incorporated; in this instance, OPPS / OPS is used predominantly for programming control units (flashing). Communication with the vehicle can be performed both via the MOST and via the OBD interface. The OBD interface is required for the power supply to the OPPS / OPS and has communication properties via which the vehicle can be identified and the data to be programmed can be determined. From CIP version 7.0, it is possible to delete fault code memories via OPPS / OPS.

    Standard Configuration:
    1. OPS multiplexer
    2. OBD-II diagnostic cable
    3. LAN cable
    4. OPS MOST cable
    5.120G HDD with preinstalled SSS V28 for IBM T30
    6.120G HDD with preinstalled DIS V53 for IBM T30
  • I have 1 or 2 inches of play in my seats do I need new seat rails or will bushing kit fix it? CD holder is missing so when I get one there are no buttons showing cd player?How much should I expect to pay for a new conv top?Installed?And is a felt rear window protector really necessary? Thanks Salty 7.
  • cts_id=8

    that's the vendor I used, but I noticed eBay has added some new vendors. This should correct a little slide, but 2 inches is a lot. I have a feeling it is only 1inch and the bushing kit will fix it. If it's larger it could be something else.

    Not sure on the answers to the other questions.
  • Thank you 1" sounds better.Ordered 2 sets of 4 bushings for $30 from whalen shift machine.
  • salty7salty7 Posts: 3
    1996 1997 BMW z-3 some are roadsters and some not but what is the difference?
  • sessman1sessman1 Posts: 3
    Rather than dropping the $30.00 for the plastic bushings, I made my own. My plastic recycling bin uses .011" thick hard plastic material. To fix my driver's seat, I simply cut four 1" round plugs from my recycling bin using a hole saw, drilled the proper size hole in the center, traced the outline of the threaded adjuster nut onto the plug, and cut them out with my bandsaw. Two bushings on each rail filled the .022" gap in the adjuster. They fit perfectly snug!
  • sessman1sessman1 Posts: 3
    Rather than dropping the $30.00 for the plastic bushings, I made my own. My plastic recycling bin uses .011" thick hard plastic material. To fix my driver's seat, I simply cut four 1" round plugs from my recycling bin using a hole saw, drilled the proper size hole in the center, traced the outline of the threaded adjuster nut onto the plug, and cut them out with my bandsaw. Two bushings on each rail filled the .022" gap in the adjuster. They fit perfectly snug!
  • chrism7chrism7 Posts: 1
    Have enjoyed reading all the posts and from what I gather there are 2 fuel filters on a Z3? Does anyone have pics of how to replace these? My wife's car seems like it is not getting enough gas and shuts off now and then, that is the reason for my looking.

    Thanks in advance for the replies.
  • My brother borrowed my 2001 BMW z3 (yes I know!!!!), and when he returned it it had overheated bad (!!! yes I know!!!) needles to say, we are not on speaking terms, but... now I need to remove the the valve system, but and when I attempt to take out the injection system, even though all the screws are removed, it has something that does not let it come out and instead it pops back in. Please if anyone knows how to remove this and want to share I will REALLY appreciated.
  • does anyone know where a belt diagram for a 1998 Z3M is located on the web?
  • Has anyone experienced a problem with mounting the Falken 912's on the front rims of a 98 Z3M. My local tire shop mounted the rear tires sucessfully but could not get the front tires to seal on the rims.
  • Ten Key LimitI just found out that BMW has a 10 key limit on all its cars. That means that you can only ever have 10 keys made for any particular BMW over the life of the car unless you pay BMW $1000 to put in a new ignition and then pay the dealer for the keys. If anyone else has suffered this problem, please send me a note at Thanks!
  • I had this problem with the passenger window. It only was a problem after it had been humid for a while. The window would only go down about an inch and would stop. I fixed the problem by spraying silicone into the grove and on the window itself and putting the window up and down on a dry day. That fixed the problem for about two years. It's time to do it again. Cost: $10. ;)
  • z3formez3forme Posts: 1
    My 98 z3 engine light has come on . when I started the car it seemed to have a shake,I had to drive it home it seemed fine but the light stayed on. I had it checked at a local garage. They said it had to do with the sensor to the cam and needed more tests. I was not sure they knew what they were doing and did not want to spend any more if the test were not conclusive as they indicated. I do not know of a reputable mechanic and the dealership here is not good. They had my car three different times to fix the same minor problem. Can anyone shed light on what the problem might be so I have a clue when I take it to a mechanic. I have only had the car 2 years have hardly driven it . i am about ready to dump it , it only has 68,000 miles.
  • philspilphilspil Posts: 2
    Was running Avon M&S 225/50 ZR16 92W on all 4 wheels, which were good. They are not made anymore. My research shows the Continental ExtremeContact DWS (Ultra High Performance All-Season) seem to be the most suggested tire according to all the tire retailers I spoke to. I need new front tires and might conceder replacing all 4. I have found them installed for $110. I also want to continue using Nitrogen Gas instead of plain old air. What tires would you suggest? :confuse:
  • jose5010jose5010 Posts: 7
    Hi folks just purchased my first BMW Z3 it's a 2000 2.5 6cly with 36,772 Miles.Questions I have if anyone could help are the A/M Button next to my auto shifter what is the M mode used for in reading the book it's very vague also my Check Engine light has a mind of it's own, on one day off the next few days then on again???
    and worst of all is the unusual seat movement in both seats about 1/2 inch travel whe stopping and starting seems that would have been a recall item does anyone else have these problems with their 2000 z3.Thanks for any help possible God Bless
  • jose5010jose5010 Posts: 7
    Hi just bought my first BMW it's a 2000 Z3 with 36,722 miles, It's automatic with a A/M button next to the shifter does anyone know what the M feature is for the book is very vague on the subject,Also CHECK ENGINE light doesn't know weather it wants to stay on or off???
    any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
  • sessman1sessman1 Posts: 3
    The seat movement is due to deteriorated rubber bushings in the seat rails. I replaced mine using plastic discs I made from my recycling bin. There is a you-tube vdeo that explains exactly how to replace them. Go to youtube .com and plug in BMW seat repair.
  • jose5010jose5010 Posts: 7
    edited March 2010
    Hey Thanks alot the vid really makes it look managable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ;) ;)
  • jose5010jose5010 Posts: 7
    Hi thanks Dave.On the shifter question I'm still a little confused.I'm in D for drive and to the left is a button labeled A/M now if I put it M mode and bump the shifter up I'm going to end up in neutral ????????? My Manual says that the M puts the car in 4th gear and keeps it there, so when leaving a stop you need a heavy foot to get up speed,so I'm guessing this is meant to be used on the highway?? :D
  • Hmmm, my Z is a 2001 and is automatic. But I can manually shift it through the gears as I described. My transmission is Steptronic and if yours is not then that might explain the difference.

    This is from my manual

    Automatic transmission with Steptronic*
    You can drive as with a normal automatic
    transmission. In addition, you can
    also shift manually.
    When you move the selector lever from
    the "D" position to the left into the M/S
    range, the performance-oriented shift
    programs of the automatic transmission
    are engaged. As soon as you briefly
    touch the selector lever in the "+" or "–"
    direction, Steptronic changes the gear.
    The manual mode is engaged. When
    you wish to use the automatic transmission
    mode again, move the selector
    lever to the right into the "D" position.
    The automatic transmission of your
    BMW is equipped with Adaptive Transmission
    Control (ATC), a system which
    reacts with precision to your individual
    driving style and the driving conditions.
    To achieve this, different shift programs
    are automatically engaged.
    For additional details concerning the
    ATC, please refer to the chapter
    "Advanced technology" on page 166.
    Selector lever positions
    P R N D M/S + –

  • jose5010jose5010 Posts: 7
    I see,Yea mine doesn't have that feature it's D-drive 3-sports mode,2&1 are for towing
    and to left on console there is a button with an A or M which does what I stated earlier according to the book buy it's very vague and you when you visit your local dealer service dept and they think like me it's used for highway then it makes you wander then who made the doggone car DUH????Their not for sure they think???????? :mad:
  • Jose, the moderation has recommended to me that I do not provide references to information on other websites - so my last message was blocked. I am not familiar with the transmission in the 2000 Z3 and if no one provides you an answer in this forum I suggest you Google for other website forums or contact your dealer again for a more detailed explanation of the shifter positions. I wish I could provide more help, but the rules of this forum do not allow it.


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    If you wish to link to one post in one website (don't post the actual content here as it might be copyrighted), that's FINE. Of course, if you need to register in that website, that won't work as the link won't work.

    I often link to a specific post in other enthusiasts' sites if they permit it. What Edmunds frowns upon is active solicitation of members to other sites for recruitment purposes. This is all spelled out in the Member Agreement which we all see when we register here.

    So feel free to help Jose if you can find a post that directly addresses his issue.

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