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Lexus RX 330 Maintenance and Repair



  • omg...where in jersey do you live? i just got my rx330 today...and after reading your posts, i'm nervous about leaving my car in the parking lot of my apartment.
  • mikenjmikenj Posts: 25
    Has anyone put metal tube guards on the fron and/or back and if you did how did it affect the ride quality?
  • joe85joe85 Posts: 2
    we have had our 2005 LExus rx330 for six months and it has been in the shop for o60-90 days for the same problem. continues to blow a fuse and they have no answer. the latest attempt is to replace two different electrical bundles (i am sure there is a real name for this but I can't remember what they called it) this last itme it has been in for more than 30 days. We are asking Lexus to take the car back and want to know from you out there if this is common or should we try another rx330? I appreciate your help and info!

  • Not a pro or an RX owner (yet), but that sounds to me to be a problem with your specific vehicle. I have not really seen other people on this board comment on a similar problem, so it may not be a problem with RX vehicles across the board.

    Make Lexus give you all your money back (including taxes, fees and interest charges) or a new 2006 model similarly equipped or even with more features, because you certainly have a strong Lemon Law claim for which you can get counsel with no legal costs out of pocket.
  • joe85joe85 Posts: 2
    thanks for your advice, you mention getting free legal counsel and making Lexus give me a new car..Won't I have to pay for the miles I have already driven? Thanks again for your help,

  • Kenny, state lemon laws typically provide for the manufacturer of the defective vehicle to pay for the buyer's legal fees in a dispute that results in a buyer favorable outcome. Due to that, there are many lemon law firms that take cases on a no-cost basis, knowing they will be reimbursed by the manufacturer. Of course, they will only take a claim if it is strong, since they won't recover their fees otherwise. Depending on the applicable state's lemon law statute, you may qualify either (i) given the number of attempts they have made to correct substantially the same problem, or (ii) given the number of cumulative days your vehicle is out of service. What state did you buy the vehicle and in what state is it registered? Both of those states laws may help you. And you are right, some state laws subtract out a certain amount of the recovery based on the mileage, but others provide the mileage needs to be above a certain base amount. First step is to begin talks with Lexus to amicably resolve this, without threatening lemon law action. I have sought lemon law advice in the past, and have been successful without actually suing. If you want to discuss more, please post your email.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If you would like your address available to other registered members, click on Preferences' and mark your email address 'public'. That'll keep nefarious folks from collecting it.

    Better still, just talk on the forum so everyone can benefit.

    Other posters around Edmunds have noted that some states let you skip the lemon laws and sue under a warranty theory.

    Steve, Host
  • HI,

  • Hi,

    It looks as if we are having the same problem. My wife has complained that the road noise on her 2004 Lexus RX330 was bothersome. We have AWD and Goodyear 18" tires. The car has only 20,000 miles and I replaced the Goodyear tires with new Michelins. It didn't solve the tire noise. The car is quiet, except when you go above 35 to 40 miles, then you hear the tire noise. Did you find a solution to this problem?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    18" tires, as opposed to 16" or even 17", will not have as much "give" in the sidewalls to absorb roadbed vibrations. You might want to try 16x8" wheels with Bridgestone Turanzas, summer, NOT all-season. I run 17X8" on my 2001 AWD RX300 and am quite pleased with the low noise levels at speed.

    Snow chains are my quick and only answer to wintertime roadbed conditions.
  • Thanks for the tip, however, I just bought the Michelins and I'm not willing to spend additional dollars on tires. I was just trying to find out if there was a dealer fix under warranty.
  • With great joy i have finally sold my rx330. to put it in a nutshell this so called luxury vehicle was the biggest dud i have ever owned!! faulty transmission that was never resolved, goodyears that wore out after 20,000 miles, worry that the xenon headlights could be easily stolen not to mention $300/hour labor charges by the local lexus dealership. i replaced the goodyears with michelins and the road noise increased by 20% and i was not about to spend another $900 for a different set of tires! this car is a bust. the "pursuit of perfection"..NOT. anybody looking for a luxury suv should stop by the local BMW dealer. you know you are in trouble when the people who work at the local lexus dealership drive BMW's!
  • fsunfsun Posts: 1
    I'm a potential RX330 owner. Are there any known issues with this car I should be aware of?

    James Cambece
  • Has anyone had problems with the rear door opening when the car was in reverse? When my wife was backing up, the door suddenly opened hitting a post that was a couple of feet behind the car. Of course the dealer never heard of such a thing. Right after it happened the doors would not lock automatically when you put the car in reverse or drive. Also there is a problem when you need to suddenly pick up speed. The car seems to stall. And the tires are wearing out at 15,000 while my two previous RX300 still had good tires when I traded them off at 45,000 miles. :lemon:
  • Almost 30,000 miles on our RX330 (early build from Japan) and the car has been trouble free, except for one issue that I can't blame Lexus for. When we special ordered our car and then after having waited for over 2 months, it came without seat heaters. Everything else was perfect. The seat heaters were important, since we're in Minnesota [ :surprise: ] so rather than reject it and wait again we took the dealer up on their offer to have them custom installed by a shop they use for this sort of thing. Well wouldn't you know they recently stopped working, so we had to have them repaired (under warranty). Other than that, the car's been perfect.
  • luapluap Posts: 21
    Too many to list here. Read through the forum messages. I think Lexus is loosing it - too bad!!!!!!!
  • hylynerhylyner Posts: 216
    One persons opinion isn't a valid sampling.
    A few petty gripes in a forum like this don't mean squat.
    If Lexus is losing it, then how come Lexus is still at the top of the heap in everyone else's surveys?


    Full-Size Car
    Highest Ranked Model: Toyota Avalon
    1st runner-up: Ford Five Hundred
    2nd runner-up: Mercury Montego (not sold in Canada)

    Entry-Luxury Car
    Highest Ranked Models (tie): Lexus IS 300 / IS 300 SportCross
    Highest Ranked Models (tie): Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    Runner-up: Chrysler 300

    Mid-Luxury Car
    Highest Ranked Model: Lexus GS 300 & GS 430
    1st runner-up: Infiniti M35-M45
    2nd runner-up: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    Premium Luxury Car
    Highest Ranked Model: Lexus LS 430
    1st runner-up: Jaguar XJ
    2nd runner-up: BMW 7-Series

    Entry-Luxury Sport-Utility
    Highest Ranked Model: Lexus RX 400h
    (The RX 400h joins the current RX 330 as the top model level of the RX line-up of midsize luxury SUVs)

    Source: J.D. Power and Associates
  • I'm new to the forum. Have an Audi A4 which I'm ready to move on to a small SUV.

    Those who are having problems with the RX330 I am truly sorry to hear that.

    I am totally into the looks and the size of the RX300 for years and now to the RX330.

    Reading about the problems (hesitation problem in particular), we were wondering if the RX330 owners had to do it again, would you buy the RX330? Or would you buy something else? (I don't know, X5 or MDX or something?)

    Thank you in advance.
  • Absolutely - it's been everything we thought it would be.

    '04 - 30M miles
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If the hesitation problem isn't fixed when the new RX is introduced in the spring I'm looking seriously at the X3.
  • mmm1mmm1 Posts: 54
    I had an 01 RX 300 and then bought 05 RX 330 this year. Would have no other SUV. I respect Willards thoughts on the hesitation problem but think that has been blown all out of proportion on this forum. I never considered that problem to be a big deal on my RX 330 but took it into the dealership and had them install the fix. It works just fine. I suppose that if you were to be in a drag race with the RX that slight hesitation might be problem but I am still looking for the guy who drag races with this car. There are those times when I enter the the interstate from the ON ramp when I wish I had greater acceleration but that is just a basic problem with an engine that is not designed for blazing acceleration---a problem I suspect with just about any SUV. By the way, I drove the MDX prior to buying my 01 RX 300 and never again considered it after a test drive in the RX. Buy the RX 330--you'll never regret it. Give yourself a great Xmas present. And Merry Christmas.
  • ptrsnptrsn SoutheastPosts: 7
    I just bought a '05 RX330 and am wondering, any of you with the Nav/On board Computer system, the most fuel I can get into the fuel tank after the low fuel light has been on for a while and the on board computer shows "zero" miles remaining with present fuel supply 16.6 gallons. The owners manual says the 2005 Lexus RX330 holds 19 US gallons, where are the remaining 2.4 gallons? I've checked with Lexus Customer Satisfaction Website and also with a service rep at Lexus of Orlando and nobody can come up with a reasonable answer. Can't this computer be calibrated to acknowledge 19 gallons??? Anybody got any ideas???
  • jfzjfz Posts: 45
    Your 2.4 gallon residual when the light comes on is very close to our RX330. By comparison, my LS430 light comes on with 70 miles on the range. Its residual is well under 2 gallons. In other words, the stated range farther than it would actually go on a tank of fuel.

    Personnally, I like the built-in safety of 2.4 gallons. The gauge can be affected by the weight of the load. Also low fuel levels can cause problems with fuel tank condensation and contamination, and fuel pump cooling and operation.
  • Good to hear your how you handled this, the dealer installed the fix and you are very satisfied.

    My neighbor is on his second new BMW X5 and has had some problems like oil puddles on his garage floor. It does not concern him, he prefers the BMW over anything else regardless of problems. I also tested the MDX, nice vehicle but IMO not up to the quality and feel of the RX.

    My wife's RX arrives next week and now she wants a big red bow for it so this will be Merry Christmas a couple of weeks early.
  • And this is the link for anyone that wants to wrap the RX with a big bow for a Christmas gift this year. $48.00 plus shipping.
  • md52md52 Posts: 20
    I have an 04RX330 and have had all of the problems listed in this site; hesitation that is yet to be resolved, numerous rattles and squeaks that are annoying, thump during decell that was fixed, but the only way Lexus would apply the TSB for this one was by me pressuring them.
    Its not a bad SUV, I just dont think its worth the money. It all comes down to Cost vs. product. For this price, I didnt expect to have to make as many trips to the service dept. After all, it isnt the public that claims that Lexus is in persuit of perfection, Lexus does!
    I'm hoping that the Toyota build quality claim will carry through.
  • md52md52 Posts: 20
    ...I forgot to mention the road and wind's terrible. I certaintly did not expect this much noise. I have driven the GX SUV and it is much quieter, as are the Lexus cars. What happened to the RX??..persuit of perfection?
  • It's too bad the RX hasn't met your expectations. I do think the vast majority of RX owners are very happy with their choice, and the problems that some have encountered are more the exception than the norm.

    If I felt the same way you did I certainly would sell it and just move on, even if I had to take somewhat of a financial hit. In this price range it's more important to be happy with what you're driving than worry about a few thousand dollars. Why get a headache every time you get in the car, if that's the situation. Compared to most your RX shouldn't have depreciated too badly, and its value should give you a healthy downpayment on a GX, or whatever else you'd be happier with.

    Just my 2 cents...
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