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I just had a look at a new Cadillac SUV based on
the Chevy Tahoe. Is there a pickup in their future?


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    I loved the second opinion in the Edmunds review of the Caddy SUV. The line about how Escalade must be Spanish for sucker pretty well summed things up.

    It's probably only a matter of time before either Cadillac takes a C/K or Lincoln takes an F-series, adds in all sorts of luxury gizmos and jacks up the price. I'd think Lincoln would be first as they were with the Navigator. Although maybe Cimarron fans can look forward to a Caddy S-10...
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    Already seen the Lincoln P/U in Aug. C&D. Pretty much a Navigator setup, but suggests possibly leather seats, full-time AWD, ...

    To me this is a joke. Only a fool would spend that kind of cash on a fancy P/U. Who is going to work a p/u like this, and if you don't work it, why buy it. If I were to spend $30k + for a vehicle, it would not be for a p/u built by Ford, GM or Dodge. It would be German; BMW, Porcshe or M/B. But hey, to each his own.
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    Cadillac??? thats a Chevy that looks and is priced like a Cadillac. Haven't we been through this before?
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    I might be inclined to buy a German car, but I would never consider a German pickup until they had years of experience making a quality truck with a good track record. Just because you make a good car doesn't mean you can make a good pickup. A pickup is a totally different animal than a car or an SUV. Just offering luxury items in a vehicle that looks like a pickup doesn't mean that it will do the job you need a pickup to do. Nothing compares to the Big three when you need a pickup to do a tough days work. If all you need is a pickup to function like a car then, by all means, buy from a foreign car company.
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    Brutus, I meant that to spend that kind of cash on a pretty truck that these lincoln or caddy trucks would be is crazy. If you work a truck, you shouldn't buy one of these. If not, why buy these trucks, image? Buy a M-B C280 and a trailer. You can carry more people, just as much stuff, and you will enjoy it much more.
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    wait exactly one model year - the 2000 Dodge Ram will sorta be German... :-)
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    We're on the same page Dave.

    Kcram, you're right. I forgot about the Rambenz. Of course, as we know, it's not like Fords and Chevys are all built in the US either.

    I have nothing against foreign car companies. One of the reasons that pickups are unique is because no other country in the world uses them like America does on the scale we do. The Big Three have been catering to this market for decades and keep pushing each other to improve. I think it would take a long time for any new manufacturer to enter the full-size truck market with any real success unless and until they can establish a solid track record over an extended period. That likely calls for some lean years profit-wise and might even result in some losses. It would be a big gamble that may not pan out.

    If you're going to try it, Toyota is probably pursuing it the best way. They started with a small truck, got a little bigger, and now they are going for their first half ton. I'll be impressed when, and if, they make the jump to a 3/4 ton truck. That's the point that people will attempt to really strap a load on the truck and work it. If they can succeed in establishing a track record of satisfied users who pull big RVs, it will be time to stand up and take notice. I have a feeling that Toyota may stick with the 1/2 ton and below, although they may try a light duty 3/4 ton if they have some success with the 1/2 ton.
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    Never say never. Who would of thought 10 years ago that Mercedes would be building the new benchmark SUV, the M-Class? Not only build it, but right here in Alabama? I wouldn't be surprised by anything, any more.

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    I noticed that the bed will be finished in black-varnished wood. Perhaps they will have an optional leather bedliner as well. I would expect the rear of the x-cab to have separate climate and audio controls. Toss in an electronic level-control for hauling those big loads (no gravel, dirt or manure with the leather bedliner please) and it will be a winner.
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    Just like the movie, "build it and they will come". You are thinking like me. Build a completely unpractical pickup that is too pretty and delicate to use for any work for $45k. And they probably wouldn't be able to build enough of them for the demand. Where do the people that would buy this get their money, I want in on it!!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    Wouldn't be the first impractical pickup. GMC Syclone, anyone? Payload of just 500 pounds, but Velcro-like traction and could smoke anything in a 1/4 mile. And you can't find a used one anywhere unless somebody is looking for a capital-gains hit next April 15.
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    A few of you mentioned the waste of money to buy a luxury truck and not use it as a truck. That's certainly nothing new. I would say more than half the trucks where I live are used strictly for commuting, most wouldn't dream of using it or hauling anything in it that would leave a scratch. And those are just plain old Fords and Chevys.
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    What is the big deal? Did anyone scream bloody mary when someone bought a F-150 in the Eddie Bauer trim- now called the Lariat? I don't see the reason to be upset now.
    By the way Brutus, how do you use your heavy-duty? I own eleven half-tons that get brutalized every day along with my H-Ds. They were made to work also. Don't put down half-tons as if they were El Cominos.
    With all of the commuting you do in Dallas, sounds as though you would be interested in the Lincoln. I like trim as well, my personal truck is a XLT and I hate driving my work trucks--can't seem to find the button for the window!! ;)
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    Actually $45k is small potatoes compared to the cost of some vehicles people spring for. But I don't use a truck for work either, just commuting and hauling a pair of bikes around. I'm just poking a little fun at an ostentatious display of luxury. I love some of the gadgets they put in high end vehicles these days and what people are willing to pay for a brand name. It's going to be really fun to see the specs on luxury pickups when they become available and the sales numbers.
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    I've always been a supporter of people buying pickups, regardless of whether they plan to use them for towing or hauling stuff. My argument has been that you should drive what you feel most comfortable driving, even if it may not be the most practicle for your needs. If I had no need for a pickup, I'd likely still drive one because it is the type of vehicle I feel comfortable in.

    As for what I use the truck for, I don't currently own one. I sold my 92 F-250HD about a month ago. I bought it in Alaska. The plan was a camper on top and a boat in tow. A year after I bought it, my job transferred me to Southern CA before I bought a camper. It was way overkill there, but I kept figuring I would be headed back to Alaska soon. Instead, I spent about 4 1/2 years in CA and then got transferred to Dallas last year. In CA and Dallas, I haven't used the truck for anything heavier than helping friends move. I still don't regret not trading the truck in on a car. As I said, I like pickups. I don't mind paying the extra at the pump, so it's my prerogative to drive whatever I want.

    As for the truck I have on order, it will be used for what I intended the first truck to be used for. I put a downpayment on a Bigfoot 3000 truck camper that I will pay for at the same time I pay for my truck using a combined truck/truck camper loan. The camper will probably weigh around 4,000 pounds "wet" with all the options. The weight of the truck, camper, passengers and gear will exceed the GVWR of the SRW F-350, so I opted for a dually. Eventually, I hope to get a boat and/or snowmobiles that I will tow behind the rig. So, the heavy duty aspects of the truck will be used quite extensively. I turned down a career opportunity with my company, and have opted instead to head back to Alaska. I'll be headed back as early as January, and definitely no later than late Spring.

    I have no complaints against 1/2 tons, and especially like the F-150s. They are the perfect choice for alot people who are interested in owning a pickup. If you only do occasional towing, maybe taking the boat to the lake on the weekends, they are ideal. The time I steer people towards a heavier truck is if they are planning to tow regularly or carry a truck camper. There aren't many truck campers that can sit on a 1/2 ton without the rig exceeding the GVWR, and I think it's better to have something larger if you tow a decent size RV trailer regularly, especially if it is a fifth wheeler.

    My comment on the possible Lincoln pickup was that I didn't like it's appearance as shown in the picture and I don't like the price tag. However, if you look at the success of vehicles like the Range Rover, it's a good bet that there will be a market for a pickup with alot of luxury items. I don't have a problem with the luxury items. I've ordered all the options on my truck. I'm getting a Lariat with leather. I'll pay the extra money to be comfortable on my road trips.

    Every buyer has different reasons for buying a vehicle. The decision of what vehicle to buy is not based only on need. Next to a house, it's probably the most expensive investment a person makes. When you buy a house, you factor in more than just need. All we really need in a house is a roof that won't leak, utilities that work, and a place larger enough to store our stuff. Let's face it, the carpet and tile and wallpaper and paint and extra rooms and kitchen layout are all luxuries, not necessities. But they are luxuries that most of us consider important.

    It's getting kind of old to hear the die-hard heavy duty pickup owners complaining about those people who buy pickups simply because they want them. Although the size of my truck is necessitated by my intended use for the truck, I think it's great that other people are also seeing the convenience of owning a pickup, regardless of their intended use for the truck.
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