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BMW 7-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I need your help!!!!!
    I'm leasing a 2007 750LI, MSRP$78,100 + Convenience pkg $1,000 + 19' wheels $1,300 + Sat Radio $595 + Destination charge $695 Total $81,690.

    Question: Having I a good deal if give $1,000 TOP and the payments will be $1,100 monthly, 36 months, 10,000 miles a year.........???????

    If not, where I can get a better deal...???

    Thanks and merry christmas
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,207
    At the end of the lease... you get the security deposit back..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Dear kyfdx:
    No, i'm not getting anything back at the end.
  • What is generally better, when driving high mileage (30k/year). To buy or lease?


  • frank36frank36 Posts: 3
    40,000 miles, BMW certified, with nav, conv. pkg, Lux Seat Pkg, has smokers package, I could not smell any smoke, I don't smoke...for $45,500.
    Can someone tell me if this is a good deal, or should I wait for an '05.
    Thanks in advance.
  • iceman2iceman2 Posts: 23
    In the Chicago area - BMW dealer has a NEW leftover 2006 750i. They want it off the lot and willing to deeply discount. I'm having a hard time finding new pricing/invoice info on '06's. Looking to negotiate a steep discount, then a great lease. The car's sticker as follows:

    Car $71,800
    Luxury Seating
    Premium Sound
    Comfort Access
    Rear Shade
    Total MSRP $79,990

    Any thoughts on price to offer?
  • bigfacebigface Posts: 1
    I'm in the Chicago area and in the market for an 07 750 Li w/ the following:

    Lease terms: 36 months
    Mileage: 15,000 per year
    Registered in: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60608
    Down Payment: $0.00
    Roll In: All taxes, license and transfer fees, etc.

    Vehicle Specifications:
    Make and Model: BMW 2007 750Li Sedan
    Exterior Options: Sterling Gray Metallic (or titanium gray)
    Interior Options: Beige w/Nasca Leather (or cream beige)
    Trim: Dark High Gloss Wood Trim

    * 4.8 liter DOHC, 32-valve, 360-hp
    * 8-cylinder engine
    * Bluetooth Compatible
    * Rear-wheel drive
    * Full list of Standard Features
    * BMW Ultimate Service™
    o 4-Year/50,000-mile Warranty
    o BMW Maintenance Program
    o Roadside Assistance Program
    o BMW Assist™

    Added Options and Accessories:
    • Luxury Seating Package
    • Comfort Access
    • Premium Sound Package
    • DVD player
    • SIRIUS Satellite Radio
    • Night Vision
    • Mud Flaps
    • Phone integration
    • “iPod Your BMW” integration

    Please help.
  • I have been trying to sell my 2001 740i for over a month now by posting it on, autotrader and craigslist.

    I lowered the ASKING price to $100 less than kelley blue book private party average (i do live in New York city) and still no calls.

    The car has 63,000 miles and in great shape.

    Has anyone tried to sell a 7series themselves, any suggestions?
  • I just bought a 740 from a wholesaler for pennies on the dollar. I think that you can save a bundle purchasing a vehicle from a wholesaler rather than a Dealership. The vehicle I bought booked out at $16415, and I got it for $10875. is the site I found it at check it out you might be surprised.
  • mlocamloca Posts: 15
    I just stopped into a BMW dealership to look at a 530Xi and the saleperson said I should check out a Certified 745Li with 59K miles. It has the maintenance plan to 100K miles too (everything scheduled plus brakes, rotors, wipers, everything but tires). They want $30K for it. Is this a reasonable price?

    The car is very clean, saw the records (bought and maintained at the same dealership).
  • mevander1mevander1 Posts: 43
    Not a bad deal. I bet you could get him to come down some. Offer him 28.5 and you will have to play the 'game'. and be prepared to walk and they will call you the next day... most likely. With the economy the way it is, Luxury cars are feeling a crunch. That is the way I purchased my last 740i, 2 years old and certified. They did not have brakes as part of the deal, otherwise I would have made sure I used the brakes hard before the warranty ran out:)
  • Hi Guys,
    I have a lease that is almost up and am looking to purchase a 7 series, I dont want to spend more then 35k (maybe up to 40k OTD) but this is what Im looking for:

    2006 750Li (APPROX 30k miles max)
    100k warranty
    100k maintainence pkg.

    I looked at the dealership, but they are asking for 56k for the same cars autortrader is asking 38k!!! Is this becayse of the CPO? SHould i Just buy one from autotrader and add the CPO and maintainence pkgs later?? I dont know what to do.
    Any advice/?
  • Also look at this BMW is offering 0.9% on brand new BMW's including 7 series!
    So I could get a 2008.
    AND I know that BMW goes 5k below invoice on these cars, at least this is what ive heard! Can you please advise?
    It may be mor eeconomical to purchase a new one, 0.9% (AT 5K BELOW INVOICE)
    compared to purchasing a 2006 750i at 6% interest!
    Any thoughts?
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    Did they bring down the apr from 3.9 to 0.9?
  • Yes go to and youll see it. they pay your first 2 months payments + 0.9% APR.
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    I see. But I could not find where they say they will pay the first 2 months also. Are these for new 2008 750 li's?
  • No only for CPO 2006 750Li
  • I'm currently being offered 68,991 for a 2009 BMW 750LI CPO with 29,400 miles. It has the Camera package, premium sound, sport package, luxury seating, rear entertainment package, smartphone integration, etc. Carfax is clean as well.

    Thoughts on the price and how much do you think I bargain this down...right now APR is 2.9%.

  • Could I please get the current 15k buy rate money factor and residual for a 2012 750i xDrive and 750Li xDrive.

  • I'm looking to purchase BMW and recently had contact with a individual seller who offered the following 2003 740i for 10,900 but is willing to go to 10,000.

    Couple of specific questions:

    I have read the duplicate title is not a problem - What are all the title numbers? Does this sequence appear OK?

    The reported 54,000+ seems reasonable given 42,000 on the reports?

    Is this price to good to believe I ran the numbers here and KBB and it seems a good buy at 10,000?

    Thanks in advance.

    About This 745
    Mileage: 54,620
    Body Style: Sedan
    Exterior Color: Black
    Interior Color: Black

    Fuel: Gasoline
    Engine: 8 Cylinders
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drivetrain: 2WD
    Doors: 4

    Selling Points: Heated and cooled seats, Side and back shade screens, GPS system, awesome sound system, with Satellite subscription. Tinted windows, Front sports seats. New 19" Pirelli tires. Runs & drives great!

    Here is Carfax:

    Date: Mileage: Source: Comments:
    11/07/2002 8 Tennessee
    Motor Vehicle Dept.
    Nashville, TN
    Title #66006995 Title or registration issued
    First owner reported
    Registered as
    personal vehicle
    09/17/2008 25,383 Service Plan Co.
    Nashville, TN Service contract issued
    06/18/2009 28,552 Service Plan Co. Service contract claim
    Vehicle serviced
    Fuel system serviced
    12/18/2009 30,866 Service Plan Co. Service contract claim
    Vehicle serviced
    Fuel system serviced
    Vehicle body serviced
    03/24/2010 Tennessee
    Motor Vehicle Dept.
    Nashville, TN
    Title #81281402 Title issued or updated

    Owner 2
    Purchased: 2010
    Type: Personal
    Where: Texas
    Est. length owned: 9/2/10 - present
    (1 yr. 5 mo.)

    Date: Mileage: Source: Comments:
    09/02/2010 31,796 Texas
    Motor Vehicle Dept.
    Austin, TX
    Title #22732040411100759 Title issued or updated
    New owner reported
    10/04/2010 42,000 Texas
    Motor Vehicle Dept.
    Douglassville, TX
    Title #03400040442150140 Title issued or updated

    Here is Autocheck:

    Class: Upscale - Premium
    Engine: 4.4L V8 EFI
    Country of Assembly: Germany
    Vehicle Age: 9 year(s)
    Calculated Owners: 2

    Year : 2003
    Make : BMW
    Model: 7-Series 745i
    Style/Body: Sedan 4D

    This Vehicle's AutoCheck Score

    The AutoCheck Score is a summary of your vehicle's history. It lets you compare similar vehicles with ease.
    About the AutoCheck Score
    This vehicle qualifies for Buyback Protection
    Safeguard your investment with AutoCheck Buyback Protection. It reduces the risk in buying a used vehicle.
    About Buyback Protection

    Reported accidents: 0

    Title and ProblemCheck
    Your vehicle checks out!

    Your vehicle checks out!
    Last Reported Odometer: 42,000

    Vehicle Use and EventCheck
    Specific vehicle use(s) or events reported
    View Full History
    Not all accidents / issues are reported to AutoCheck
    checks_out Your vehicle checks out! There have been no accidents reported to AutoCheck for this 2003 BMW 7-Series 745i . AutoCheck receives its accident data from government sources and independent agencies, and based on the information available to us, we have found that no accidents have been reported on this vehicle. Not all accidents or damage events are reported to AutoCheck.

    Title and ProblemCheck
    checks_out Your vehicle checks out! AutoCheck's database for this 2003 BMW 7-Series 745i shows no negative titles or other problems. When reported to AutoCheck, these events can indicate serious past damage or other significant problems, and disqualifies the vehicle for AutoCheck Buyback Protection. Check the Vehicle Use and EventCheck for reported accidents that can affect vehicle safety and value.
    0 Problem(s) Reported: 15 Title/Problem areas checked:
    image No abandoned title record
    image No damaged title or major damage incident record
    image No fire damaged title record
    image No grey market title record
    image No hail damage title record
    image No insurance loss title or probable total loss record
    image No junk or scrapped title record
    image No manufacturer buyback/lemon title record
    image No odometer problem title record
    image No rebuilt/rebuildable title record
    image No salvage title or salvage auction record
    image No water damaged title record
    image No NHTSA crash test record
    image No frame/unibody damage record
    image No recycling facility record
    checks_out Your vehicle checks out! AutoCheck examined the reported odometer readings reported to AutoCheck for this 2003 BMW 7-Series 745i and no indication of an odometer rollback or tampering was found. AutoCheck uses business rules to determine if reported odometer readings are significantly less than previously reported values. Not all reported odometer readings are used. Title and auction events also report odometer tampering or breakage.
    0 Problem(s) Reported: Mileage Date Reported
    image 8 11/05/2002
    image 2,000 05/19/2003
    image 8,000 05/24/2004
    image 11,000 05/23/2005
    image 15,000 05/26/2006
    image 19,000 05/31/2007
    image 31,796 09/02/2010
    image 42,000 10/04/2010
    Vehicle Use and EventCheck
    image Information Reported! AutoCheck shows additional vehicle uses or events reported to AutoCheck for this 2003 BMW 7-Series 745i . This includes reported vehicle uses such as rental or lease, and events such as whether the vehicle has been reported to have had a loan/lien or duplicate title issued. Other events show if the vehicle has a reported accident and how many calculated accidents or if it has been reported stolen or repossessed. It is recommended to have pre-owned vehicles inspected by a third party prior to purchase.
    0 Event(s) Reported: 6 Vehicle uses checked:
    image No fleet, rental and/or lease use record
    image No taxi use record
    image No police use record
    image No government use record
    image No livery use record
    image No driver education record
    2 Event(s) Reported: 9 Vehicle events checked:
    image No accident record reported through accident data sources
    image No corrected title record
    image Duplicate title record(s)
    image Emission/safety inspection record(s)
    image No loan/lien record
    image No fire damage incident record
    image No repossessed record
    image No theft record
    image No storm area registration/title record
    Full History
    Below are the historical events for this vehicle listed in chronological order. Any discrepancies will be in bold text.
    Report Run Date: 2012-01-30 09:40:56.230 EST
    Vehicle: 2003 BMW 7-Series 745i
    Event Date Event Location Odometer Reading Data Source Event Detail
    11/05/2002 NASHVILLE, TN
    Motor Vehicle Dept. TITLE (Title #:66006995)
    05/19/2003 TN
    Independent Emission Source PASSED EMISSION INSPECTION
    05/24/2004 TN
    Independent Emission Source PASSED EMISSION INSPECTION
  • Does anyone monitor this thread anymore.
    Any recent sales data?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Monitored" but perhaps not by any recent buyers.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    edited April 2016
    Was over at Rat Catena Bmw in NJ the other day with my X-5 for service while I was waiting the mgr. gave me the keys to test drive a new 750 sticker was 115k. My thoughts... Fast, handled very good ( big improvement over previous years ), Interior noise very quiet, Transmission shifted effortless. Interior and safety features were top notch. Biggest up grade was its new revamped air suspension that has adjustable dampers that reads the road ahead and adjusts / adapts to road conditions. I was in NJ so could not find many bad roads to really test it out. Overall very impressed. I owned 2 new 750 il years ago and really enjoyed them. This new one is top notch.... Good job Bmw

    A 2017 will be on my X-mas list hopefully I'm not to naughty.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

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