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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 112
    WOW! Thats as good a deal as I have seen!! Great job! What was your purchase price?
  • Can anyone point me in the right direction in NJ for a 2010 E350? I'm coming out of a 2007 Lexus ES350 Lease and am looking for 15k/yr mileage. Thanks!
    PS..willing to go to NY/PA if need be. Thanks!
  • 2010 E Class 350


    P2 package
    metallic paint upcharge
    wheel package
    sport package

    MSRP with options and destination charge is $57,295

    Sale price is $49,880 (includes $2k from MB as I am coming off a MB lease, otherwise price is $51,889)

    Term is for 39 months

    Money factor is .00270

    Residual value is 60% of MSRP using 7.5k a year. I think 10k a year would be 59%

    Drive off is $2600 which includes DMV fees, first payment, and acquisition fee.

    Payment with tax is right arounf ~$675 per month.

    I think the money factor is a bit high and don't like what looks like a ~$1,200 acquisition fee.

    Any thoughts on the deal overall? or any ideas on how to improve it?
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    I just got a car 7 days ago....acquisition fee $995....everything else is in line with MB financial...are you sure 7.5K miles are going to be enough for you ? other than this the deal looks good...
  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 112
    I want to lease an E350, but I want the Luxury package, driver assist, Panorama sunroof, Parking Assist, and night vision. Basically, I am a geek and like the technology MBZ has. But I guess the E350 isnt built with these options. The sales GM did a search and there are none in the Western US, none on ships to US, none being assembled. There arent even any with 3 out of 4 of these options. So I was told I could order one. I would have to pay a refundable $1k deposit, the car will be built in February, and here in LA in March 2010 when we would negotiate the price. If I would pick one in the inventory, I could have it for $1600 below invoice and current lease terms.

    DOes anybody have any experience with this who can advise me?
  • Stevensteven, did you get this car? what was your final deal?
  • I just got quoted today the following:
    2010 E350 4Matic P1 package, sport package, 15k per year.
    Only paying the fees (tax, bank fee etc) upfront.
    670.00 for 39 months.
    Is going to make the last 2 payments of my E, 500.00 worth or body damage and, no disposition fee....a savings of about 2800.00 in total.
    He told me any color, either metallic or non-metallic would not effect the price.
  • My lease is up on my 2008 E550 in a couple of months and wanted to see what advice I can get for renewing my lease vs. upgrading to a current model. Any recent leasing examples for E550 (California) that you can share is appreciated.

    The specs are:
    2008 E550
    27 month lease
    Lease pmt: $985 including sales tax
    Down pmt when leased in '08: $6K
    Residual value: approx. $38K
    Car location: Northern California

    Any pointers are appreciated!
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    I had an offer in NY for E550 RWD fully loaded (MSRP about $68K) and it was about $3K due at sign in with $935 a month with tax for 39 months 15K mile a year. I hope it helps.
    I leased E350 bc that price was a little too high for me.
  • mjr2umjr2u Posts: 13
    What a minute!!!!! They want you to negotiate the price of the car AFTER it arrives!!!! RUN -- don't walk -- out of that dealer's showroom!!!

    How nuts do they think you are. NEVER order a car unless the final price is negotiated BEFORE you place the order. It doesn't cost them any extra to order your car EXACTLY the way you want it. Look up the invoice price (on Edmunds) of all the options you want, so you know exactly what the dealer paid for the car (don't forget to add in the cost of advertising to the dealer, as Edmunds does not show this due to differences by region of the country, ask the dealer for this figure, and verify with a couple of dealerships in your area). Then, once you know the true cost of the car, and ONLY THEN, negotiate up from the invoice...NOT DOWN FROM MSRP!!! Have them give you a FIRM QUOTE for the car IN WRITING, SIGNED BY THE SALES MANAGER AND YOU, the customer. Then, have them place the order for your new car.

    Never just trust a dealer on their "word" - they would sell their Mother if they could. By doing these steps, you will protect yourself from the dealership having "no recollection" of verbal terms, or changes in personnel or even changes in the dealership's ownership as well. Good luck!!
  • Part of this is good advice, however...

    The dealer does not know what the promo's, rates or residuals are going to be next March, so you can't really negotiate a firm quote or final price/payment at this time. I would suggest a firm quote based on something like invoice in effect less promo's for the cap cost.

    The rest will have to be finalized in March. The best you can do is make sure they are competitive before picking up the car, or get your deposit back and start over if they try to play games.
  • I test drove an E-350 and noticed that the console seems to be slightly wider. I adjusted the seat but could not keep my leg and knee off the edge of the console unless I moved it way back, and then I was too far away from the steering wheel. It was uncomfortable no matter how I positioned my foot on the accelerator. I can't imagine going on a long trip like that. Has anyone else noticed this?
  • Hey Everyone. I've been getting several quotes and need help. I was given a good quote but told that if I was a "Previous" Mercedes customer, I could save an extra $2,000. There HAS to be a way for me to get this incentive. Although I've owned all Lexus and Land Rover Vehicles, I'm sure SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE can work this in. Here is my best quote so far:

    2010 Mercedes E350 Black/Black
    P2 Package
    AMG wheels (Twin Spoke)
    15k/year miles
    $2,300 out of pocket (Expenses)
    $769/month 39/months

    I just can't pull the trigger knowing that I "Could" save an extra $60ish a month for being a previous customer. I also can't believe noone will give me the fleet number because I don't have a "Mercedes" fleet number. I have a NJ vehicle Fleet Number for all of my business vehicles that I own.

    Any help out there? Willing to go to NJ/PA/CT/NY, or other connecting states. Thanks!!!!
  • Hi Steven,
    Congrats on the new car. Can you please email me where you got the car if you dont mind.
  • No, no car yet. Going to check in next week. Plan is to ask them to drop the money factor.

    Wife is not too excited about the 2010 body style so we may not go for MB. Looking at Cayenne for her as well.

  • could you also email me what dealership you've been dealing with too? The specs I'm looking for are almost like yours.
  • has anyone dealt with this dealership or sales person? my local dealership and a couple of dealerships I've talked to said that they can't even come close to their numbers and for me to be very cautious. I searched for reviews and didn't really come up with much. _W0QQitemZ320462828327QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_Cars_Trucks?hash=item4a9d12b327
  • Sounds like a pretty straightforward deal. Don't know why your local dealer cannot do it unless you are not coming off a Mercedes lease..

    MSRP is $55,925.

    Invoice is $52,072

    The ad says their lease quote assumes the MBF loyalty contribution of $2,000.

    This would bring your Cap cost to $50,072.

    Lease is for 10k miles a year. Residual on that is 59% of MSRP

    Money factor on E lease from MBF for the 39 month term is .00270 or 6.48%

    Payment without tax is the ~$660 mentioned in the ad. If you did not have the loyalty money then cap would be $2k higher and payment would be ~$716.

    For me I think the cap should be at least $1,000 less.
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    Why don't you call them and try to take the car ? As simple as that. I've got my car from this dealership, but I did not use this salesperson and my car more loaded and I have more annual mileage. My payment is more.... In general, you can get a good deal there if you know how negotiate the price. They are trying to be very aggressive now, because of market conditions. Of course they will say we are doing fine - but it's not true. Call them
  • Thanks steven.

    Aeggroup - I had talked to Avi a month ago, but was still shopping around. Now that I'm ready to buy it, I called him and he took my number and said he'd call me back. He never did, so I emailed him and told him I was ready to purchase, but still no response. You'd think that a salesman would want to make some money, I guess not. Who was your sales person? I'm going to call tomorrow and buy it from someone else.
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    I haven’t used internet to get my car. This dealership is closest to my house, so I went there and talked to first salesperson, which met me. And ...I have a different deal, my car is more loaded with more annual mileage. try to call him one more time ...may be the guy is on vacation ...ask their rep...
    Anyway..good'll love this car...
  • New Lease Agreement: Minneapolis Area Dealer:

    Multicontour seats

    MSRP: $67,125
    Sale Price: $ 63,675

    Dealer will add roof and rear spoilers for $375. (50% off per dealer)

    $0 cap cost reduction: pay tax, license,doc. fees, acq. fee, spoiler parts, and first month payment upfront.
    $ 975.35/ mo
    39 months

    MB pays final 2 months on my 2007 CLS 550 lease. I pick up car next week. They found it in Michigan and will send to MN. I think that's a decent deal.
  • Just wanted to let everyone know that I got a great deal on a 2010 E350 Sport P2 with AMG Wheel package. The dealership was Freehold Mercedes in NJ and I dealt with one of the Managers over there. I had a not so pleasant experience with the initial salesman but the situation was rectified by the hard working managers who were very accomodating. I got some fantastic offers from other local dealerships in NJ/NY/CT, but they matched what I thought to be an un-matchable deal offered to me by another dealership further away. Only problem is now my wife wants to trade in her 08' Lexus GX470 for a GL that she saw there lol
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    What do you mean by "great deal " ? Numbers please....
  • Leased in Torrance, CA from Mercedes-Benz of South Bay
    New 2010 E350 with P1 package, sports package and metallic paint
    Traded in an existing 2007 E350 lease w/2 remaining payments
    MSRP = $54,145
    $2000 total drive-off (including 1st payment)
    $675/month for 39 months, including tax (whopping 9.75% in Los Angeles County)
    12,000 miles per year
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    I've seen your message on MB board.....very good deal...congrats
  • Hi,
    It would help if you can share the details about the lease quote that you got?
  • Hi,
    Not sure if you have got the car you wanted. Can you please share the dealer info?
  • that is a great deal, congrats. I just picked mine up today

    E350 , P1 + AMG wheels + Rear entertainment

    MSRP - 56,055

    $697 + Tax , 1800 drive off.

    i thought i had a good deal but hats off to you.

    good work.
  • sks211sks211 Posts: 3
    Has anyone heard what progras MB is running for Jan on the E350 lease?
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