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Cadillac Fleetwood



  • ebbersebbers Posts: 6
    Last month I asked:
    "Does anyone have an experience where your radio stopped working and the antenna didn't go up? My mechanic said it could be the radio itself or some module in the antenna control...If I have to replace the radio, I'll get one with a CD player."

    Everyone I asked told me that chances were high that I would need to replace the radio. So I found one with a CD player for $100 on the Internet and installed it today. The CD player works (my other radio didn't have one) and everything sounds great.
  • texx75texx75 Posts: 2
    Hello fellow Caddy Owners. I inherited/endowed with my grandfather's 93 60 Special shortly before he passed away in July 2005. Even more recently, last week, the left rear fender skirt was stolen right off the vehicle in tact. Someone Knew what they were looking for and knew how to remove it with out damaging it. I reported the theft to the local authorities. If anyone know how to find such part, with the molding that comes with it, (blue, w/ grey& silver molding). I would greatly appreciate any open eyes or ears, and tips on how to recover or buy such part. Thank you!!
  • texx75texx75 Posts: 2
    Yeah, I have that exact problem, of sorts, CD player doesn't work right, and the antenna does not contract, stuck in extended position. and the rear Speakers are all staticy sounding, any suggestions for replacement speakers, that are the same or better?
  • a3da3d Posts: 11
    I recently bought a 94 Fleetwood Brougham in 'good' condition and would like to replace the aftermarket audio system that came with it. The audio system is a Pioneer AM/FM/CD system that sounds good, but has only a single CD slot.

    How can I replace it with (preferably) a Cadillac unit that includes a CD changer in the trunk from either a newer model Caddy or some after market unit that would be compatible?

  • I have a 91 Fleetwood and When it was passed on to me originally the radio had been intermittent and worked once. I asked the local caddy dealer to look at it and they said it was dead and cost 400+ to repair (a delco cassette unit). I said no thanks and replaced it with a single disc head unit and soon it began to power in and out. After the radio installer double checked its operation he suggested that the fuse was loose -- and in fact there was an extra wire stuffed into the same slot to pickoff power (I think it was for the cell phone) it looked like an aftermarket install before my time and I pulled it out. When it was stuffed in it widened the slot and so the fuse was not snug --- in fact I don't think the fuse was even seated on my first exam. After that the radio has not been intermittent --- I asked a radio installer to try to snug up the slot - push the contacts back closer together just to get the best contact. I will at some point have the old unit re-tested and maybe re-install it if it in fact works to get back the cassete and a better reading clock unit - move the CD unit somewhere else - and select one unit via a toggle switch --- Check the fuse slot -- are any other items on the radio fuse also buggy.
  • dford2dford2 Posts: 1
    Anyone have any 93-96 fleetwood body parts for sale or know where I can get some from? Please let me know.
  • leftdazdleftdazd Posts: 1
    Hey guys. My 91 fleetwood's service engine soon lite is on and i cant figure out how to pull the codes off the ecu. I got the little metal key and was told to plug it into the top right of the reciever under the dash. problem is, that isnt possible. There isnt the metal inside the connector. Queless!!! please help.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Maybe someone can suggest a website for you, but please keep in mind that direct solicitations can't be made here. Check the Membership Agreement (there's a link on the left side of the page) or email me for further details.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    This is a good site to search nationwide salvage yards for specific parts:
  • ecnecn Posts: 2
    I have the Fleetwood Limited Edition, mini-stretch. It has a 6 bolt x 4.75in pattern. Highly unusual. Current rims have been rusting badly and won't hold air in tires.
    Impossible to find non-chrome replacements. These rims must have been defective as OEM. Does anyone know where I can find aluminum alloy replacement rims?
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    You'd have better lucking asking over in the Deville forum (that's basically what your car is), as they might have some idea.

    Those were pretty rare cars, but I think the '99 models, at least, shared the same bolt pattern as a regular Deville. The '98s had the beefier suspension, and I think an extra lug on the wheels, so it might be even harder to find a set of those wheels.

    But, like I said, go over to the Deville forum (this one is for the big, RWD Fleetwoods), and see what they say:
    Cadillac Deville
  • ecnecn Posts: 2
    Thank you for the reply, sir. Not sure if I'll any luck. If I cant' find new rims, I'm selling this beast. It was nice while it lasted. ecn
  • I have this model cadillac and have a problem with pinging & knocking at low RPM's. Above 30 mph it goes away. I tried high test fuel but problem persists. I am open to suggestions on how to go about solving this problem.
  • cad4pmmcad4pmm Posts: 3
    Though I have a 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood broghom de elegents, this seems to apply to most with tilt steering wheels, as I've know people with old cadillacs, as well as other makes with tilt steering wheel.
    A local mechanic told me to tilt the wheel all the way down. It started. I was told it was a short in the wires, but it's not! (After a year doing this short cut) I was able to turn the starter key and it was in the on position but the idiot lights never came on, could not turn the starter key completely to trigger the starter, and could not shift it out of park. After I attempt to repair the steering column I found out it was just the metal rod going from the ignition key to the ignition switch the came off (broke) from the key area. The rod has a develop a bend over the course of tilting the tilt wheel.
    The car itself has 180,000 miles. But after observing how the Cadillac manufacturer design it, it no wonder they do that. All the mechanic had to do was unbend the rod.
    I had contacted many Cadillac service dept. who said it was the ignition switch. GM had failed to make this part without a center support to keep this from happening.
    A tilt steering wheel are always going to be adjusted!
    Please do something about this or stop making tilt wheels!
    I feel this is a GM overlooked problem that should be corrected! ARE THE ANY OTHER SECRETS OR HIDDEN UPCOMING PROBLEMS THAT THEY KNOW AND DON'T TELL?
    Thanks anyway!
  • cad4pmmcad4pmm Posts: 3
    I use to know someone with a 4100 cadillac engine and they told me they tend to leak coolant within the intake manifold as a result works it way into the combustion chamber. This is a common problem with these engines, and coolant (antifreeze) sealant could fix the problem.
    But (if you haven't already) contact the cadillac dealer and ask the service dept. for any recalls, etc. and you'll need to tell them your cars vin number. (worth a try)
    Good Luck.
  • cad4pmmcad4pmm Posts: 3
    Also, it possible the mechanical advance springs in the distributor, (under the rotor) may be weak causing the timing to advance too quickly. Check the vacuum advance unit as well. If they check out fine, then if you had attempted the manufacturers way of properly setting the timing, with a timing light, it's also possible the computer or one of the components, usually emission related is feeding information into it and it's causing some low speed mis-timing. A diagnostic with a computer hook-up sometimes won't find certain problems, and process of elimination helps. But it does take an automotive diagnostic computer to pinpoint a computer related problem.

    You mentioned about a high octane fuel. Yes, always on a V8. If you had just filled it with the high grade, give it a chance to reach from the fuel tank to the engine.
  • mlespadamlespada Posts: 1
    Hi everyone!

    Please help, I need the sunroof weatherstripping that goes directly around the sunroof glass. Does anybody know where I can get it??????

    I drive a 1991 Fleetwood Brougham. :confuse:
  • ric81ric81 Posts: 1
    Hey, I have a 94 fleetwood brougham. About a month ago I was in a little accident :sick: . It totaled the 86 mustang, and unfortunately, shattered my headlight ;) . I've been looking online for a replacement but all I keep coming up with are 93's or older. First question is, will a 93 headlight and corner light work on a 94 :confuse: And my other question is if you know a website where I could find what I need :confuse:
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Yep, as long as it's for a '93-96 model (no difference), the light will work.

    In the meantime, a GREAT place to find a light or any part is here:

    It's a service that allows salvage yards nationwide to inventory and list their parts for sale, and you can find some great deals on hard to find parts.
  • pcbangpcbang Posts: 1
    :cry: I have a 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood FWD with a v8 4.1 liter engine. I got a 1986 alternator and the wire connector is different… the 1985 had 3 holes with 4 wires (a, b, c) that connects to the alternator. However in the 1986 alternator, the plug or adapter is different with 2 holes and only 2 wires (a big red one and a smaller black one). Is there a way to cut the wires and connect them to the adapter? On the adapter there are symbols that say “S” “F” “L” “P” but it only has 2 wires. How do I know which wires go to what? I can’t afford to buy a new alternator of 1985. I left those wires out and because I had to go somewhere, (not too far), I just drove my car… when coming back home, the service light came on and then the lights in the car started to go dim, example the clock. Then the speed limit gauge started acting funny like a screw was loose… going back and forth by itself. I was almost home so I forced it to the garage but just before parking it, smoke started to come out from below the car. I immediately turned the engine off and pushed the car into the garage but the next day when I tried to turn the car on (ignite) it, everything seemed dead! Did I end up making a more problem? Help me plzzzzzzz!!!!!
  • jugglesjuggles Posts: 1
    i've got a 95 brougham and i want to drop it 2 in. and be able to put it back to stock so i was wondering if any of you know where i can get some shocks and springs for it 2in lower than stock
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    You might want to check out the Speed Shop: Tuning & Modification board for some suggestions.

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  • I have a 1995 Cadillac Brogham with a secuirty system fault
    it is an OEM system. any way to remove it.
  • i recently bought this car for my 16 yo son. I am looking for an aftermarket wheel 17 to 20 inch that will fit it. it's a fwd fleetwood brougham. anyone know of a company that sells or makes a wheel for this car? any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Just bought a 1995 FWB AWSOME! Showroom condition and it turns some heads couldn't see the picks of yours could you post them again? Also, do you know where I could get some original cadi. chrome rims for that year?
  • i need help on finding someone that can tune a computer for my 93 fleetwood cadillac brougham RWD i dropped a lunati cam and its not mixing air and fuel right or is there any other way i could solve this problem it would be great
  • I don't know if I'm in the rite place for this but I own a 66 Fleetwood Limo just dropped a elderbrock 600 on the stock 429 manifold(bolted rite on with no adapter plate,it was sweet-sweet)anyhoo,anyone know what kind of transmission "rock crusher" similar, basically unbreakable w/a whollle lotta torque with a bell housing that will bolt up to a 429.It has a turbo 350 now as you should know with a stock 429.Any body done a high performance tranny upgrade to a old school fleetwood and if so what did ya use..Thnx :mad:
  • Has anyone added aftermarket speakers to their 94-96 fleetwood and how do you get around those round speaker enclosures in rear deck. Also do you have any problems with the ohms matching up with replacement speakers. Heard that the rear 8" speakers were 10 ohms
  • i jus my first caddy , a 93 fleetwood, how do i pop the hood open..HELP!
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