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Should Buick build a new under 20K vehicle?



  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    edited January 2011
    But it's not exactly under $20K. The base before any options is listed here at Edmunds at $23K.
    While everyone will say the Verano is so nice ... there are other new cars in this size category that will be thousands less. Give me a new Elantra or Civic; they'd meet my needs fine, and I take the thousands saved and take a vacation to Hawaii the next few years.

    I went and sat in a Cruze, a few weeks ago, and while it is nice, the couple models they had on the lot were also over $20K. No go, at those prices. I can get a nice AWD Subaru Legacy for $22K.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Forget under $20K, since that figure just isn't realsistic for any car in this category. We don't yet know enough about the Verano to evaluate it, but we know that it's not intended to compete against the Civic and Elantra, but, rather, something more upscale. I suggest we judge it when we know more about it, and after it's been tested against upscale compacts, such as, say, the Audi A3.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Saw the '12 Buick Verano at the DC Auto show. Very nice!
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    edited May 2011
    Rick Kranz, Automotive News, May 18, 2011

    "Buick will get rebadged, redesigned Astra, report says The Opel Astra GTC concept was first shown at the Paris auto show in October 2010.

    While the engine choices have not been locked in place, the car is expected to target young buyers who want a sporty car that handles well and has plenty of power, according to A source familiar with General Motors' plans for Buick confirmed the report for Automotive News.

    Buick is in the process of rebuilding the brand with products such as the LaCrosse, Regal and the 2012 Verano, which goes on sale this fall.

    Last year, Buick's U.S. sales totaled 155,389 vehicles, a 52 percent increase from the previous year. Sales through April this year totaled 63,152, up 43 percent from the same period last year.

    The new Astra is wider and sleeker than the previous model. That car was sold by Saturn for about a year and also was called Astra.

    The redesigned three-door Astra originally was planned for the now-defunct Saturn brand, according to the source familiar with the project. With a few exceptions, Saturn essentially sold rebadged Opel vehicles. For example, the Saturn Aura sedan was a previous-generation Opel Insignia with minor cosmetic changes.

    With Saturn's demise, Buick was selected to market a few rebadged Opel cars. For example, the current Insignia is marketed here as the Buick Regal, a key vehicle in the brand's turnaround.

    The timing for the new car's introduction has not been determined. Also uncertain is the assembly site, either in Germany or the United States. It's not known if the car will keep the Astra name.

    The three-door Buick will share GM's compact front-drive platform with the Chevrolet Cruze and Buick's upcoming Verano sedan. Verano sales begin this fall,

    The Verano will be equipped with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine producing an estimated 177 hp and 170 pounds feet of torque. A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine will be offered at a later date.

    The Astra GTC will be offered in Europe with a range of engines, including an engine producing as estimated 300 horsepower.

    A Buick spokesman said the brand would not talk about future vehicle plans."

    This reminds me of the old Buick tag line, "Wouldn't you really rather own a Buick?" I don't know about this Astra, but Buicks are getting more appealing.
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