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toyota tacoma engines



  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Try cleaning your engine with just water. If that doesn't work, use some gentle household cleaner-409, simple green etc.. A lot of the harsh stuff can mess up the aluminum componants.
    Whatever you use rince it off quickly.
  • I want proof. If what you say is true, let's see the facts. I don't believe you can find any.

    As far as post #227....Yeah, don't put any harsh cleaners on that delicate engine. It has a hard enough time holding up on it's own. Don't put any kind of dishwashing soap on it. It might break it down to a lump of aluminum! HA ha! LOL!
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    My advice to use only gentle cleaning of your engine applied only to Toyotas.

    If we were discussing cleaning Ford/Chevy engines, a gentle cleaning would not be applicable. With all of the oil and fluid leaks,
    you would need some highly volatile solvents.

    But since this is a Toyota page use the following cleaning schedule:
    @100k miles, rinse dust off engine.
    @200k miles, repeat
  • I don't know if it would hurt anything, but I used to have to clean my old Plymouth Sundance hunk-o-junk engine and it was mostly aluminum (I think). I just took mine to the car wash and ran the engine cleaner suds on it a couple times. It seemed to clean it up pretty good, until the next 10k miles. It never hurt the paint or hoses or wires (although my entire ignition system did fry about 20k miles after I started doing it.....).
  • i just use simple green and the garden hose every once and a while.......been doing it for years now with no probs!(of coarse thats on a toyota)who knows what it would do to a gm product????
  • But someone I know with a 94' 4runner has
    380,000+ miles on his 4 cyl. engine w/no rebuild.
    He does take care of his truck though, he is
    a firefighter and in his part time he does
    a delivery service where he gets paid by the
    mile, the thing is at about 300k his odometer
    broke but his trip odometer still ran so he
    calculated it that way since he gets paid
    by the mile anyway. Can you believe that, the
    engine is outlasting all the guages. Oh by the
    way it still runs quieter and smoother then a
    brand new Ranger. hehehe
  • Everyone isn't wired the same. I know accounting was much harder to me then Computer Science, which came pretty easily. If you are this confrontational all the time they must make you work in the boiler room. Got any advise on instlling Linux?
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    I pursue a real life for a few hours and find posts 235-246 gone.
    I guess we displeased big brother.
  • wsnoblewsnoble Posts: 241
    Also i think it's big "Sister"

  • It all comes down to what you like.... If you have a Tacoma you are not going to down play it or say another truck is better. Because then you are saying, "my truck, the one I spent so much on, isn't as good" and no one wants to hear that or even say that about their truck. I have owned a Tacoma, and have been a passenger in a Ranger, they are both capable trucks.

    Unixgod....... SEMPER FI
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    ...who took out the offending posts, but the tone here does need to change to a more congenial note. Right now, it's scaring the tourists.

    KarenS Town Hall Host

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  • I have been reading some of these posts and want to say something. I am not going to slam any of your imports. I choose Chevy while you choose another. No harm done. However, one thing in defense of the domestic trucks is that there is a lot of myths going around that domestics are junk and that their customer service is terrible.

    Toyota has had a terrible time resolving the new year problems with the Tundra. What is not good for Toyota business is that they are not providing any compensation for those that have problem trucks. They just say to wait for a fix.
    GM just bought back my truck. I had a 99 year Silverado. It did not have "major" problems, just one that they could not fix without tearing into the engine to find out what was causing it. Rather than go through that hassle and expense, they just replaced my truck with a like model 2000. I have to say that GM took extra good care of me. I am not implying that Toyota has worse customer service. Just saying that GM takes care of their customers too.

    All these manufacturers are in the business to make money. Period. If you want to have them make things right, you have to persue the issue. None of them are going to volunteer it. I really didn't have to push very hard to just get a new truck after I put 18k miles on the first one.

    Give the domestics a break. The vehicles and the domestic manufacturers are top notch these days.
    Just because yourself or somebody you know had a bad experience, doesn't mean that they could not have gotten satisfied. Most likely the person did not know the process to take to get the problem fixed. After 4 failed attempts to fix a lifter knock, I wrote a letter to the BBB. Withing 10 days the process to get me a new truck was complete.

    The truck I have now even has the 4:10 gear locking diff. Something I didn't have on the other one and wished I had gotten.

    I have owned all GM trucks and cars. Not one but this one has given me any problems. I have put over 300k miles on an 84 GMC I had from brand new. I had very little problems with it the whole time I had it. Still ran pretty good with an excess of 300k on it.

    The imports are good vehicles too, but I have to agree with Unix in that they are way too much money for what you get and they do not last any longer than the GM vehicles I have owned over the years. Just my preference.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Don't know if you're new or even if you are Unixgomer but the difference is in how you post. Unixgomer goes back months as several different identities. As Zbad71 in the F-150vsSilverado Topic he rants and raves how great Toys were because of his Tacoma. Then he changes months later and talks about what junk they are. Buys a used F-150 with 35000 miles and is upset the dealer that he didn't buy it from won't fix his problems. On later posts he talks about his "NEW" junk F-150 and its problems. It was the same truck. I could go on for hours but the point is I don't think anyone minds peoples' posts as long as there are no personal attacks on individuals or their choice of vehicle. I will say Unix/2sly/zbrent/zbad did get the worst of everyone and that's all he wanted on these posts. By the way he will be back sooner than later, he always is. Glad G.M. took care of you.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    Well, I owned a domestic pickup truck and gave it to my son this past fall. I bought the Tacoma last year and I can't say anything bad about either the domestic or the import trucks. There are some that like both domestic and import vehicles.
  • wsnoblewsnoble Posts: 241
    I too am glad that worked out for you. Unfortunatly is not always the case with GM. I have a friend who is currently suing GM and the local GM dealership, because they won't do what you just spoke of. He thought that if he went straight to GM, that would get the ball rolling, but no dice...

    What did you do exactly to get the ball rolling, as i'm sure he would be open to anything at this point.

    Thanks in Advance...
  • I just wrote a letter to the BBB and to my Attorney General of my State. Within a few day's, GM was calling me offering extended warranties and all sorts of stuff. I just held firm, told them I already had an Attorney retained and ready to procede with litigation against GM. They provided me a buyback within 10 days.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    How many of you Tacoma owners use the K & N filter? Is it worth it? I have heard that the filter is suppose to last a long time. How is that possible?
  • y2ktrdy2ktrd Posts: 81
    when it gets dirty you simply wash it out and re-oil it.....thats it.i had one in my 97 and i just
    took it out before getting rid of it and put it in my new 2000.they last forever!
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    There is an attraction of pretty cheap H.P.
    There is an Edmunds discussion of K&N filters in the accessories area. Most everyone feels that there's little if any increase in H.P.
    Too bad.

    Mushy ride? Check the Air Pressure in the tires. I like the ride of mine with 35 front and 32 rear.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    Thanks for the tip and will go to that topic. I was just curious about it since I have seen a lot of post about those air filters.
  • wsnoblewsnoble Posts: 241
    I have the K+N and i works good. It has a less restritive media so more air passes through. You re-oil it every 50k or something like that, I think the oil is used to trap dirt in the air. It has a million mile warranty. If you keep it 3 or 4 air filter cycles it pays itself off...

  • k&n makes the best filters. yes the oil is used to stop the dirt. i have had k&n filters and i will use nothing else!
  • What was the site address for these trucks with high mileage? Thanks in advance.
  • I am in love with my 96 Tacoma V6. I take it everywhere and have 50K plus miles on it. I do a lot of off-roading, and was curious as to whether any other Tacoma owners have a rebuilt engine in their trucks or if they've added on an accesory that makes it perform better. I am looking for a way to put a V8 in my baby or get a bit more HP and torque from it. My friend and I are wanting to go to Kentucky for off-roading and I am going to tow his CJ-& behind my Tacoma. I need a little bit more torque just to be on the safe side. Thanks
  • You can easily and reliably get V8 power out of the Tacoma engine with TRD's supercharger. Toyota will even warranty it along with the factory 60k mile warranty as long as you have them install it.

    However, be cautious. I question the Tacoma's transmission with the supercharger and towing. You can easily put the truck into tow conditions that the engine will do with power to spare, but the transmission is shelled from too much torque and strain.

    Good luck
  • spoogspoog Posts: 1,224
    Dont bother with a V8, just get the TRD supercharger installed for around 3k.

    Toyota even warranties it when installed by one of their dealers.

    You will be VERY pleased with the results.
    Something like 260 HP and close to 300 Torque.

  • I am buying an off-road toy for myself. First, I looked at the jeep. After some test drive, I found the 4.0 Sahara is not quite powerful as I expected(neither do the Tacoma V6, but quieter). And the jeep is very bumpy and noisy on the highway compares to the Tacoma TRD. I've never had a chance to off-road on both vehicles. Any suggestions?

  • cover1cover1 Posts: 3
    I recently purchased a '97 Taco Ext Cab 4x4 with the 2.7L 4 cyl with automatic. Should be the wimpiest combo you can find. However, I've found it to be fine for acceleration and the motor doesn't rev too high on the highway. I'm sure the V-6 is really nice for acceleration, but I don't plan on drag racing anytime soon. (If so, I'da bought one of them old GMC Cyclones!) The 4 cyl is OK for regular driving, and makes more than enough power for off roading. (With the proper gear selection, there's not a tire made than can adequately handle the power of any motor in any 4x4)
    As for durability, I've witnessed firsthand extreme longevity of Toyota motors. I have an uncle who drives 120 to 140 miles roundtrip to work, 5 or 6 days per week. (That's a minimum of 30,000 to 35,000 miles per year) The first Toy lasted about ten years before all of the sheetmetal rotted away and it was parked. (Still runs OK though.) He just retired its replacement after another 10 or 11 years (He even bought it used!), mainly due to rust again. Again, it's just parked and still runs OK. Guess what he bought to replace it. Another TOY. He's been averaging 300k to 400k miles on his previous ones, and expects the same from this one.
    I'm hoping I get lucky enough to get even half that from mine. (I'm a little harder on vehicles than he is!) If so, I'll be money ahead and a very happy Toyota owner.
    I figured I'd actually put in some info about Toyota ENGINES.

  • benz88benz88 Posts: 42
    I owned a 94 Sahara and now a 2000 Tacoma v6. Both motors are more than adequate for any off roading. The Sahara is more capable as a pure offroader due to its small turning radius and sharper departure angles. The Tacoma is more practical for all around use, more gear storage, less noisy, better climate control, better mileage and more reliable.

    Highway driving is not one of the Sahara's strengths but tire selection does made a difference. For me, reliably was the biggest deciding factor for not getting another Sahara.
  • kjk4kjk4 Posts: 1
    I bought a 1991 Toyota truck brand new and drove it for 130k miles and never had a problem with it.
    Before it, I owned a loaded, 1988 Chevy Corsica.
    I was always a loyal GM customer until I had to replace the muffler at 30k, and 2 $200 computer chips at 35k and 45k respectively.

    My wife drove a 1988 Buick LeSabre for 10 years and the car went downhill fast. We bought a 1996 Toyota RAV4 and have had excellent results. At 30k miles, we got a note from Toyota saying that the pinion washer in the transmission may need to be replaced. We were not having any problems what so ever, and Toyota went ahead, gave us a rental car, and replaced the whole transmission, ALL FREE OF CHARGE.

    The american auto manufacturers took the american consumer for granted for years. If Japanese automakers can make cars of unparalled quality in the U.S. with U.S. workers, why couldn't Ford, GM and the former Chrysler (DaimlerChrysler) do the same??

    I own a 1998 Tacoma TRD, 6-cyl, and run Amsoil fluids and filters. I would highly recommend these products to any car owner, not just Toyota's.

    My rpms dropped 300 rpm and milage increased by 2 mpg. In both my RAV4 and Tacoma. I hate to see the friction between foreign and domestic car owners, but the Big 2 (formerly Big 3) dug their own graves and now they have to lie in them.

    My experience with GM cars has been poor quality, indifferent dealers and a no care attitude toward the consumer. Don't fault the Japanese for doing their consumer homework actually caring.

    My brother had a 1996 Dodge Caravan, and within 30k miles and had two new transmissions. My neighbor bought a 1999 Buick LeSabre and had a new transmission installed at 14k miles.

    American quality and concern for the customer? You go figure. If I performed on the job as the Big 2 did, then I would have been out of work long ago.
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