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Audi S4 vs BMW M3



  • lazytlazyt Posts: 1
    I actually prefer the looks of the S4 a little to the M3. I can't wait to see the S5. From the spyshots of the A5 & the new M3, the A5 alone is a much better looking vehicle. On looks alone, you were smart to get the current M3 v. the new M3. Bangle's design style has made the newer BMW's fugly.
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    A M3 will beat an S4 off the line and win a straight line race. But in a slalom, the S4 will beat the M3 due to its superior handling from the Quattro drive. So it's a choice on whether you want speed or quickness.
  • phatcat1phatcat1 Posts: 5
    congratulations! I bought an M3 last year and a friend bought an S4. Weve tried each others cars and in the end I guess we are both very happy. Even though the M3 isnt perfect I smile every time I turn the ignition on. I realized its a choice that comes down to "feeling right". Its from the heart.
  • mtdancemtdance Posts: 2
    Hey all. Wanted some feedback on driving preferences the Audi S4 or A6 4.2 with the sports suspension. Leaning more toward the 2007 A6 because of the new 4.2 FSI engine w/350 HP, nice upgrade from the 335 HP. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks again.
  • tla1963tla1963 Posts: 8
    Well they are 2 totally different cars...the s4 is more nimble through traffic and just a bit more responsive...the A6 is more plush w/ the performance...the s4 is like a razor..the A6 is like a carving knife.
  • I'm looking at a CPO '06 S4, & wanted recommendations on which all-season tires to put on it. Living in OH, I want to replace the summer tires.
  • tla1963tla1963 Posts: 8
    Call the Tire Rack or go to They have lots of info
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    I'm struggling with A4 3.2 versus A6 4.2. New 4.2 FSI V-8 seems hard to resist. If you went in that direction, would you go for S-Line or Adaptive Air Suspension?
  • mtdancemtdance Posts: 2
    I would go for the air suspension. I've gotten bad feedback on the A6 sports suspension. It seems to be tuned a bit too much. The S4/A4 sports suspension is a much livable ride. I think I'm going to go for the S4 at this point. I've driven them both and there's definitely a difference.
  • Hey everyone im new on here!!!!!stealth4-- well put my friend, i also own a stage 3 2001 S4 and ummmmm yea ok ive yet to be beaten by an M3.. im not saying i havent lost a race b4, believe me ive been beaten plenty of times... if you look at the comparison between the two performace wize the s4 comes out on top in all aspects. The fastest even supercharged M3s are clocking in at mid 12s.. yea ok that will be the day when i spend $10,000 and only reach mid to low 12s. i saw someone mention something like the s4 will get beaten off the line.. yea about that!! when i see someone in an m3 pull under a 1.8 60ft on street tires i will [non-permissible content removed] myself!! and they said the s4 will win in the slalom cuz of the quattro.. i dont think you have driven an s4 on a roadtrack or ne thing of the nature cuz if you have you would realize the S4 has ridiculous understear becuase of the 50-50 wheel distribution and horribly uneven weight.. stock for stock the m3 will have a jump but with the simple addition of a $600 ecu upgrade the m3 will be beaten. i have seen ppl with just a GIAC chip run 13.2... B5 S4 FTW!!!! not b6 or b7 cuz they are slow [non-permissible content removed] v8s.. please dont take ne of this personally if anyone feels insulted im just a very sarcastic person
  • wait the link you put up has no comparison what so ever of the s4 to the 335i.. the rs4 being compared in the test and it beat the 335i?!! altho i do agree with you the 335i is a sick [non-permissible content removed] car especialy with a vishnu ecu upgrade. but id still rather have my 2001 S4 which i got for 13k that a 335i which costs like over 40k... they are sexy tho if i had 45k to just throw around i would deff pick one up.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Read the map and see the timings of S4 vs 335.
  • I'm thinking of buying an S4, and I would like to put some mods on it. First, what is the biggest size wheel you can put on this car? Second, where can I look for wheels? I looked at and they don't have anything that I think would look really great on this car. I'm looking for something with 8 to 10 spokes. Second, where would be the best place to buy a chip? Does it matter? Are they all the same? Who can install the chip? Third, the dealer that I'm thinking of buying this car from says this car has Navigation, but I've been in one before and I don't know where it would be? Can this car with Navigation?

    I appreciate your help and taking the time to answer my questions.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    You may get a wider audience in the Audi S4 forums. Create a new forum topic and re-ask your questions. Good luck.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Thanks Ken! I moved the post for the member.
  • jmarounjmaroun Posts: 151
    I'd like to chime in with the following observations and opinions..

    - The current S4 shouldn't be compared against the M3..since
    the RS4 and or S5 are much more appropriate. The S4 compares
    with the 335i. Yes, 6cyl with tts can be > 8cyl.

    - The new E92 M3 is less fun (and elegant IMO) than the E46 M3. Especially when comparing the 06 E46 with competition package against the E92 M3.

    Frankly, I'm already looking forward to the next generation versions of the M3.
    Something tells me that BMW will revert back to its roots..and focus more on
    a lighter car with better low end torque while not interferring with driving feel (steering feel on this M3 has been criticized time and time again as being numb).
    I believe that a new redesigned M3 will come way sooner than the usual 7 year cycle..even with the current economic situation.

    I hope that Audi follows through with their present movement in the right direction with their new 2009/2010 S4..with its super charged V6 S4.

    The world NEEDS lighter BMW M3's and Audi S's since it seems the only other avenue available in a comparable $$ ball-park is a used P-CAR...and they'll still run you upward of $50k with two less useful seats!

    Lighter, more low end torque, more fuel efficient. In a word or two.. down scale matter, up scale mind. This is a trend I hope all auto-manufacturers will pursue... Above all, I hope they remember the golden rule and purpose... FUN!

    San Diego
  • Ok, so I'm in the market for a new car, and I'm thinking M3 or S4. My friend has a 04 S4 and he loves it, and I always gave him grief, b/c I told him that he should have gotten a M3....his response was, "You just don't understand."

    Yesterday, I test drove both cars through a series of straight-aways, curves, etc. Let me just say this, if you own a M3, go test drive a S4. The M3 was jerky, loud, and uncomfortable. Then you step into the S4, refined, smooth, and comfortable. The first thing I said when I got into the S4 was, "Wow, these seats are comfortable!" This car is smooth like silk. I couldn't believe it. I actually fell in love for the first time of my life yesterday. The decision has been made to buy the S4. I finally understand what my friend was trying to explain to me. However, I will give BMW, major points on the exterior design. If you could replace everything else with Audi, that car would be something that couldn't be stopped. A car enthusiasts dream!

    That's my 2 cents.
  • jmarounjmaroun Posts: 151
    Something tells me you're on to something enlightening.

    I would've bought an S4 had it performed equally with 6 cylnders instead of its thirsty 8, was lighter by 200lbs and had improved mpg. I chose the next best thing, an 08 335i sedan with manual. The new M3 styling was as numb as it's steering feel. I considered an 06 M3 with competition package but its body style is dated and I figured the 335i might hold its value long enough if a superior car came along while offering a near equivalent experience.

    I'm delighted with the 335i but am dissapointed with its clunky and quite rattley clutch / manual transmission. (google bmw clutch rattle. this was observed by bmw mechanics and claimed to be normal) First and second gear in the 335i are rarely pleasant experiences unless you go all out full throttle. :) Furthermore, symptoms of HPFP (fuel pump) failure are loomming (lately, my ignition times are intermittently taking upward of 5 to 7 seconds!). I figured that after more than two years, BMW would fix this well known and wide spread issue..but it seems that even my late production 08 model (june 08) of the last produced before the 09 LCI, may become part of the statistics as well.

    That said, it isn't surprising that I've got my heart's hopes set on the new S4 comming out early to mid 2009. A 6cyl superchaged awd S4. It boasts better hp and torque than the 335i while weighing nearly the same (that is about 200lbs lighter than the current V8 S4)! Judging by early release pictures, the S4 will easilly out style any BMW.

    I hope to trade or sell my 08 335i for the new S4 After reading the reviews..I eagerly await Edmund's review which is usually unbiased, informative and fair.

    San Diego
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