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    Tranmission fluid change is CVT fluid only, which is why you can't cross contaminate fluids. The cost to drain and fill the transmission (CVT's can't be power flushed) should not be more than $275.00. The fill and flush also involves changing the exterior filter on the tranmission. The CVT has 2 filters, one inside and one outside. The interior filter does not have to be replaced. CVT's do not have any more or less failure than a conventional transmission. They don't make them anymore, because ZF and Ford only agreed to make them for 3 model years, and the cost to make each transmission was too high. Ford decided in 2008 to drop the CVT for a 6 speed auto, and swap out the 3.0 to a 3.5. The Freestyle got a name change also in 2008, to Taurus X. The same drivetrain & platform that was in the Taurus x is in the current Ford Flex. The new Ford Explorer runs on a stretched version of the same D3 platform, using the same tranny and the Ecoboost engine.
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    My Freestyle I bought new in 2005 recently had the no start/difficult start occur. I researched TSB's on ALL DATA and found 2. One 10-24-5 was fairly new and superceded previous ones. It shows removing and cleaning the throttle body. And the same one or another one showed resetting the PCM with some "updated" settings. I cleaned my throttle body w/o removing it. I haven't drove it yet so I don't know if cleaning did anything. Will post results later. I have 65,000 miles. Paid almost $600 for the trans service at Ford. Never had any major issues other than the recalls and brake upgrade.
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    Hi Please send me Bill's phone number. I am on my second throttle body for a 2007 Ford Freestyle and was told I need another one. I have asked if this is a computer problem and was told no. But everytime the throttle body needs replacement, the main computer has given a different error code. If you are not comfortable giving Bill's number would you provide the corrective measures taken to fix the main computer?
    Thanks Linda
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    Well it's now Feb 13th and our 2005 Freestyle is running fine. For those of you having major problems and/or reoccurring problems. 1) keep paperwork w/diagnosis and repair costs. Mention using the FORD tsb's related to your problem. 2) give them a second chance to fix it for free or parts only. 3) Write FORD directly cc dealership about the problem. 4) File small claims against the dealership and FORD for the maximum allowed in your state. I thought there was some law that the car company had to supply replacement parts for a certain amount of years. I thought it was around 7 years.
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    i have a 05 ford freestyle and i took it to my transmission shop and they said it could be internal or electrical, does anyone know what electrical problem they may have with the CVT trans? the wrench light came on and the trans started not shifting when the engieng temp got to normal.
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    Have the Ford dealership use TSB's related to your problem. Ford has an update to the computer software that may help your problem. Good luck!
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    i'm not having the same lunging problems i have read about. i bought my 2006 freestlye last april. i had the car less than a week when i was going up the interstate and suddenly my rpm's were going way up and my car was getting no power and the speed was dropping. i pulled off the side and cut the car off. like others of you the car reset itself and drove ok. i called the dealership and luckily because i bought my car as a certified pre-owned ford the repair was covered. I can't remember what they did, but i know the part had to be ordered and it had something to do with the transmission. now it is 11 months after i bought the car and had it repaired and guess what. same problem all over again. each time the throttle control/transmission light and the traction control active light comes on. the traction light will go off but the throttle light stays on until the car is cut off and restarted. now my check engine light comes on and stays on. i really am beginning to hate this car!!!! i wish i had seen this before i bought the car. and of course i owe more than the car is worth! any suggestions?
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    What was the original repair?
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    i couldn't remember the name of the part, only that they had to order it. we are trying to get in touch with the service department at the dealership to get all of that info. whatever it was it was done to fix the traction control light and throttle light(wrench) light problems and now i'm having them again. the dealership gave us the run around the first time so trying to find a reputable service department to take it to this time. I had purchased an extended warranty that covered the problem the first time but that has ran out, so i'm going to hate to see how much this is going to cost me. and this time the check engine light has come on and stayed on so i'm pretty sure it has done some major damage.
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    I was reading my warranty booklet. The computers PCM, ECU, TCM are covered by 8 years 80,000 miles. If your vehicle is continuing to set off idiot lights and having problems it may be one of these computers failing and/or a connection issue. Usually the only way to verify a computer issue is to put another computer in it.
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    I have a 2006 Frestyle with 89000. Its been a great car until a recent trip when I started losing power going up minor inclines on the freeway. It now is starting to shift hard in second when accelerating while moving (such as turning a corner).

    Dealer did a computer upgrade but said they have had problems with these transmissions and said a new one would be about $5000 and that I should consider "dumping this car."

    Any thoughts or suggestions? I have it back but have only driven it locally since the computer upgrade. The shifting in the lower gears issue is still there intermittently.
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    That is exactly what we were told, at less than 2000 miles past our 100K mile extended warranty. They claimed no sign of trouble when it was in for full service and inspection at 95K... Not having $5K, we ended up trading it to them for next to nothing. I swear I've seen it driving around since then (it has a few very distinctive dings)... Need to check the VIN history one of these days!
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    Why haven't all these people sent or callled the Ford Co. with all these complaints. i called Ford this morning and they said they had very few complaints on this vehicle. donna
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    Whoever you spoke to lied to can checkout and file a complaint with the Civil lawsuits have been filed...if your having problems please file a's the only way a recall will ever get done. Good Luck!!
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    Help!! My 2007 Ford Freestyle was making a loud whining sound for quite awhile. Took it in to a shop and was told nothing wrong as no problems came up on their computer. Two days later, my car wouldn't start. There was no noise, no clicking (dead battery), nothing. But there was still power to my car!? Had it towed to the garage and again, they couldn't find any issue so thought it was the key. Tried the other key and the car started. Brought it morning same thing. Now he thinks it is the PCM module but in order to replace it he has been told he has to basically tear the tranny apart? He's phoned transmission shops, 2 Ford dealerships and NO ONE seems to know how to change it or what should be done. Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
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    I have a 2007 freestyle with 95,000 km and the rpm's go really high and it seems to not change into higher gears, when I put it in neutral and rev engine it changes gears and is fine for another 20- 30 minutes and doesn't happen all the time. I took it to a local tranny shop and they couldn't find anything on the computer and suggested opening tranny and changing a filter and the fluid but, could not guarantee that it would solve the problem. They suggested might be best to rebuild transmission for $3,200. Anyone had the same problem and what solution did you get? The warranty on power train is 5 years or 100,000 km, I am 6 months past warranty.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Hi Al,
    I just took my car in for the wrench light coming on, the car not changing gears however when I turn the car off and restart, it goes away. They told me the code that came back was a P0942 which on the 2005 Ford Freestyles there was a service bulletin stating this was a computer issue. Ford stated that it needs a new hydraulic pressure unit however this part is no longer made therefore needs a refurbished transmission that will cost 5,600-7,000 dollars. I am shocked that you were told only 3,200 for a transmission?? Either way, I keep reading these same issues and seems that they don't really know the source of the problem whether its computer system or a part therefore they just recommend something with no guarantee it will work. Pretty expenisve part to replace to just see if that fixes the problem. Thanks!
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    I have an 2007 Ford Freestyle. Tranmission went out end of July. NO warning whats so ever. It is a CVT Transmission. Cost over $3000 to get it rebuilt and we were lucky it was able to get rebuilt. Then another light came on that threw a code for a Throttle Body... REALLY!!!! That is going to cost between $300-$600. Used to new.... Why keep putting money in this car when they are not made anymore and you can not get a fair amount when you try to trade in the car??? Also, Ford knows there is a problem with the CVT transmission.... RECALL THEM....
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    Hi all,

    I just came here to get some advice from other users. I own a ford freestyle 06 wagon I bought second hand from a private owner. Recently, I have started noticing that the car is not as efficient as it used to be.

    2) My main issue is that when on the highway sometimes the car seems to not want to gove over 80km/h however when I pull over and retart the engine, everything seems to work fine. This is happening now more and more often as I use the car more often to commute.

    3) Also, when the car in gear and I turn the steering, sometimes the car tries to lunge forward. For example, when I try to park inbetween cars in a busy lot, while manoeuvering the car to park, it simply lunges forward. A few times I have missed hitting other cars.

    Can someone tell me what these issues might be ? I have read things about transmission but I honestly cant spend 3000 now on this car having bought it only for a few months ago for about 6.5000.

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    I have had a 2005 Freestyle since new. It now has 70,000+ miles. Few problems. Cleaning the throttle body or having someone clean it for you is the first step to solving the lunging problem. The engine management computer struggles with fuel and transmission adjustments when the throttle body is dirty. There are good "youtube" videos showing how to clean it without removing it from the engine. I cleaned mine around 60,000 miles when I was having hard start issues. I have only experienced the lunging a few times over the years, but none since I cleaned the throttle body. Good luck.
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    I'm currently going round and round with Ford on a customer's car. All codes point to a faulty TCM which is in the Mechatronic unit. The car still has over a year left on the 8/80 emissions components which include PCM, TCM, etc... Everyone I've talked to with the dealership AND Ford has told me the TCM is not covered until I show them in their warranty manual that it is. After submitting a warranty claim, Ford denies it because they are claiming that part is the valve body which isn't a covered part rather than the TCM which is. The truth is that it's BOTH, and they are conveniently hiding behind that fact to avoid paying the claim. Advice anybody? Am I going to have to sue?
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    I would take the vehicle to a different dealership. As a customer have them decode the problem the vehicle is having. It is probably worth the diagnostic fee. If they find the TCM bad and it is under warranty voila! I had a Freestyle since new for 72,000 miles. I had few problems. Through my reading forums I believe alot of the transmission problems are related to a dirty throttle body. Apparently a dirty throttle body sends bad info to the TCM which screws up the transmission. Good luck.
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    Hi this is a little long and windy but i have to give u all info to show u i have what i think the same issue / Question. let me know what u think i have an email at the end of this.

    Lets see where do I start, Lets begin with this, I have owned 2 Ford Freestyles in the last year, a 2005 and now currently a 2007 AWD SEL.

    I have had problems with both these vehicles and both times transmission, the 2005 started with a lurching forward at any given time when at low drive speed (IE: pulling into park and backing up to get out of parking space.) greatly increased in the heat of the summer with air-conditioner on. Then the noise started from the transmission, I looked at it and tried to hear where the noise was coming from but with no success as it seemed to come from everywhere and a couple locations. So before I even had a chance to bring to ford the Torque converter and gears associated had blew up and caused catastrophic damage to the transmission which required a rebuilt and a $4500.00 bill, after the replacement I still had issues with lurching and lunging forward and was told that i had to replace the Throttle Body Module, at another $905.36, re-programed the computer ( flashed ). I did not have enough time to have tested everything that was done as i was T-boned at an intersection 1 1/2 weeks later that wrote off my car. I was not a happy camper, as not only did I loose my money from the transmission, i have been out of work since November 23,2011 to date. I don't know if I will be able to return i have been suffering from health related issues from the accident and have no time frame to getting better.

    With the write off of my 2005 ford freestyle, i needed another vehicle, the girlfriend and i enjoyed this vehicle so much we decided to go ahead and get another freestyle as we liked its all around functionality for what we used it for and that is allot of highway driving to and from the trailer and space. we purchased the 2007 ford freestyle on December 23/2011 and loved it ever since, I realized that we were having the same issues as we did with the 2005 in the summer of 2012 with regards to the lurching and lunging.

    I brought my 2007 back to the dealer i bought it from and they informed me of the throttle body issue. I asked if warranty will cover they checked into it for me and said no.

    I could not afford a $1000 dollar repair. The lurching had stopped so I decided not do anything at that moment. I had bought some cleaners to see if the throttle body issue would stop or lighten up and it did for the most part. Odd time here and there would i have the issue.

    I then started to hear a noise from the time i would start my freestyle until I engaged drive or reverse, the noise would go away even in driving, with a week of hearing this noise i noticed when i would put the car in reverse and move i heard a very loud gear winding noise.

    I paid close attention to it, keeping track of things as well, i finally decided to bring into a shop with my after market warranty, it is currently being investigated for transmission issue, the mechanic has suggested to me that he thinks it some kind of a ( plemun gear ?? ) not sure. but he needs to open the transmission and go from there.

    I called Ford Canada today, reported issue and was told there is a 1 time customer service satisfaction recall/??.

    I have the number for it and was told after the transmission is fixed bring to a ford dealer and this will be taken care care of the following is what Nancy said at ford, they will clean the throttle body and or replace and re-flash the computer. Now i think this might do it but i have my doubts.

    Plus this does not fix or help me with the transmission issue as i think the two are directly related, this whole transmission is based on electronic signals sent to it via the computer and throttle body.

    My question to anybody that wants to listen and i would also direct to Ford is, if you know the throttle body is causing the electronic lunge forward, on a system that is mechanical, would this not cause early failure in the transmission as its the transmission that is being told what to do by the electronics that are being fed by the computer?????.

    I know it seems simple to ask and the question is simple and may not be related but i cant seem to understand why one part fails and its fixed by replacing and re-flashing a computer that controls everything from top to bottom in the car. Its not right, I Believe there is a direct issue with the computer to the transmission because there are more electronics in this CVT transmission than any other, I believe the lurching forward that goes on is not the only issue. I believe that the problems the computer has with the throttle body and the signals it sends to the computer to cause parts within the transmission to prematurely wear and or break. because who knows what else the electronic signal is activated at the wrong time within the transmission.

    Sorry if I sounded long winded in this but I believe I have a true and valid point with Ford and ford is hiding more than what they are saying or just fixing as a customer satisfaction. I am not happy with them even though i enjoy there cars and trucks and think they are the better one of the north American dealers and would go back to them with a new purchase if I could afford it.... But I think they need to stand up to this issue and fix both the transmission and computer as I am no computer wizard I do know computers can send more than one signal at a time to cause parts not to function in the right order. Hence causing catastrophic failure in the transmission.

    Thank you.

    [email protected]
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    I had a 2005 Freestyle fwd since new. Drove 72,000 miles. Cleaned throttle body myself. Only problem was hard starting that's why I did the throttle body cleaning. I only experienced the "lurch/surge" issue a few times. Recently sold vehicle. Anyway I received the Ford letter. It says they may reimburse for the repairs related to the dirty throttle body which sent "bad" info to computer which eventually may damage the transmission. Also causes the "surge/lurching" issue. The only other thing I can add is I only use "Top Tier" gasolines in my vehicles. They are suppose to have more cleaners in them. Don't know if it makes any difference or not. Good luck!
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    When did you receive a letter from Ford? I'd sure like to receive one. I had to have mine replaced right after the CVT transmission went out.
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    I also received my letter from Ford yesterday, right after I read this. I paid over 600 to have mine done a year ago August. I'm taking the letter and my receipt today to the dealer and I hope to get reimbursed for the full amount.
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    Now if they'd do the same thing they did for the throttle body, for the CVT Transmission issues we would all be satisfied! I'm not giving up the CVT issues is $1000s of dollars to fix, and I'd love to be reimbursed for that repair also!!
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    I experienced this exact thing. Researched it, filed complaint with NHTSA, took it to dealership. They said I needed a new throttle body. I asked about cleaning and they said it wouldn't fix the problem. Got a letter from ford this weekend acknowledging the problem and saying they'd pay or reimburse to clean the throttle body. I took the letter to the dealer and they said reimbursement is for cleaning only, not replacement, a solution they said wouldn't work. Either ford is recommending an inadequate fix or the dealer ripped me off. Either way I'm very unhappy about this.
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    Dear Ford,
    I am nonplussed with the faulty transmission in our 2007 Freestyle AWD (CVT). It will cost us $6,100 to repair + $1,700 for the faulty transmission sensor. Since this issue has been found to be typical for this vehicle and this year, I would like you to know we are joining the class action lawsuit against you and buying a Chevy next time. Sincerely, Me.

    Law Firm: ts_in_ford_and_mercury_vehicles
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    In case anyone is interested, there is a class-action lawsuit forming against Ford for the CVT transmission on their 2005-2007 Freestyle line. The lawsuit states that Ford has refused to take responsibility for creating a faulty transmission and the claimants are seeking to be reimbursed for repairs after their transmissions abruptly broke.

    Considering that my husband and I were just informed we will have to pay $6000 to replace the transmission on our 2007 Freestyle (by the Ford dealership), we are joining the class action lawsuit. We can neither afford the $6,000 for the transmission nor feel the car is worth that much in repairs. We've already paid $1700 to replace the mechanitions sensor, so we're very unhappy with this latest news.

    If anyone wants to know more about this particular class action lawsuit, I've provided the link: ts_in_ford_and_mercury_vehicles
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    I have a 2007 Ford Freestyle. It has less than 50,000 miles on it. I've read a lot about the lunging problems and thankfully this is not something I have experienced with my car. However, during the winter, if the driving conditions are very snowy, snow covered car does not shift properly. It will accelerate to about 20mph and then "clunk" and downshift. Then again after accelerating to near 40mph it will do it again and the wrench and engine light come on. This never happens in dry, hot, wet or any other kind of weather. Restarting the car will reset the wrench (engine light stays on). Anyone else having a problem like this? We did get the throttle body "recall" but have not had that done yet as our problem doesn't really sound like what others are experiencing.

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    I am having exact same issue you describe with my 2005- I did get the throttle body work done.... so not sure what is going on...
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    We got this vehicle September 2011. We had the throttle replaced a month later and by July 2012 the transmission was gone. So this vehicle has been parked since then, while we continue to pay on it every month. Pretty crappy when you have to worry about your husband being deployed and not having a car. When is Ford going to fix this?!
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    For pbay. I know your original post is old, but what happened. Did they put a new main computer in for you and it fixed the problem? When you say main computer, are you referring to the Engine Control Module (ECM Computer). A few months back my wrench light was coming on. I was having lurching problems with the AC on. My mechanic cleaned the Throttle Body, but said it wasn't even that dirty. Now my wrench light and check engine/transmission lights are on first thing in the morning. Goes into limp mode. Restart and it drives fine. Transmission shop has had my car for over a month with no answers except to put a used transmission in it. I would love the name and number of your transmission guy, if he is too far away, at least my guy can talk to him about it. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    I own a 2005 Ford Freestyle Lemon. I bought this car and after 3 months the transmission went completely out while driving it on the highway. Luckily it was at night time and no traffic was coming because me and my daughter would've gotten hit. I have since written Ford and asked them to recall this transmission, but the only response I get from them is "thanks for your purchase and the nearest dealership is on 14th street". They will not stand up to the "crap" they are putting in these cars. We spend hard own money on them and then to replace them it's nearly the price of the car. I told Ford that if I wanted to pay Benz prices I would've bought a Benz. It's not fair that I have to try and scrap up money now to try to get this junk fixed. What's so bad about the whole thing is no mechanic can rebuild them. I was told by my mechanic that they came up with these transmissions and when they go bad you have to replace the entire transmission. I am so unsatisfied with the way Ford has cheated hard working people out of our money and still want us to take pride in their name. I feel if they created the problem they need to recall them and fix the problem. I had to go and buy $2k car to get around in. The Freestyle is still sitting in my driveway from the day the transmission went out because I can't afford to get it fixed. I hate Ford and will never buy another vehicle they sell. They have taught me a lesson and I realize what the Ford name stands for.......(F)ound (O)n (R)oad (D)ead damn! :lemon:
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    I need my 2005 AWD transmission serviced for the same problem you mentioned here. Can you please tell me how to get in touch with the person you used?
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    I have the same problem. The Freestyle does not move forward or backward. Ford needs to design theirs cars equal to the money charge for them. FORD=FOUNT ON ROAD DITCH.
    Learn the lesson guys do not buy ford there is nothing to be proud of them. pieces of junk left and right or us.
    The questions to ask yourself is why to try with your own hard earned money on so cheaply made cars and expect that they are better than most known to be good makes like Toyota and Honda. I am not buying any other car made by ford. Mater of I will not talk to my family member who ever drives a Ford from today.
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    I also have that problem and have just over 57K on the odometer. They also told me that I will need to replace the Transmission. I live here in South Dakota and when the temp dips below freezing the wrench light comes on. My experience is I did drive it once, It was a nice morning but when the afternoon rolled around I ended up in a snow storm and basically stranded at work. Luckily I only lived less than a half a mile from work and no traffic to worry about. NO Throttle response. both Wrench and check engine lights were on. I did purchase a device called CarMD and passed that information to the dealer and they refused to work on it. :lemon: :sick: . I did place my submission to be added to the class action law suit. I am also trying all other avenues to find a replacement trans but no success. Jasper engine/Transmission also do not have one in stock. I am guessing if they are that bad why did Ford sell these vehicles. - - ts_in_ford_and_mercury_vehicles
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    Hi, I have the same problem with my 2006 Ford Freestyle. CVT Transmission and for 3 years I couldn't find anybody to fix that for less than $3500 and this was a used transmission with only 6 months warranty which I don't know if its wort. I would join this class action lawsuit so hopefully they would do something about and yes I would never buy Ford again.
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    I have the same problem with my 2006 Ford Freestyle. CVT Transmission and for 3 years I couldn't find anybody to fix that for less than $3500 and this was a used transmission with only 6 months warranty which I don't know if its worthed. I would join this class action lawsuit so hopefully they would do something about and yes I would never buy Ford again. If anyone would give me an advice I would really appreciate.
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    I read in one of the posts that there had been a recall for the freestyles. We purchased ours new in 2007 and have never received any notice of a recall. Also, we've been having the same problems with our transmission that so many others on this forum have mentioned. I followed the link to the class action suit and it was filed in August of last year. I realize these things take time, but I've not received any information regarding this issue. I happened across this forum in my search for any recall notices regarding my vehicle (of which there are none). How do I get involved in this lawsuit?
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    I've posted on here before about my 2005 Ford Freestyle with the CVT transmission problems. I sent Ford an email about recalling this transmission and they will not. I was told where the nearest Ford dealership was so I could fatten their packets once again and continue to ride around with this piece of junk car that tapped as I drove. My transmission went out after owning the Freestyle for 3 months. I SOLD this piece of crap to someone that was interested in it for $2000. The car was fully loaded and all the options but you can't drive what wont run. I vowed to NEVER buy another Ford product......I've had many Fords and they are at the graveyard now. I just purchased a Nissan Pathfinder. I believe in doing my homework now. I don't dare look at another vehicle without doing a consumer preview on it like this one.....I've seen some of the car dealerships selling the Freestyle lately and also seen people driving off the lot with them. I feel so sorry for them and know they have days of headaches ahead of them. I ask every one to pass the word around to bacot Ford....................
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    I have joined the club of unhappy Freestyle owners with only 82000 miles the shifting stopped and now having a hard time with the replacement of the transmission. It is sad that a multi billion corporation makes people of lower income for their continued disregard for people and their own finances when they continue to make and not back up their own product. I have been satisfied with Ford products until now and do not think they are a reputable in their dealings. It is sad that the legacy of Henry Ford does not continue
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    I am very eager to be a part of the fix in this wrong doing that Ford Motor Company has created. I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle that has cooked through its second transmission and has also had the motor replaced as well. I am a working class citizen who makes 50,000 per year. I am by far a rich man but have already taken a beating from a few months after the purchase of my car back in 2006. I replaced the first transmission after about 90,000 miles. I had first experienced a problem while still under warranty and could not get the dealer/manufacturer to fix because the wrench light that was going off and throwing car into "limp" mode would reset itself and not keep the code in the memory bank. To the point mind you of taking a photo of it when it went on and showing dealer and still nothing satisfactory was done. It wasn't til after warranty expired that transmission died all together and paid $2,200 to have a used transmission put in in 2009. 2009 a other problem but this time the throttle body needed to be fixed or recalled a d was done by dealer. I'm seeing now that this function might actually be the result of or adding to the failure of transmission. In 2011 the motor blew and spent another $2,000 getting parts myself and lining up through connections to get this repair done as inexpensively as possible. The tranny just died again and had to purchase a used vehicle for a couple thousand to get me back and forth to work. I paid over $21,000 for the car as a demo with full warranty but have gotten no help in any of this. I still owe on the car and hear it sits in my driveway. Please help, I don't know where to go from here.

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    Our 2005 had the same issue everyone on this forum knows all to well.

    After multiple trips to the shop, several after driving a few blocks from picking it up, ours has been fixed. Apparently some of the replacement parts are defective (that's the story anyway). But if your at wits-end, AAMCO Transmissions in Fort Collins Colorado became an expert. We paid well (~$6k) to get them educated, but that was close to two years (and ~15,000 miles) ago and we haven't had CVT issues since.
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    I feel like we all are driving the same car. I bout my 2005 ford freestyle in early February at what I thought was a steal for $5,000. It was in great condition, interior, exterior perfect. Only 82k miles. It started making a helicopter sound a few weeks later which I assumed was a belt. Easter Sunday, while me and the kids were on our way to see a movie after church, the car started jerking excessively and the check engine/transmission light came on along with the wrench light. After trying to find dipstick to make sure I wasn't just low on transmission fluid, I happened across this forum. It broke my heart when I realized I had spent all my taxes on this car only to have it clunk out not even two months later. Ford ought to be ashamed of themselves. They have to know that this is a defect on these transmissions. I am a single, low income mother of three that thought I was buying a very good car to get my family around while I finish my trade, now I'm back at square 1. How can I get in on this lawsuit? I'm thinking about calling the Today Show and see if Matt Lower wanna do a story on this like those Prius.
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    I am sorry to hear of your disaster. I would look into the class action stuff. A transmission should easily last 100,000 miles.
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    take it in
  • city63city63 Member Posts: 3
    I paid 32,000 for this 2007 ford freestyle 5 years ago now its only worth 1,000 this is very sad ford should free sad how they are doing retired people
    I want to join the class action lawsuit
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