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Hi, the turn signal lever doesn't turn off after I make left or right turn. I don't have idea what's wrong. Any help?


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    if you can lift it out of the "click into turn" mode and back to neutral, you can live with it until you can get into the shop.

    there is a cancelling cam on the steering shaft that pushes the turn signal switch (generally now part of a multifunction switch that includes hazard flashers, and sometimes landing lights and other things to boost the cost) back out of "click me to keep flashing" mode. there is a small possibility the cam has broken. there is a seriously much larger chance you have a problem in the turn signal switch so the cam won't activate it.

    depends on the car, because that's an engineer's choice type of design difference.

    if you have a recent enough car where all this stuff bolts outside the steering column and is covered by a very large cowling, the cowl halves can be taken apart and the switch replaced moderately easily. less easily if the signal cable pulls through the steering column. and a darn sight more evil if the switch is contained within the steering column itself.

    it could be really nasty if the switch is OK but the cam or pin on the steering shaft is fouled up. steering columns are very cranky and full of interlocking plastic dinguses due to federal safety stuff.

    you have to determine which case you have, which depends on make, model, year, and options (tilt wheel, slide wheel, etc.) of your particular car, and then you know if you can get a part at the dealer, or if you have to have somebody do some serious work to fix it.
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    What kind of vehicle are we talking about here, some are different than others, but they all work generally the same. Year, make, model would help the discussion.
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    My car is 2001 Ford Focus ZTS. I just have 14300 miles on it. The turn signal makes "click into turn" but doesn’t go back to neutral. What I should do? Can I fix this by myself?
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    haven't been in a focus long enough to look at the wheel details. smells like a switch to me, that part should be under warranty, and the labor too, for 36000 or 36 months. have it done, it's probably an hour with coffee and a donut for the tech.
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    I bought the car in Venezuela from Ford dealer. The car is imported from USA. Ford Motor Company in Venezuela gave me only 12430 miles (20000 km) or 1 year warranty, which ever comes first. When the car has 5000 miles I got problem with the trunk button on the dashboard. I still wait Ford to fix this button. There are not so many parts here in Venezuela for Ford Focus and if you find them the cost is so high. The car runs great and I love it but all this small details make me suffer.
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    who's got a Focus here, does it look like a big fat cowl on the steering column that could hide a bolt-on switch? if so, he can play with it a little bit.

    don't suppose you could just pull the flasher can while sorting this out, so the turn signals aren't going to flash no matter what?? if you're not used to puzzling out mechanical things, that might be the thing to do for right now. otherwise......

    the bodies of these switches are plastic, a nylon or something, there is a return spring to move the switch actuator to the center again, and one or another mechanical knuckle, pin, or (I would bet) an oval-ish cam ring on the steering shaft that is designed to push the switch back to center at something like 30 to 60 degrees away from being "straight ahead" on both left and right.

    almost certainly something is messed up with the center part of that switch, either the plastic has broken and the spring is not allowed to do its job, the spring has flown away, or it's knocked/broken off its pivot, probably a rivet.

    if you can at least get it cleared up enough to be able to push back to center manually, that buys a lot of time. you might get lucky and just have a popped spring which can be pushed back into place (I'd bet it's an arch spring like a little leaf spring made out of a snappy wire.)
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    Check with the dealer anyways., but do it now! Most dealers accept a certain amount of cushion to the warranty, so you might get lucky. Just tell them it started a month ago and you didn't have time to bring it in. Then they can check out your trunk popper situation again too.
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    I found out where is the problem with the turn signal on my Ford Focus. The switch is OK but the cam on the steering shaft is fouled up. That means I need to take out the steering wheel. Right? That’s really nasty. Anyway, I appreciate so much the help to find out the problem. Thank you very much, guys.
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