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Ford Mustang GT vs C5 Corvette



  • The one thing the Shelby will have going for it will be its rarity, very limited production, maybe 7000, which will make the car appreciate in value, as opposed to the C6's, which are all over the place.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Beg to differ, the Z06 gets about 6k to 8k built per year and that is not rare. Try picking up a 2002 Z06 and let me know if the owner got a premium over what they paid, Ha! The total Corvette production run including Z06's is in the mid 30k range which means about 28k coupes and verts and they come down in price about the same as the Z06. Performance cars that aren't Ferrari's are not likely to appreciate any time soon.
  • The comparison is between the Shelby GT 500 Mustang (around 450 HP) to the Vette C 06 (400 HP), both base priced less than $50k. The comparison is not between the GT 500 Mustang and the Vette Z 06 (500 HP), which starts at above $60k and is routinely sold at around $70-79k. The Z 06 should be compared not to the Shelby GT 500 Mustang, but to the Porsche 911, which it loses to because of the better handling and traction offered by the 911's rear mounted engine (read the reviews). (Personally, I would buy a Z 06 over a 911 anytime.)

    As for appreciation, I'm thinking over the long term, as a long-term investment, as a low-mileage vintage car, in, say, 10-15 years. If you buy a Shelby Mustang and put it in the garage, I bet it will be worth at least 3 times what you paid for it, adjusting for inflation, in 10 years. Can that be said for a C 06, a comparably priced and powered car?

    I see a hell of lot more '04 and '05 Vettes on the road than even stock GT Premiums, and compared to the Mustang GT Premium, the GT 500 Shelby will be rare as hen's teeth.

    Lastly, there are hell of lot more used '05 Vettes for sale in the paper than '05 GT Premiums.
  • 213kid213kid Posts: 1
    The mustangs are more fun to drive. I know i have had 3 vetts. Now i own a vintage mustang and a late model mustang. The mustangs i have now are so much fun to drive.
    Plus Mustangs are made by ford.

    Plus i dont suffer the indignity of driving a chevy or worse an import yikes
  • But the mustang can, if u have a good driver will smoke the vette up and down the street! Vette SUCKS OUT LOUD!!!!!!!! EVEN TOUGH i am a chevy truck owner but sports cars have to be ford GT or Mustang! So chevy sports cars are :sick:
  • Look at these pictures


    This Is My Sister
  • Saw/heard a Z6 go by the other day. Yum, yum, got to have one.

    PS. What is that, a mosquito bite just below yer "sister's" left knee?
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    will probably succumb soon, and buy a vette, to park next to my tang.
  • If you want to save some money, consider a Corvette as old as a 2001. For 2001, GM made many improvements compared to the 2000 model year. The 2001-2004 Vettes are about the same. The mustang-GT just won't provide the joy and thrill of any C5 Corvette. I own a 2001 Corvette convertible. I've test driven Mustangs. I know the Mustang is a nice car. But the Vette just does so much more to the driver.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    Latest issue of Car and Driver supports that assertion, comparing the Mustang GT 500 Cobra to the comprably priced stock C06. The 400 HP Vette handily outperforms 500 HP Mustang all way round.
  • 2k05gt2k05gt Posts: 2
    I have owned my 2005 Mustang GT for 11 months, and evertime I drive it I have a smile, this is the best car ford ever built. I concidered several cars before I purchased the mustang. 1-and older vette 2-Pontiac GTO 3-Dodge charger. the Mustang GT won. I recently had a Saleen Superchager installed for 6500.00. This brings my mustang to 475 RWHP at over 500 RWTQ. I paid 26,700 for my GT so my total cost for my car is 32,200.00. I have raced vettes at the track and I outperform them hands down.
    I Love this Car, and the Supercharger increased my fun factor. :)
  • vertical3vertical3 Posts: 43
    No doubt the Vette is an icon of american testosorone, but bang for the buck my 06 red $26K GT is the best buy around. Where else can a 50 y/o re-live his youth happy to be able to afford the toy he angst for back in 69?

    Somethin about crankin her up and snappin 2nd gear right before a 2 wheeler with "instant-on" turns the corner.

    My 12 y/o thinks he's taking it to college....I'm thinkin of re-writing my burial instructions......
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Timing is everything. Your GT was $26k and the wife's '04 C5 Coupe was $39 out the door. End of the C5 run in June '04 so it was almost $12k off due to dealer and GM incentives. Now that's almost the same car I got two years earlier for $45k so you are doing fine. But at the track, road courses, the Vette out of the box is amazing while even heavily modded Mustangs don't generally keep up. But since I'm almost ten years ahead of you in the Boom, don't give up yet ...
  • vertical3vertical3 Posts: 43
    Sounds like we're both happy. Since the Vette was for your wife you get bonus points. As far as the track, I'm lucky if I get time to drive the pony to the gas station. Mostly under covers waiting to be ridden.....
  • BLA BLA, you need a super charger to get that power,from that GT, in fact so does the cobra and saleen, the ls1 & ls2
    engines just needs some TLC and will blow the doors off any Mustang, saleen,cobra. in some cases without The Mods.if imagine if the C5 or C6 was supercharged!! my god. its just fact,
    i own a 2001 zo6 and never been taken by any Mustang old or new and its pushing only 455rwhp.480rwtq
    without NItro or supercharger.
    These cars are made to out perform any Ford Garbage that comes off the Production lines, in fact they are built to compete with the Porsche and Ferrari,s in Lemans and win 9 out of ten in there class. Oh the new Dog The ford GT, and remember they cost about 100k less then the GT and Etc.
    Anyway, i have a 95 mustang GT, Its Garbage. 5.0 HO engine,
    The best thing is that, when your with your girl friend, there no room for her friends!!! so you have her all to yourself. ya love those 2 seaters
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    I own a '05 Mustang GT Premium, and love it. But I would never dream of boasting that it's in the same class as a Vette. It seems Mustangs attract a lot of meatheads. :shades:
  • vertical3vertical3 Posts: 43
    Hey to each his own.....I still say bang for the buck the GT is hard to beat. Glad you enjoy the ZO6, stand out car, but 1.) I'd probably do time for whackin the first idiot who opened a door against it, 2.) My insurance company would triple my rates from the tickets I'd get, and 3.) with my luck it would end up on a boat to South America a week after I'd get it.....
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,045
    join carspace so we can see your rides.
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  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,045
    johnevette 'one and done'? :P
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  • COMPARED TO A C6 405HP OR A C6 Z06 505HP

  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Why is the owner of a Z06 being so defensive and shouting at someone who simply has a difference in opinion? (And at a post that is 7 months old?)

    BTW - the GT500 has 500hp, not 475.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    johnevette, typing in all caps makes it look like you're shouting, and I'm sure that's not your intention.

    Everyone, I'm sure there are grammar/syntax/punctuation forums somewhere on the Internet, but they're not here. Let's stick to discussing cars and not each other. Thanks.


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  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well, since we may also be talking maintenance, and overall long term costs involved, I guess one could also consider getting the C4 Corvette. The C5 is great, no doubt, but it also upped the cost of ownership. Lots of the changes to the design mean new added costs from tires, shocks, transmission work on up. Since a Mustang GT will be lower overall for parts, but a bit higher in insurance cost. I still like the '04 Stang looks wise, but that's another story - different day. Oh yeah, looks wise on the C4 vs C5, some may say a more trim buttocks. I like'em both. Getting in and out is more of a chore with the C4. But I like the smaller rims, and well just less cost of repairs. And the prices are pretty good these days on say the 1992 and older. Agree???
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The costs on the C4 vs. C5 are sure to be lower in the beginning but as it ages more, some of the replacements stuff is going to get worse. You note the harder entry and exit and it is IMO a huge difference, the C5 is fun the C4 is a chore. This whole discussion is really mute as the Stang and Vette are worlds apart with much different audiences. I grew up a Ford guy but as an aging Boomer, the Vette is a reward, enough said.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well I looked at a C4 Vette. Pretty nice, but getting in and out of that thing would start to be too much over the course of a day. And the clutch is very heavy. Not bad for a few hours of play, but once again something over the period of a long day, in heavier traffic, or when the car is used more often, not what I am looking for. If I go Vette, it will be the C5, and likely an automatic. If it was a car like a BMW Z3, I would likely go clutch. If I went Mustang GT, I would go automatic for pre-'05 and stick for V6 or and maybe stick on GT for the '05 on.

    When I opened the door on the C4 Vette I noticed exposed screws holding the door trim on. Is this stock?
  • I agree, get the Vette. Price no object to me but value is. The new Mustang is nice but a six cylinder wanna be looks like the GT. I owned 7 original Shelby GT 500s and big block vetts always were faster. Shelbys are worth more but just not a Vett. If you want a fast car how about a WRX? rather be seen in a slow Vette than a fast Shopping Cart (WRX) not that the Stang is a shopping cart, but it doesn't compare to my C-5. By the way, the back seat in the Stang is useless so that argument is if little use as to why purchase the Stang. When I replace my C-5 it will be with a C-6 maybe a C-6 Z06, not a mustang.
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    Don't tell my 2 kids that I haul around every day the back seat of the Mustang is useless.
  • IF all the kids were out of the house and college then by all means I'd like a ZO6. As far as seating, the wife can slide up the passengers seat in the GT 2 notches and the 12 y/o fits fine with his PSP. Otherwise it would sit idle on weekends and I stay in the Expedition. IF I had owned 7 original Shelby's I'd be driving one, another in storage, and the other 5 would have bought me a place in Aspen.
  • Hind-sight. The last one I sold, a '69 GT 500 convertible I paid $7,000 for and sold (in 1986) for 21K and thought I did good. Regarding the back seat of the mustang if my 5 foot 3 wife was driving a 12 year old might fit, if I, at 6'4'' was driving, the back seat would only accomodate a car-seat for an infant. I do like the new Mustang, and would rather have it than most other quick cars. Regarding value, read the Car and Driver road test from summer of 2006 comparing a stock C-6 to a new Shelby GT-500. The Vette won well in every category including price. Conclusion: from an investment prospective but a Shelby GT-500, from a better car prospective buy the C-6. From a dollar value prospective the C-5 in my humble opinion.
  • Key is to put (in my case my 5'5'' wife) on the right and the 12 y/o behind her. This scenario is the ONLY one where it'd be nice if he was of the age where being seen with your parents slides you down some on the peer ladder.......

    By all means, if the planets would realign and my $$$ didn't go for replacing college freshmens totaled cars or 5 figures going to the dentist, I'd look damn good in a ZO6.
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