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Front Porch Philosopher

This topic is a continuation of Topic 1932....

Frontier vs Ranger - II. Please continue these
discussions here. Thanks!

Front Porch Philosopher
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  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    That being the case,I apologize.As far as being ignored by vince,well join the club.We still make the effort and sometimes it is worth it to needle him a bit.
  • No prob. I'm sorry if I came off as antagonistic. It was not my intent.

    I've added a KKM Tru-Rev Kit, which is an open air element that replaces the stock airbox. It makes for a great wail at WOT. I've also replaced the stock exhaust with a Gibson Cat-Back exhaust. It gave a great power increase and V8 burble.

    Together, they were good for about a 2mpg increase. I'll just break 20mpg out on the highway when not towing. I'll get about 17 or 18mpg while towing. Around town on short trips, it hasn't made much of a difference. It's still between 14-16mpg.

    My favorite improvement has been the sound. I've gone from a noisy, almost diesel sounding 4L to a wonderful small-block V8 sound (can still slightly hear diesel noise, but i knew about it and expected it when i got the 4L).

    I'll probably add a superchip after the warranty expires next summer. I already run premium only, so my truck would be able to take better advantage of it. And, when custom burned it should be good for another 15hp and 15ft/lbs of torque.

    Then, I should be up around 200 or more horsepower and 270 or more ft/lbs of torque. And, I should get around 22mpg out on the highway.

    Beyond on these mods, there's nothing that really gives you as much bang for the buck.

    I don't want to lessen my backpressure with headers or a high-flow cat because of my towing needs.

    Aftermarket TB's and MAF's are expensive and can cause lean problems. I don't want to deal with fuel flow.

    An ignition system from MSD might be another possible mod that I'd consider. They're expensive, and I've heard some mixed results. If I get one, that should be a good enough excuse for some high performance plug wires.

    I'm planning on changing to synthetic tranny fluid before this winter. I'm also contemplating the change to synthetic oil. I just changed to Mobil 1 on my car on its last change. It does run a bit smoother and acceleration feels a bit stronger. I'm waiting to see how it looks coming out of the engine before I decide to put it in the truck. That stuff is expensive, though, to the tune of almost $30 for 6 quarts. Ouch!

    Have you done any mods to your truck? I'd suggest cat-back for starters. Huge bang for the buck.

  • I have about 16k on my Frontier and I am also considering the switch to synthetic oil. What would be the best time to switch over? I've heard varying answers but 30k is about the most common.

    There are quite a few performance upgrades for Nissan, they aren't widely made, advertised, or known about (most coming from Japan).

    I have the 4cyl, and NISMO makes cams that give 20hp. Also the turbo 240sx based on the KA24DE engine (the same one in the Frontier), has the KA24DET. There is quite alot involved adding a turbo, but I've seen 1 or 2 people do it for their Frontier and it's not economical. For the non turbo 240sx there are some aftermarket turbo's.

    I haven't really seen too much in the way intake mods, unless you have a custom job. There is a pop charger for 3.3 and K&N drop ins for the 2.4. The 2.4 is one of the most widely used engines made by Nissan used in the altima, frontier, and xterra. It is also widely used in other countries. Sometimes I don't believe the power that the 240 owners get out of them.

    At this point exhaust looks like the best mod for my Frontier.
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    uh, Meredith,
    the title for this topic says, "front porch philosopher"
  • The common consensus I've heard is around 12-15K miles. Some people have voiced break-in issues with using synthetic vs. mineral oils. I've heard stuff like the rings won't seat properly, seals won't be properly lubricated, etc...

    I haven't got any idea of the validity of these claims. Opinions about synthetic vs. mineral vary about as much as chocolate vs. vanilla.

    I did it at 21K with my car. I'll probably be doing it at 24K with my truck.
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    I have not done any mods to my truck yet.I am going to wait until my warranty runs its course.I do not want to create a situation where they might deny a warranty claim.
    I do plan on a few later,such as the cat back,and an ARB locker for the front.

    I came across this at another board.I do not know how well it works but I thought you might be interested.

    The only thing I would add to the article is if you do break into the wiring,that you solder it together and insulate it well.


    Going with synthetic oil is a good idea.I agree with cthompson21 that the discussion is widespread with valid points on both sides.The idea of waiting until 20-30k is a good idea.
    On the exhaust mod,just research it so that you do not end up losing your lower end torque.Some exhaust mods open it up too much and you actually lose.
  • My comment wasn't directed towards you.
  • I'm not gonna touch that mod. Who knows what it'll do to my truck if it would even work. Plus, I don't want to dump in more fuel than necessary for a power increase.

    A Superchip advances the timing and utilizes the benefits of high-test gas. It seems a lot safer and there's proven results out there for it.
  • For any of you considering a cat-back, I would recommend Gibson. You can get aluminized (low cost) or stainless (last forever). They're tuned to produce mid-range performance gains without loss of low end torque like some freer flowing systems.

    Check out if you're interested. Just make sure to have a buddy around to help with the install. It's a [non-permissible content removed] to do it yourself. A Sawzall to remove the factory exhaust is also helpful.
  • Too bad they only offer it for the 4cyl Frontier right now, maybe later.
  • You might contact them. It might also fit the 6cyl trucks, but their site doesn't reflect it.
  • Ok I might do that :)
  • Also, look around for that 1/3 off coupon for I'll post it if I come across it.

    I ended up getting $90 off my order for a total of about $190 including shipping and handling.

    BTW, I've heard to only order big stuff from that site, as they've been known to constantly screw up small ticket or very specific, uncommon items.
  • Thanks for the advice. I'm still shopping for the mats. I can't decide between the Husky's or Weathertec's what do you think?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Once again... Bad Vince, Bad Vince, Bad Vince... Fact is I have answered the majority of your questions and you Nissan boys don't like my answers, links, facts, data whatever... I am not going to keep posting it over and over again!
    Gooba! Think I ran into you this morning on the way to work. A Guy in a 4x4 Nissan crew pulled up next to me, I was not really paying attention until he took off like a bandit out of the gate. I thought ok, next light your mine, [email protected] I toasted your precious kingcab by at least a truck length, your extra 10HP didn't help you to much either. The extra TORQUE is what launched my truck ahead and kept it ahead. Granted I had my chip in. FAct is I have a stick, the other guy looked like he had an automatic, both hand on the wheel, he lost plain and simple to the next light. And for another thing, you didn't explain anything to me about physics, torque, hp or whatever.. YOU just keep trying to make 200ft/lbs of torque more than 225ft/lbs, move the torque curves around and such, twist the facts and data.
    Cthompson, I have been the only Ranger fan on this board for months now. You say you don't associate with me because I flame?? Have you seen Gooba? or any of these other guys? Don't EVER say anything about the RAnger is better than the Frontier, Don't ever say that you like your Ranger for gods sake!!
    The fact is I am a Ranger fan who loves his second RAnger, knows the facts. And the fact is the Ranger pounds the crap out of the power defecient Frontier. Love that add Nissan has about he S/C version, I really like how they don't give the public the real 0-60 numbers.. The public will find out, I'm spreading it around the net like mad....:-)
  • @#$%^&* expletive deleted!!!!!

    you shouldn't try to work when you're tired. Sigh.... can't change the title, can't edit text either - hide or scribble.

    Topic members call.... Fix it on the next go round, or.... I'll freeze it and link it this weekend. Your choice?

    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    Could you please elaborate a little on your post?I am not sure what you are trying to get across.
  • She's mad that there's nothing that she can do about the topic's 'new' title. I say you freeze and link it to the correct title.
  • Don't give him the time of day. We all know that you are more than happy with your Ranger and don't have any buyer's remorse(that's more than Vince can say). If you didn't like it you would've tradeed it and not done any of the modsyou've done. Besides all that, you have more than passed along your support for the Ranger, not just in this topic but other topics as well. I think what Vince has trouble with is....objectivity. He doesn't understand how you can be objective about other brands and models because he thinks that everyone that owns a Ranger thinks like him. Again, you just keep doing your thing, if you blow him off so will I.
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    vince,no that definetly was not me.When you see me you will know it.I guarantee.
    You have not answered the questions as you have just stated.

    Let me ask you.How does it feel to be [non-permissible content removed] slapped on the board?LOL!!!!!!!!!

    CT,I agree with mahimahi,I guess the best bet is to ignore him.I have yet to see anything worth reading come from him.Although I will say he is good for comic relief.
  • You'll notice in all the topics VINCE plays in, Ford is always best, never does any product surpass a Ford product in any area (but you can be close).

    We know VINCE would never buy any thing except
    Ford (even if there was a undisputably cheaper,
    more reliable, more powerful, and ascetically
    pleasing (to Vince) alternative to the Ranger).
    Since he will only buy Ford, why argue with him? If Vince really wanted real power and was a true
    truck buff like he claims he would have got a full
    size, and not a compact truck
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    Man, I don't get it Vince, did a Nissan truck run over your puppy when you were 5 years old or something? Myself, I don't hate anything that much, (Well except for a GIR followed by a three putt!)WHen you are running around postin the frontier times are you also goign to post the fact that the ranger takes 100 more feet to stop than the frontier? Or the links to all of the recalls? Wow VInce, with your bandaided truck you beat a heavier truck with an auto by a whole trucklength, you must be so proud! Maybe we will see you on next weeks guiness world records show, you have called the press right? You could also open up another topic here about it, or maybe get your own website with an animated drag racing strip complete with the ford pit crew ready with fire extinguishers and a crash barrier for the extra time it will take to stop, that would be cool!

    DOn't worry CT;
    I think I speak for the rest of the Nissan guys, that we do appreciate your being here and consider oyu more of a typical ford owner than Vince, please don't pull a Vince and hide out for awhile.

    Mahi is working on gettin a pic of the new full size Nissan up, it looks really, really good, I think you'll like it, Mahi, can you post a link here when you can too? Thanks
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    I too vote for freezing and changing the title back.
  • How about being on a par 5 in two and four-putting for bogey? Yep, I have done that.
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    How about 20 feet from a high raised green, chipping over the green and it rolls in the river!
    Well the pics of the new Full Size truck are posted,
    ID is frontracspace
    PW is frontrac.
    I really like it, they took some of the best lines from the Xterra and PF and they look good on a truck, it'll be nice to get the Infiniti V8 under the hood!
  • croy2croy2 Posts: 45
    I attended the Edmunds Live test drive event in Los Angeles this past weekend. I was excited to see the new 2001 Ranger and take it for a quick spin. Unfortunately, the Ranger was taken out of the test drive pool due to a few problems:

    1. It would not start.
    2. The steering wheel had fallen off.
    3. The paint robot forgot to paint the front
    quarter panel.

    Ford has added a neat feature in the left hand corner of the tailgate. It is a bubble similar to the Nissan Xterra. In the Xterra it houses a first aid kit. In the new Ranger it houses two metal coat hangers, a large bag of staypuff marshmellows, and a pack of ballpark franks. That way if your Ranger self-ignites, you can have a roadside marshmellow/weenie roast while you wait for the firetruck.

    Well, I guess that I will go drive my weak little, no torque, Nissan Crewcab.
  • croy2croy2 Posts: 45
    Regarding the above post: I read this Ford safety issue in the news today. I unfortunately once drove a 1995 Ford Topaz (company car) in the California Central Valley. This car, and many others in our fleet, had the exact problem of stalling suddenly when idling at a stop. This was very scary when trying to make left turns across busy streets. Ford always denied the problem, and it was never fixed. Fortunately, I was never t-boned in this P.O.S. vehicle. My company's vehicle policy now allows me to drive a vehicle of my choice (Nissan Crewcab).
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Bad Ford, Bad Vince....Blah, Blah, Blah..
    As I have said over and over... The Nissan clan doesn't like Vince8 because he brought up facts, data, links supporting the Ranger. You guys feed off each other along with constantly trying to single me out. Well, enjoy your weak 3.3's!! That is what this is all about, who's truck is better.. And looks like the Ranger wins again in 2001 with its NORMALLY aspirated 4.0 SOHC 205hp and 240ft/lbs of torque (somthing Nissan women, I mean boys, know nothing about) Even with its S/C on that high tech 3.3, the 0-60 times of 9.9 seconds just doesn't cut the cake boys.. LOL!
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    Rant all you want vinnie.None of us got [non-permissible content removed] slapped on the board like you did.That had to leave a mark.LOL.........................Loser
  • Sorry guys my server was down today at work.

    Now that's a good looking truck! I think it would look sweet with dual pipes too! Want to see the 4wd version next. Maybe they will have a Crew Cab in 5 years when I'm in the market. The ultimate dream...a 3/4 ton 4x4 with a diesel. Well, ok one step at a time :)

    I now vow to ignore his dumb [non-permissible content removed]. But, I can comment about him to you, I think he's got a 'rooster' on the side of his face!

    I have posted this in the sport trac v. crew cab topic, but I wanted to tell you too. I found another 'quirk'(I saw this on a Ranger, that's what made me look at mine)with my truck. I was following an ext. cab Ranger today when I saw he had his clothing hanging in the back and I tought to myself what a stupid design. The shirts were hanging on the hanger which was located over the the right side of the rear window! Now if you hang clothes there you can't see out the window. My crew cab has the same thing! I've already hauled clothes in my truck but never even knew I had this thing because I used the grab handle in the rear on the driver's side(They didn't block any part of my view there). I guess there is no other location to put a hanger in a p/u, but why bother?
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    Man, after I posted the above link, there was a story on the news about ANOTHER escape recall, something about they forgot to put ABS in some or something like that, also about other vehicles having the airbags suddenly deploy without being in an accident! Yea, I really like that truck too, let's hope they keep it up.
    Oh Vince,
    let me know if you need that braking data to go along with those 0-60 times, it took you 6 months to look under your truck, how long is it going to take to read that info, BTW, I love how you said before, "I have answered MOST of your questions" I hope your airbag doesn't trap you in your ranger when it catches on fire, LOL!
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    I thought Vinny's numbers seemed a little askew, the september issue of car and driver has the SC CC automatic at 0-60 of 9.5 sec, and a 5spd 4x4 which is 234# heavier at 9.2 seconds, I have not seen 0-60 for a desert runner 5spd, this should be the quickest SC, in all fairness the times for the CC should be compared to the sport trac, and guess what the sport tracs 0-60 time is, 9.5 seconds! (C&D also). I think Vince just has torque envy, look at the numbers for both the new 4.0 SOHC and the frontier SC,
    [email protected]
    SC [email protected]
    4.0=235ft/lbs @3000rpm
    SC =245ft/lbs @2800rpm.

    Remember VInce that torque is what you need, something you obviously know nothing about but I will word it so you can understand; torque good, more toque better, Nissan better, more torque. But of course you don't have an engine that comes close to either of these even with your bandaids do you???
  • I see where Vince stated he toasted a Frontier a few posts back. Wow. Guess that further proves that Vince uses his truck for pretty much anything but off-road use. Boasting that your Ranger beat a Fontier at a light....heh...that's like saying my turtle beat your turtle in a race. I love how Vince is so focused on how fast his truck is, but is scared to ever bring up topics like um...say...reliability. LOL!
  • Vince won't reply to this post, because there's nothing he can possibly say except he is wrong, but here goes..

    His previous pictures are fake or doctored. All he did was park in front of a sign and spray dirt on his truck. I could do that with my 4x2 4cyl too. Vince, at least show you truck going over some rocks. Maybe show us hauling or towing something too.


    Vince, you should stop posting, we're just going to keep laughing at you.

    Vince always has an excuse for everything, he can't admit that Ford isn't the best at everything while I could in an instant easily admit Nissan faults.

    You'll notice in all the topics VINCE plays in,
    Ford is always best, never does any product surpass a Ford product in any area (but you can be close).

    We know VINCE would never buy any thing except
    Ford (even if there was a undisputably cheaper,
    more reliable, more powerful, and ascetically
    pleasing (to Vince) alternative to the Ranger).
    Since he will only buy Ford, why argue with him?
    If Vince really wanted real power and was a true
    truck buff like he claims he would have got a full size, and not a compact truck

    I know you won't reply to this post Vince, so prove me wrong.
  • Recall
    I guess ford built a few Escapes without 4wheel drive or ABS. Ooops..
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    You forgot First On Race Day and For Off Road Duty!!! LOL!!!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    You just don't get it, Nissan had to BANDAID their 3.3 with a S/C in order to just meet what other manufactures could do with a normally aspirated engine. If you put a supercharger on the NORMALLY ASPIRATED SOHC 4.0 it would trounce the already superchared 3.3
    As far as your 0-60 numbers, of course your right, I'm wrong, what I post doesn't matter, its wrong, I see more times of 9.7-9.9 for the Frontier S/C....
    AS far as reliability.. Been down this road. Please visit along with right here in your own backyard at Edmunds. Oh, I forgot these sites don't matter because they don't favor what you want to see.. right?
    I'm the one who is laughing Nissan boys.. You all bought compact trucks at the bottom of the compact truck food chain.. Now live with it and shut up...
    Nissan faults?? I thought there weren't any? [email protected]! Cheap interior folks, I have looked at the latest 2001 and the interior is a joke. The kingcab has no room in the back for even a bag of [email protected]! LOL.. Anyone who goes and compares these trucks side by side can easily see a Ford supercab Ranger is larger than a Nissan supercab and the interior of the Ranger is better quality, better ergonimically, better period. You bought Nissan because it is CHEAP.
  • I thought you bought your Ranger because it was cheap (you love to say how people put down Ford for being able to mass-produce a good truck for less $, but now you are putting down Nissan for the same thing...)

    (Oops, I guess that's the argument you have to use against the Tacoma, not the Frontier, huh?)

    Hello, pot? This is Vinny. You're black.
  • For Vinny to attack me to take the attention off his lame, self-contradicting posts...
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    OK Vince,
    Where are you getting these times from? I got mine from C&D, I haven't really looked for others. SO show us what you are talking about, were these CC's, king cabs, autos. 5spds, 4x2, 4x4??? One could easily accuse you of just posting what you want to hear, you just said yourself you have heard plenty of 9.7's and 9.9's, so why choose the 9.9???, Sure the sites you posted do matter to us, they prove exactly what we have been saying, they ALL, again ALLLLLLLLLLLL show the frontier to be more reliable! It amazes me that you still bring up information that contradicts what you say! You want to talk about cheap, just push on a ranger dash anywhere and it squeaks more than a bag full of mice! Ergonomics just depnds on what you are used to, I hate where things are at on fords, I am used to the japanese placement, and since you are used to fords, you don't like the japanese placement, so it is a mute point. I have compared the two side by side, I am sure more times than you, like everytime I get a ranger in on trade and have to park it in the back, the regular cab is cramped, the supercabs are narrow, the space behind the seats may be a little larger, but that goes away when you have that dumb plastic compartment with the cup holders on the back wall.
    And I still say that area in both trucks is mainly for storage, noone would be comfortable in the rear seats of either truck. I put all of my groceries in the extended cab area, no problem, plus I don't have to worry about a fire extinguisher or tools to put my sterring wheel back on taking up space! It seems to me that before you said that Nissan's price advantage is gone, so if the frontier is cheap, what does that make the ranger??? Keep on trying VInce maybe you will get something right eventually! how does it feel to be at the bottom of the food chain now? Remember vince, you need torque, and all frontiers now have more torque than all the rangers! and more HP, and less maintenance, and a better warranty, and quieter, and smoother, and more reliable.............
  • Been to carpoint, Vinny. It says what always says year after year about the Ranger. Quote "Satisfaction Remains High Despite Owners COmplaints About Reliability Problems." It's no secret, I mean c'mon. Basically that means if and when the truck does run, it runs ok. My Ranger was plagued with reliability problems. So please, take the reliability argument elsewhere. LOL!

    I even looked at the new 00 Rangers and the interior was just as shoddy as my 1998 (the one where the dash fell off - among other things). And the as for room. Please, Vin. Make me stop laughing. Not that any King Cab truck has much room in the back, but a simple bag of groceries wouldn't fit in the cab of a KC Ranger. And lest's talk about the on road ride. Seeing as you and most of the rest of us spend a lot of time commuting in our trucks, how that Ranger ride? It ain't near as quiet or smooth as the Nissan. Better than the Dodge and probably equal to the Chevy S-10. The comparison between the two as far as comfort and on road driveablity isn't even close. Wind noise in my Ranger amde me feel like I had a blow dryer glued to my ear. The Nissan is just as smooth and quiet as can be. If it wasn't, I wouldn't have bought it. And if it wasn't reliable I wouldn't have bought it. And if it didn't receive high marks for off road capability, I wouldn't have bought. But it trounced the Ford in all areas of comparison for me. Plus, so far I've only had mine 6 months - which is 3 months LONGER than my Ranger lasted.
  • MSN says this about Frontier's reliability:

    "Satisfaction: Its rating remains high because the vehicle is reliable and the warranty is one of the best on the market."

    So lets' see..."the vehicle is reliable" vs. "owners complaints about relaibility problems".
    You do the math. LOL!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    It's just too easy...LOL
  • Looks like meredith owns a ford too!
  • I know I said this on another topic but some where I remember when it comes to the Ranger Vince spouts off about the "consumers rule". Well, here we(consumers of Nissans) are in this page, telling everybody that reads that we drive these vehicles day in and day out and that we love these trucks. No matter what magazine articles might say. Remember people, these mag. authors mostly drive cars and only drive these trucks for a few hours, some aren't even broken in yet. I even discount when they say that a car is great, above all it's their OPINION not gospel, just because they print it! That's why these boards tell the REAL world truth. For fun count the problem-matic topics on here about Fords, Chevy's and Dodges. Then count the same number for the Toyotas and Nissans...see what I mean. Real world data, something Vince hates.
  • My 4cyl frontier can grill any 4cyl Ranger any day. (Since Vince is into racing his 4x4, do you actually use it offroad?). This fact makes me feel more like a man; Hint, Hint Vince can only feel like he is a man if he can beat a Frontier 3.3 by only one truck length (but had to have .7 more liters displacement to do it, good job....).

    Hey Vince, you keep insisting NISSAN can't make normally aspirated engine to keep up with the other manufacturers. Does the 250hp 3.5L ring a bell. It's made by Nissan. I guess this is one of those many points you like to look past.

    How can ford just forget to build a vehicle without 4 wheel drive and ABS. Vince, it's ok, you don't have to answer, because I know you can't possibly answer.

    Vince do you spend your Saturdays at the Nissan Dealer with a protest sign that says buy a Ranger while your Ranger is getting fixed?? LOL.
  • Don't forget to take into account the sales differential between Nissan and Ford.

    If you divided the number of problem topics for each manufacturer on the board by average numbers of vehicles sold by each manufacturer for the past 10 years or so, what are you gonna get?

    If Ford has a lower number, will you declare them better and go out and trade your Nissan?

    Come on. Get real. We both know the number of topics on this site mean just about jack when it comes when it comes down to a vehicle's chances of malfunctioning.

    I'm genuinely surprised you'd try and use this lame argument.
  • I'd expect more Ford owners to particiate in these forums since so many more rangers are sold. I guess we Nissan owners don't have anything better to do.
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    That is quite true about the average based on the sales numbers.What I see is not so much the number of problems,but the problems themselves.Are they minor or major?I believe Ford and the others have had some pretty major problems in comparison.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    Meredith drives a '00 ext cab Silverado. Surprising isn't it?
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