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2005 Discovery



  • The LR3 is the replacement for the Discovery and is known as the Discovery 3 outside of North America. I have been told though that the old Disco will still be sold in North America, at least for a while. In addition to the 4.4 L V8 developed from the Jaguar 4.2 L, the Discovery 3 (but not the LR3) will offer the new Ford/Peugeot 2.7 L Tdi V6 diesel and in some markets a modified Ford 4.0 L V6 from the Explorer.

    Quality of current models has not been poor, it has been abyssmal, perennially the bottom of almost every survey by a significant margin. Hopefully the new model corrects that, although I expect pricing will reflect the significant upgrades.
  • steven2steven2 Posts: 37
    You guys are saying that the redesign is bad, because it is a "wussy" car. But look at the SUV's that are selling now. They are compact SUVS that are known more for their fit and finish then their off road prowess (Nissan Murano/Infiniti FX, Lexus RX, Mercedes M Class). Also, many people who buy suv's don't drive them off road. Stop trying to sell the Disco as just an off-road type SUV, and sell as a luxurious and prestigous car that is better suited to people's needs. As long as it CAN go off-road, why not spruce it up and make it more family-friendly? I can tell you right now, compare it to other 7 passenger suvs that CAN go offroad but are more luxurious- Acura MDX, Toyota Sequoia, even the VW Touareg- id take any of those because they are comfortable yet capable.
  • To post #8, your looking to buy an import and are considering the Nissan Armada. Hate to burst the bubble, but the Armada is made about 2 miles down the road from my office here in Canton, Mississippi. So much for buying an "import."

    As to comments on the Disco II, wife and I purchased a 99 with 32k on it 14 months ago. We love it, no problems so far. Are the back doors tight? Yes. Do I have the headroom of a God once I get in there? Yes. And I'm 6'2.

    I lived in Peru for 10 years (never saw a LR in the amazon ... FYI, there are no roads in the amazon ... maybe the one in the commercial can float ... that's the only way you get around) and the roads in MS are about as bad as the roads in Peru. We are loving the Disco in this land of the F350. My $.02.
  • steven2steven2 Posts: 37
    rear sure looks weird without the spare tire covering up the drop off, huh?
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    I just saw another tester, cruisin' here in Phoenix, on I-17 and Grand. It was dark green, and still had the black spy tape on it, for some reason. The new Mustangs they've been testing here, still have tape on them too. It's probably some reason related to their dealer arrival date. The LR3 I saw last month, before it was introduced in New York, had the thick black material on it, so the one I saw this week was easier to see.

    Anyway, it looked great!
  • shoes319shoes319 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a clue what the tow capacity will be on the new vehicle? I've wanted the Discovery for years but it doesn't have enough capacity to haul my horse trailer, and the RR is a bit too much $.

  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Here's a cool pick off of the Wieck site:

  • Our dealer in Denver told me the other day that they hoped to have a new LR3 in the dealer showroom by September. He emphasized that it would not be available for purchase that soon, but he would have one for us to drool over.

    Light Cahill.
  • lrover1lrover1 Posts: 8
    Light Cahill, I work at a Land Rover Centre, and most dealers were supposed to receive a few demo LR3's to test drive and order cars from in June or July, but Land Rover pushed back their North American debut of the new model to November or December of this year, and decided to push the demo vehicle deliveries to September or later.

    Also, there are a lot of people criticizing Land Rover's chosen nomenclature for the new model. The reason they decided to call the new model LR3 (or Land Rover Series 3), is because the American market is unlike practically every other market in the world. We are very brand conscious and like to have the latest and greatest. Since the LR3 will be an entirely new vehicle, sharing no parts whatsoever from the old Series 2 except maybe interior door handles, they decided the American market would become more excited about an all-new model, instead of saying it is a revised version of the discovery. Also, since the LR3 will be an average of $10,000 more than the '04 disco ($50k+ with some options), Land Rover decided that this new model needed to shine by itself, and not be compared with the old Discovery. For the rest of the world, the Discovery model line has had extreme success and maintained great loyalty across many markets. For this reason, Land Rover decided to continue the Discovery legacy.

    Secondly, current LR customers and potential customers shouldn't worry about Land Rover losing its British-ness because of Ford ownership. Every acquisition is different and Ford realizes that Land Rover occupies a specialty market, and the last thing you want to do to a small manufacturer like Land Rover is to assimilate them. Ford has a relatively hands-off approach to Land Rover, allowing their engineers and designers to maximize Land Rover's potential. The new LR3 (Disco III) is going to be a huge hit, blowing all of the competition out of the water. Our regional managers have informed us that Terrain Response (LR's new patent) is incredible, and the off-road capability of the LR3 surpasses the Discovery Series II hands down. It will also utilize an all-new air suspension, similar to the new Range Rover. Our reps tell us that the LR3 not only rides like the RR, but gives the Porsche Cayenne a run for its money on the race track.

    This new model is pure Land Rover, through and through.
  • Lrover1,
    Thanks for the detailed info on the new LR3. I should say thanks on everything but the price! $50K. Ouch! It was a stretch to come up with the cash for the'03 Disco.

    Well, I must admit that the photos that I have seen of the LR3 do show a vehicle that would easily be over $40K, so I should not be surprised. It looks like it will knock the socks off the BMW X5. I am still looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, and driving it when we can. Thanks.

    Light Cahill.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    Based on the released pricing for Germany/EU, it appears that Land Rover is shooting itself in the foot. 04 HSE started at 41K (same as US pricing). The 05 HSE?? 57K!!! starting at! that's a 40% increase in price. Since the starting prices were the same last year, no reason to think that a US LR3 HSE won't also START at $57K.

    This better be one hell of a vehicle to be able to throw a 40% price increase on the market. Considering the reputation for quality (or lack thereof), and the fact that for $57K you can get an X5, H2, Escalade, Navigator, Land Cruiser, Cayenne, FX45, QX56, GX470, Touareg, and others, I truly hope Land Rover has more market info than the rest of us do, because if not, they're going to be in trouble.

    End of Rant.
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    V8 HSE excluding "MwSt." is 49K. Perhaps MwSt is some sort of EU tax for SUVs?
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    I was comparing apples to apples. For 04 including MwSt the price was 42K, for 05 it's 57K. for 04 excluding MwSt, the price is 36K, for 05 it's 49K. We're still talking about a 36% increase.

    So even if you eliminate the tax, or whatever it is listed, we're looking at a HUGE price increase. Give them the benefit of the doubt and apply a 36% increase to US prices, and you're left with an HSE starting at $56K. So I may have been off by $1K.
  • lrover1lrover1 Posts: 8
    The price increase is definitely going to leave some Series II customers behind unfortunately. But from what I have seen, the LR3 will live up to a $50k+ vehicle. I think I even read that the harmon kardon Logic7 system that will be available on the '05 will surpass the Range Rover's Logic7 output by almost 200 watts! (almost 745 watts I believe!) Plus with the touch screen on-road/off-road Jaguar navigation system, air suspension, adaptive headlights that adjust to winding roads and inclines, Terrain Response, etc., it is a total lateral move for this model from the outgoing Discovery. It will share a lot of technology with the new Range Rover, which has been a phenomenal success.

    Personally, I think that Land Rover should continue to produce this current model alongside the LR3, it will cater to those LR fanatics that want live axles and a nice Disco for around $40k.

    Also, please give me any feedback on what you have seen on the LR3, I relay this type of info to my regional managers. They like to receive any information they can about public option on how the company is doing.

    If anyone has any questions about what Land Rover is planning or about any of the models, I'll be happy to help. Since I work for a Land Rover centre and we receive a lot more information than the public, I should be able to answer any questions you may have.

  • man_007man_007 Posts: 9
    First, why would you need 745 watts stereo? I have an audiofile system at home with 40 watt output to each speaker that produces astonishing sound. Second, why would you buy 56K Land Rover? Are you going to take it off road? BS. Looking at the LR at NYC autoshow I would not say it more apealing (inside for sure) that Lexus which has better quility and lower price btw. Yes, I agree there are more toys inside like Terrain Response but given quility and relability would you want extra toys? I will be looking to test LR as soon as it will come out but 56K? I can have Pilot (driving with kids) + Jeep Wrangler to take it off road for 32+23 = 55K and 1K for extra insurance.
    $$$ is realy high in my opinion!!!
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    It's a bit of apples to oranges when it comes to home and car stereos. 747 watts probably means 7 speaks with 80 watts and a woofer with 150+ watts. Car systems generally work on 4 ohms as opposed to 8 ohms for home systems. I think the rule of thumb is that when you lower the resistence by half, watts output doubles, albeit at a reduced quality.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    A poster on another forum who has put in an order for a 2005 HSE, posted the price quoted. He's in the UK, and the HSE spec (almost everything standard except the adaptive headlights) is only 1K more than the 2004 ES Premium spec (top line in the UK this year).

    That's a much happier price to see. If that's duplicated in North America, Land Rover has itself a sale.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    Though not official, and can change at any time, UK standard HSE spec includes:

    19" alloys
    Auto as standard on diesel and petrol
    Sat nav upgrade
    Off road, information centre, voice recognition. TMC (not sure what this means)
    Blue tooth
    Park sensor front
    Front electric sun roof Fixed rear glass + Sun blinds
    Rear AC
    Roof rails
    Metallic paint
    Premium ICE pack
    Harmon Kardon LOGIC7
    13 speakers
    Active sub woofer
    DSP amplifier
    rear seat headphone modules


    Active rear locking diff
    Privacy glass to rear of B post
    Adaptive headlights
    tow pack

    (thanks to the poster at Land Rover Pub)
  • man_007man_007 Posts: 9
    Tentative woohoo! can you pls provide link to UK prising? tnx
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    There's no link that I know of. That comes from the Land Rover Pub (against rules to post direct link to another forum on here). The pricing comes from someone who is putting in an advance order.

    I went to have a look locally, and got a similar story, and saw the pre-order sheet (have a copy of it). Price seems to be going up about 8-10% in Canada. List of standard features is quite similar to that list from the UK. Bluetooth is a preliminary option in Canada on the HSE, unlike other regions where it seems to be standard.
  • man_007man_007 Posts: 9
    tnx for reply. If I understand you correctly HSE will cost around 42+10%=45.2K? that will be a lot better than 55K. do they have any pre-prod available for a test drive by you?
    I tested MDX last weekend. It felt really nice. cannot wait to compair MDX and LR3.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    Depends on the Country. If the pattern follows from the UK and Canada, I would think it would be something like that. If the pattern follows the EU/Germany, expect closer to 55K.

    Best thing to do is to drop by the dealer and ask them. Locally, they were very excited to talk about the vehicle, and were happy to estimate price and take pre-orders.
  • carman001carman001 Posts: 1
    I spoke to my local dealer (US), who is a good friend, yesterday. He is already taking pre-sold orders, and is putting together his initial order now. He said to expect @ $45K well equipped and close to $50K with everything.
  • mikek1mikek1 Posts: 1
    Can someone provide the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) in lbs? (US Congress has signed to end the big up to $100K tax write-off for 6000+ vehicles, but it hasn't taken effect yet). Also, are there any web site references that have looked at any reliabilty improvements in their new RangeRover vs. older one's? But, could we expect the same for the LR3 over the old Discovery? Lets hope so.
  • suvowner1suvowner1 Posts: 33
    I like what I am reading about this vehicle...........but everytime I hear Landrover I think about numerous complaints of reliability problems..........Jeep did the complete new vehicle thing in 99 and had numerous small problems that took until the 2004 model year to get worked out.......this LR3 seems to be a similar pattern...........can anyone on here give me some info to give some confidence that a LR3 owner wouldn't have many trips to the LR service department, and everyone know each other on a first name basis ????
  • reichowjrreichowjr Posts: 86
    I found this link showing a variety of pics of a LR3 prototype at a Land Rover dealer in NC.
  • reichowjrreichowjr Posts: 86
    Does anyone know when the LR3 will available for purchase using the A plan?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    The "official" U.S. specifications were posted by Land Rover USA: from the pre-launch site.

    This is the current "pre-order" information that dealers are using:

    LR3 SE Standard Equipment: *

    + 300hp 4.4L V8
    + Six-speed automatic transmission
    + Permanent 4WD / locking center differential
    + Four-corner independent air suspension
    + Terrain Response
    + Front, side-curtain & thorax airbags (6 total, 8 when 3rd-row seats are fitted)
    + Sunroof and 2nd-row/3rd-row Alpine roof
    + 18-inch alloy wheels
    + Leather seating surfaces
    + Harman/Kardon audio system (9 speakers, 6-CD in-dash changer, 300W)
    + Trip computer

    SE Options: *

    + 3rd-row seats (includes head-curtain airbags and 35:30:35 split 2nd row)
    + Convenience package** (35:30:35 split 2nd row, luggage net)
    + Cold Climate Package [standard in Canada] (heated front/rear seats, windshield, washer jets)
    + DVD rear-seat entertainment (retailer-installed accessory)
    + Rear climate control (heating and A/C)
    + Tow package
    + Rear locking differential, full-size alloy spare
    + Bi-Xenon headlights, fog lights
    + On-road/off-road touch-screen navigation system with DVD-ROM
    + Driver Intelligence Package (rear Park Distance Control, puddle & footwell lamps)
    + Cooler box (center console) ***
    + Bluetooth telephone integration system ***

    LR3 HSE Standard Equipment includes SE standard list plus: *

    + 19-inch alloy wheels
    + Harman/Kardon LOGIC 7 premium audio system (13 speakers, 6-CD in-dash changer, 600W)
    + On-road/off-road touch-screen navigation system with DVD-ROM
    + Bi-Xenon headlights, fog lights
    + Driver Intelligence Package (rear Park Distance Control, puddle & footwell lamps)

    HSE Options: *

    + 3rd-row seats (includes head-curtain airbags and 35:30:35 split 2nd row)
    + Convenience package** (35:30:35 split 2nd row, luggage net)
    + Cold Climate Package [standard in Canada] (heated front/rear seats, windshield, washer jets)
    + DVD rear-seat entertainment (retailer-installed accessory)
    + Rear climate control (heating and A/C)
    + Tow package
    + Rear locking differential, full-size alloy spare
    + Cooler box (center console) ***
    + Bluetooth telephone integration system ***
    + Adaptive front headlights ***

    * Specifications subject to change
    ** Included with 3rd-row seats
    *** Delayed availability

    Available exterior colors: Chawton White, Zambezi Silver, Maya Gold, Bonatti Grey, Alveston Red, Adriatic Blue, Tonga Green (new), and Java Black [extra cost].

    Available interior colors: Alpaca Beige and Ebony Black.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Land Rover North America today announced U.S. pricing for its all-new SUV, the LR3. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the SE model will be $44,995, while the HSE model will retail for $49,995. All models will feature Land Rover's innovative Terrain Response™ technology, a powerful 300 hp V8 engine and the Range Rover-inspired, four-corner, cross-linked air suspension, solidifying LR3's outstanding on and-off-road performance.

    "The all-new LR3 is the most technologically advanced, boldest, Land Rover ever launched in the history of the company," said Richard Beattie, executive vice president, Land Rover North America. "This premium SUV, with its exceptional versatility and capability, is an excellent value considering the amount of feature, content and innovation Land Rover is bringing to the market."

    Available in SE and HSE derivatives, LR3 offers the advantages of a powerful and responsive 300 hp 4.4-liter V8 engine, mated to a six-speed electronic automatic transmission. This transmission is intelligent—adapting its shift patterns to driving style and road conditions—and equipped with Command Shift™, allowing the driver full control over gear changes. Special consideration has been given to ensure the powertrain meets Land Rover's exacting standards for on-and off-road capability.

    LR3 sets an impressive benchmark for future Land Rover products with its new platform architecture and numerous technological advancements. The new, Land Rover-developed, Integrated Body-frame™ architecture provides a stable foundation for refined on-road performance, while maintaining the off-road qualities essential to every Land Rover vehicle. Careful design and packaging has kept the overall height of the vehicle down, and has positioned the bulk of the vehicle’s mass as low as possible, further adding to the outstanding on-road dynamics.

    LR3's all-new Terrain Response™ system is the latest development in four-wheel drive technology. By optimizing the vehicle's sophisticated systems, Terrain Response™ allows the driver to choose from a variety of terrain settings, thus providing flexible and automatic control of the vehicle in all conditions, both on-and off-road. Not only does this help ensure that operation on a range of surfaces is safe and pleasurable, but it minimizes any environmental impact of off-pavement driving.

    The electronically-controlled air suspension system provides increased versatility and comfort. With automatic load-leveling and multiple modes (access, standard and off-road) the suspension allows for a softer spring setting in normal driving conditions, and versatility in others. The Range Rover-inspired cross-linking air springs allow for outstanding off-road performance by maximizing ground contact.

    The interior package is among the most versatile and accommodating in its class. The cabin of the LR3 is designed to allow maximum comfort for all passengers- even in the third row. When equipped, the third row of seats is capable of accommodating two 95th percentile adults. In addition, the alpine roof—a driver's sunroof and fixed glass over rows two and three—adds to the feeling of spaciousness throughout the interior.

    LR3 is available in eight standard colors: Chawton White, Bonatti Grey, Alveston Red, Java Black, Adriatic Blue, Zambezi Silver, Maya Gold and Tonga Green. All colors currently exist in the Land Rover color palate except for Tonga Green, which has been introduced for the 2005 LR3.

    All LR3 models come highly equipped with a list of desirable features and innovative technologies. In addition to the base level of content, the HSE adds a touch-screen, voice-activated navigation system, 600-watt audio system, 19" alloy wheels, Bi-Xenon headlamps and memory seats. Full details of trim specifications will be released closer to launch. Sales for LR3 will commence this fall.

    ** prices noted include destination and delivery charges.
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