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  • frankygfrankyg Member Posts: 32
    Any truth to the rumor the Daimler/Chrysler will be offering employee pricing on all Dodge vehicles starting July 06, 2005? I'm looking to purchase an '05 Durango SLT and the rebates now are $4,000. Wonder if the employee pricing will be a better deal than the current rebate?
  • frankygfrankyg Member Posts: 32
    Well, I was right, they are offering it. Wonder if you ccan still negotiate down from the employee price??? :confuse:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    You can try, but it is unlikely that dealers will go any lower, given that employee pricing is just about the lowest they can afford to go.

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  • dcraigp2002dcraigp2002 Member Posts: 1
    We bought ours Saturday. It is a Limited almost loaded out. Sticker was $38,800 plus some dealer add on junk. This one had been used by owners wife and had 4900 miles. They were around $30,000 with employee price and rebate. After much arguing we were able to get them down to $27500 drive out plus a low interest rate. They wanted to stick with employee pricing plus the rebate so we walked away. They came after us and agreed to what we wanted. While we were signing papers they wanted to claim someone used the wrong tax rate and the price would be 1% higher. We started to walk away again and they adjusted the price. We have put less than 100 miles on it but the wife and I both love it. Although this one had a few miles on it I think you can probably still negotiate a little.
  • frankygfrankyg Member Posts: 32
    Seems like they will negotiate a little more on Demo's or Durango's w/the 4.7 V8
  • frankygfrankyg Member Posts: 32
    I happend by a local Dodge dealer in my area and saw that they had a 2004 SLT brand new, never titled and loaded sitting on their lot. MSRP $39,105. They say they can "Let it go" for $28,000. Good deal or not? (2005's w/similiar options and special pricing still around 33,000) Any advantages or disadvantages to this deal, other than the 2004 its almost 2 years old.

  • frankygfrankyg Member Posts: 32
    Is this a good deal? '05 Durango SLT "G" pkg., heated front seats, Family Value group, towing pkg. MSRP $38,795. They are offering me $14,800 for my trade, a 00 Dakota Quad cab, leaving $23,995 + 9.5% tax & tags for a total of $26,342, less the $3500 rebate for a price of $22,842.03 out the door.
    They took the Employee Pricing off the table when I offered my trade up and are making it look like they are giving me more for my trade. Is this common practice? Are they still making out from the manufacturer in the Employee Pricing by collecting that rebate and not offering it to me?
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi everyone. Please use the following discussion to post any questions that you have about leasing a Dodge Durango. Thanks.

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  • ksb1ksb1 Member Posts: 1
    whats the best 24 month lease on a 2005 Durango?
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi ksb1. The exact cost of a 24 month lease of a Dodge Durango will depend upon the exact model that you are interested in. Not only do the prices of the Durango vary quite a bit by trim level, but its lease program varies by trim as well. The cost to lease a 2006 Dodge Durango Limited 2WD will be different than the cost to lease a 2005 Durango SLT 4WD. If you let me know the exact model that you want, along with its full MSRP and approximate selling price I can tell you exactly how much it will cost to lease right now.

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  • slic38slic38 Member Posts: 10
    After GM and Ford announced increased rebates on remaining 2005 models so did Chrysler.
    I saw a ad in the paper saying the all '05 Durango's had a $7,000 rebate. I considered buying one this summer during the employee pricing but they were only discounted about $5,000 total.
    On Saturday I drove a SXT 4X2 at a local dealer and made him a offer. $10,000 under sticker price. ($7k rebate + $3k dealer discount). They would only reduce it by $8850 which they said was $100 over invoice before rebate. I walked on that great deal. I went home and called a few dealers 200 miles away. I found one that would take my $10K under sticker offer. I did not want to drive 3 hours to get that deal. The next day I found a 4X4 SXT 4.7 Durango at a dealer 45 miles away. He would only go $9k below sticker. 15 minutes after he told me that, his sales manager called me and accepted my offer. I told him I wanted to think about it since my wife and I wanted a 4X2. Today the salesman called me to see if I was still interested. I told him my wife was at work and I could not get a ride to his dealership. He offered to deliver the vehicle to me for free. WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!
    The price I paid is almost 1/3 off. That sounds more like a sale at JC Penney then a sale at a Dodge Dealer.

    2005 Durango SXT 4X4 4.7-V8
    MSRP $31,875
    -$7,000 Dodge Factory Rebate
    -$3,000 Dealer Discount
    = $21,875
    + $2596.32 tax, license, fees
    $24,471.32 out the door

    I live in Central California. The dealer is in a town called Visalia. Surroz Dodge.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    A national paper would like to hear from consumers who are back looking at SUVs with the drop in fuel prices. If you have a story to share about how you had put your search on hold, but are now looking at SUVs again, please respond to [email protected] with your daytime contact info., city/state of residence, and the make/model(s) that you are looking for no later than Wednesday, November 9, 2005


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  • tfrielingtfrieling Member Posts: 1
    I had been looking in October at the 05 Durango since they had $5000 in rebates but I decided to wait and see what the deals in November would bring. Turns out it was another $2000. Here is good tip, send away for the Durango brochure from the dodge website. Included in mine was an extra $500 rebate to be used on top of any other rebate. My breakdown looks like this.

    2005 Durango SXT 4X4 4.7-V8 Mineral Gray Metalic 3rd row Seat
    MSRP $31,875
    -$7,000 Dodge Factory Rebate
    -$500 Brochure Rebate
    -$3,000 Dealer Discount
    = $21,375
    + $2325 tax/title/license/doc fees
    = $23,700 out the door
    I live in the Southwest Suburbs of Illinois
    The dealer was Downers Grove Dodge
  • feltsfelts Member Posts: 1
    '05 Durangos have 7000 cash incentive right now, so I am looking heavy into getting a 4x2. I have been told that the MSRP I should go by is the base price, not the total price before the PDP sticker (pure dealer profit :) sticker is added. Also, the dealership is not offerring any discount on his 05s, yet he has a stack of them on his lot. Is the invoice price going to be based on the base price or the total price. Here is what I want:
    05 Durango limited
    Base- $33,500 Total- $36,485
    $7,000 in Rebates

    I want to push for a 3,000 discount because he has 14 4x2s and 3 4x4s on the lot to get rid of. I will also begin 'deliberations' at 2% over invoice.

    Am I pushing too much to get this truck for 23,600 + TTL based on the current conditions? Is there anything else you PROS would recommend that might get me lower, because low is good. Preciate it!!
  • slic38slic38 Member Posts: 10
    Not sure if you bought already and this reply is too late.

    The MSRP I am talking about is the final sticker price with all the options and destination included. DO NOT pay for any dealer add-ons like a paint shield or window etching or a plain old dealer mark up.

    The limited you are looking at is 33,500 base plus options it is 36,485. The dealer you are working with might not want to deal but call some within 200 miles and they might give you some bargaining power. There is a local dealer that is running a ad in the paper. ALL '05 Durango's -2K off MSRP and -$7k factory rebate. That is just about $100-$200 over invoice. I am sure you can get your local dealer to sell it to you for $27,485 + TTL
    The deal I got was almost $1K below invoice before rebate.

    Talk to the fleet manager when you call other dealers. Then when you get the best deal use that as leverage so you dont have to travel and get the Limited for $26,485 +ttl.

    Good luck
  • dodgydodgy Member Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2006 Durango Limited. I didn't plan on buying it, but after a test drive in a decked out limited with the Hemi I was pretty impressed. A similarly optioned Sequoia was ~ $45k.

    I am VERY happy with my purchase price.

    Sticker was 42,525 plus ~ 400 in dealer add ons.
    Purchase price was $33,500 + TTT, and I did end up paying full dealer fees (a bit high). It was late and I was done negotiating at that point. Since I was trading in 2 vehicles and was happy with my trade price, I didn't want to muck up the deal at 10:00P on a Sunday night. Net-net it was about a $9000 discount.

    I am a little nervous about potential quality issues as I have traditionally purchased Japanese brands.

    It has these options:
    - Skid plate group
    - Trailer tow group
    - Two speed transfer case
    - Hemi 5.7
    - Sunroof
    - 6 CD/GPS/NAVI
    - Uconnect Hands-free comm.
    - Auto-dimming rear view mirror
    - P265/60R18 OWL on/off road tires
    - Rear seat video system
    - Chrome bug deflector, wheel locks, spare lock, sunroof deflector and receive for the tow hitch
  • uffllaauffllaa Member Posts: 16
    im looking to lease a 2006 durango limited with the hemi engine. i'll need 15000 miles/year. MSRP is just over 39k, and one dealer offered a sale price of just over $36k - less $4750 in various rebates. i was told by a local dealer that the money factor currently is .00001. can you verify, and give me some idea as to the residual. thx
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi uffllaa. This truck's exact money factor and residual value will vary depending upon how long you lease it for. 39 months is by far the most attractive lease term for this model right now, so I will assume that is the length lease that you want. If you were to lease a 2006 Dodge Durango Limited 2WD (I assume that you want the 2WD model) through Chrysler Financial right now for 39 months with 15,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00001 (as you were told) and 43%, respectively.

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  • bizpro1bizpro1 Member Posts: 1
    Today is 2/06/06. I leased a car on 12/27/05 & paid dealer 1st month payment of $398 on 39 mo. lease. I never received payment book so I call ChryslerFinancial daily because I want to pay for my leased Durango. They say the same thing everyday-that I should call dealer since 5 weeks is too long for paperwork to reach them.
    Today I get a call from the dealer after 5 weeks asking me to come into the dealership because HE made a mistake on the sales tax. He promised me that he will keep the payment the same.
    I just looked at my old contract and notice that the buy back is stated at $3.00 on my new leased car (its a $30,000 car). I told dealer to mail me the
    new contracts and I will put them side by side and if the monthly rate is the same and he only changed the state sales tax as he stated was the problem, I will sign them. (Im still waiting for papers).
    If the buyback is changed on the new contract, which I think they are up to...should I call my lawyer? ChryslerFinancial told me the if the lease is
    not right, they dont buy the note and send it back to the dealer, so I think he is sitting on a hot potato. Any advice?
    My friend tells me that dealer should have approached me honestly regarding the problem and since they are using a lie to get new papers signed, that I
    should dispute dealer?
  • 2infiniti2infiniti Member Posts: 13
    Just got a loaded 2005 HEMI Ltd with everything but nav, and blue tooth. It was at a dealer's auction with 27K miles returned from a rental fleet in excellent condition. Paid $19k or roughly 1/2 price for 27k miles. Am really pleased with it (far superior to the Yukon SLT I got rid of)and at that price I can afford to trade in a year or two and probably get most if not all of my purchase price back if I become dissatisfied. Dodge builds a good product but as history has shown, they dont hold their value. Buy slightly used if at all possible!
  • crogcrog Member Posts: 3
    I want to lease a 2006 Durango SLT for 36mo.(12,000mi per yr.), 4X4,4 door Sport. Mfr's list: $35,500, Dealer price after $3000.rebate and dealer discount: $29,747. My credit score is excellent. Clean deal with no trade in. What would the Residual rate be and the approx.interest rate? What would the right Acquisition Fee be? With a good credit score,should the security deposit be waived? What should my monthly payments be with $8000.00 down payment? I will be dealing with Northtown Dodge in Amherst, NY
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hello crog. If you were to lease a 2006 Dodge Durango SLT 4WD through Chrysler Financial on or before April 3rd for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00004 and 45%, respectively. As you can tell, this is a very low money factor. It is equivalent to an interest rate of around one tenth of one percent. When negotiating your lease on this truck, make sure to keep in mind that DaimlerChrysler is currently providing $4,000 lease cash on it and that most dealers are getting an additional $1,000 dealer cash on top of that. Make sure to take all of this cash into account when negotiating your lease. Chrysler Financial's current base lease acquisition fee is $700. This fee was recently raised, but in exchange for the increase Chrysler Financial now waives its security deposit requirement on all leases.

    You definitely do not want to make an $8,000 down payment on a lease off this truck. I always advise consumers against making any sort of down payment when leasing. I do so for two main reasons. The first is if your vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen during your lease, your down payment essentially disappears. The second main reason is that down payments on leased vehicles do nothing to reduce their lease-end purchase prices. So your lease-end purchase option price for your Durango would be exactly the same, regardless of whether you had put $8,000 down, or had made absolutely no down payment at all.

    I'll work up a zero down lease payment on this truck for you. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2006 Dodge Durango SLT 4WD with an MSRP of $35,500 and a selling price of $29,747 through Chrysler Financial right now for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $385.

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  • plainsmanplainsman Member Posts: 6
    Bought yesterday in ND. 06 hemi, limited, nav, dvd, full curtain bags, shiny wheels package, tow hooks, molded flaps, towing package, sunroof, block heater.

    No backup sensors, skid plates, or Uconnect.

    $42,980 sticker
    $31,451 + tax + 150 fees
  • mantrasiamantrasia Member Posts: 11
    was it a 2wd or 4wd? i'm looking to buy, but it looks like the employee pricing promo isnt as good a price as the rebates they were doing before
  • plainsmanplainsman Member Posts: 6
    You were shopping today then? We just bought and were thingking to close in July as the deals may have gotten better. I think we got a $5000 rebate, then my company has a deal with Dodge so we get it 1% over invoice less any discounts. I think its all a scam, Id be surprised if you would pay any more than I did. When I bought my 03 GMC truck we bought with 6500$ rebate, then the next month was employee pricing, my buddy got his for the same price. When your working these dealers remind then that gas is $3/gal and you have a hell of a lot of other options besides an SUV.

    It is the AWD/4wd version. Actually have the window sticker here.

    So its limited.
    -Optional Eqpt-
    Trailer Tow Group
    Travel Convenience Group
    AWD 2speed xfer case
    Power Sunroom
    Engine Block Heater
    265 OWL on/off tires
    I had them throw in towhooks and the molded mudflaps, but they wouldnt install them. I got 1 tow hook on this evening :) Then we had to go out to eat, looks funny, like its got 1 tooth :)

    So its the nav/dvd/shiny wheels/hemiMDS/sunroof/blah blah.

    Basicly doesnt have 3.92 rear, backup sensors, skid plates.

    $42,980 sticker

    We have about 200 miles on it now and averaging about 12.5mpg, so Im happy with that. I think it needs align as the wheel isnt square when your going straigt and it seems a little more active driving than it should. Sure is quiet, wow thats nice. Rides very nice too, doesnt corner as well as the expedition with IFS/IRS though but better than Tahoe.
  • mantrasiamantrasia Member Posts: 11
    cool, thanks for all that info. my shopping strategy consists of faxing a letter to the fleet managers at the 6 local dodge dealers, listing what features i want and and asking them to send back their best out the door price....whoever has the best price and closest match to what i'm looking for gets the business. i'm looking to get one very similar to yours, but still up in the air whether the additional $3000 for 4wd is something i'd really use....more like a just in case thing for me i suppose, since it doesnt snow or really rain for that matter out here in the desert
  • durangojoedurangojoe Member Posts: 9
    I took advantage of the Employee Price offer today here in NJ and leased the Limited 4x4 w/ options for a Lease payment of $439 15k/36months

    Options included:
    Travel Conv Group:
    (18x8 Aluminum Clad Wheels, GPS, 6CD, side curtain air bags all rows)
    Full Time 4wd Shift on Fly Transfer Case
    5.7 Hemi
    Running Boards
    OWL On/Off Road Tires
    Rear Seat Entertainment

    EP Price $38,500
    $3500 out of pocket for all costs (tags, 1st payment, tax, cap cost etc.) I didn't care how they split it up.
    $3000 rebate applied

    I didn't want to purchase the truck as I always change cars quickly and felt I would be beat on the resale after 3 years. Seems like a decent deal and the truck is really nice. Lots of options to play with. Hope this helps anyone researching.
  • mantrasiamantrasia Member Posts: 11
    yeah, see the rebate thing isnt adding up. looks like they gave you $3000 rebate, but on this page on the dodge site

    it says the cash allowance is $4500 according to their example in the lower right corner...i dont get it
  • plainsmanplainsman Member Posts: 6
    06Durango, we were fortunate, we were just halfharted looking as my wife has an 01 Intrigue GLS w/PCS with only 48K on it. We stopped by the local dealer at the beginning of the month, they let us take the truck for the weekend which was cool. We took it back and my price was $31.5 with towhooks, mud flaps. They laughed and so I said for now well just wait. Then about 10 phone calls later at the end of this month the deal was cut :)

    The "best price" went from $34-33-32.5-31.9-31.6-31.4 Frankly if we didnt own the durango this year we didnt really care. We still have to get her car sold yet. We locked in a trade price good for the rest of july so if we cant get it sold we get that price.

    In ND it was very very difficult to find one with Full Curtain airbags and rollover. That was a requirement basicly that and leather so the rest was gravy. When I looked at the Dodge truck finder thing this was the only one in ND. There were about 15-20 more in the minneapolis/WI area but none were a lower priced msrp package, they were all fully loaded with options to get the full curtain bags. I wish these manufacturers would wise up that just because I want safty I dont necessarily want DVD/Navigation/18" wheels/blah/blah. We were shopping the Ford expedition and the durango, same story with Ford. Try and find an 06 with RSC and leather and its like finding a White Buffalo. You cant throw a dead cat around here without hitting one of those King Ranches but they are so hideious. The Ford dealer found us a 06 Ed Bauer with RSC and leather but their best price was $36K. The expy isnt worth anymore than the Durango. They both have their upsides with Dodge its more nimble and better engine, Ford is nicer seating and nice ride with IFS/IRS, but the 5.4 engine sucks as its too underpowered in the Expys.

    Good luck!
  • durangojoedurangojoe Member Posts: 9
    The $4,500 is for a purchase - $3000 is for a lease. If you go to the payment estimator it shows you the breakdown.
  • mantrasiamantrasia Member Posts: 11
    i actually ended up calling the chrysler rebate hotline, and the general idea was that they werent quite sure what was going on. what they did end up saying though, is that the 4500 thats listed in their example is a typo of some variety. they also said that even though the $5000 cash incentive that is still listed as being available until july 5th, is no longer valid, and has been replaced with a $3000 incentive. so in effect, the new july deals are worse for durangos than the june promo. employee pricing is clearly a shell game promo....pointless in my opinion unless their goal is to frustrate and annoy potential customers. here's how it breaks down from what i'm seeing

    June promo
    $5000 incentive
    $2000 incentive (if vehicle's been on the lot for a while)

    i had talked to plenty of dealers that were starting negotiations from invoice, not MSRP, so where there's a typical difference between invoice and MSRP of about $3000, we're talking $10,000 off MSRP. which for the durango i was looking at, was $40,000, minus the $10K, left the price about $30K plus tax.

    now with the new EPP hocus pocus, the dealer doesnt deak from invoice anymore, not to mention the rebate is only $3000 now. so that same $40K durango is now EPP priced at $36800, then minus the $3000 brings it to $33800. the aged inventory incentive of $2000 apparently is still in effect until the 5th, so you might get someone to do that still, but even then, it only brings the price down to $31800. pretty much $2000 more than what they were going for a week ago. pretty clever of chrysler to roll out a new "promo" that actually brings the prices up on vehicles.
  • scott451scott451 Member Posts: 2
    I have leased a 2000 Durango, bought a 2003 Durango, and have recently gone to the dealership for a 2006 Durango. I have 35,000 miles on the Durango now - about 38 months old.

    Looking for a 2006 SLT, 4.7 ltr., 2WD... there was a "G" package with entertainment / DVD / sirius... and a sticker of $34,000.

    They submitted me a "deal" of 12,000 per year, 39 months... $588 a month - $0 down. The $588 is a before tax payment - so about $625 a month.

    Wow... blew me out of the water. After seeing other leases above - what lease payment should I be expecting? THANKS -
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi scott451. That lease payment does sound a little high to me. That's a lot of money to spend for a Durango. I would be happy to use Chrysler Financial's actual lease program to calculate what this truck's lease payment should be for you, however in order for me to do so I need you to provide me with its selling price. Let me know and I'll crunch some numbers.

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  • iyamwhatiyamiyamwhatiyam Member Posts: 1
    Great info as i was out today looking.
    What rear axel do you have with the Hemi? Is suppose you do have the AutoTrans 5 speed? together you get the 20+ mileage

    You got a good deal and now others can too.
    :shades: Thanks
  • ststock23ststock23 Member Posts: 1
    Looking at 06's. Got the report from consumer's. Now I'm getting dealer quotes that are below the reported bottom line. What am I to believe?
  • jfritschjfritsch Member Posts: 958
    I think the 32000 Durango wholesales for 17000 in a year? (15000 depreciation?) Look up on edmunds, KBB and to see how much the 40000 version is worth too. You want TONS off these vehicles (well below the bottom line) to avoid financial suicide. (These numbers may be optimistic)

    Tons of hidden dealer cash here. Even 10k off sticker (the cheap models) is not giving them away.

    The Honda Pilot is a highly rated SUV on edmunds and it depreciates 10k in a year. Many people are negotiating 6500-7500+ off MSRP.


    Looking at 06's. Got the report from consumer's. Now I'm getting dealer quotes that are below the reported bottom line. What am I to believe?
  • plainsmanplainsman Member Posts: 6
    No doubht jrfitsch. For the love of god dont pay anything close to sticker. Look at my post here, I think we got about $10K off sticker. Which the $42K durango is more a $32K suv. IMO its not worth $35.
  • mbgc1mbgc1 Member Posts: 6
    God only knows what I paid in reality!

    I traded my 2000 slt plus with every option, 80,000 miles. I purchased the 2006 st. Stripped down nothing model with a tow package I don't need. Even with cash back I am paying 520 a month to chrysler financial.

    I hate this truck! The gas milage is horrible. The warranty is not even close to the one I ahd before and all of the perks aren't included with the roadside assistance such as lock out, gas and flat tire. All of these were on my old truck. The dealer told me I was getting the same warranty and that the gas milage was comparable.HA :mad: :cry:
  • txgrapeluvrtxgrapeluvr Member Posts: 3
    Thought I'd share my purchase I made last week, before the new $5,000 rebate came out.

    2006 Durango Limited 4x4 HEMI
    Travel Convenience
    Skid Plates
    Trailer Tow
    Running Boards
    Sticker on vehicle - $43,535
    Paid - $32,000 even

    Park Cities Dodge - Dallas, TX

    PS. Really wanted an Aspen, but couldn't wait. Then heard today from a dealer they have 2 Aspens in stock. However, fully loaded like the Durango they want $44 and change. No thanks.
  • msusimonmsusimon Member Posts: 1
    You ran a lease quote above for someone for 36 months. What should a lease for 24 months be for a 06 Durango 4x4 SLT MSRP 35500 with purchase price of 29500. 12000 miles. Thanks
  • jwlsngoldjwlsngold Member Posts: 1
    Hey Biz,
    I would definitely talk to your lawyer. It sounds like you could own that new car for what...$3.00??. The dealer (Salesman) is in HOT WATER, that's for sure.
    Let us know what happens.
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    I'd be happy to help you out, msusimon. This truck's lease program actually varies by region. The Northeast or Great Lakes regions have a much more attractive lease program on it than the rest of the country does. If you are outside these areas, don't bother leasing one. If you are in one of the regions, according to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2006 Dodge Durango SLT 4WD with an MSRP of $35,500 and a selling price of $29,500 through Chrysler Financial right now for 24 months with 12,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $516.

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  • dodgehappydodgehappy Member Posts: 118

    We are highly considering the lease of a new 06' Durango SLT from a dealer in Columbus OH. Cloth/DVD/tow package/3rd row seat. Sticker $36,035. Dealer saying with an 01’ Town and Country LX (59k miles) as trade, that we owe 2,500 on, and nothing else out of pocket, lease with tax for 12K a year and 27 month lease is 298.00 per month. Claims residual is 50% or 17,650 and money factor of 1.968, though the money factor he emailed me does not appear to be in a correct format.
  • kfranci2kfranci2 Member Posts: 31
    This sounds like a FANTASTIC deal - I am looking for the same - Can you let me know if you sign the papers & take it home for that price?
  • dodgehappydodgehappy Member Posts: 118
    I will be happy to let you know how things go if we move forward!
  • dodgehappydodgehappy Member Posts: 118
    I emailed with the dealer again today. Any pros out there think its a great deal or just average? should I ask for better?
    New 06 Durango SLT w/ tow pack 3rd row and DVD player
    MSRP $36,035.00
    Invoice $33,290.00
    Total Rebates and Incentives $8,000.00
    Net Price of Durango$25,290.00
    Term 27 Months
    Money Down via trade in- $3000.00
    Money Factor .00082
    montly approx pymt with tax $298
  • kfranci2kfranci2 Member Posts: 31
    Hi dodgehappy - I'm confused about your $ down - are you putting $300 down or is that a negative payoff of your current car? Looks like you must be getting a "red dot" car since what I understand of rebates are that it's $6000 for the durango + $1000 for lease + $1000 for unit in inventory since 4/1/06. The money factor and residual (if it is still 50%) look good. Are you paying for the DVD player or was it included for free? I've seen it both ways on the ones I've lookd at.
  • dodgehappydodgehappy Member Posts: 118
    Hopefully this will clarify... We have an Chrysler minivan that we owe $2,500 on and the dealer stated they will give us $5,500 for it if we trade.
    Does 50% sound right on the residual for a 27 month SLT lease?
    What do you mean by "red dot", is that a car sitting since April? Is it a bad idea to pick up one of those?
    Not sure on the DVD player, I just know it is part of the sticker price, but I haven't seen the sticker yet to confirm if it was a free option. Does that make a big difference in the lease?
    The dealer did tell me yesterday the lease he calculated the $298 payment on is actually based on a car price 500.00 higher then the correct vehicle price after all rebates. Should the payment go down now because of that 500.000, and if so by how much?
  • kfranci2kfranci2 Member Posts: 31
    Hi dodgehappy, The 50% residual sounds good to me, but if you are putting $3000 as a downpayment, then your payment looks a little high for me.
    Take a look at the DVD player. If it was a no-cost option, then it gets added into the MSRP for the residual, but does not get added into your negotiated price for the Durango. basically, you get 2 good benefits, the residual is higher because you have it, but you don't have to pay it.
    I would ask for some more details before pulling the trigger. It's possible this dealer is marking up the interest rate to get more $$ for him (bad for you).
    I don't think it's bad to buy a car on the lot since April - they haven't changed at all and it allows you to get an extra $1000 off!
  • dodgehappydodgehappy Member Posts: 118
    So with the .00082 money factor the dealer claimed he is working with the the $3000 down plus rebates, the payment doesnt seem to add up, at a 50% residual?
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