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Lexus RX 330 Maintenance and Repair



  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    Yes, dealer should replace it under warranty.
    Lexus of water town in MA.
    No, hassle. After the glass vendor replace the windshield at my home, he ask me to claim through insurance or dealer. I refer the claim go to the dealer.
    Crack happen either left or right the rear view mirror. The 2 clips glue on top of the windshield cause the crack. These 2 clips will be removed before the new windshield replacement.
  • fyi...had my wife's 2005 rx330 AWD in for service...service guy @ watertown Lexus basically tried VERY VERY hard to talk me out of the re-program/reset of the transmission. Said they had done it for one person and the results were poor and there was no going back. he also gave me the usual BS line about it could be related to poor gas quality and that all premium fuels are not the same. He mentioned the initiative which seemed hokey to me. I did read up on it. There is some legitimacy to the claims about detergent levels in gasoline but it is complete BS to suggest an issue that is acknowledged by Toyota to affect specific transmissions could have a root cause of gasoline quality. If that were the case then any model would be affected. Also interesting about the gas quality issue, the only gas company that distributes in MA that meets that top tier rating is SHELL with their v-power formula's. Also interesting that Shell is one of the comp[anies that imports the MOST from the Persian Gulf region, so if you want to NOT buy Persian gulf related gasoline AND put in something that has a higher level of detergent to keep the injectors clean AND you live in the Northeast or specifical Massachusetts you're screwed. the WATERTOWN Lexus service guy was suggesting an alignment at 15k which they charge $139. I explained that was too expensive for an alignment. The advisor went into a sales pitch about the high quality machine they use there, I need to be careful about who to use..look for dirty or rusty machines don't bring a lexus just anywhere..its worth the money to use the dealer. Yeah right. Plus I lease and they own it so when they get it back they can align it without me paying the costs. NOT thrilled witht the hard sell on services.
  • Does anyone know if you can request DATA DOTS/anit-theft bracked for the Xenon lights and get it for free if you have NOT recevied a letter from Lexus?
  • mhemhe Posts: 7
    I got my RX-330 AWD in May of 2003, and has only 26,000 miles on it. Yet I noticed lately that the tire tread is already worn out, and is about time to replace these Goodyear tires before the winter comes. I drive gently, and am totally surprised that the Goodyear tire can not even last 30,000 miles. Is there something wrong or this is normal? I checked Costco, and they have the Michlin at $174 each.
  • Katherine

    I was so glad to see your posting. I have "helicopter" noise when I have my back windows open. I didn't know how to describe it until I read your posting. It is when I have any windows down. It hurts my ears too. Did you find any solutions ? I would appretiate any advice you have or have heard. Thanks KJ
  • FYI -
    Thought you should know that we are in the same boat as you. My husband who is a mechanic was told by a former Lexus mechanic that Lexus put these JUNKY tires on their cars and EVERYONE ends up replacing them after only 25k miles - like you and I.

    for the price of the car you'd HOPE that they would have put a decent tire one the car ! I guess not !
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The only thing that can be done is to improve, radically, the exhauster airflow capacity. The ability to lower the rear window glass ever so slightly would help tremendously.

    But I wouldn't suggest anything so radical unless you're also experiencing instances of sudden windshield fogging during the colder weather.

    In that case you can buy exhauster vents for the 4runner, etc, and install them in the lower portion of the "C" pillor. That way when the A/C evaporator decides to quickly humidify the cabin the saturated cabin atmosphere will be exhausted much more quickly.
  • OK i know this sounds silly BUT....there was either a TSB or i read somewhere that you can get an intermittent CLUNK noise from the tools bin in the back that holds the jack and all of the associated parts. Had this happen once on our '05 rx330 AWD. Check the bin..sure enough the lug wrench had popped loose and was clunking around. I also read somewhere once of people simply using a towel or some material to keep those items from clunking even when they are help in place in the slots each one fits into
  • I've never found a solution, which is particularly annoying because I've had a lot of loaner cars from my dealer and none of their moon roofs have had this problem.
  • This is one I haven't seen yet.

    My '04 rx has developed (another!!!) very annoying rattle, this time in the area of the rear view mirror - eye glass holder. It sounds like loose change rattling, and is especially loud when I go over a bump. So I explored by pressing gently in the region, for example, inside the eye glass holder, and the wind shield wipers activated (I keep them in the automatic mode). Sometimes they activated when I went over a bump - or whenever..... I wasn't always sure if I'd gone over a bump or not. So what's up with that???

    The dealer said the "jell pack," the thing that adheres the rear-view mirror to the wind shield (I think) was loose, so they replaced it. Now the noise is back, but of course not when I took it back to the dealer.

    Having the wipers activate when the windshield has a layer of whatever has landed on it since the last wash or rain has got to be scratching the heck out of it.

    Has anyone else heard of this problem?

  • Could you please tell me what the problem ended up being with the Check Engine Light and the VSC light? I have the same problem, and the dealership could not tell me the problem; they are keeping my car for a few days now.
  • Sorry..this is not a suggestion...but my experiences too with the headlights.....

    I own a Lexus Rx -330 AWD (2005 model) with xenon headlights and I am using this vehicle for the last 4 months.The vehicle is really good and so is the headlights...No big complaints about the ride and luxury.....I live in New Jersey...

    BUT its really disappointing to share my experiences and the sleepless nights I am having for the last 2 months..The headlights have been stolen 2 times and I am having a very scary and horrible nights ( sleepless ) after spending a lot on this luxury SUV..

    One of the big reason why I went for RX 330 from MDX was the known quality of service and reliabilty of the lexus brand...But now I am totally disappointed...EXPERIENCES MAKES US LEARN....
    Lexus SHOULD notify everyone who has the xenon headlights to do the enhanced security for headlights.....But they didnt do anything. Meanwhile I contacted Lexus after having the 2 thefts and they installed the Data dots and Anti theft brackets which they say may prevent thefts.......It has been done a week back and let us hope thieves may not steal it seeing the Data dots...These datadots wont prevent theft but they just warn the thief....Extra brackets make the thieves job a bit hard, but they can easily take it by doing more damage to the hood....

    Read this article :

    First theft for me - close to 5000 k in damage ( 500k deductible)
    Second theft - close to 6000 k in damage (500k deductible)

    I have only this suggestion....

    1)No one can prevent thefts happening..My only concern is LEXUS dealers or company should warn the customers in NJ and NY about the potential headlight thefts...

    2)Why customers risk their life and peaceful nights by spending 40k for luxury vehicles and every month spend 250-500k for deductibles..I really worry that next time insurance company may not give insurance to my vehicle telling the area is a HIGH RISK AREA....

    3)Removing a live electrical power supply system from a advanced MICRO computer controlled vehicle and the Theft alarms just sits DUMB...I cannot believe why this vehicle and the headlights was designed like this...
  • edsidedsid Posts: 1
    Just picked up '03 rx300 and was having issues with the air noise as well. Will try lowering a pinch. Thanks for the tip.
    However, took it back in this morning and quoting from the workorder "mirror turbulence normal for this type of mirrors on SUV type vehicles, no other air leaks found"
    Any thoughts on mirror turbulence?
  • I have been hit twice by thieves in 5 days and am at wits end. I too live in Jersey. I previously ownes a 1999 and a 2001 RX300. Never had any issues. Leased an RX330 over a year ago and 5 days ago the headlights were stolen out of my driveway. I have a BMW x3 and with xenons and the bastards didn't toch it. Lexus dealer gave me a loaner ES300. After 5 days, the bastards struck again and took the headlights from the loaner. Again, didn't touch my BMW. Obviously the Lexus lights are a target for the ease of removal. After owning 3 Lexuses this may be my last. I will never buy another car with xenon headlights.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Sorry about your misfortune. However, if it's any consolation, you are not alone. Take a look at Stolen Headlights!!.

    tidester, host
  • sciguy1sciguy1 Posts: 10
    I own a 2005 RX 330. On a recent trip we had what could have been a serious problem. I heard a steady humming noise as we drove down the freeway. I couldn't imagine what was making the noise, engine sounded fine and no trouble lights on. I had just started driving on a newly paved section of the freeway, so I assumed it was just the nature of the road. That is until someone passed me and pointed down at my front fender. I pulled over to find that the plastic shielding in the front, left fender well had come loose and was dragging on the road in front of the left front tire! I had to use a small pocket knife to cut it off as best I could. I felt a bit of fear as I wondered what could have happened if that plastic had gotten caught under the front tire. Would it simply have been ripped off as it was pulled under the tire? Could this have suddenly pulled the car to the left, causing the car to flip over?
    The car was taken by my wife to the dealership in Fresno, CA, where we were visiting some friends on our way home. The dealership told her that it must have been our fault! and that somehow we must have caught the plastic shielding on a curb or something! I don't see how we could have damaged the shielding without damaging the fender, since the shielding is up inside the fender, and the fender was definitely not damaged. I am sure we didn't do anything to cause the problem. Fortunately when we returned home the local dealer fixed it without a problem, but I am still shocked at the other dealerships apathy towards us. Not what I'd expect for any car dealership, especially a luxury one!
  • mhemhe Posts: 7
    Thank you for the information! I would definitely complain to the dealer next time I have the car in for service. This is disgraceful on Lexus! On the other hand, it gives me hope that the new set of Michelin will last longer, and I do not have to pay $800 every 26,000 miles. Better NOT!!!
  • sciguy1sciguy1 Posts: 10
    I've been dissappointed in the tires also. The car is nice and all, but the longer I've had it the more I realize it's just a spruced up Highlander. My sister has a highlander, and I didn't notice much difference in the ride or overall comfort. I have been dissappointed that the tires of the Lexus are wearing out much more quickly than one would expect out of a "luxury" vehicle. :(
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Luxury to me means a nice quiet,soft and smooth ride...

    I do not care how long, or not, the Bridgestone Turanzas' tread lasts, just that it's the quietest I can find.
  • Anyone know of any chronic, recurrent problems with the 2006 RX330? I am considering buying and would like to get some info from my peeps. Thanks!
  • My problem ended up being just the gas cap not being closed tight enough. Might have to drive a couple of times for the light to go off.
    If the light still doesn't go off, it may be something else that needs the dealer to have a look at.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    We are taking our RX in tomorrow for the 30,000 service. Up until now we've pretty much had just oil/filter changes and tire rotations. My wife was quoted $650 which seems very high like a ripoff for what they do. Is this a standard price that Lexus dealers charge nationwide? Our dealer has sort of a monopoly in this area, and I was thinking about maybe checking with the local Toyota dealer to see if they might provide this service and learn what they would charge.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check the Edmunds Maintenance Guide for what we think it should cost in your zip code.

    Some Lexus owners get service work done at Toyota dealers and it's usually cheaper so definitely look into that option.

    And you can also just request that they do the manufacturer recommended items instead of some dealer 30k package.

    Steve, Host
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Thanks a bunch, Steve. I printed it out and will take it with me to the dealer tomorrow, instead of having my wife just drop the car off. The recommended service total came to $159.75 instead of the $650 she was quoted. The key will be finding out what additional services are being added in by the dealer and judging if they are needed (I doubt it). If we can stay close to the $160 it will be acceptable.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It might help to take some donuts in too. :-)

    Steve, Host
  • I have a friend who just called saying her 330 gascap says use premium fuel only! I have an 04 330 and it does not say premium fuel on the cap. Was there a change for 05 or 06 that I don't know about? Thanks for any input you can supply!
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    I believe that's the standard Lexus charge for the 30K maintenance because that's exactly what my dealer told me in Virginia. I don't believe any dealer would do it for less than that other than maybe taking 10% off (big deal!). I'd do exactly what Steve recommended and have it done at some other place. Many of the reputable shops these days have the same equipment to do the job right.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Exactly the same cost? That sounds a bit like price-fixing ... maybe it's the same dealer chain.

    Many of the reputable shops these days have the same equipment to do the job right.

    This is getting to be more of a problem unfortunately. The gotcha with having another shop do the work is that some of the software codes are proprietary, and many independents can't get their hands on all the diagnostic information and tools (or can't afford to). Going to a Toyota dealer should eliminate some of that problem.

    Steve, Host
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    I'm not surprised that the prices are identical, Steve, because they go by the book rate. Also I hear what you're saying about "software codes" etc., but we are talking about routine maintenance, not repair!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Yeah, but I thought the rate books were tweaked by region too, like our maintenance guide is. I doubt that mechanics here in Boise get as much as ones in Santa Monica.

    Steve, Host
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