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Ford F-Series Towing Questions



  • hen3ryhen3ry Posts: 1
    Can someone tell me the number of leaves are on a "stock" 2004 F-250 supercab.
    I just bought one used and it seems abit "up there". I may be 6'1" but there's less of me below the belt than above so it's abit of a hop up. Should get some runnin boards but...
    Just joined so I'll say Howdy as well.
  • scuba454scuba454 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 F-250 Super Duty with the 5.4 liter eng and 4:10 gears. I pull a 29' coachmen travel trailer. My foot is always to the floor with this thing. One the high way going with traffic I can average about 65 MPH. On other roads I average about 57-60 MPH. People tell me that this is enough truck to pull this without a problem but it's very hard to pull the trailer. I even put a larger XSMN cooler on the truck, because the fluid would get so hot and push out the front seal. Has anyone experienced this problem with this truck? Some people say that I should get a stronger built XSMN?
  • I have a 2004 Ford F-150 FX4 with a 5.4 V8 and a 3:73 rear gear. I have pulled a 3 axle 22' trailer weighing about 2300 lbs... On the trailer was a 1991 Mitsubishi Montero 4 door with a curb weight of 3800 lbs. I had tow this vehicle over 4 mountains about 90 miles and had no trouble climbing these mountains with a speed of approx. 40 mph. Given that it did pull this fairly easily, I would not do this very often. I guess that I am to easy on my truck.
  • agrindianaagrindiana Posts: 2
    I have a 01 F250 7.3l diesel and I tow a 31' travel trailer 5000lbs max. I notice if I try to maintain hwy. speeds of 70 it seems like it is over reving with trans out of overdrive. Pulls good in od but I don't want to burn up trans. Any thoughts?
  • agrindianaagrindiana Posts: 2
    I have an 01 F250 7.3L with a performance chip my fuel economy has gone up dramatically 24 hwy at 70mph and 18 city. My question is there any adverse effects of having this chip hooked up?
  • magras60magras60 Posts: 3
    My wife and I are looking to purchase a used dually with a diesel engine. We are hoping that some of the wise diesel truck owners might offer some advice. We will be towing a 30-35 foot fifth wheel trailer in the northern united states for a few months at a time. We would like and would greatly appreciate input on truck, dually, hitch, best mileage and so forth. We thank you for reading this.
  • jetdrjetdr Posts: 1
    I have an F-150, 1994, 5 speed, 4x4 and would like to tow it behind my motor home. I would like to know if I can tow it with all wheels on the ground and any other suggestions or cautions I should observe. I intend to purchase a class IV tow bar, and base plates.Thank you.
  • I have a 2001 F250 diesel that coughs and stalls when pulling our trailer. Engine light comes on and stalls when stopped. Have had it in the shop but they can not find the problems. $4500 later we still cough and stall. I need help!!
  • What is the gear ratio in a 99 f-250 super duty with a 7.3 powerstoke?
  • I want to buy a bed lift kit to basicly turn my 8 ft bed into a dumper. the hydrolic is rated 2 ton but how much gravel can I put in the bed. I would like to fit 1 1/2 - 2 yrd will this destroy my truck? If this works I will be saving a lot of money on buying one of those dump trailers for $3,500 what should i do?

    heres the link to that hydrolic Up7lA
  • Hi,

    New to the F150 world and considering buying a 2010 F150 SuperCrew with the 5.4l engine and a 3.55 rear end.

    I have a trailer that weighs 6000lbs DRY!.

    The brochure shows one section that GWVR is 7350 but then on the next page the GCWR is 15,000 and the Maximum trailer loaded ratings show 9600lbs for the SuperCrew 5.4 145 Inch Wheel base.

    Can someone help me understand what this truck is really rated for?
  • That 4x4 Supercrew is one bad truck. I have an 05 and pull whatever I want. You just hook it up and the truck will pull til it can't any more. Wrap a chain around a tree trunk and throw it in 4x4 low. Just spins tires if going gets too tough.Only way you can break em is dumping too much weight dead on then tryin ta drive wid thad. First thing to bust is the shock absorbers. Yeah I blew a few.
    Can't do that in a chevy they just break all the time. Cheap plastic parts on those chevys just fall off first. I see chevy parts all over the highway. What is that all aboud?
  • I tried to back our new, (to us) 5th wheel up our driveway and jack knife it around in front of the house. I had to stop near the top of the hill to move some fence. When I tried to finish backing up the truck didn't want to push the load. I applied more fuel, until it pushed the trailer back where I wanted it. However, it blew something and I had transmission fluid all over the front yard. I pulled the inspection plate from below the torque converter, cleaned off all the fluid under the truck. Now, I can not find a leak. I am happy that it isn't leaking, but worried that it will start again when I put another load on it. Can anyone tell me if I did any permanent damage to this truck? It is a 2001 F350 Diesel, with an automatic.
  • hugh10hugh10 Posts: 1
    I am thinking about buying a 7.3 ford 350 from an individual. It has under 100,000 miles and has been used to tow a camper. The seller has told me he installed towing and fuel economy chips. Do these chips have any adverse effect on the engine' such as excessive heat, ware, or shortened engine life?
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