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Dodge Charger: Real World MPG

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • Took a trip to Atlanta ( monday night game) from Gainesville Fl in my R/t . First real test of highway mileage. I was cruising at 80 most of the way . I got just alittle over 25 mpg..Not too bad !!
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    My SXT on my first tank I got 21.5 that was half highway and half city.It should get better when you get more miles and everything gets broken in.My last car started getting better MPG around 2000miles.Soon as my air filter needs changing then I'll put in a K&N filter.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    My last tankfull of gas I averaged 19.3.I have only 900 miles so it should improve.I just put in a K&N air filter and still on this last tank,but I see a differance in my miles so far that looks better.I will update my mileage on
    my next fill up. :)
  • I own a Charger RT with the Road & Track Performance group. I only have 700 miles on the car but so far I've only been averaging 14-15 miles per gallon which is terrible. I've also been using 87 octane gas. How much would my gas mileage improve with the 89 octane gas?
  • Hello Charger fans:
    I've been driving my R/T since July of 2005. I live in a snow area and the charger has handled everything well so far. It has 10,204 miles on it. I did install the K&N filter and get about 18.4 mpg most of the time. It has seen snow and gone by new Mustangs on hilly areas without a fishtail. I'veowned (2) Corvettes and this car by far would eat them alive. If you love the feel of being king of the road try one. I may upgrage to the SRT8 or at least think about.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    On my last tankfull of gas with the K&N is got 18 mpg.I put
    my stock filter on my last fill up and got 20 mpg,all city
    driving,and driving normal on this tank full.Plus I lost
    performance with the K&N.
  • flwolveflwolve Posts: 7
    What am I doing wrong? I can't get the mpg past 13-14. Most of it is city driving but it's not stop and go city driving. I have the RT and am using 87 octane gas. How much would my mileage improve if I switched to 89?
  • ubersrt8ubersrt8 Posts: 1
  • srt8uupsrt8uup Posts: 4
    How can anyone buying a 350hp (RT) or 425hp (srt8) say anything about bad gas milage. If you bought your car worrying about gas then you should have bought an economy car. Anyone who buys an SRT8 which carries a gas guzzler tax and even looks to see how many mpg they are getting should sell it immediately because you cant afford it. Yes my SRT8 is a gas guzzling freak ..yes i spend alot of time pumping premium into her ...and yes gas is going higher....BUT WHO CARES !!! Give me 425hp that i can drive daily and "pin you to the seat" acceleration and the smile on your face and the rush of adrenaline justifies it all.
  • srt8uupsrt8uup Posts: 4
    Uber i would be interested in knowing what you think of the K&N Air. Also what is a "tranny flash"? I have an SRT8 Charger and have been considering several mods. Did you do the exhaust yet?
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I failed to mention that my Charger is a SXT with the 3.5.
    If I had a R/T I would run the 89,thats what I run in mine,and its recommended in yours.Don't hot rod it,check your tire pressure,get rid of dead weight in your car,thats the best way to get mileage.With a R/T its hard to drive without getting into it.If you want good MPGs you have to drive like theres a egg under your gas pedal.Good Luck
  • My 1st tank was around town and highway and I got 17.4 mpg.
    Last weekend took my daughter off to college, which was 175 miles each way. Went 65/70 on the way down and got 24.5 mpg. Went 70+ on the way back and got 21.5. I think you could get 25+ at 65 if you went easy on the gas pedal-no two lane passing.
  • But I do know that with gas prices well over $2 per gallon it's very important to many people. Someone asked if it would help mileage to go up in octane levels. QuickTrip has answered your question: The Premium Myth

    As for me I only have 300 miles on my car and probably won't have over 3000 for another year so my 12.67 mpg figure shouldn't affect anyone's factoring!
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    I rented a 2007 Charger SXT and drove it round trip from Indianapolis to Minneapolis, and back. The distance between cities is approximately 600 miles. Driving between 65 and 75 mph, the car returned 28 miles per gallon. This car had the 3.5 V6 (250 hp) and the 5-speed auto-stick. Not bad for a big Dodge! My first car was a '67 Chrysler with a 270 hp V8. It got 12 MPG on a good day with a tailwind. Technology is a beautiful thing!
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    After 6000 miles on my Charger SXT I was able to obtain 19 mpg almost all city. This is a great improvement from 14.8 mpg the first few thousand miles. The warmer temps are helping too. This is good for a large and heavy RWD with 250HP.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I'm glad your mileage came up.I think the Dual exhaust also helped,it helped my mileage.
  • Still breaking in my car. It has about 2000 miles so far. SE model with 3.5L engine option. I'm getting 17 mpg in all city driving here in LA. On a long trip up to SF I got 27 on the way up doing normal driving in the 70-80 mph range. I tried going slow on the way back - averaging in the 60s I would say. As low as 55 at one point. I got 30 overall on that tank. (Measured manually.) (Loving the car btw :)
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    On my last tank of gas I got 20.3,on this tank,I got my highest so far which was 20.6.This is all city driving.The dual exhuast,plus running premium has alot to do with this.I'm very happy with my Charger so far after 2 years,its been a great car.I just turned 6k miles a couple of weeks ago.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    On a trip to Tallahassee the other day using all interstate driving, we got 28.3 MPG. This was figured using the full tank to full tank method. Car is a 2007 Charger SXT 3.5V6 with spoiler.
  • I have been using a Charger SE with the 2.7 liter V6 engine this week. I am getting 30 MPG on my commute, 50% highway and 50% stop and go, 40 miles each way.
    Amazing for such a heavy car! The ride is very comfortable and there is more than enough power. You barely hear the engine at 70.
  • todd7todd7 Posts: 16
    So far I'm averaging 13-15mpg in the city and a high of 23mpg on the highway. Given the performance of this car, I'm satisfied with that
  • RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!! Im glad you said it I was thinking same thing!
    I enjoy my R/T, very much!
  • I commute about 65 miles a day, gas mileage is important.

    Best real world highway mileage???
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Sorry for such a late reply. Straight highway in my 2008 RT with the R&T package I get about 22-24 MPG doing 75-80mph. When I drive mostly city I see about 13 mpg. My wife gets about 15-16 mpg with more of a combined city/highway commute (and probably less of a lead foot).
  • We took our 2006 SRT8 to Cali from PHX in 08 and drove it on the I-1 or PCH and got a surprising 25 mpg for the whole trip. In town my wife and I are getting about 18 mpg. Of course when I get in it drops to about 17.8 mpg. But thats not bad ether. The figures are not calculated using the fill up tank method, these numbers come from the display in the dash. Pay caution though for whoever does read these numbers, if you leave the key in the acc position the mpg readout will drop as if the car were on and you were parked. Perhaps Chrysler corrected this after 06. So far we love this car. I was a little disappointed with the cheap plastic but after purchasing a 2008 Malibu, I now know what real cheap plastic is. The blinker switch is in the wrong location, too bad Chrysler couldn't move it up 2 inches.
  • jagon91jagon91 Posts: 1
    I really don't see how y'all are getting the mpg's like y'all are. I will drive like the most fuel efficient person in the world and still only get a max of 20.4 hwy. I have done everything to raise the mpgs but nothing works at all. I am ready to just give it up and buy something else... I didn't buy it for fuel economy but if i am getting the same mpgs as a v8 i would love to have the power that goes with it!!! :mad:
  • Try resetting it before each trip...if you haven't already.
  • This was just a test drive, but the results I got were amazing.
    2012 Charger SE 3.6/8-speed. I accidentally reset the MPG meter just as we got off the interstate. Over about four miles in town including a couple of stoplights, it showed 32 MPG.
    The meter on my 200 is usually one to two MPG optimistic, even so, this was impressive. I'd like to see if it's repeatable.
    At 60 MPH, the tach showed 1300. That's 46 MPH/1000 RPM in top gear. I bet this is one impressive cruiser.
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