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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • jon_in_ctjon_in_ct Posts: 137
    Jedlicka is usually brutal on Subies so he must have really *loved* it.

    Which Jedicka are you talking about? If it's the one who contributes to MSN Autos, I don't see any "brutality."
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    in the past, he was. these days he likes subes after 2005
  • irishwheatirishwheat Posts: 30
    I am using a similar connection for my ipod, just not making such a big deal about how it comes under the console..I just run the line under the front seat and plug it in. I will use the same set up for my xm radio...again wishing i could listen to it while the kids watched a movie.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    I did that too to start but when I went to the Accesories shop and found out how simple it was for them to do it neatly in less than a 1/2 hour I figured it was worth it.
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    Yay, Steve! Congrats! Hmmm...if you are driving 4 hours, that should translate into some miles toward your break-in :-)

    Hope everything works out for you...enjoy your vacation.

    -Karen in AZ-
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Note that his scores are always well below the ratings by users/owners, in the case of the Forester 2.3 (out of 10) below them.

    So even now, in his friendlier days, he's still a little brutal. ;-)

  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 78
    photoguy... I did read carefully... all I said was that I would like to connect directly to the inputs on the radio. I will bet my hat (I don't wear one) that the connection is there... it has to be the same system, assuming it is the 9 channel 160W premier system, which mine is (will be tomorrow... whohoo) Thanks for the pics and the ideas. Nice job too, wish you were more local to me so you couild help me find those jacks!

    Thanks Karen... part of the plan for the ride back. This dealer also told me that the break-in is not necessary but I would rather follow the written specs for break-in given the investment. The dealer is going to throw in some fresh lobsters in a cooler for me to bring home and a 6pcak of home brew Thunder Hole Ale, the best brown ale in Maine (are we allowed to make a plug like that)

    Any way... off to Maine tomorrw.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Subaru Crew Chat starts in a few minutes - link is on the left.

    Steve, Host
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    Hey Steve, I did not mean to sound rude, sorry if I came across that way. Surely one of the drawbacks of the written word... I'm glad I could be of some help. Please advise if you find the direct connection to the radio.

    Envy, envy that you are going to Maine! God's Country for sure! I have a few pages of Maine images at my web site... Hummm can I make a plug like that? :)

    Regarding the break in... absolutly do it the right way like the manual says. I'm convinced they say it's not necessary because it might bring more service work down the road.

    Enjoy the ride!! I've had mine a week tomorrow and like it better each day!! She got a bath today and looks great!
  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 78
    photoguy, absolutely no offense taken. Don't you just hate that whole thing about the written word and the interpretations. You site is great, nice work, way better than you car pics! The shots of the Nubble Light are great. I knew a guy who lived in that lighthouse years ago. he told me they had to come across in a basket to go to school.

    I actually think you are right about the service work. I am replacing an 02 Jeep GC Ltd with the B9. The dealer just failed my inspection saying I need new front brakes and rotors. He did not know I had them replaced last Sept. The car has 51000 miles and they want me to replace the brakes again. I took it to my mechanic and we measured the rotors and the were nowhere near ready to be replaced, well beyond the min. I called the dealer and he made excuses about safety. I reminded him that he failed me instead of making a recommendation and promptly got rid of the Jeep. This was the second Jeep dealer to pull that !@#$% on me (my wife). My mechanic said he felt that they engineer maintenance to occur sooner on some cars.

    This will be my 6th Subaru and I have loved them all, wish I could say the same for all the Subaru dealers but I cannot. Still driving my 96 OB with 216K on it... the little car that could. IthinkIcanIthinkIcanIthinkIcanIthinkIcan

  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    Those of you with subies that have a 150K miles or more on them. What kind of miles are they. Did you baby them or were they driven hard and to bed wet:)

    I don't think I have ever heard of so many people with extremely high mileage like yours driving other makes.

    Are subie that good or are their owner just exceptionally loving owners?
  • bigelmbigelm Posts: 995
    in Flemington, NJ.

    It was our pre-order and it just got in. It's Mahogany Red w/ Grey Interior. Unfortunately my wife is frustrated with Subaru and doesn't want to know about them now... so, I'll continue to look elsewhere.

    If you're interested in the vehicle, send me an email and I'll provide any additional info.

    I'll still be around here.. you guys are family.

    (sorry about the plug Steve...)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    No biggie. Too bad about the B9, but that's the wrong color combo for Atlanta anyway - it'd have to be blue and gray.

    Steve, Host
  • mikejlmikejl Posts: 78
    My first Subaru (a 1988 Loyale GL10 turbo) had 162,000 miles on it when I traded it in on a 1995 Legacy. The car was driven hard from day 1. The majority of the miles were put on commuting to Pittsburgh from 40+ miles northeast of the city. That's 30 miles at highway speeds and 10 miles of stop-and-go each way.

    That car made a believer out of me. We had some major winter storms in 1993-1994 around here. I drove home after 17 inches had fallen around noon one Friday. The last eight miles had not yet even been plowed, but that Sube just kept on moving.

    I traded it in because I was tired of driving it. I did get the oil and filter changed every four-five thousand miles and had other service items performed per the maintenance schedule, but I never had any other maintenance issues with it. Not even any rust. A mechanic from the dealership bought the car and drove it for several more years before he retired it.
  • wvroadswvroads Posts: 23
    My wife and I just took our final test drive in the Silver 5 pass Ltd that we have a deposit on. This was the first night time drive and we noticed that the low beam headlights seem to have a definite sharp cutoff at the top on the vertical axis (a well defined line running from left to right). Not a problem except on a rolling back road when going down leaves an unlit area not far in front of the vechicle. Is this normal? The lights are bright where they do illuminate, it just seems they do not go high enough. The high beams are fine.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    We have the same problem with our '01 Forester's headlights—and yes it is a "problem" on those back roads you mentioned, as it's in that type of area in which we live.

  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    No, they are that good !!! they don;t look as good so most don;t understand. now they are starting to look good.

    my 1993 legacy was driven to 80k miles (not much), with 0 problems. not even battery change.

    the most important difference i foudn between subaru & other japanese models at high miles is that Subaru still felt srtong & in-tact. the others felt fragile, rattling & like it would fall apart any time.
  • rblnrrblnr Posts: 124
    Best numbers I'm getting putting 2K down is $489 w/12K miles/yr. for 36 mo. on a 7 pass ltd w/DVD, NAV and a few options. 469 w/o NAV. Anyone getting better terms? thanks
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Not much substance there, it almost reads more like a preview test than a full road test.

    Two mistakes I picked up - SVX not SVT, which is Ford's, and premium is not required.

  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Edmunds use to have a link for that basically provided lease quotes from various banks. At least it'll help you get an idea for the going rates. Might also want to check your local credit union or bank. Subaru typically deals with Chase, you could try them as well.

  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    What is the residual value at end of lease for both (with & without nav) if you know.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    subienewbie2 - I've got a 1991 Legacy sedan with 234K miles. My wife steered me toward Subaru (I had been a Honda fan prior) after seeing how well they held up as rental cars at a rental agency she worked at briefly while going through college.

    It needed a new AT around 140k and A/C around 200K, otherwise no serious problems. (Yes, I spent $1000 to fix the A/C in a vehicle worth $2000... I just look at that $1000 as 3 car payments). I've owned this car for 13 of its 14 years, and it lived its first year as a loaner car at my dealership, so it wasn't a babied at the beginning.

    The first half of its life was pretty rough, but it nicely handled my hard-driving 20s, when I tormented it with stupid things like getting airborne over a railroad crossing (the General Lee has got nothin' on my Subie) and taking it to its maximum speed (somewhere around 115-120 if I remember correctly) on a very straight local highway.

    The Legacy also did well in a low-speed close encounter with a city bus... probably a 10-15mph impact into the passenger door, after which even the window could still roll down. The finish has remained in pretty good shape, despite never being garaged here in the rainy PacNW. By comparison, the area that was repaired after the bus incident has turned dull and faded.

    The interior has held up reasonably well, although I just had to put a seatcovers on, since the fabric had finally worn off of the lumbar area you rub against when getting in and out of the seat. The foam under the rear headrest area has started to break down where it's been exposed to a lot of UV rays.

    It's been up and down the West Coast and lived a mix of city and highway miles. Once I reached my thirties, I started maintaining it much better (I could finally afford to!). I don't rack up the miles on it like I used to, but it still gets driven at least 5x/week and I still don't hesitate to take it on Forest Service roads in the middle of nowhere or on long trips over mountain passes.

    This car has worn well and feels like part of the family. It has never stranded me in its 14 years and I can't imagine the amount of money it has saved me in car payments over this time. It has made me a Subie loyalist and has led to my repeat purchase ('04 Outback) as well as at least four other friends/relatives purchasing Subarus.

    I hope to replace the Outback with a B9 Tribeca in a year or two (for more passenger room), and then after a few more years it'll be time to finally retire the Legacy. I almost hope it dies before then 'cause I don't know if I can bear selling/trading it. It should be replaced by a commuter car, something Subaru doesn't sell in the U.S. (c'mon Subaru, I want to give you my money for something nice but small w/high MPG!), but deep down I'd love to replace it with another Legacy sedan (this time a GT Limited).

    Many of us Subaru folks have similar stories. It's what makes us loyal buyers and what gives Subaru vehicles a personality or "soul", transcending their role as mere transportation. Wow, that's like, deep, man.

    To answer your question "Are subies that good or are their owners just exceptionally loving owners?", I'd say it's the fact that Subies are so good that makes us loving owners.
  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    Great story - Thanks a lot.

    I feel very good about my decision to buy a Tribeca and I am now even more anxious to take delivery in the next 7 to 10 days.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    Very Normal as that is the design. Did you notice that on High Beam they are more traditional with a wide dispersed patteren? I find them to be nice and not a bother at all.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    I just got back from my first short Highway trip today. With 420 total miles on the B9 I reset the tripodometer and over an 80 mile drive the onboard computer said I averaged 21 MPG. I'd say not bad considering 17 of those 80 miles were in the town I had business in and was stop and go... I'm encouraged that 23-24 highway is really possible after break in.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Wow, I love Maine! Cool deal with the lobsters too -- that would seal the deal for me! Let us know how you like the new Tribeca.

  • newsubunewsubu Posts: 39
    To go with the flow...shared my honeymoon with my bride 5 years ago along the coast of Maine. A truely incredible drive. After spending too much money in Boston and Martha's Vinyard, we headed North with a tent. Portland, Olgunquit (sp?), Boothbay Harbor, Acadia Nat. Park...all magnificent.. and don't be surprised if you're enjoying Lobster for breakfast with cranberry cocktails...we did.
    Head a little west to the White Mntns and climb Mt. Washington, (once your Tribeca is well broken in!) Prepare for wind and views to the ocean! We saw the Audi race there; crazy people in fast cars on cliffs tempting fate.

    I now, proudly, have a new Subaru in my driveway, waxed. Mahogany Red, "Just a Touch of Grey" Interior, Nav, and oh so nice. Ordered it May 9, hours after my last final exam for a masters, my personalized grad gift after too many years of hard studying. 2nd Tribeca delivered from the dealer, for 800 over. NW Indiana.

    Positive Impressions? I've seen all the technical stuff posted recently; here's the aesthetic view...Rides like a hovercraft, corners like a mortorcycle, tight feel & sure handling, interior is thouroughly engaging and a pleasure to ride within, leather is exceptional, seats are easily adjusted comfortably (even when coming from an Avalon), Sound system has got a better work out than the engine, and I'm satisfied, and maybe a little more deaf. Radio frequencies come in better that my last car. Exterior has garnered only admiration! Have had several inquiries about the car around town, with most gasping. Still breaking in at a relaxed pace. Will report on true MPG and performance once I've got it going.

    Mahogany Red color is amazing. We were uncertain at first look, but after seeing it in different lights, it goes from cinnimon to brown to "root beer" to plum in the course of a day. My 2 1/2 yr old calls it the "purpo ca", providing the most uninfluenced view.

    Negatives? I have a hard time finding a comfortable place for my left foot, I'm 5'10". If I pull the seat too far back to stretch my leg I can't comfortably reach the steering. If I move the seat forward to reach the steering properly, my leg is bent...uncomfortably, especially if driving for hours. The need for a telescoping wheel in future models is apparent. Dash is awesome, with an informative, over-the-top NAV/Info system, and dash lights that change with the time of day. (Red back-lighting at night!) Headlights have a narrow feild of "lightedness", with anything roughly hood-level down lit, and anything roughly above the mid-widsheild level dark. Minor head lamps stay on all the time (is this a drawback, or saftey, or just kinda Tribeca cool?). You have to push a little blue button on the NAV that says "AGREE" every Fing time you turn the car on, and seatbelts are mandatory, unless you don't mind R2D2 yapping at you incesantly.

    Space is plenty for everyday use, with the 3rd row seat down, but not enough for a trip with kids and a dog. I've already ordered the new Thule Nomad carrier for camping gear, etc., proving an additional 14 sq.ft. Also ordered a Yakima car hitch for bikes, compatible with the 1 1/4" Subrau Trailer Hitch.

    Oh... How could I forget...Just after the first wax, with McGuires Gold, I carefully placed one very small, very cool, gold, Grateful Dead "Steal Your Face" sticker in the lower right of the back window. This new ride of mine is "Just Bound To Cover Jsut A Little More Ground!"
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