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Toyota Highlander Transmission Problems



  • I'm running into the same issue with my Toyota Highlander 2002 with 107,500 miles. Have you found any suggestions or fixes to this issue?
  • I had the knock sensors replaced and vehicle is working perfectly.
  • I have a 2008 HL with about 120k miles. I have a transmission seal leak - for some reason there is no where to find a replacement. My mechanic has looked ALL OVER including 4 different Toyota Dealers. How is it that the maker of the car cannot supply parts for repairs???? I still owe on this car and now I am stuck with a car that cannot be fixed! Do they do this just so you HAVE to replace the whole transmission??? This is my first and last HL. I have never had this type of issue with my Camry. Toyota should offer at least market rate for my car so that I can get a different car that can actually be fixed! I would be happy with a certified Camry at this rate!
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