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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Real World MPG Numbers



  • fueledupfueledup Posts: 64
    about ready to purchase an 08' silverado 1500 ltz extended cab 8 foot bed 4X2 with 3.43 rear end. truck is loaded including nav. msrp $36,915, selling price $32,500 + tags, tax, and title. with 0%-60month financing. is this a good price and can I expect mileage as advertized. any advise welcomed.
  • bkerchakbkerchak Posts: 9
    I have an 07 1500 extended cab work truck with 6 1/2 foot bed 4x2 with the 3.23 rear end and locking rear diff and the 4.8 was advertised at 16/20 and I get right around 14/19......I run 87 octane with a tonneau cover... I only have 9,400 miles on the engine so I hope the numbers will improve slightly....I am thinking of adding a K and N air filter to help improve mpg......not bad for a v-8 that puts out 295 horse power and a truck that has a curb weight of 5,400 pounds...
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    I'm a little late to the party but... I have a 4.3, albiet in an S-10 and I have gotten as high as 24 on the highway, but usually about 22. City driving is between 16-18, depending on how you drive. I would assume that for a full size which is much larger and more wieght than the S-10, the mileage numbers would be significantly lower...
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    After looking at the EPA mileage estimates, it looks like a Ram 1500 3.7 with manual gets about the same mileage as a Chevy 1500 4.3 manual, Dakota 3.7 manual, and Ford Ranger 3.0 and 4.0 manual. Is this really accurate considering the size and weight differences between these trucks?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Yeah the ranger sucks.
  • I have an '07 Silverado 4X4 Z71 with the 6.0L engine, 3.73 locking diff and live in Colorado. I am able to consistently get between 18 and 21 mpg with a combination of hilly and mountainous driving. I couldn't be more happy with it. As for the AFM, I can't tell when the truck is running in V4 or V8 mode except to look at the readout on the dashboard. Driving across Nebraska I consistently average 20 mpg in the flat country. In the hilly midwest near the Great Lakes, I'm lucky to get 17 or 18 mpg. In all cases, I drive between 65 and 70 as the law allows. As for trailering ... get the 4:10 axle. I didn't and I'm very disappointed in both performance and mpg ... usually between 8 and 10 mpg.
  • Currently 43,500 miles on the truck. Daily NJ driver. Average MPG since new is 19.7. Getting consistently above 20MPG in the warm months, and 18-19 in Jan-Feb.
  • dad00dad00 Posts: 3
    Hi all, I have just taken delivery of an 2005 Siverado 1500HD with 66,000 kilometers (40+ thousand miles). The fuel consumption is atrocious - 12mpg in imperial gallons. (6L & 3:73 diff). Someone told me to check the thermostat as if it opens to early, at to low a temperature, the transmission will never go into "final stage" or overdrive and the diff won't lock causing slipage and higher rpms and fuel consumption. I have never heard of this. Is it a possibility?
  • jrzdvljrzdvl Posts: 5
    I have an 07 Sierra 5.3 4X4 with the 3.73 rear. To the guy wondering about AFM, I can tell when mine is in 4 cyl by the sound. The exhaust make a slight fluttering sound in 4 cyl (flat and level road) compared to the steady sound of the 8. You have to pay attention though. Like some others, I was also getting over 19 in warmer weather but it has dropped down now to about 17. (about 9000 mi on truck) That 3.73 hurts but it was not opotional. One thing I would suggest is Mobile One. I switched to that oil at about 3000 and saw an immediate jump of about 1 mile per, provable because I keep track of every drop of gas that goes in. I have switched to K&N filters in other trucks and cars and never noticed a thing in normal driving. Keep the tire pressure up, though
  • I'm currently shopping for a used (maybe a few years old) Sierra or Silverado. Does anyone know what year the 5.3 was available in these trucks of the top of their head? Thanks.
  • I got a 2003 1500hd 4x4 crewcab short bed I have had it 2 years intown driving 10.7 average highway 14.8 running 65 ot 70 mph also I tow a enclosed 20ft trailer weight 6210 lbs running 65 or 70 I get an average 8.5 mpg I have 265/85/16 tires on it. Truck has 138,000 miles on it now . If anyone has any suggestion how to improve mpg I would be very Thankful also it is geared 3.73

    ps. I had a 03 2500hd extended cab 2 wheel drive got 13 town 17 highway and 10.4 towing same trailer it was geared 410 kind of wished i kept this truck only swap because of the 4x4 thing.

    steve in alabama
  • dad00dad00 Posts: 3
  • dad00dad00 Posts: 3
    I hear you Steve,

    I traded my 2001 2x4 5.3 Sierra non locked rear diff (3:42) for thew 05 4x4 and 6L engine with locked 3:73 to get 4x4 and a bit more towing capacity. The 01 got 20-20 mpg and 13-15 towing. Kinda screwed myself there. On the plus side we are having another one of those winters up in my part of Canada. 4x4 sure makes the driving easier. Now if we can find a couple of ways to up the mileage on the current ones.
  • scott124scott124 Posts: 1
    I drive 3000 miles per month( mostly highway),.would like to buy a 2008 2500 4X4. What can I expect for MPG?
  • 2008 2wd ext cab / 5.3L / 3.73 Rear / 15k miles

    I have a heavy foot and do 50/50 driving: 15 mpg consistent.
  • bkerchakbkerchak Posts: 9
    2007 New Style 2wd ext. cab / 4.8l / 3.23 rear / 22,000

    I get 16 city and 21 highway ... better mpg in the summer and fall... in winter and spring it drops a couple of mpg... I think it has to do with living outside of Philly and the gas mixture that is sold in and around cities to prevent pollution...
  • cac4cac4 Posts: 11
    My new truck has been a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]. It is a 08 1500 ext cab 4.8L / 3.43 rear / 26000 k / amsoil / tonneau cover / 4x4. It has been in for service 5 times. trans housing / trans seals / body molds / and now mpg. I am the 2nd owner and when I got it with 17 k the best I got was 418 for a tank. Now after its been to the dlr the best i can get is 360 to a tank. I live in MI and drive like im 90 (im 25) and use reg gas and never over 70 on the e-way. Is it just me or is this some bad mpg. ??? Should have bought that damn toyota. I try to help out my state and this is what I get. :(
  • cac4cac4 Posts: 11
    I am looking to see what everyone else is getting per tank. On the new model 1500 with the 26 gal. I can only get 360. I talked to a guy at work and he says he gets 450. Is he full of it, or is my truck a junker?? Please reply so I can go to the dlr with some solid info....Thanks
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    I just got my 09 1500 crew cab LTZ 4X4 5.3 3.42 gears and a tonneau cover. With only 500 miles on it so far. Filled it twice and got 19.2 and 18.4. I'm interested if anyone has this combo and what kind of mileage they may be getting after 5 or 10K. Did it get better after break in? So far I'm very pleased...first pickup in over 20 years.
  • bkerchakbkerchak Posts: 9
    I have an o7 new body style with 4.8 and 3.23 rear with 26 gallon tank and I just averaged about 17 mpg mostly suburbs and highway driving back and forth to work with my last tank is possible to get 400 to 440 out of a tank if you set the cruise on the highway and drive with a light foot on city like driving
  • cac4cac4 Posts: 11
    I will visit in, but I traded my pos chevy in and got a ford. I am a chevy fan, but my latest experience has changed my mind. I wish everyone the best of luck with your gm and hopefully dont have the problems I had.
  • buttermilkbuttermilk Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 2wd extended cab with 5.3L v8 that now has 194K miles on it.

    I routinely get 18 mpg here in Tulsa, OK area driving 30 miles one way to work. On the highway on long trips I have gotten above 20 mpg consistantly. Best I've done is 21.8 mpg on a trip to Texas a couple of years ago, and that was driving 73-77 mph, and NOT using the cruise control (I get better mpg w/o using the cruise....due to the way I drive....). On that trip, most of the gas contained 10% ethanol too. That trip average MPG was 20.0 MPG, including some city driving as well.

    I don't have the AFM on my truck and was hoping that with AFM (I want to get a new truck soon...) that I'd get even better mileage.

    I also owned a 2000 GMC Sierra Z71 4x4 with 3.73 gears that would do almost as good on the gas mileage. It was a regular cab, short bed truck. Best I ever got with it was 23 mpg (211 miles on 9.0 gallons of gas). On a return trip from Colorado a few years ago, I averaged 20.5 mpg and for the whole trip I went 1941 miles on 101 gallons of gas for a 19.2 MPG average.

    Makes me wonder if the newer trucks are really getting any better fuel mileage, even with AFM.

  • hutch54hutch54 Posts: 1
    Ok....After reading all the post of the gas MPG of the Chevy trucks everyone is complaining about.
    Well to tell all...I have 3 chevy trucks, One is a 2001 1500 ext cab 4.8L with 290K, Still get 20mpg doing a commute 0f 200 miles over mountian pass everday. My suburban's 1500 4x4 5.3L, well they have gotten up to 23.8mpg.

    The MPG on my trucks and other chevy trucks I hvave driven can be done easy.
    Don't start off the line like it the drags, do not use the cruise control, and most for the tucks stay under 65. the Sub's 4x4 speed if under 62 will get the most.

    Oh, yeah ,,,my brother has a Toyota...gets 15 mpg, and his Ford 1/2 ton 4x4 gets 12mpg.

    I will stay with Chevy's
  • eck_95z71eck_95z71 Posts: 1
    I drive a 95 GMC Sierra Z71 with an old school fuel injected 350 with LS1 heads, a k&n intake and poweraid throttle body. Even tho its the original engine(minus the heads) and has more than 188,000 miles, it recently dynoed at 394 ponies. I mostly drive hiway and gravel roads and its been gettin close to 21 mpg and around 19 in town. My question to all you GM guys out there is how come the newer, lighter, mostly aluminum engines with better power ratings get worse mileage? My father owns a 96 Silverado as a daily driver and averages 17 mpg hiway with the 5.7 Vortec. This just shows how a few mods which cost close to nothing (bought heads from friend who totalled 01 Z28 for $50) can repeatedly show results on the hiway and still has the power to tear up my 33 inch BFG"s in the mud!
  • 2008 Longbed 1/2 ton - no a/c with the V6.

    Windows up or down on the freeway- 20MPG.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    fo sho
  • We just got a 2009 GMC sierra crew cab with tonneau cover 5.3L 4X4 and have 2600 KMs on it(1200 Mi). We are getting between 11 and 12 miles to the gallon.Will it get any better as we get more miles on it? Not very happy right now.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Break in period for the motor is around 5K miles. You should get better mileage at that point. I remember I had a 2008 Malibu rental with 200 miles on it and it had 11-12 mpg which is outrageous for a 4 banger.
  • maybe1maybe1 Posts: 2
    i own a 2008 silverado 1500. when it was first bought it got 22-24 mpg. now i'm lucky to get 13. it started after the first time i put it in 4wd. i've changed the plugs, air filter, and do frequent oil changes. i've taken it to the dealer and they "supposedly" didnt find anything. anyone else having that problem?
  • asylum575asylum575 Posts: 72
    If it were an older truck, I would say your front hubs are locked out. The older trucks had manual locking hubs, then they went to "on the fly". With the "on the fly", you had to drive in reverse about 15feet after shifting back to 4x2 to release the hubs. The new 4x4 are truly shift in the fly. I'd be curious if the hubs are still locked. It would be very noticable driving it. You would feel it in the steering. Your front tires would wear out relatively quickly on dry pavement.
    The drop from 22MPG to 12MPG sounds like the difference you would see in 4x4.

    Keep us posted.
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