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Lexus IS 250 vs. Mercedes C280

tdreamztdreamz Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Lexus
I can't decide between purchasing the Lexus IS250 AWD or the Mercedes C280 4MATIC.


  • ycamp5ycamp5 Posts: 15
    I can't decide between these two...need input!!!
  • It's not that I can't decide; I think that I am about to. I'm just a little surprised that this thread has generated no discussion.
  • ycamp5ycamp5 Posts: 15
    So the benz or the lexus?
  • richey02hgrichey02hg Posts: 69
    its pretty simple for me, do you want the hassle of the maintenance of a German car or you want the reliability of the Lexus. First and foremost, I want a car that will stay on the road without being in the shop and costing me max dollars
  • ycamp5ycamp5 Posts: 15
    That's what I've heard but mostly from older Benz, think its the same with 2006?

    Thanks so much!
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    Does VIN number of new 06 "Benz" start with a "1" or "J"?
  • ycamp5ycamp5 Posts: 15
    why? I was told all the Benz except the ML are made in abroad.
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    Are they made at Germany or elsewhere in eastern Europe? Do you know?
  • indexcindexc Posts: 8
    I sold my 2003 C230 sedan in March and picked up an IS250 RWD. I got rid of the MB because of fears of upcoming problems, even though I never had a problem during the 3 years and 48,000 miles that I owned the car. I miss my MB, it handled better (and I even have the special order 18" ISP wheels on my IS), the fit and finish inside was better (even though the IS has a few more bells and whistles and the gauges on the dash are phenomenal), and the fit and finish on the exterior was of higher quality (the paint job on my MB which was the pewter color was perfect, I actually have a few defects in the paint of my IS). My opinion is that if you are leasing or planning on selling the car before the warranty is up, I would get the MB. If you like to hold on to a car for a long time, than I would get the Lexus. Hope this helps.
  • dpvoicedpvoice Posts: 2
    I had the same difficulty in choosing between the two, but have settled on the 250. I've been calling around and some dealers have been telling me invoice for them is $30,100 but the Edmunds invoice is $29,104. Can they be different?
  • ycamp5ycamp5 Posts: 15
    I don't know where but the VIN # starts with Vin #WD...what does that mean?
  • ycamp5ycamp5 Posts: 15
    Lexus IS 350 is $35,400 + fees MSRP $38,234

    What do you guys think of this deal?
    I'm deciding between the lexus and the Mercedes C350 sports sedan for $36,234 MSRP $43,105

    any input, thanks

    The maintenance for both cars is equal for the first 30,000 miles. Lexus requires 5000miles maintenace schedule which costs $140 per visit ($500 for 30/60 miles) and Benz requries 13,000 miles schedule of either $234 or $375 A vs B tune ups alternate.
  • Will you lease or buy?
    If you lease will you buyout at lease end or just turn in and get another?
    The 5K on the LEXUS and the 13K on the BENZ are the MINIMUM maintenance requirements set up by the factory.
    Eventhough the BENZ uses Synthetic oil vs. conventional oil in the LEXUS, 13K is way, way, way TOOOO long to go between services. I recommend that with synth you change the oil every 5 to 6K, and with conventional oil every 3K - depending upon driving conditions.
    Why spend ALL that $$ on a car and not take good care of it? The maintenance schedules set up by the manufacturer is the MINIMUM amount of service you can do.
    As for the maintenance being =, in a perfect world yes, in the real world .. NO.
    If you keep the car for 36 months and drive the average of 12K per year, you WILL put at least two sets of brakes on the car and one of those sets you will need to REPLACE (not machine/turn) the rotors (discs)
    Then there are tires - low profile, high performance tires will cost you about 1K or more for all 4. And you will need probably, at a minimum, 1 set over the 3yrs (maybe 2 sets - it all depends on how you drive)
    And then there's Alignments - which should be done at a minimum 2X per year. Would you want to wear out a set of xpensive front tires just because you didn't want to shell out $150.00 for an alignment? (150.00 to save a 500.00 set of tires .. hummm)
    You could always switch to BMW - which includes EVERYTHING xcept tires & gas and physically damaged items that owners create or inflict on their cars.
    You need to drive all the cars and then call around to get real life pricing on maintenance or just look here in Edmunds.
    Remember, opinions are like .. (well you know) EVERYBODY has one!

    GOOD LUCK in your quest

    If it's any consolation I looked at:
    BMW 325
    Audi A4
    Acura TL
    MB C350
    Lexus IS 250

    I ended up special ordering (and buying)
    IS 250
    6 speed manual
    Sports Package
    Madator Mica Red w/Black Leather interior

    Do I have any regrets?

    (P.S. - look at my screen name)
  • ycamp5ycamp5 Posts: 15
    THanks for you input, I guess its lexus then. My question to you is, why didn't you get the IS350 with more comparable hp to what you were looking at vs the IS 250?

    Did you think the price for the IS 350 was reasonable? $35,400. The MB has such better deals but maybe because they're not doing too well?
  • The is 350 DOES NOT come in a manual 6 speed tranny

    Otherwise, I would be driving an IS 350 not an IS 250

    When they do make the 350 in a 6 speed, I am singing up for that!!!
  • pete51pete51 Posts: 20
    I am not sure if I am too late, but until you have truly driven the Benz you won't have a real appreciation for the car. The Lexus is a good car. It really is smooth as silk, but if you want a car that wants to be driven then go with the Benz. The Lexus is going to have more gadgets you can visually see, but the Benz is going to do the thing that you can't see. For what it is worth Mercedes does have a lot minor electrical problems,that break because of the complex engineering, but the engine and it's components are almost bullet proof. I have a 97 E320 with 180K. I have had some electrical issues and oil seal leak, but recently (172K) drove an interstate stretch at 95-100 mph and the Benz did not break a sweat, no shakes, no rattles, no out of control suspension. My mother has a 96 C280 with 165K somewhere around 155K some guys in one of the little Tuner Cars wanted to ride my tail and flash me. I had just put on a new set of Michelins and figured what the heck, lets run and we ran for few exits they could never pass me and it was not because they were blocked. Once they got off their exit I went back to normal driving once again the Benz ran with out breaking a sweat handled going in and out of traffic like a sports car, however it is typically driven like a true luxury car for which Mercedes happens to be known. If you are going keep the car I always say go look at a 8+ year old of both cars with the same type mileage same type books and records and drive them an you decide what is the better car. Also look at one of the Lexus and Benz after a major accident and decide which is better. By the way I am very familiar with the Toyota brand, drove one for 6years and mother in law current drives Lexus ES 330 so I am not just "Shootin from the Hip" ;) .
  • I agree, I too had the same dilemma however the $1000 expense of new tires on the IS250 after only 15K miles was a huge deterrent for me after having been a Lexus RX owner for 5 years, it was a tough choice. However the solid, smooth feel to the Mercedes sold me. The cost of replacing the tires was twice the mileage and 1/2 the $$ on the MB.
    I agonized over this decision for weeks and have to say, I enjoy driving the MB so much that it will have to give me problems for me to think I made a mistake. We'll see........
    Mercedes was well aware of the problems on the 2001-2004 models and I feel that those issues would certainly have been addressed and corrected with the 07s. Keeping my fingers crossed and ONE PROBLEM and I'll jump back to my Lexus roots!
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    is the huge expense and short mileage on the tires do to the fact that they put performance tires on the vehicle? presumably the you can get better tires that will last longer as replacements, no?
  • You can not get around the tire costs, car must have 18 in low profile high performance tires. I personally think $1000 every 15K miles is RIDICULOUS!!!
    The main reason I traded my 04 RX was due to needing to replace the tires for $1000 again, 18 in high performance low profiles----All in all this must be factored into the cost of the vehicle which IMO makes another brand with 16 inchers much more attractive. The c280 has 16 in high performance tires but average life of wear is between 25 and 35K with a cost of around $500 to replace. I'm not knocking Lexus as they are GREAT vehicles but the tire replacement issues was a concern for me personally.
  • I've owned 3 Lexus' 92 LS400, 01 RX300, 04 RX330 and I want all of you considering a Lexus to know this----Lexus is certainly not "consumer appreciative or friendly". Each time it was time to trade it became increasingly difficult with the pricing, and the shadey money factors the dealer would quote as my credit rating is over 700 I was entitled to much lower rates, they were very unscrupulous and dishonest about these rates and were completely unwilling to move off sticker (you would think a repeat customer would be inheritantly entitled to a better deal), but for the sake of condensing this message, the entire process became more of a nightmare each trade.
    Calls to customer service over any complaint I had during the six year of ownership were ignored. Never any follow-up calls, very rude people at the Lexus Customer Service 800 number. I'm amazed that people think that this vehicle is so great they're willing to put up with this type of treatment. The arrogance of this brand is getting out of control and tolerance.
    I bought a Mercedes Benz this round as I was fed up with the Lexus haughtiness and unappreciative attitude and will tell you I made the RIGHT choice.
    Mercedes vehicle is far superlative to the Lexus drive and more importantly, Mercedes is an appreciative brand that treats customers with the dignity and appreciation they expect, not to mention MB has sent gifts and mail every week that I've owned the car in nicely packaged boxes printed, "thank you for driving a Mercedes Benz" which include a leather wallet. They have the best product on the market and they're thanking me---what a switch from being a LEXUS owner, Mercedes is FIRST CLASS.
    Bottom-line if you want to be appreciated and well taken care of as a customer, drive anything but a LEXUS!!!
  • pete51pete51 Posts: 20
    Now this is someone that truely understands the Benz experience! :shades:
  • My wife and I are considering purchasing a MB. For us this would be the first one we have ever owned. Been a GM guy for years. You mentioned you went with the Benz do to poor service with Lexus, which is definitely understood. However, there has been some mention by folks of minor electronical problems. can you fill me in a bit on what some of these are? If it helps we are looking at the C230 Sport. I have read mixed reactions to the car between,,, Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, etc.

    Thanks for the help.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    You mentioned you went with the Benz do to poor service with Lexus

    Poor service with Lexus? Are you kidding? I'll take Lexus' service over ANY OTHERS on any given day.
  • Your response - not really helpful. Are you a Lexus owner or MB owner? Why did you go with the car you went with?
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    I am a Lexus owner, drive an IS350. So far my experience with the Lexus dealer and service department have been very pleasant. I personally don't have experience with MB dealerships or service department but according to JD Power, Lexus has been consistently ranked higher than both MB and BMW in service/dealership satisfaction.

    As for cars, I know there is a certain prestige factor with the MB but honestly I don't think that's worth the extra bucks.
  • Thank you for your insight. I am a bit torn between the IS and the 230. They priced extremely comparable in the features and functions I am looking for. This has been helpful in getting other owners input.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    If I am not mistaken, the C230 has a 4 banger? The IS250 comes with standard V6.
  • Comes with a 6 banger. When it comes to HP there is a 3 hp difference between the IS and the 230.
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    How do you guys feel about reliability and less hassle/problems of having a Lexus versus MB?
  • pete51pete51 Posts: 20
    Most of the electrical things I'm talking about are switches to turn things on and off. One example, the Brake Light Out indicator came on, I had the bulb changed but a month later the indicator came back on. Found out the housing for the brake light needed to be replaced, part was $50 and labor about $75. Won't break the bank, but annoying none the less. If you go the route of the Benz "or the Lexus for that matter" find an independent mechanic that works specifically on that brand. They are much better at giving the things that you really need. I had been taking mine to the Benz dealer for all service up until 120k that is when the dealer told me I had 8k worth of repairs that had to be done (hairline crack in dash, armrest cushion to soft), get my drift. I went to an independent that was recommended and that 8k bill dropped to $375.00 at the next service. Keep in mind the dealer offered coffee, gave me a loaner, allowed me to work from my lap top and even tried to get me to buy another one. Their business is to serve the customer that is why the luxury dealer stands a part from the ordinary dealer or Lexus could not sell a GQ Camry 6 as an ES330 or a 4runner as a GX470 . I would give an example of a Benz that has a smaller sister like that, but they don't have one. :confuse: By the way the E320 that they wanted me to trade now has 190K on it and my buddy was shocked as I rolled down an interstate stretch at 85-90mph with a hiccup. :blush:
  • I bought a C280 with 25,000 miles. The dealer says I need new tires . Is this normal wear?
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