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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 / RX 450h Lease Questions



  • You probably can do a bit better. Talk to a dealer about reducing Cap Cost (selling price). Say to around 38K. All other numbers are fine. BTW he gave you an impressive MF. Can't get better.
    ..and good luck with rear dvd. This is rare thing on the market of RX350.
  • Thanks cityboy2. I will trya nd see if I can get him down to 38k.

    I don't think they have the factory installed rear dvd player but he said he would put in an after market one into each of the headrests at $50 over invoice. I was just surprised that he could residualize it.
  • I I have been e-mailing with Lexus - Bridgewater, NJ on the following deal:

    36 month lease/12k
    RX350 AWD,
    MSRP $43,591
    MF: .00095
    Residual - 54%
    Selling Price $36,990
    Total due at signing - $1,1703.30 (1st Month Payment, Motor Vehicle, Doc Fee and Bank Fee)
    Monthly payment (x35) - $446.30

    The 48 month lease has a residual of 44% and simliar charges. The monthly lease is $456.94. Do you think it will go down further? I wonder what the inventory levels are for the RX?
  • thanks Car_Man.

    Got the car from Lexus Manhattan (NYC). A terrible experience. The salesman said the money fctor was .00171 (and showed me that rate on their screen.) When I told him I had checked the internet and with another dealer and the rate was .00095, he said I was crazy. That was the rate YESTERDAY.

    I accused him of lying, which I know he was. I should have walked away, but I needed a car this weekend. I finally had him meet the price of a dealer from South Jersey, but I hated to buy from him. Later he told me the money factor bump wasn't his idea, it came from the dealership. He was just a salesman trying to sell a car.

    I made a deal -- $2730 for tax, etc up front, and $460/month for 15K. I know it's a fairly good deal compared to the prices from other dealerships, but from my calculations, I know this is more than I should be paying. The salesman argued about deducting the up front costs. He said they didn't deduct the tax and fees from the cap cost. According to others on this site he's wrong, but I didn't know enough about it to argue with him.

    I go to pick up the car tomorrow and I'm kicking myself for having to buy from them. It wasn't just the salesman. I caught the delivery manager in a lie, too -- he wanted to sell me a car that had already been prepped when the buyer wasn't approved for financing. He said the car I wanted didn't have wheel locks and a cargo mat(it did. I had asked for the detailed car inventory).

    This is the kind of dealership that gives car buying a bad name.

  • do not kick yourself . Better go to the top of this page click on the green button (Dealers Ratings & Reviews) and give this "honest" dealership a "black eye".
  • This is what I got from the Lexus in Larchmont NY:

    36 month lease/10k
    RX350 AWD, Navi and Premium Luxury Package
    MSRP $46,241
    MF: .00095
    Residual - 55%
    Selling Price $39,349
    Total due at signing - $1,684
    Monthly payment (x35) - $475 incl CT tax of 6.5%

    I am happy with this considering it is $40/mo lower than the 2006 RX330 no nav I am returning. I am sure some of you guys have/will do better since Lexus seems to be overflowing with cars in Long Beach CA that continue to arrive on ships.
  • Hey all...first time with this so bear with me. I've been reading a lot of these posts and now have one of my own. Just got the following offer earlier today for a 2009 RX350 AWD w/ the Navi package.

    Dealership was in Englewood, NJ. Offering fully loaded as mentioned, MSRP is just over $46k. $5,000 down (which covers first payment, tax, title, like $3,700 cap cost reduction) for $450 per month @ 36 months. Now this is my first offer (and first requested offer) and I feel that it's pretty good but I just wanted to throw it out there for some guidance. I've also placed a call into Warnock Lexus in Whippany but I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

    I'm looking to land this car before year end but I don't want to rush into the first thing thrown my way. I also don't want to wait until it's too late (even though I'm not even really sure if that's possible in this market).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Here's the deal I have and am preparing to move forward with tomorrow...any thoughts:

    (NY Metro Area)
    MSRP: $46241
    Selling Price: $38000
    Tax Rate: 7.375%
    Pymt with Tax: $439
    W/o tax (for comparison) $409
    Drive Off $1438 ($700 bank fee, $149 Doc (not thrilled w/this), $150 plates/reg, $439 first pymt)

    Thanks to everyone here for being so generous with information...It certainly makes for a more 'perfect' market.
  • JBO12JBO12 Posts: 8
    Thank you all for your posts - the flow of information is really helping people make attractive deals i believe.

    I am going today to pick up my AWD 2009 Pebble Beach Edition with prem plus and nav package - MSRP $47,456. Sales price $40,111, 45 month lease, resid of 47%, MF 0.00095, my total due at signing will be ~$700. I live in the NYC area and i purchased from Rallye Lexus in Glen Cove, NY - what i believe to be a truly professional dealership (for now). $46,241 MSRP models appear to be selling for around $38,500 sales price consistently right now - Lexus of Manhattan and Prestige Lexus in Ramsey NJ are selling them there i understand. I recognize i left a little value on the table in terms of price but instead i had them add features such as a cargo tray my wife wanted and coverage for the 10,000 mile service and maintenance. I also wanted the Truffle Mica color so supply/demand dictated that i had to pay a little premium for that choice in addition to the higher invoice price of the Pebble Beach Edition (which i think is $42,000 vs $41,300 for the Prem Plus + NAV in the Northeast). I decided to capitalize everything in the lease including my taxes and acq cost which is why my drive away costs are so low - figuring that at 2.28% APR i would like to borrow as much money as Lexus Financial would lend me and asked if they would do a side loan with me at that rate but they refused ;) .

    Once again, thank you all for your posts and good luck to all of you in these tough times.
  • skopsskops Posts: 5

    That is one of the better deals I have seen in the NYC area. Good luck with your transaction. If you would be kind enough to post the dealership name, it would be appreciated. I just started my search and the first and only price I received is approx $50 more per month. Thanks.
  • Skops,

    Sure...Prestige Lexus of Ramsey, NJ....a bit north of paramus...on Route 17....
  • skopsskops Posts: 5
    Thank you nyc6045
  • Hi, I'm considering buying or leasing a Lexus RX 350 within the next 3 months.

    Although I usually buy cars, I am considering leasing this time around because each of the last 3 cars have developed a maintenance issue that encouraged me to trade it in before "it got worse."

    Is the RX 350 a good car to buy (and drive for 100K miles) or is better to lease? If I lease, what should I be looking at (sorry for my ignorance, but I would be a first time 'leaser'." If I lease, I would need 15k miles/yr as I live in the suburbs.......

    I am interested in the basic, stock RX 350. I don't care for any of the upgrades. If I buy, what is the going MSRP? How about holdback? Any incentives?

    I'm in Central FL (Tampa) but am willing to drive to So. Fla. or even all the way to Georgia to get the best deal.

    THANKS!!!! :)
  • Hey There Everythingirl,
    I live in the same general area as you.. After much thought, I decided to buy instead of lease. Have you gone to any dealerships yet in the area? Tampa or Sarasota? Our first attempt at getting a deal, we were quoted $36,000 out the door price for a basic model RX350.

    Wondering if anyone has an opinion if that is a good deal or not. MSRP was ~ $41,000. :confuse:

  • We have gone to Tampa Lexus to test drive and were quoted $40k for "a basic model" RX that included a sunroof, cargo mats, etc. You know- the stuff dealers throw in now but still call it basic. I guess the RX no longer comes with cloth seats and leather is standard now? But when I got home, I saw they had a basic RX on the lot for $37,900 on their website. They upsell for certain colors, etc.

    I have emailed Lexus of Jax and they quoted me $37,300 + tax,tag, title. quoted $36,000 out the door but they also said the MSRP was $33K.

    These prices do not take into consideration the dealer holdback or any rebates the manufacturer gave the dealer.

    I think this car can be purchased in the low $30s if you truly haggle and are not afraid to walk or go to dealers all over the state. Of course, if you are financing, excellent credit is a must to get a deal like this.......

    I know that Lexus is not in the same trouble as in American car makers, but their sales are still way down......

    I have learned that internet car buying (email the dealer what you want and ask for a price) has become very popular and is a great way to get a handle on what other dealers are offering. I am thinking of pursuing this route and seeing how far it goes. I'll post on my findings- please let me know how it goes with your deals also. THANKS!!!! :shades:
  • fanatfanat Posts: 8
    Hey guys,

    I just got this deal from Bay Ridge Lexus in Brooklyn, NY this Saturday:

    36 month lease/10k
    RX350 AWD, Navi and Premium Luxury Package
    Total due at signing - $4,830 - Includes taxes upfront, various fees and large down payment.
    Monthly payment 456.76

    Without getting into MSRP and money factors is this a good deal overall? Seems like an ok monthly payment but should I negotiate on lowering total due at signing? Seems like many people here got much better deals on that.
  • Hi Again- Today Tampa told us we would not get a better deal than $36,000 out the door price on the basic model that we were quoted by someplace else and another dealership said they were taking $3500 off the MSRP. That leaves us a few more places to look at. I would have thought these dealerships would want to get all of the 09's out before the new ones come out early next year but I guess not ... Will keep you posted with the next few places we check with. Hope you are having good luck with your search.
  • RX350 list 44,000
    Sale price 35,000

    That was at the end of November in LA. Lots of folks on this board have gotten
    7 to 9 off list.

    There is now an additional $1,500 cash back to the Lexus dealers so I assume someone is going to be the first to get $10,0000 off list. The best time to deal may be between Christmas and New Year.

    The dealers know the 'RX 10 will be out soon, inventory is sky high, the economy is getting worse, and another interest rate cut is on its way.
  • Wow, that is a great deal. Im assuming you had to pay taxes on top of the 35,000? Guess I still have some work to do. Im not very good at this! Fortunately, we can wait until after Christmas or New Years to get a better deal. But hey, if I could get $7000-9000 off the price, I would take it now in a heartbeat!
    THanks for the info.
  • JBO12, I too am in the markert for a 2009 RX350 AWD PREM/NAV with 15k or 18k miles per year.What should I expect to pay? What is the Pebble Beach Edition? I too am on Long Island. Were you happy with your salesperson? Who did you deal with?

    Thanks in advance to all who can lend a hand!!!!
  • JBO12JBO12 Posts: 8
    dricool1 - my salesman at Rallye Lexus in Glen Cove was Karl Hernandez and thus far i am pleased with the level of service (though there were some minor things wrong with the car which need to be addressed prior to my accepting delivery). as i wrote, lexus of manhattan and prestige lexus are very competitive in pricing the premium plus + nav models which msrp for $46,241 - those have been selling pretty consistently at 38.0k to 38.5k at those locations. the pebble beach is a ltd edition with a slightly higher msrp, therefore i had to pay a higher price for the vehicle. there are really only 2 feature sets available in the northeast - premium plus with or without the navigation unit. the navigation adds about 2900 to msrp.
  • Hi,

    I just got quoted for RX350 AWD PREM with 36/10k in MA. Total out pocket $1,365.
    379 per month incl 5% taxes. is this a good deal?

  • tjimtjim Posts: 3
    closed Nov 29 on RX350 premium plus (no nav) MSRP 42766, base cap cost 36500, MF .00095, 2625 initial pmt, monthly 446.33 plus tax for 36 month, 12k miles. The 2625 is a security deposit (refundable at lease end) which reduced the money factor. Dealer is Lexus Marin in N. Cal - very professional and no BS

    Hope this helps those of you still shopping.
  • It would be easier, if you tell us at least MSRP. But it looks like a rock bottom price. Mind to tell the dealership name/location?
  • Received initial offer for leasing a 2009 RX350 FWD base model with Premium Package and a few small extras and would appreciate help evaluating the deal.

    36 months/15K miles per year
    MSRP: $40,776
    Selling Price: $36,563
    MF: .00095
    Residual: 52%
    Florida Sales Tax (estimate): + $2,285.27
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $330.00
    Tire/Battery/MVWEA: + $6.50
    Title Fee: + $25.00
    Dealer Service Fee: + $599.95

    With $2,500 due at signing, monthly payment = $511
    With $5,000 due at signing, monthly payment = $437

    Can anyone suggest ways to work on this deal to better it?

    Thank you.
  • My opinion. Bad deal! You could do much better nowadays.
    1. Selling price. Invoice price for this car is about $36,200. Never buy/lease a car above invoice price. Right now (December) dealers are also chopping about $2,000 off from invoice. So your aim price for negotiation should be around $34,000 for this car configuration.
    2. Do not pay anything up-front except:
    Tag/Registration Fees
    Title Fee
    Dealer Service Fee. BWT $599.95 is well above average ($250)
    and 1st month payment.
    Your average out of pocket should be ~$1500.
    3. Include all your tax in the monthly payment.
    4.You shall not negotiate MF and Residual.
    5. Considering all of the above your monthly payment before tax should be ~$420.
    with tax (8%) included $453/month.
    In reality some dealers can do even better. It would be very surprising if car market in Fl is as hot as last summer. :shades:
  • Thank you so much. I agree on the price being too high. Also, do you know whether the $2,500 factory to dealer rebate is something that I can bargain with on this deal? I plugged these numbers into a lease calculator myself and was not able to duplicate the payments being offered - it seemed as though there were either hidden fees or double taxes somewhere. I'll try to do better. Thanks again.
  • JBO12JBO12 Posts: 8
    Car man and others - does anyone know if Lexus Financial will alter their money factors given the big cut in interest rates yesterday? thx.
  • fanatfanat Posts: 8
    RX 350 lease 36 months/10K. Prem+Navigation!

    After talking to different dealers in NYC area for couple of days the deals I'm getting are:

    About 2700 total due at signing (taxes + 1st months payment, bank fee, licence and registration).

    450 per month (no taxes, taxes paid upfront and included in the 2700)

    Now, one dealer told me they could lower the monthly payment by 20 dollars which brings me to 430!

    Is it possible to go even lower? How much lower is realistic?
  • Hard to answer w/o knowing your MSRP. If it's within $45,500, then $430 before tax would be your ballpark number.
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