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Mercedes-Benz SLK Prices Paid



  • susu5300susu5300 Posts: 1
    Where are you located and how did you manage to get a 7% discount? I am looking at the same car and thinking of ordering one myself. The dealers keep telling me that an order will come with no discount.
  • Hi guys,
    I just got a 2006 SLK280 with the price of $43,800 "out the door". This car is all standard. Just wondering if this is the right deal with the current market. Please let me know. Thanks!
  • aulivauliv Posts: 1
    sounds like a good deal. what do you mean by "all standard"? what options do you have? or you got the very basic model with no add-ons? auto/ manual? Can you list the break down of the deal, ie, price before tax/fees, etc?
  • I didnt have any option with it. Manual, standard equip. Tax here is 8% so u can do that math. But out of the door was 43,800 for me. Goodluck with you deal.
  • I bought a 2005 SLK350 (new) took me 3 mos to order it the way i wanted it...I love it
    I wanted the SLK55, but realized that the extra $$ wasnt necessary since the next raffic light was 2 blocks away..
    NEVER pay sticker...they tried it, but it didnt work...
  • i bought mine from Euro motorcars in was a good experience. They discounted the car for me (after telling me that they didnt discount the model (this was last year)....
    i ordered the Black with ASH interior...
  • The SLK55 may be different, but the 350 can be had with a discount....i would check dealers that have many in stock (an 05 is the same as an 06) and get it from them....
  • I'm looking for an SLK350 with the premium II, Auto trans and 6 CD changer. They are saying they reduced the MSRP to 47,916 from 49,645 and a 39 month lease is $2000 down, 850/month including tax. Seems very high!!!!! They won't give away the money rate. Can you help in anyway?!!

    Shane :cry:
  • outieoutie Posts: 42
    Hi, does anyone have any updated money factor for the SLKs? SLK55 in particular. Thanks!
  • newcar45newcar45 Posts: 14
    Hi everyone,
    I just shopped around for a SLK280 and I was wondering if $45,000 or possibly $44,000 is too much for one with a MSRP of $49,505 (somewhere around there).
    Also, should a larger down payment alter the money factor at all? My initial impression is that it shouldn't since the money factor is based upon someone's credit history and therefore shouldn't be affected by annual lease mileage allowance or amount of down payment. Then I remembered BMW has a certain plan where you'd make certain additional payments throughout your lease to lower the money factor.
    Plus, does anyone have the residual and money factor for a SLK280 for 27 months and 12k miles a year?

    Thanks in advance!
  • dev3dev3 Posts: 1
    I was curious is somebody drives this in cold weather. How does it drive with snowfall and what is reasonable to drive it around. My other half thinks this cannot be used in snow at all. In additional is Porsche boxster better given that it has the engine in the middle rather than in the front but is still a RWD.
  • uniklyunikly Posts: 3
    Im looking to get an SLK55 AMG soon. Does anyone know the difference between 07 and the 08 ?
  • xfloverxflover Posts: 2
    Found a great deal on a 280, paid 26K for one and it has 18K miles, loving this car.......just traded the crossfire in, came with air scarf......and 6 disc.......less then a used honda accourd a golf pro owned it before me........
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Check Edmunds new car site.
  • bwilson77bwilson77 Posts: 2
    Hey Can you give me the dealrs name and the slaespersons name who gave you the MSO ?
    Thank you
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a large finance magazine is looking to speak to consumers who just purchased a new Mercedes-Benz SLK350. If you’re interested in speaking to the reporter, please contact Chintan Talati at ctalati with your daytime contact information no later than June 23, 2008.

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  • 2009 SLK 300

    $600 total monthly payment
    $1895.05 total drive off

    36 month lease term
    15,000 miles per year
    .00048 December 2008 money factor
    49% December 2008 residual
    8.25% sales tax rate (Los Angeles County)

    45,950 base price
    720 metallic paint
    2,950 premium package
    990 heating package
    1,460 automatic transmission
    875 transportation fee
    52,945 total MSRP

    44,676.53 cap price
    25,945.05 residual price

    520.37 monthly depreciation cost
    33.90 monthly finance cost
    45.73 monthly sales tax
    600.00 total monthly payment

    795.00 acquisition fee
    45.00 documentation fee
    69.30 sales tax (based on acq fee + doc fee)
    385.75 licensing fee
    600.00 first month's payment
    1895.05 total drive off cost

    595.00 lease return fee (at end of lease)
  • cmccab1cmccab1 Posts: 3
    The lease on my SLK 280 is up on 8/8/09
    As of today, I have not been given an buy-out price.
    My residual is $30,000. This was a 33 month lease and bought in Detroit through a resident offer, which is why the residual is so high.

    Does anyone have current Manheim Auction Prices and/or know what Mercedes is quoting for a lease-end purchase?

    Does anyone know what interest rate Mercedes Benz Financial is offering to buy at lease-end?

    I know I can buy another one, but the car is perfect, and I would like to keep it!

    Thanks in advance!


    I am assuming they will want me to keep it as they are retailing these cars in Florida for around $19,999, and there are a lot of them!
  • I just got my SLK300 with sport (and AMG wheels) and multimedia package with MSRP of $58885. I put $3000 out the door and $620/per month (pre-tax, 35 months). But then I wanted to pay for Pre-Maintenance & Wheel protection package so I ended up paying $730 (including tax for 35 months) and the $3000 down. Is this a ok deal? Please let me know. Thanks!!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    Dealers are marking down the current 2011 SLKs, because 2012 new body SLK is just around the corner. Also MBF offers additional incentives to get rid off 2011 models. In January, the only improvements in leasing/financing belongs to SLK.
    By the way, 2012 SLK is a real piece of art! You can read all the details, specifications and what's new here: 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class model changes.. Actually, it makes sense to wait until new model. It will be released in about 5 months...
  • I am about to buy a new slk350 and am trying to find out what the general experience has been with this car pro and con before i purchase vehicle on friday of this week.
    any thoughts greatly appreciated.
    thanks, Henry
  • I see discussion of the end of year 2011 SLK but none of the new designed 2012. What are people being offered? Can I expect the same 10-15% off MSRP & options that O got on my Subaru Forester?
  • A year ago MB was offering discounts and incentives to sell off the 2011 SLK because the 2012 was a redesign. I don't see any incentives or a reduction more than 8% on the 2012.

    Do they typically only do this on redesigned models? I know the 2013 won't be changed but when will that model year be offered?
  • Has anyone tried to get additional discounts on top of the MB offered 7% ED option? I'm looking at a new SLK 350 in July of 2013 and would like to get 7-8% from the dealer plus the 7% ED bump.

    I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with several dealerships in the area...are any giving better discounts? Thanks.
  • I am looking at a 2009 SLK 300, while test driving I noticed that the High Beams would not stay on in the AUTO mode but would stay on in the Manual mode. The dealer is telling me that this is how the light is designed but I cannot find anything that confirms. My mechanic has told me that he has never ran into this issue. Can anyone confirm? My 2006 SLK 280 does not share this design feature as the high beams work in the AUTO mode
  • pfarrppfarrp Posts: 3
    edited February 2013
    Looking to purchase a new slk350 in Boston area. stealer here is quoting me 6% off msrp on an ordered vehicle. He tells me there is no rebate or cash back! I am used to buying american made vehicles at 500 less than invoice, so I am a bit shocked.. It's also so hard to find mercedes invoice pricing online.. Does anyone have any recent experience in buying an slk model? The vehicle I would like to order has an msrp of about $67,500.00
  • iamgortiamgort Posts: 52

    Has anybody purchased a 2014 SLK250 lately? I'm interested in what kind of numbers people are getting on leases.

  • You can go through Costco and get $1500 under invoice off the bat. I am coming off lease of a 2013 SLK and getting into a new 2015 SLK, so I've been able to get offers of ~12-12.6% off MSRP. Don't know how since I don't think there are any current rebates or incentives other than pull ahead which SLK probably isn't part of and I've made my last lease payment. 
  • You can go through Costco and get $1500 under invoice off the bat. I am coming off lease of a 2013 SLK and getting into a new 2015 SLK, so I've been able to get offers of ~12-12.6% off MSRP. Don't know how since I don't think there are any current rebates or incentives other than pull ahead which SLK probably isn't part of and I've made my last lease payment. 
    My previous comment of no current rebates was wrong. There is currently a $2k dealer incentive on this vehicle. Not sure what other rebates/incentives there may be, but my best offer thus far is $4600 UNDER invoice.
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