2004-2006 Chevrolet Prizm Replacement....

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The Car Connection said that GM was to release the replacement of the Chevrolet Prizm, probably to have a new name in 2005 or 2006, but have pictures and information/specs by the NAIAS or North American Intl. Auto Show.

If you have any information about this brand new model, please tell me. I've got official note of the vehicle coming out becuase I've depended on The Car Connection, who gave the information to the public.


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    Are you referring to the Cobalt? The Prizm has been dead for years.
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    was the Vibe for the GM/Toyota partnership and for the small car, the Cobalt/Pontiac Pursuit.
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    in a way the aveo is a prizm replacement
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    I dont see it. The Aveo is a Metro replacement, IMO.

    I havent heard anything of a Prizm replacement, though that would be interesting. Not a big fan of the Vibe/Matrix, but the Corolla is a polished small car. Would like to see a torquier engine option available, like Nissan has in the Sentra, Mazda in the 3, and Mitsu in the Ralliart, for example.

    The best bit of news from Toyota lately, IMO, is the Scion tc, which is far less odd than that makes other entries, will have the 2.4L engine from the Camry, offer coupe looks but hatchback versatitlity. For those interested, check out the Scion tC thread here, on the Futures Vehicles boards.

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    reg's point is that the Prizm was a partnership car- rebadged and remarketed. In a way, the Aveo is like that too. A Daewoo Kalos rebadged and remarketed. Saw 5 of them sitting in the back of an Enterprise parking lot the other day!
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    Sounds like they are wrong, and not all news sources are right all the time.

    The only new Chevy car coming is the Coblat, and that is a Cavalier replacement. The Prizm was dropped, with no new Chevy badged successor. But, the Vibe is made in its place and sold by Pontiac.
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    CAVALIER replaced by the COBALT

    PRIZM replaced by the AVEO

    The Vibe is a sport wagon, not a compact sedan/coupe.
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    isn't a GM/Toyota partnership like the Vibe/Matrix. That's what tomcat630 means by replaced by the Vibe. The Aveo is a GM/GM Daewoo partnership.
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