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2008 Dodge Rampage!



  • 79customd79customd Posts: 87
    If the Rampage comes to pass, then what?
    Dodge pops the Hemi in it too? Dodge has the Hemi in their trucks, cars, station wagon, and the Rampage is gonna be car based right? Minivan Hemi??? :confuse:

    Dodge ought to put some serious thought into researching a new engine that is about a 3.0L V6 that they can dub the SEMI HEMI :P

    Dodge has totally abused the Hemi. Back in the 70s. The Hemi was rare and only found in muscle cars. in trucks and statio wagons? SEMI HEMI would at least get better mileage and would not be against history. I dunno maybe thats just me talking. ;)

    Tubb Bilford Jr
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    So the Dakota is down over 40%. Having sold for Dodge this year, the Dakota has the anti-buzz going for it. That's kinda why I created this forum!

    The Rampage can't take down Tacoma, even with a Hemi, but it can pass Ranger/Frontier/Colorado.

    Colorado is even sorrier than Dakota! Or just as sorry (that's a tough one!) :confuse:

    Considering the size of the Rampage concept, I'd bet on whatever high end V-6 that goes into the Chrysler Minivan for 2008, and the Hemi being the engine lineup.

    Finally, the 4.7 gets a room in Retirement Village! Woo-Hoo! :)

    I must fill out my survey now.

  • Finally at least the Dak waont be competing with the Ram for sales. The Dak is down 40%? Dag! Dodge better drop that fast before it pulls them under. Thats still kinda funny that dodge is replacing the Dak with a Caravan based truck! Its humorus to me!
  • i can see why they are not selling the Dakota. The stering colum is to low! I am 6'3" 230lbs. and i can not get my lags under the colum. If i did i would have the stering wheel in my chest. and i could not put my lags straight. Now this new one looks cooler and is longer but they put it behind the seat and took seat room from it. If they will stop having short people making these cars and trucks and put the room back in them. I was going to buy one till i found i could not get in it and i would say noone fits in it but short people like ladys! Trucks are a man think so make them for us USA men not the Japan men. I hope this new truck fits better thats all i can say or the same thing will happen to this truck, noone buying.
  • If you read the article about it on you'll understand why this truck most likely wont be produced but rather one of their many test vehicles to test the waters for a dakota replacement. If your to lazy to click on that link and read the article this is the reasoning on why they wont produce this (This is pretty clearly a "what if" concept that stretches the boundaries; it's a test of ideas, not a look at an actual, upcoming vehicle. In short, don't expect to see a Dodge Rampage in 2008 or 2009; it probably won't happen. We might see something based on the Dakota (who decided that Dodge didn't need a compact or mid-sized pickup, but needed two full-size pickups, anyway?) or the Mitsubishi compact pickup; or we might not. But a Hemi-powered front-wheel-drive vehicle with the potential to have a temporary rear-wheel weight bias (when loaded up) is a lawsuit magnet.) < for the whole article
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    FWD is not an option, but Hemi, cool retro name, and "I'm a good-looking Ridgeline" style are essential for the Rampage!

    If they keep the Dakota name, after this dud, there is no hope for the Chrysler in the mid-size market.

    Haven't seen a more perfect name for a P/U since they were actually named "Pickup"!

  • Yeah straight up Honda Ridgeline! There's 3 reasons why this doesn't stand a chance in h... well you know. 1. The obvious - it's ugly! 2. Another truck is not what Chrysler needs - ask the guys that wanted the Gladiator. 3. With Chrysler about to be offered up on the auction block I'd say everything on the drawing board will be cancelled.
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Poorly, the Rampage can only come as part of the 2009 Ram redesign, which has been stated at AllPar's site.

    Having seen the Rampage again last month, I hope the Rampage has a major influence over the next Ram, and not the Nitro's styling, which hasn't exactly set the market afire.

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