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Land Rover Range Rover Sport Lease Questions



  • Hi all,

    I am in the LA area. Below is a current offer from a local dealer:
    2011 RRS HSE
    MSRP $61,695
    Due at signing $4,000
    First month's payment, tax, title and license fees: ~$2,000
    Money factor: 0.00028
    42 months
    10,000 miles / yr.
    Monthly $699 + tax, which is about 9.75%, or about $68 / month

    Thoughts on improving this deal? :shades:
  • nicksmu17nicksmu17 Posts: 141
    trying to figure out leases on 2011 RR sport...Does anyone have money factor and residuals for top tier credit?
  • We were just at the dealership here in SO Cal this past weekend.
    Money Factor 0.00228 from Chase.
    Bank Fee $795
    Residual 58% for 10k miles / year, 57% for 12k/year, 55% for 15k/year
    42 months lease; $4k down. MSRP $61,695. $699 + tax / month for top tier credit.

    Let me know if you have numbers on your end.
  • travispetetravispete Posts: 23
    Getting close to pulling the trigger on a 2011 RR Sport with Lux Package in N. Cal.

    MSRP was 67,295
    Selling price 64,174

    Is this an ok deal? Hard to get aggressive pricing.

    Carman, what is the current MF/Residuals on a 10k lease. I have heard .0017/56% on 36 months and .00183/53% on 42 months, but am not sure.

  • Hi travispete According to the latest information that I have seen, Land Rover's July buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Range Rover Sport Lux with 10,000 miles per year are .00170 and 56%, respectively...right in line with what you have been told.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 42 month lease are .00183 and I believe 52%.

    The discount that you were quoted looks reasonable to me.

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  • dunes56dunes56 Posts: 1
    I am being told on a RRS GT Limited $70,495 MSRP 12k/36 months That money factor for tier 1 is .00228 and residual is 58%. so deal works out like this sales price $68495 + $795 acq fee, 1st months payment due at signing $1,040.14 per month. If money factor is .00170 then I'm overpaying by about $70 per month. Not sure if they are BSing me?
  • I am leasing a 2011 Range Rover Sport Lux. Price and Trade negotiated. Not an experienced leaser. Planning to put $4000 down. 36 month payment is 822.13. 42 month payment is 789.63. Is there anything about the money factor or residual that would cause you to prefer the 36 month lease over the 42 month lease?
  • Could you please tell me the current rate and residual for a 10K/36 mo lease on a 2011 and 2012 Rover Sport? Thanks.
  • moovenmooven Posts: 1
    Hey Carman,

    Could you please tell me the MF/Residual on a RRS supercharged, 36 months 12k/15K Lease?

  • Car_man, I think it's time we all know: What's the January buy rate lease money factor and residual percentage for a 36-month lease of a 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Lux with 12,000 miles per year?

    Much appreciated.
  • rubin72rubin72 Posts: 20
    I'm about to lease a 2012 Range Rover Sport HSE. I want to know if this is a good deal?!?!

    Here's the best deal I can find:

    MSRP = $63,145
    15k miles/year
    ZERO Cap Cost Reduction
    Including Tax (9% in PA)
    Only out-of-pocket are startups (~$1k)

  • rubin72rubin72 Posts: 20
    48-mo Lease Details:

    MSRP = $63,495
    Sale Price = $61,000
    MF = .00123 (2.95%)
    Resid. = 48%
    Bank Fee = $895
    15k miles/year
    Cap Cost Reduct = ZERO
    Startups = 1st month payment + Tags

  • dbagdadidbagdadi Posts: 12
    Hi Carman,

    Please give us the details for this month.

  • donchardonchar Posts: 43
    No love from Mr. Carman on this forum. :cry:
  • crazytedcrazyted Posts: 3

    Can I get March Residual and MF on A Range Rover Sport Hse Lux for both 36 and 48 months at 12k a year.

    Thank you.
  • jjericojjerico Posts: 6
    Considering doing a one time lease payment on a 2012 Range Rover Sport Limited Edition. The sticker is $71050 and dealer is willing to give $1000 off sticker. They said residual is around $41K but want me to pay close to $40K for a 36K month lease with 10K miles. Does this make sense? Tax rate is 8.75% so it doesn't seem to add up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • a4epa4ep Posts: 1
    This sounds about right. I just did a 36 month lease on an RRS HSE and the residual is 58% with a money factor of .00220 (5.28%). This was tier 1 credit rate through Chase.

    Assuming a small discount on the money factor for the one time payment and you are right on target.
  • ihitcowsihitcows Posts: 63
    Your residual is correct for 10k/year, but I think the money factor you were quoted is marked up...

    I'm just reverse calculating the lease offer Land Rover has on their official site, which is a 36 month, 10k/year lease for $799/month with $3,995 "due at signing," with an MSRP of $63,145 and a projected residual value of $36,624 (58% of MSRP).

    The HIGHEST the money factor could be is .001809 (which doesn't look right). It gets lower if you include first month's payment in the "due at signing" figure.

    Car_man! Little help? What ARE the real rates?? And are the rates any different for the LUX trim?

  • ihitcowsihitcows Posts: 63
    On the serious. What's the dilly-o on a 36-month, 12k/year lease of an HSE LUX? I can do my reverse calculating shenanigans all I want on the example lease provided on the Land Rover web site, but I really don't know if those figures apply to the lease of a LUX! Oh no!
    So, at the moment, my guesstimations are relying on a residual of 57% and an MF of .0022 (I'm trying to play on the conservative side).
    . . . Does Land Rover Financial/Chase/whotheheckever provide an option to waive acquisition in exchange for raising the money factor?

    If an auto consumer falls in an Edmund's forum and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  • donchardonchar Posts: 43
    Car_Man...a little help on this thread??

    RRS SuperCharged....Resid / MF etc??

    Thank you~~~!
  • Can only comment on the HSE ... 36 mos, 12K per year ... money factor is .00194 and resid is 56%.
  • ihitcowsihitcows Posts: 63
    Cool! Does that apply to the LUX, too?
  • not positive as i didn't get the LUX ... i don't think the numbers are different though
  • smitf7smitf7 Posts: 15
    I enquired about leasing a RRSHSELUX. This dealer knows what price I can get away from him (out of state dealer) and indicated that he would not be beat on price. However am being quoted a 39 mos lease with 10k miles MF of .00184 and a terrible residual of 53%. Based on past posts this residual seems awful low. Also, will residuals go up/ MF go down in july/aug/sept for 2012 models? I recall that last year, july 2011 terms were money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Range Rover Sport Lux with 10,000 miles per year of .00170 and 56%. Car_man help? My current vehicle lease ends late august. So am flexible in when to get my new RRS but was hoping to have it for late july or early august so i can start enjoying it this summer. When should I sign the lease contract? Thanks.
  • smitf7smitf7 Posts: 15
    24/.00228 36/.00177 39/.00184
    RRS HSE 59 54 52
    RRS HSE LUX 58 53 51
    RRS SC 55 50 48

    24/.00134 36/.00158 39/.00166
    RR HSE 58 49 47
    RR HSE LUX 56 47 45

    Add 2% to residuals for 10K miles, numbers above for 15K. CUrrentl with a ton of manufacturer's rebate, an HSE can be leased with 3K cap cost reduction for 899+tax, an 80K MSRP car.
  • donchardonchar Posts: 43
    thank you. Will see check out this weekend.
  • donchardonchar Posts: 43
    anyone know if current lease/finance offers on HSE models can be applied to SC model equivalents?
  • smitf7smitf7 Posts: 15
    current lease/finance offers on HSE models cannot be applied to SC model equivalents?
  • Hi donchar. Smitf7 is correct. The lease program for the SC models is different than it is for HSE models. For example, Chase's May buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 Range Rover Sport SC with 15,000 miles per year are .00188 and 50%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

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  • smitf7smitf7 Posts: 15
    Car_Man, hi, my current lease expires lat august. I dont mind picking up my new car a RR or RRS as early as July, buut want to take advantage of massive incentives on RRs and the better lease terms on RRS. Do you think I should wait till August, or will July be probably as attractive. Dealers claim that ordering one now will deliver a 2013 but I dont see anything about 2013s anywhere (as far as differences). I am confident I can get the RRS at or near invoice regardless, and the RR would be many $$$$ below invoice since 2013 will be brand new models. SO its really the residual and lease rates. I did a search and AUg and Sep rates of last year are available on ride with g website and tehy are better than May rates for example. What to do? what to do?
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