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Volkswagen Passat Oil Changes & Issues



  • jbeaver2jbeaver2 Posts: 4
    Get the large can oil filter and mobile1 0W-40 at auto parts store. Change oil every 10k miles checking the oil every week to make sure you don't run low. If your low oil pressure light ever comes on shut off the engine ASAP, let the engine cool and take to garage. Engine probably has sludge in it and the oil pump screen is blocked. You then will need to get the engine cleaned, a process that will cost around $1,000. Transmission is sealed however I was told to have the fluid changed and filter replaced at 100k miles.
    Also change the timing belt and water pump every 80-90K miles to prevent engine damage.
  • mahaffeymahaffey Posts: 5
    How can you tell if the timing belt has been changed? My passat came from a auction
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    mahaffey: To add an exclamation point to shipo's overview: NO, NO, NOT put anything other than VW 502.00 spec synthetic in your rig. Mobil 1 0W-40 would meet that spec, and would be a good choice. There are a few 5W-30 brands that meet the spec, but I'm guessing that Mr. Oil Change Dude screwed it up. I would go back and ask for verification, and if it's NOT a 502.00, would demand that they remove the incorrect oil and put in the good stuff. I don't trust any of the quickie oil change outlets, as they generally have no idea what the hell they are doing when it comes to VW and Audi specs, so I change my own. If you're not a DIY guy, then bring in your own 502.00 and pay for them to change it. There are a lot of 1.8Ts and 2.0Ts out there running with the wrong oil, and sadly, many of them are slowly sludging up. vwdawg
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    All great points, except with VW sludge problems, I would not change the oil at more than 5,000 between changes. Some concerned owners do it every 3,000...much cheaper than replacing the engine (or taking the car to the salvage yard!). vwdawg
  • Hi, I had my oil changed to mobile 1 0-w40 , I feel relieved. tomorrow i have a very good he mechanic looking to see if the timing belt has been changed. The nuts do not look like they have been touched. thanks to all
  • Well at least I'm not alone. I bought my 2006 VW Passat 2.0T in October of 2011. It had 25k miles on it and was out of warranty due to the age, but I bought it from a car dealer I've bought several cars from and didn't anticipate anything like what has happened.

    The car now has 31,000 miles on it. I had oil changed with correct weight synthetic oil at 30,000 miles. Since Monday, May 21, 2011, it has been sitting at Coastal Volkswagen in Hanover, MA. It's sitting there because they are telling me there is no oil pressure in engine and that the entire engine needs to be replaced. This is surreal. I haven't had the car long enough to do any damage to it. It had been making a noise and it sounded like a diesel and i took it to 2 different mechanics (not VW personnel) and they couldn't find out what was wrong with it. So to VW I go on Monday.

    They play dumb, the oil pressure/sludge/engine failure was with the 1.8 not the 2.0 and that I better take it up with VW Customer CARE. Ha ha. I've supplied them with the bill of sale, the copy of the oil change, and I'm still waiting for a regional case manager to contact me. This is ridiculous. Obviously, this is a problem VW is familiar with and they should pay to fix the entire engine. So I'm renting a car, waiting to hear from them. Are there class action lawsuits out there for this? I'm new to this forum, but I tell you, I want them to fix/replace engine.

    I don't even want this car anymore. But I'm stuck with it. Any suggestions are most appreciated.

    Stuck with Passat
  • i meant since monday, may 21, 2012. haven't even had car seven months. I did love this car. I have fallen out of love with it. VW should stand by their products. While my car aged out of warranty protection. I have maintained it properly and there is such a thing as an implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, e.g. a car with 25,000 miles on it, shouldn't need a whole new engine at 31,000 miles on it. Clearly there is a defect in design. I'm just looking for some positive feedback from anyone with similar problems who got VW to play ball.
  • lservelserve Posts: 50
    Sorry, your situation sounds bad. Regardless of what they have told you, there have been issues with the earlier versions of the 2.0 engines. When I purchased my '07 I did my homework and was told the issues with the 1.8 were in the past. Although I haven't seen as much on these boards regarding sludge problems in the 2.0 there have been numerous complaints regarding excessive oil burning. After a deteriorating situation my dealer ran a consumption test and performed a ring job @50k. This did not appear to be a new situation to them. Even when consumption is not extreme, oil needs to be checked on this engine every 1k miles.
  • Best thing to do is to check with the guys at Jiffy Lube regarding the specs. You can also call up VW Customer Service and speak to them. The dealership will probably tell you that you should only get the oil changed there since they want your business. But VW Customer Svc should actually give you a pretty unbiased opinion.

    I used to work for a VW dealership so it''s based on personal experience.

    good luck,

    Internet researcher and contributor through article writers
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Welcome to the forums, and thanks for sharing the info on oil changes.

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  • I'll never buy another VW again. I've been reading horror stories like yours on new and used VW's for decades, especially 2.0 T's. A lot of bad things have been said about VW dealers as well.

    I just bought a 2012 Camry LE. Not one problem in 1300 miles. The oil dipstick still reads full and the oil is still crystal clear. As much as I like how VW's drive, reliability is a big issue with me. Toyota seems to have gotten it right with this new Camry after having a few issues with the last two generations.
  • jeem8jeem8 Posts: 3
    Back in February we started noticing loss of power while accelerating. About a week later on the way home from work the loss of power became much worse, the car had difficultly accelerating to 55 mph, then the "low oil pressure" warning came on as I was approaching my house. This was the first time I have ever seen the oil light come on. I pulled over, checked the oil level and looked for oil leakage under the car, and found nothing. I then arranged to have it towed to the in Boulder, CO from our house in Longmont (17 miles).

    The dealership informed me that these issues were probably due to the high pressure fuel pump and the camshaft issues common with this engine. I had received a letter advising me of an extended warranty to cover these issues. I was also told that these issues were a probable cause of the low oil pressure issues.

    When performing that warranty work they discovered damage to the camshafts and their bearings due to lack of lubrication. They thought the damage was extensive enough that an engine replacement may be necessary.

    To get a second option I had the car towed to my local mechanic that specializes in Audi, Volkswagen and other German cars. They pulled the oil pan and inspected one of the cylinders and found it to be in decent shape. They found metal shavings in the oil. They felt that the failure of the high pressure fuel pump and camshaft were a likely cause of the engine damage.

    Ended up replacing the cylinder head and the oil pump.

    Definitely the WORST quality car I have ever owned. Would never buy a Volkswagen.

    To top it off, after spending nearly $7000 on the engine rebuild, the AC Compressor has now failed, a common problem in 2006 Passats.
  • neveragainvw3neveragainvw3 Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    @ jeem8 - Reading your post brought me to tears.

    Am the depressed owner of a 2006 VW Passat 2.0T. I bought the car brand new of the lot in 2006, and has had nothing but mechanical problems ever since. With the car notes, and car repair burdens, I have encountered keeping up with regular maintenance.

    Friday, July 6 – 2nd encounter of Oil Pressure signal/Engine Failure alarm; incidentally, Engine light came on:

    First encounter was June 28 or 29th, the warning bells went off. The dashboard warning signal indicated “turn off engine, oil pressure low”. I was soooooo disturbed because a week before that, I replaced the - a/c compressor system ($900). The a/c compressor system complete failure according to VW service. So easy to say, how traumatized I was when the - Oil Pressure signal/Engine Failure alarmed. Had car towed to Gaithersburg, MD VW and was told it was related to slug in oil in the system and would perform a oil change along with some “unknown” inspection to verify the oil pressure was balanced ($300). I was also told at that time – The Engine L, Replacement of Vacuum Pipe ($200). I have never felt so taken advantage of.

    (Background – my car repairs with VW go back to 2006, the very year I bought my car. Within that year, I had transmission problems. High-Insight is 20/20. If I knew back then what I know now- if I understood the what when’s whys and how’s- now its clear to me what I should’ve done- but hindsight is 20/20 vision. Now, even if the gas light rings, my heart jumps out of my chest! I believe I am suffering from VW PSTD. Within the next few weeks, I plan to gather all my service records since 2006 until Current, upload to a PDF file and post to this account, as well on my Facebook. If I can save someone from the financial burden, stress, and fear, I need to do so!)

    As I started to mention above – the Second encounter today, July 6 - the warning bells went off AGAIN after shelving out $300 on July 5th for a Oil Change, I found myself with the same issue within 1 day. The Sales Manager, “JASON”, said “told you this might not fix the problem” – WHAT!!! Why on earth would I pay $300 to a company that manufacturers the vehicle on a wing-‘n-a-prayer! He initially told me they did a ‘diagnostic test’ and the results indicated oil change and possible sluggage. PERIOD! I paid, and they lied! (Today, Jason said "the oild change was no guarantee. )To compound the issue, today's temperature in Maryland reached 105 and I had my grandson in car with me when I made the call to VW and was told by “Brad” to turn off my car and would call me back in 30 mins because they were in a meeting!!!! After insisting I speak to“JASON”, he said, “I am not going to argue with you”. Why is my insisting to speak to the Service Manager, in a time of crisis ‘an argument’?? -Customer Service is another can of worms! Back to today, Jason then informs me that “the engine will likely have to be pulled apart for us to get a closer look” – CHA-CHING, CHA-CHING, CHA-CHING, HELL NO! At this point, my car is on the highway until I can figure out a solution to my own problem without it costing me my health.

    @jeem8 – did replacing the cylinder head and oil pump – resolve the Oil Pressure Warning? What was your repair cost?

    Initiate NEW Lawsuit – [non-permissible content removed]. I personally think this German manufacturer is doing is criminal negligence. They know they are selling a ‘lemon’, a substandard vehicle, and they continue to get away with it.

    (Previous Class Action Lawsuit – It appears this issue has a history with VW/Audi: - sludge-class-action-lawsuit-settlement.)

    (VW 2006 PASSAT 2.0T Complaints/Issues:

    (VW 2006 PASSAT 2.0T Recalls:

    *(VW 2006 PASSAT 2.0T Consumer Report:
    Many postings but unable to respond or get the posters email address.

    In an effort of condolences, I called VW Customer Care, which I was offerd $1,000 towards a new VW!!!! (ARE THEY KIDDING ME!!) Tonight I am exhausted and cannot mentally wrap my mind around what to do – for now, I will continue to research and start compiling my records to see if an attorney will take my case.
  • Class Action Lawsuit for 1998-2004 VW Passat - see Administrator website
  • jeem8jeem8 Posts: 3
    @ neveragainvw3

    Yes, the new (used) cylinder head and oil pump fixed the oil pressure problem. Of course, we are wondering when it will happen again since there has been no real explanation on what caused the problem. Well, there has been one offered -- that the failure of the intake camshaft and high-pressure fuel pump (HPFP) caused initial damage, and the resulting metal shavings caused other problems in engine... Of course, VW denies the two could ever be related, even though the major problems happened just after the camshaft/HPFP broke.

    VW should be embarrassed they made such a poor quality car. Never again is right!
  • I too have had low oil problems and was told it was normal for a 6 year old vehicle, so I have been carrying a bottle of oil in my trunk with me everywhere I go. Just today they told me I need a new transmission for $4200! I have about 95,000 miles on it and have also kept all of my service records and never missed 5,000 mile oil change. I am very unhappy with my VW experience and will not purchase again, even though today they offered me a $1500 incentive to buy a new one!? Are they joking?? That won't even begin to cover the 2nd year of expenses!!!!
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    barbies: Find yourself a good independent shop that can locate a decent used tranny for your half of that quoted cost. Then sell that Passat and check into a used BMW, Volvo, Infiniti, or Acura. Or if you want a dependable but boring car, maybe a Toyota. I have a 2002 keeps running, but I just gave up on trying to cure the endless electronic and other nickel-dime crap that drives me up the wall. vwdawg
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hello All: This is actually for my 2006 Golf. I have never like VW's "auto lock" feature which locks all the doors as soon as the car reaches about 10 MPH. I have access to a VAG COM, but can't figure out the procedure which disables the auto lock. Local dealer says "Oh, sure, we can do it...just fork over $100 and we'll take care of it". When I asked the service guy if I could get the code, he suddenly claimed ignorance..."I don't know, that's the tech's domain". OK V-dub...I've owned seven V-dubs and Audi' that the best you can do for a longtime loyal customer (soon to be ex-customer)? Feedback anybody? Thanks! vwdawg
  • I also have a 2007 VW Passat with major oil consumption issues. I purchased the car in September of 2010. It was VW certified and although the mileage was high 71,000 they assured me it was certified and that if anything were to go wrong I would be fully covered. The day I purchased the car the check engine light came on and I immediately brought the car back to the VW dealer. They assured me it was just a sensor and re-set it, which is what they obviously did before selling the car to me. 3 weeks later the oil pressure to low SHUT ENGINE OFF light came on. Again, I brought the car in and they said it was not a problem that VWs burn oil and that it was normal. They put 3 quarts of oil in and said the issue was resolved. Topping oil off is not fixing an oil burning problem, they should have realized then 3 weeks after I purchased the car that something was wrong, I knew it then and kept bringing the car in. SO many things were going wrong with the car the first few months but every time I would bring it in they would tell me that the car was FUNCTIONING AS DESIGNED... For over a year I have been putting 4-5 quarts of synthetic oil in the car every week yes- EVERY WEEK .. I have stopped going to VW because they act like i am crazy and that nothing is wrong. Last month the engine went in the car due to the oil consumption problem and I have 11,300 left on the loan of the car. I am no longer in warranty and VW says that because the mileage is high they cannot help me.. even though I have documents proving that I kept bringing the car in as stated above. I feel that the dealer or VW should have to provide me with a new engine because within the first 30 days of purchasing the car ( and within lemon law limits) and throughout the time of warranty the issue continued to go unfixed, now I am out of warranty and they cannot help me, but if they helped me while I was still under warranty I would not be without my car right now... Is their some class action suit I can join or some other recourse I can take???
  • dpnvadpnva Posts: 5
    I would not waste my time trying to join or get involved with class action suites. They do not pay for your car problems, return a few dollars at best spread about, and are mainly a true waste of time.

    Have you taken your car to another VW dealer yet? If not, I would do that!!!
    There are variances in the quality of service personnel and how service depts. are run at different dealers (applies to any make of vehicle). Sounds as if the dealer you have been going to is just a total loss in regards to service. You have a major problem obviously if you are using as much oil per week as you claim. I would not be driving the car but have it in a reputable shop somewhere for a thorough eval of what is wrong. Even a recommended and/or qualified independent shop can diagnose your car’s problems.

    As far as getting VW to pay for any repairs, another ballgame. You will have to pay out of pocket first. Then have to prove (with the help of a competent mechanic) that the problem(s) existed before you bought the vehicle. Very hard to do usually. You will have to hound and contact VW corporate consistently (but in a courteous manner at all times) in order to have a chance. Remember, that being polite in all your dealings will get you far more than yelling, screaming, and bitching. They are all use to that and will tune you out immediately.

    I am wishing you the best of luck and hope you get your car’s problems resolved at least. Keep us updated.
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Check with your state's commerce department, too. There may be a "lemon law" in effect that may help you, although most of those laws are meant for new vehicle purchases. You also should file a claim directly with VW America corporate...they occasionally will pay up, as they actually DID for me when my cat converter failed due to their crappy "coil on plug" coils that failed and caused unburned fuel to contaminate the converter on my '02 Passat 1.8T. I am also happy to report that I sold my 2006 Golf yesterday. Basically a good car, but a number of the usual electrical and other annoying problems along the way that tried my patience to the point where I am saying sayonara to the VW brand, possibly forever (although in a fit of insanity, I did pick up a mint 2003 A6 Avant in AZ last year, and it has been a good vehicle...of course, airbag light and CEL go on and off intermittently!). After mixed results on 6 or 7 V-dubs and Audi's over the last ten years, I'm sticking with Volvo (have had three great S-60s over the last five years), and maybe try a Beemer next time I buy a used rig). Good luck to ya! VW Dawg
  • Is anybody aware of a class action suit against Volkswagen with regards to the 2.0T engine problems ?? I purchased a 2007 Passat wagon in August 2007 ,have had oil consumption and misfiring problems for a few years now. Have taken the car to two different VW dealers and other VW specialists in my area . They all say the same thing ,that it's normal for the 2.0T to burn oil and to make sure that you always have a spare litre or two in the trunk. Sometimes on take off or going up a steep grade a huge puff of blue smoke would come out the tailpipe and it would misfire like crazy. At around 100000kms the dealer said that I need a ring job$3800. Took it to this garage that has been in business for years , servicing only VW's . They said it was the turbo charger , they installed a new one , worked better for about a week and a half. Anyway this is a long story , My engine died this past July with 165000 kms on it , VW installed a used 2.0T from a wreck with 79000kms on it $5800 later , I drove away , working good ,how ever it was burning oil . A month and a half later , without any warning , the same thing happened ,car started vibrating and the engine was clunking , towed to the VW dealer , no compression , goodbye engine #2 with less than 80000kms on it. Called VW of Canada , wouldn't help , wouldn't acknowledge that the car was a lemon from day 1. In my 40 some years of driving , this was the worst lemon ever and no assistance from the VW people . Will never buy a VW again . The car itself is in mint condition , just can't drive it . What a waste of money .
  • Your situation sounds bad. I don't know of any class actions regarding the car. No question there was some type of manufacturing or engineering problem with the engine. In my case VW covered rings at 50k under warranty which helped. Now at 120k miles the oil consumption has again worsened to about 750 miles/qrt. Only defense is to check it regularly.
  • hamptonpassathamptonpassat Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    Well I have tried every thing to get help from Vokswagen dealers , Volkswagen Canada, Volkswagen USA , the VW dealer that I purchased my Passat 2.0T from and nobody is willing to do anything about the faulty 2.0T engine , they will not take ownership of their problem . I spent $9500 on my 2007 Passat on repairs to my 2.0T engine over the past 18 months and now the engine is dead after 102000 miles . VW USA will not even respond to me .I tried VW in Germany , they won't respond to me . It has to be the biggest lemon any car manufacturer has ever made , yet VW will not admit their mistake . Well this is my last VW and I will do my best to make sure that anybody that I know will never own one either . What a nightmare this has been.
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