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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • FEHarperFEHarper Posts: 70
    The 2004 Nissan Quest seats 7. I have received a brochure from Nissan on the car showing clearly 3 seats in the very rear.
  • I actually went to see the 04 vehicle at a autoshow and the van is indeed very good looking. I terms of seating, it does seat 7, and both rows of seats fold flat. The third row also is slightly elevated from the second and first rows. In terms of pricing, my dealer said it should be four thousand or so Canadian less than the Sienna. I just waiting till July for delivery to get rid of my 96 Caravan.
  • mwaddomwaddo Posts: 30
    I also am looking to trade up from a 96 Caravan (4th transmission) to possibly a Sienna or Odyssey.

    The wife and I drove a Sienna yesterday, and it was very nice, although I am alo interested in the new Quest (if we can wait that long).

    I am interested in how the 2nd row folds flat. Is there another deep well somewhere, like where the 3rd row in the Ody and Sienna folds into, or do the seats fold "flat" like they do in some SUV's?

    What was your impression of the dash in the Quest? I consider myself very open-minded, so I wouldn't discount the van just because it's different...but it is very different!

    I'm encouraged the Quest would be priced that much below the Sienna, especially since other Nissan's seem to be priced at the same level (if not higher) than their direct competition.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    how do i get one,
  • FEHarperFEHarper Posts: 70
    I reveived mine by registering for info at the Nissan website, They sent me a nice folder with individual cards. These cards have pictures and details of the new van.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Hey. The Quest has two TVs. Sure will shut the kids up on that trip from Ohio to L.A for a vacation. (Our Odyssey has no TV and the kids, however, are still happy with the reclining seats and the scenery we see en route to L.A.)
  • I saw the new Quest at the Dallas Auto Show this past weekend. It is a very good looking vehicle! The Nissan website and brochure photos do not do this car justice. The auto show rep said that the Sky View roof will be standard. The demo vehicle at the show clearly had stadium seating, from the 1st to 2nd and then up again in the 3rd row. However, the rep wasn't sure that will be the case in the production vehicle.

    The rep also said that the dealers are NOT to mark up the vehicle above MSRP (not released yet). She said if the dealer does, to report it to 1-800-NISSAN1, and they will send you to a new dealer. She said the dealers will actually be penalized by not receiving (or reduction of) delivery of Z's. She said Nissan is VERY eager to get back into this market and will be competitive.

    Lots of grocery bag hooks in the back as well as behind the first row seats. She said the timing belt will be a chain, instead of a belt, standard.

    They were handing out the same brochures that were mailed from Nissan. Lastly the rep said that the dealers should be receiving a few about 2 weeks or so before their release date June 30.
  • groggy60groggy60 Posts: 5
    I am thinking about getting a mini-van soon (2 kids and 2 dogs) and the Quest certainly interests me. Nice that's not just a Ford anymore. Too bad it doesn't have roll down 2nd row windows like the new Sienna and MPV, which is my pet peeve about mini-vans.

    The chain comment made me smile because I had a Nissan Stanza with a timing chain. Rather than a $200 bill to replace a belt, I faced a $2500 bill at 6 years old to replace the chain guide which had chipped. That's when I got my Camry. But, yes the chain should be better, and at the time they claimed the guide problem wouldn't happen anymore.
  • ajones1ajones1 Posts: 2
    After viewing the 04 Quest at the Atlanta Auto Show, I believe it is the most attractive minivan on the market. I also was impressed with what they have done to the interior. Most minivans are very boring. Nissan has done a good job of adding a little excitement to both the exterior and interior, which is something that is sorely missing from the competition.

    I will concede that the 04 Sienna will probably have a higher build quality and will hold it's value better, but it is boring.

    As an owner of a 99 Quest, I can definitely say the 04 has addressed the shortcomings of the Quest/Villager. (1) All Nissan product, no longer joint venture with Ford. (2) Size, possibly the largest minivan on the market. (3) Flexibility. I really like the idea of a fold down second row. Just loaded my van with 12 bales of pine straw. 04 model will probably significantly more and I won't have to remove any seats. (4) Engine. Having the Z engine in a minivan will be a huge improvement over the sluggish (but reliable) engine in my van. (5) My 99 Quest looks like a sucker fish. 04 is a substantial improvement.

    If it's priced right with quality fit and finish, I would expect Nissan has a winner on it's hands

    I am surprised that the volume of messages on the board is so low.
  • gessgess Posts: 90
    Hopefully it translates into discounts! I saw the Quest at the Vancouver Auto Show last night and fell in love. I thought it was awesome. Only thing it will lack compared to the competition is second row roll down windows and split rear seat. They kinda blew it there if they wanted to be the class leader. But I still see one in my future!
  • I'm really looking forward to the NY Auto Show to check out the new Quest. I think the board is slow because they is really not a lot of info out there right now, especially pricing. I really like the new look of the van. It is different from most other vans. If the price is competitive to the Sienna or Honda I'll be all over it.
  • kyim67kyim67 Posts: 13
    I recently test droved the 2004 Nissan Quest for an auto research firm. The van is awesome. It got plenty of power. It got attitude to booth. I especially like the sky view and leather combo.
  • shuedshued Posts: 107
    I hope Nissan Quest can have 8th seat. Otherwise,
    I can choice Toyata Sienna only. I have 1987
    Nissan Sentra, and 1997 Nissan Altima, and I
    believe Nissan quality and reliability. But don't
    expect too much about Nissan Quest MSRP.
    From Murando MSRP (spelling is correct?),
    Nissan Quest will not cheap.
    kim67, what about the internal material in the
  • kyim67kyim67 Posts: 13
    The 2004 Quest comes with lumbar supported cloth seats. It’s very comfortable and luxuries. The second row bucket seats can be folded down and pushed behind the front seats. The third row seat disappeared just like the Odyssey/Sienna. The end result is a very large cargo size equal in size to the Odyssey/Sienna.

    The interior finishing/moldings are better then the Murano. I would say equal to the Odyssey. (I own the 2002 odyssey). The center console was very thoughtfully designed. The center dash took a minute or two to get use to but the jury is still out on the final production.

    Since I test droved the 2003 Winstar, 2003 Caravan, 2004 Sienna, 2003 Odyssey and 2004 Quest all in the same day. The only thing the Sienna have over Quest is quieter and smoother ride. Then again, this is still pre-production. Also, The Quest was quieter and smoother than Odyssey.

    I also saw the price sheet for the 2004 Quest. Comparing the base model to base model, it’s several hundred less then the other two and has a few more standard options then both.
  • gessgess Posts: 90
    Are the middle seats completely removable or can they just be folded? From the pictures I have seen it doesn't look like they fold completely flat so it would be nice if they were removable as well.
  • kyim67kyim67 Posts: 13
    The middle seats can not be removed. It can be folded flat then tilted vertically and push behind the first row seats. I think its a nice feature.

    Also, If you think orange interior in the murano is wild, wait until you see the red interior in the new Quest. It will take your breath away!
  • rboyd4rboyd4 Posts: 23
    We (as of 3/3/03) have a family of four and we desperately need a van as we are now living out of compact sedans. I am seriously looking at the Ody EXL-RES or the Sienna XLE-DVD. However, I am a little turned off by the Ody as it is now a 5 year old model and we will probably drive our new van for about 8 years which is well past when the current Ody will go out of production within the next year or so. As to the Sienna- new design/technology but overpriced. Therefore, I am considering holding out for another 3 months to see the Quest (painful wait given our dire need). At the very least, even if we don't get the Quest, we will probably get a better deal on an Ody or Sienna in the Summer than now.

    When will the new Quest hit the dealerships? I have heard late June/early July. However, I have also read that the new plant will start production in June. If that is the case, it seems like you could be looking at August for delivery to showrooms.

    What is the history of the "old" Quest- was the most recent model done in cooperation with Ford? In looking at Consumer Reports, I have noted that the Quest looks like the worst quality/reliability Nissan product (except maybe the Sentra). If the Quest (2002 model for example) was also a Ford, I will blame the problems on Ford (as the previous owner of a Ford (and before that a GM) lemon for 10 stupid years until my liberation to the Japanese in 1993 I can say this). However if the most recent Quests have been pure Nissan, I have major concerns about the new model and I probably will not consider it.

    For those of you who have seen the '04 Quest how nice did the interior seem? I think due to financial issues in the mid '90s, Nissan has been skimping on the interiors in recent years. I think even the new Altima and 350Z and Infiniti G35 have received criticism (somewhat justified criticism in my opinion). However, it looks like Nissan may have gotten the message as their most recent introductions- '04 Maxima and the new Infiniti FX35/45 seem to have stepped up interior quality. My point about the interior quality is that although the exterior of the new Quest looks great if the interior is substandard compared to the Ody or the new Sienna then I am not a buyer. By quality I'm talking about the quality of the materials/surfaces, quietness, comfort, durability, usability, etc. At this point, no one on this board may know enough to answer my questions as to the interior. I hope that Nissan has gotten the message about the interiors- they have been introducing strong product lately but by skimping on probably only $100 to $200 in interior manufacturing costs they are still getting dinged.

    Based upon an article on "" the new Quest will be the largest in interior volume. Given that the exterior dimensions of the Quest are larger than the Sienna or Ody this seems logical. Another big plus is the 124" wheelbase which is about 5"-6" longer than the Sienna or the Ody- this should result in a smoother ride. Also, with the long wheel base, I think Nissan is able to shift the engine back a little behind the front axle which should improve the front/rear weight balance of the vehicle. The upshot is, like the Altima, the Quest should have a great combination of ride quality and agile handling.

    Finally, any concerns about the initial build quality from a new model in a new plant? As an example, the "M" class Mercedes built in Alabama, after more than 5 years, is still the worst quality (I think) in the whole Mercedes line up. Based upon my dire need for a minivan, I would have to buy a Quest in the first few weeks and I am worried about getting a problem car asembled by "green" staff.
  • rboyd4rboyd4 Posts: 23
    I've done a little more research and I want to raise one more issue. I noted from the Nissan webpage that the storage area behind the 3rd row seats is 32.9 cubic feet. This is substantially smaller than the Ody 38+/- cubic feet and the Sienna- 42+/- cubic feet. I am really surprised especially considering the Quest will be the overall largest minivan on the road. Why such limited storage behind the 3rd row compared to the competition? This relative lack of storage is aggravated by the fact the Quest does not have the 60/40 split fold down 3rd row like the Sienna. On day to day driving around town it probably does not make a difference but on long road trips with the 3rd row in use it could be a big drawback. Any thoughts? Is the Nissan webpage wrong?
  • gessgess Posts: 90
    It could be wrong because it looks the same size as my Odyssey back there. When you think about it, it has to be deep enough to fit the rear seat when it's folded down but I guess we'll have to wait a while to be sure.

    As far as interior materials go, it was hard to tell because at the autoshow they had it up on a podium.
  • surjn98surjn98 Posts: 34
    In response to rboyd4, I have not had any problems with my 1999 Nissan Quest SE. Infact, it has been extremely dependable. I can tell you that I've never had to worry when my family & I were returning home late at night from a trip or had to make a sudden 500 mile trip. I've only had to do regular maintenance and change the brake pads & tires. By the way, it has done 107,000 miles and still runs smooth, handles well and looks like new. I changed the tires only at around 70,000 with the old ones still having some treadwear on them. I changed the brake pads around the same time. I find this cool, specially when I had to change brake pads on my Accord coupe at 32,000 miles. With regard to the space inside, I've found the cargo area adequate with 2 kids and their stuff. It is not everyday that we need a whole lot of space. Anyway, hope this helps in your decision.
  • kmcgirlkmcgirl Posts: 8
    Does anyone know if any of the rear windows tilt out like the current Nissan Quest? I looked hard in all the pictures (there are some good ones at, but I can't see the typical mount that is visible externally on most vans that have the tilt-out feature.
  • I have a stupid question - I have been unable to find what colors the new Quest will be available in. The red interior is definitely not my cup of tea and I would not buy the vehicle if that's my only choice.

    I've have had a Nissan (Datsun) since the late 70's and they have always been in blue. I drive too much in my vehicles to not have my favorite color plus I am very superstitious (on that issue only). The only time I've had a Datsun and it wasn't blue - it was a lemon.

    I'd like to stay with Nissan (altho I despise the salesmen at the dealership near me) but I also like the Sienna & Ody too. In addition to color, I have to deal with storage capability. My 95 Quest is a royal ( and I mean royal) pain to get the back seats up and slid forward. I no longer use the two captains chairs because of constantly moving the bench seats, but with 2 kids, it's a necessity.

    Are the rear seats easy to fold - has anyone been able to try that yet?

    Thanks for the info.
  • acedriveracedriver Posts: 131
    If Nissan is opening the production of the plant on May 27, when will the Quest start rolling off the assembly lines ? Most websites are touting a Summer 2003 release of the Quest.

    And all new employees at the plant .. Let's hope the vehicle quality does not suffer due to learning curves !
  • The Canton plant is actually already building pre-production models with a very low number of employees. They have been doing this for a few months already. I live in the MS and have several contacts within the Jackson area who have told me so.
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    Wow, you are looking for the "perfect" van at the "perfect" price. I have two children and a dog and we travel quite a bit. We just purchased an '03 Mazda MPV. In all of my research which was quite extensive, the MPV offered my family what we needed with room to spare at $100 under dealer invoice. It's also loaded, i.e. moonroof, roof rack, traction control, tumble under third row seat, 6 cd changer, auto sliding doors, roll down windows in the back as opposed to the traditional wing style. It also has a 4 season package which enables us to tow up to 3,000 lbs. It has a 3.0 liter duratech engine with a 5 speed tranny. It produces 200 HP. The MPV has a 5 star rating and a much better the average reliability record. It's just not as large as the other vans which in my case was desirable. I can't stand the feeling of large vans. The MPV handles like a dream with out that swishy back end feeling.

    Have you looked at the Kia Sedona? I too looked at the Sienna and found it way over my budget. The Odyssey is way too expensive and way over rated. I traded in a '95 Mercury Villager (same as the Quest) and it was an awesome van. 103,000 miles and was still going strong. I never had any problems with it just regular maintenance. The thing with the Quest/Villager twins is that they aren't rated well in safety or reliability. Neither are the GMC group.

    I think you have to look for the best van for "Your" family. Everyone has different opinions and experiences. I for one can't stand Honda but others like them. The current Toyota Sienna is not as convenient as the '04 and again the '04 is expensive. Kia is too new and really gets bad gas mileage and only has an average reliability record but you can get a fully loaded Sedona for $24,000 and it comes with a 5 star rating. I'm a real pain when it comes to crash tests and others feel that they aren't worth reading. I like the MPV and someone else may come along and really hate it. I think it's worth your while to wait until the '04 Quest comes out. Who knows it may be the van for you.

    Hey, Good Luck!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    This article says the Quest is on display at the NY Auto Show and will go into production "next month."

    Latest designs 'stand out' from pack (Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

    Steve, Host
  • xbzzxbzz Posts: 4
    I've been looking around for more info about the DVD/CD player but can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know if the Quest can play CDs with mp3? Thanks
  • acedriveracedriver Posts: 131
    As far as I looked only the Mazda MPV listed MP3 as optional. Maybe you can get dealer installed options on other minivans. Otherwise, consider buying a portable MP3 player and then route the output via the headphone jack to the car's speakers. That way, you can take the MP3 player along wherever you go and plug it into the van as required :-)

    Quite honestly, I'd rather do the same with a DVD player. Rather than pay thousands for a always-fixed-in-the-van DVD player, get a portable one and hook it up into the van whenever you go for long trips etc.
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