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Porsche Cayman S



  • How do you get a base 911 for that kind of discount? Are those for 2012 or 2013? I am considering a new 2014 Cayman S or maybe a leftover 2012 911 or even a used 2012 911 with limited miles. Any suggestions? thanks in advance for any help.
  • I bought my 07 Cayman S, February 2010, with 19000 miles. Almost 3 years later, my Cayman S has 57000 miles. It's my daily driver and have used it on long trips too. Only minor issues, all fixed under warranty, and regular maintenance, has been my experience. My car runs as strong as ever and you don't have to be "super rich" to own one. Mine cost $35000 when I bought it used. Three years later, I can sell it for $27000 - $30000 fairly easy. You can look it up. They hold their value very well.
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