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Jeep Commander Real World MPG



  • I just bought a new Commander with 5.7 hemi and the QDII 4x4. EPA rating show 14 to 17. My average has been about 13mpg driving normally. First tank 87, second take 91, and no noticeable increase. My 05 Tahoe with 5.3 gets 16+ in the same conditions with the same driving. I feel I got deceived. I did expect to get at least what my old Tahoe is getting with this fuel saver technology.
  • 75coug75coug Posts: 10
    We have our Commander for two years now, and the mileage has never improved. It's a steady 13 mpg.

    And just to make it a real kick in the head, it has depreciated at an even more monstrous rate than other vehicles, ensuring that we hold onto it for at least a couple more years. Given my druthers, I would trade it in on a Ford Flex Limited tomorrow. Much better mileage and a lot more usable room . . . .
  • hunbhunb Posts: 1
    The commander is now named "the tank" as it feels like a 2 ton iron sled and I love it, the wife has a lead foot and she has been getting around 11.5 mpg in our Limited Hemi XJ and has been learning to go easier around town. I can average around 14 to 14.5 using a lighter throttle on takeoff and I also do a manual downshift to avoid applying as much brake but not too often. Another thing is to downshift in anticipation of a stop. On the highway I can average about 18-20 as long as the speed is consistent, I can't wait to take this on a road trip over to Barnhill OVR and do some trail driving. Jeep rocks, leather entertainment package, kicking sound system.
  • Ok my wife bought our commander sport v6 when I was in training for the army. Me personally I would of rather had the v8 but I wasnt their so yeah. But I have changed my mind as we will rarely tow anything with this vehicle. I really like it and even though it is low on power compared to most v6's it is still peppy. I have added a k&n air filter and it did make a difference. As for mpg we took a trip that was about 400 miles with 90% of it being highway but even with the city driving we did we averaged 19.9mpg. Now then we took a trip to disney and sea world we barely got 19 on the highway and that is with a k&n filter. Now this problem was solved with a new set of spark plugs(stock ones had green build up on them) My wife then drove from nc to ks and she said it got as high as 26 with an average of between 22-24. So my next mod is to replace the muffler with a higher flowing one. One to increase the sound and to maybe get better mpg. Oh and when I drive I am spirited which could account for her better mpg.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That's great! I am a little surprised that you saw that much of an improvement with new spark plugs.

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  • Check it out - if anyone should be worried about gas mileage it's me. I live in Chicago (THE highest gas prices in the country). I just bought my used '06 Commander with 22K mi, 4.7L V8. I was NOT looking to buy a Jeep nor would I have ever wanted one. I was contemplating buying a Ford Edge but the second I test drove the Commander that was for sale in the same lot there was no comparison. It was like going from a Yugo to a Mercedes. My first several trips on the Jeep (and I live IN THE CITY, bumper to bumper) averaged 16mpg+. I haven't been on the highway yet. The key is to start on the accelerator pedal SLOWLY and build up the speed. No jerky movements and no abuse. Obviously, try not to use too much AC/heat unless truly necessary. This is a far cry from my 1.8T Jetta stick shift and its mileage but the ride is truly magnificent. If anything, this Jeep will prevent me from driving like a nut. Best of luck to y'all and stop freaking out so dang much.
  • I am rolling in a 06 Commander Hemi 5.7 Gorgeous. 18.4 average. I can't argue. Goes like stink. Walks on water. Would not trade because of the gas no matter what. i am at 50 thousand mile mark. :D
  • clarkinsclarkins Posts: 2
    Loved my 06 Commander. I was just in a head on crash July 18, 2009 and pretty much walked away from it. On crutches, but nothing broken, but will get another one as soon as I can. My was the 3.7 V6, with Nav and rear DVD, etc, very comfortable and great to drive. I average about 14 mpg and if I drove much on the highway average would go up to about 17 maybe if I was light footed 18mpg. But if you are looking to buy a Commander you really should not be that concerned with MPG. If that was the case, we all would be driving a Prius.
  • figuratively speaking.. The Wrangler wasn't all that great on fuel consumption, Yet it got us where we needed to go. Sure I put need headers on the Wrangler.. and did a few other tweaks, but over all this past week since we bought the 07 Commander.. The fuel consumption was the same. I couldn't believe it.. My wife and where shocked..

    So what is it we are doing and not complaining about like everyone else who complains ago fuel cost and fuel usage. We drive the same way, Keeping ones foot out of the four barrel (sort of speak) maintain the tire pressure, routinely change the oil.. maintain the fluids etc etc..

    I guess one thing we don't have is the best news on why we are saving or spending the same money of fuel.. We don't have kids.. we don't have to drive their butts to soccer or basketball games.. etc etc.. Just seems if your going to do allot of running and you keep going back and forth instead of out and back in one trip.. there is where all your gas cost is going.

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  • digger12digger12 Posts: 5
    if theres somebody here that hates his jeep commander, I WILL GLADLY TAKE IT, as i am struggling and would love the joy and thrill of owning one,i wont drive a blue or a dark green, too hard to have to clean bird... off of and i prefer a grey one,silver is nice too and so isnt, if theres somebody here that wants to complain about his jeep commander,remember,i can get to you and will gladly take "that problem off your hands' :)
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    Just took delivery on my new 2010 Commander Sport 3.7 V6. I was very impressed with the fuel mileage on the 130 mile drive home (all highway). It ended up getting 20 MPG. I thought that was pretty good for a vehicle with only 42 miles on it. Granted it's no powerhouse but we didn't buy it for that. Wanted the room and the got one of the last remaining few new 2010 Commanders left in inventory. The dealer was highly motivated to sell it.
  • I just bought a Prius...I consider this my free car since I was using my Commander as my communter over 1500 miles per month (at $600 per month in gas). I put the Commander in the garage and use it only when I trailer my toys and use the Prius for everything else. I have more leg room for my family in the back (although I can't travel with 7....but who can anyway with the short seats in the Commander). Monthly payment, insurance, maintenance, and gas for the Prius is around $500 per month total saving me at least $ car!!!!!. The Commander is an awesome auto to use for trailering, but at the horrendous gas mileage, not worth it to use everyday unfortunately. Those of you who have a 6 cyl cannot compre their experience to the hemi...nor do they have the power to use for proper trailering.
  • allegroallegro Posts: 2
    Anyone have ways to improve gas mileage, eg. chips, new plugs, etc. Would like to hear if these products work at all. Considering a commander or similar. :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think Chrysler would be doing all those things to help their CAFE numbers, especially the cheap easy stuff, like programing the ECU or using different plugs.
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    9000 mile update: The Commander's mileage has improved since we first bought it. We average between 17-18 MPG around town and between 21-23 MPG on the highway. Removing the roof rack bars improved fuel mileage by 1 mpg. So far, it's been flawless.
  • jaguarjefftjaguarjefft Posts: 15
    You must have the V-6 and not the Hemi. I gave up. I put the Commander in the garage and use it only for pulling my toys. Since I travel about 1600 miles per month, I bought a Prius and with the savings in gas, I save over $150 per month above the cost of the car, the insurance and the gas....a free car!!!!!!!!!!!
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    Yes, we have the 3.7 V-6. We also pull a toy trailer that weighs about 2500 lbs when loaded (quads, motorcycles) from time to time with no issues. When we were looking for our Commander I specifically wanted the V-6. We had a Hemi in our 2007 MegaCab and it was absolutely horrible on fuel.
  • djtee25djtee25 Posts: 2
    Just brought a Jeep Commander , had a Jeep Cherokee. the gas miles on the commader sucks. I cant get over 13 mpg. I drove from buffalo, to Indiana 475 miles and had to full up 3x. I spent over 100 in gas one way. I could go 375 in my Cherokee before having to fill up. If the class action has been filed please contact me , Im in
  • djtee25djtee25 Posts: 2
    Please let me know if you filed Im in the mpg sucks on this truck
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "You must have the V-6 and not the Hemi. I gave up. I put the Commander in the garage and use it only for pulling my toys. Since I travel about 1600 miles per month, I bought a Prius and with the savings in gas, I save over $150 per month above the cost of the car, the insurance and the gas....a free car!!!!!!!!!!! "

    is that including the payment on the Prius?
  • Yes includes the cost of the Prius....
  • Are you doing anything special to get the 18.4 avg? My 5.7 gets 12.7mpg:( Does adjusting tire pressure help? Thoughts? Thanks.
  • Yessssss.... get to the top of a really big hill, place it in neutral and go for it on the way down without putting the gas on...other than that, you have been screwed by Chrysler lying to you. The best you are going to get out of the 5.7 is to get on a flat or downward slope, slowly get to 58 miles per hour keeping under 2000 RPMs getting there then set the cruise control and maintain the 58 mph. You may get to 15 mpg's this way. Two to 4 valves shut down if you maintain the 58 mph's but if you waiver off of that by breaking, slowing , or speeding up, the valves willnot shut down and you will go back to the 13.5 to 14 mpgs (and that only if you keep under 62mph). So you see, if you finese the car instead of enjoy it you may get to 15 mpgs.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited December 2011
    Actually coasting in neutral uses more gas than coasting in gear. In gear, the fuel gets shut off and the wheels turn the engine, keeping it running. Out of gear, fuel has to be delivered to the engine to keep it running. Go figure.

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  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    Just a fuel mileage update. We have now have 24k on the Commander and the 3.7 is still delivering over 20 mpg on a regular basis. I'm going to change the plugs within the month and that should give us a little increase in mileage.
  • hey everyone im new to this page, and im here kinda out of desperation, i just bought an 06 jeep commander limited with the hemi, and i have a problem. Im only getting 6.6 mpg or 35 L per 100kms , ive taken it in to the dealership, they ran a scanner and found nothing wrong, but the dealer agrees the fuel consumption is way way too high!, then to get another opinion i took it to another two dealers and ran another two obd2 scanners, again nothing wrong but they both agreed that the fuel consuption is way off, so heres my cry for help, 1. can anyone tell me what their 06 hemi fuel consumption is? 2. can anyone tell me if they have had the same issue with their commander/ hemi engine, 3. the only recommendation i was given from anyone was to get a tune up done, mainly spark plugs changed, but i cant see that affecting the fuel economy that badly, so does anyone have an idea what is going on??? no codes? no engine lights, nothing just really bad fuel economy???? PLEASE HELP
  • You should expect to be raped at 11 to 13...lucky to get 13 to 15. Are you pulling anything (expect 7-10)? Something seriously wrong if you are under 10 consistently without a load. Do you have the standard manufacturer rated tires or did you upgrade to snow, mudders, or off-road tires. This will knock down 2 to 3 mpg immediately. Check the spark plugs and get a light tune up. May need to get a new set of wiring. Check the muffler if there is a leak (if the truck has any muffler sounds you may have a leak.... also check manifolds for leak... if there is any undo loud rumble, you may have a leak causing another 3 to 4 mpg's Also if it is running hot or bad oil the engine may be laboring. You may need to find a personal mechanic who will spend the time searching the internet until he can find the answer. I have one who doesn't back down until he solves the problem. I am upset I only get 13 to 14 so I stuck it in the garage and bought a Prius. With the money I saved from mpg's the Prius is free and I only use the Commander when I am pulling or needing the room. Excellent vehicle except the gas situation. Good luck
  • thanks for the help. I am going to try replacing all the spark plugs and do a little tune up on it, although the mechanic has said everything is fine. You're right I need to find a good mechanic and its hard to find one who will spend the time without charging a ton of money. Everything on it is bone stock. We really enjoy the vehicle and bought it knowing the hemi wasn't good on gas, but didnt think it would be this bad!
  • devinodevino Posts: 1
    you must have a drive line issue 4x4 or something related if everything else is fine.. just a place to look. have them make sure all driveline is functioning correctly
  • toddmntoddmn Posts: 13

    I have had my Commander 4.7 V8 for 3 years now. I chose the 4.7 because it was NOT drive by wire and the engine has enough power to move this heavy vehicle without being over worked. Drive by wire wastes fuel. With direct control of the fuel I can finesse my acceleration to get the best mileage. Drive by wire has a brief lag between your foot and the response, so the tendency is to over do it on the acceleration with computerized accelerator "linkage". Couple that with 5.7 Hemi power and it is a wasteful combination for no gain. I get as high as 22 on the highway (optimum conditions, no AC, 55 degrees outside, no wind...) and about 13 in town. Considering I traded a 1982 FSJ Cherokee for the Commander, I'm getting about double the mileage of my old Cherokee!!! LOL

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