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Nissan Frontier Maintenance and Repair



  • asaasa Posts: 359
    If your '05 is making enough noise to replicate an 18-wheeler, the culprit may be your secondary timing chain tensioners. (These connect to the overhead cams). The VQ-40 engine in your truck has had a run of bad tensioner and chain parts and the trouble covers all years. If you shift into neutral, rev the engine and hear an unusual loud whine, it's likely that your tensioners have gone bad.
  • whould the tensioners be connected to/control the fan speed in any way? If I'm in neutral, idle,or rolling the sound is gone. Only after I give it some gas,rev to about 2500+ does the fan noise come back. It seems the faster the rps go the faster the fan a point.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    No, tensioner noise would have no link to fan noise. The fan is probably operated by a thermostat in the cooling system. Could the thermostat have gone bad maybe?
  • eroc1eroc1 Posts: 4
    Changed knock sensor as described in the forum and STILL the same crap--nobody seems to be able to figure it out. Random missing andno rhyme or reason--just continuing to drive--have no choice!
  • cwo4cwo4 Posts: 90
    I have an 09 Frontier Crew Cab SE.
    Well a rock hit the passenger edge of the windshield the other day. Now I have a horizontal crack about 12 inches across. Over the past year I have had a "star" in the middle repaired and numerous little dings all over the windshield. (1) Anyone else having bad luck with their Frontier windshield? and (2) would a bug deflector help in the future? Otherwise I love my truck. 36,000 miles in the first year. I've driven it as far north as Great Lakes, IL, far south as Baton Rouge LA, far east as Virginia Beach VA and far west as Austin TX. Always a pleasure to drive long distances in it.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    You might want to check with your insurer, as the state I live in requires that windshield damages are repaired at no charge.

    I have the Nissan bug deflector; I'm not sure how much good it does. I've not had a cracked windshield, but it's only a matter of time I think. :(
  • Hi, I did the SAME thing, did you ever find a diagram of the assemply?

    Steve Bradle
  • halfpackhalfpack Posts: 1
    I have an '07 and changed to synthetic @ first recommended oil change. I only
    use Amsoil synthetic.It was the first synthetic and is far better than Mobil 1
    or Castrol.It has a very high boiling point and will pour at 20 below zero.Plus
    you only have to change your oil every 25,000 miles (I will change mine at
    20,000) and the filter (also Amsoil)every 6 months.It filters down to 5 microns.
    I have 15,000 miles on the oil now and it looks like I changed it yesterday.It
    may be a little expensive,but it is well worth it in protection and the $$ saved
    with conventional oil & 3,000 mile oil changes.
  • hey I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier Matalic Blue with many chipping spots the biggest on my drivers door. Looking to find out what nissan did to help u fix yr truck My truck was in great shape untill the paint started chipping after i hand washed my truck I'm looking to find anyone that is having a 2003 or better that is having any chipping problems i feel Nissan should be held resposible for truck and all trucks with this problem. If more than 20 we can do a Class Action thanks from Bayside NY
  • :mad: hey I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier Matalic Blue with many chipping spots the biggest on my drivers door. Looking to find out what nissan did to help u fix yr truck My truck was in great shape untill the paint started chipping after i hand washed my truck I'm looking to find anyone that is having a 2003 or better that is having any chipping problems i feel Nissan should be held resposible for truck and all trucks with this problem. If more than 20 we can do a Class Action thanks from Bayside NY
  • i have the same on mine and have been researching this,and what ive come up with is there using a cheap paint and tyhey should be held at fault
  • Thanks for responding to my post my question to u is Do u have the same paint color the Elec blue. I contacted Nissan North America and they won't help me,Due that my truck is 7 years old. I to think that Any truck 7 years old or more shouldn't have the paint chipping off after paying more than$26,000. What esle do you think i should try next to force Nissan to help me, its now Nov and i'm now afraid or the winter month to come any help would be great thanks .
  • In July I purchased a new 2010 Nissan Frontier Pro 4X4 replacing my 2001 Frontier. No complaints there- just wore out. But with the new purchase I quickly discovered that when stopped on a hill, while in drive, the vehicle rolls backwards. It will similarly roll forward if in reverse and stopped when backing up.
    I now know there is a “Hill start assist” that allows the driver to stop on an incline, release the brake and not roll back for two seconds.” See manual p.5-37. But after two seconds the vehicle rolls as if in neutral and will roll backwards unimpeded. Some assist. As effective as the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    Unaware of this “assist” I reported the problem to the dealership (who I have worked with satisfactorily for 20 years) and I was told to bring it in. After their review – of which the tech guy tested another new vehicle and discovered it rolled back as well - I was informed that “the vehicle was operating normally.” The Service Manager told me that when on a hill I would have to “two pedal it.”

    I contacted the Nissan North America consumer affairs department and asked “Why does Nissan think that a transmission design that has their vehicles rolling backwards (or forwards) when on hills is acceptable? Why is there not a bright light warning to consumers/owners?” After three months I am waiting for an answer.

    My frustration is that I wasn’t informed prior to the purchase – and further that the condition is acceptable. Whereas you mention it to anybody and the response is “That’s not right.”

    Consequently I have tested a new Toyota Tacoma. It rolls back too.
  • hrg88hrg88 Posts: 1
    I have a paint chipping problem on a 2010 Frontier. It is the long wheelbase (crew cab long bed). It was fine until this winter where road salt removed a patch of paint in front of both rear wheels just in front of the way too small clear paint protection film. The area is about 3 X 3 on each side. I have only seen this happen on LWB trucks and also only red. In December, the paint was perfect, by the end of February it has been blasted off by road salt. The spray from the front tires hits from right in front of the clear protector to the wheel well opening. On short wheelbase trucks, it seems to hit the rear tires. This seems to be a design flaw with the size of the protector and a quality issue with the paint. Nissan was no help, saying it was from the roads and the BBB said they can't help because it is not a workmanship issue. Anyone else have this problem?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Out of curiosity, after removing your foot from the brake, did you expect the vehicle to hold its position unitil you pressed the gas pedal?
  • colohuntercolohunter Posts: 17
    Hello fellow nissaners. I have a 95 King Cab SE V6. The passenger side - side view mirror cracked and fell off. Anybody know who sells after market replacements at a fair price. Also looking for the exact same mirror for the wife's Honda 2000 Accord? Any help there also appreciated.
  • chas75chas75 Posts: 1
    yes, go to The handle is $6.52. Shipping is 13.00 plus change Tel: 888.251.1214. Hope this helps. If you get replacement instruction with the handle, let me know. Thanks. Chas
  • My 2011 frontier V-6 crew has a droaning noise under load when the engine seems to be lugging a bit. Sounds like it may be coming from the muffler or (exhaust) tail pipe. I tipped the tail pipe with a stainles tip with built in reonator which seemed to help somewhat. Yesterday I was under the vehicle adjusting one of the muffler mounting insulators and noticed, what would normall be spot welds on the outside of the muffler in the areas where the internal baffles would normally be spot welded to the outer case. I found open holes about 1/8 th. inch in diameter. You could actually poke a small screw driver in and see the edege of the baffle move. I have never seen anything like this before. I am wondering if this is normal or if my muffler may have been skipped in the welding process letting the baffles drum and vibrate under certain engine load and r.p.m. Will some one check your muffler and post back what you find.
  • I'm having the same problem on a gray truck. Nissan said it's not covered under warranty. Not to happy. As it happened only after one winter.
  • My 2003 Frontier started chipping away several years ago, but only a couple of small spot,which I tried to keep in check with toouch up paint. Earlier this year the drivers side rear bed just completely sheared away in 1 day. This is when I decided to contact Nissan. I have been stonewalled the entire time & will NEVER buy another Nissan product. I am still working on it & will update if I get any progress.
  • tarrigotarrigo Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    My air conditioning stopped working. The steps I take to determine that it is not working is the normal ones I would take if I was turning it on. So here is what happens:

    1) Turn the knob so it is set to max AC
    2) I then hit the AC button and the Circulation button
    3) Both lights come on for AC and Circulation.
    4) I turn the 0-4 knob up to 4, but when i go past 2 the AC light turns off and I get no air

    Wanted to know if these symptoms are familiar to anyone and if you have some thoughts on what might be causing that. I want to educate myself a bit before I have it repaired. It did work recently for a minute or two. Then, while working, the AC light and the Circulation light sort of rapidly turned off and on and then it went back to not working.

    Thank you
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