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Infiniti FX35 and FX 45 Tires and Wheels



  • Hi:
    I've got the non-sport pkg 265/60 18's on my 06 FX35 and regretted not getting the sport pkg w/better handling/braking (and therefore better safety). 3 1/2 yrs later I decided to get lower profile tires, but as you may already know, there is no lower profile 265/55 or 265/50 in 18" wheel. You have to go down to 265/40 18, which do not have enough sidewall to carry the weight of our vehicles (from what I was told by tire rack). Despondent, I went to get the best Michelins (Lattitude Tour HP) in my stock size.

    After costco told me I'd have to wait a week to get them in on order (nobody stocks that size), I held off (gret price though (little over $1000 installed out the door after $70 rebate) and went to Radial Tire in Silver Spring, MD. They do all tires but specialize in higher end makes. I lucked out and spoke w/Paul, the owner who is always there, and told him my story. He did some math, looked up a few different makes, and came up with something amazing. Our stock 18" rims are 8" wide which can take up to a 285 - that's right - 285 tire. We didn' want to change the overall diameter of the tire on the wheel, and the closest thing to perfect was a 285/55 18 tire.

    I was skeptical at first because even though this combination is within 1-2 mm of the stock wheel/tire setup, and wouldn't rub the fender on straight ahead driving, I was concerned that the extra width of the tires (20mm wider means the tires are each extending 10mm to the left and 10mm more to the right) and might rub the fenders in extreme lock turns (turning steering wheel all the way left or right). He understood my concern, and reassured me that the setup would work. After explaining that I was leaving on Sat 11/21 for Thanksgiving up in NY, and that I needed the car to be right on Friday 11/20, he said he'd order a set of the Michelin Lattitudes in the stock 265/60 18 size just in case!!!! Wow! No tire dealer has ever volunteered to do something like that for me before.

    I must add that my existing tires were still the stock Bridgestones which came with the car when I bought it new from an Infiniti dealer in Bethesda, MD. After returning to the dealer the day after I bought the car (it had a nasty steering wheel vibration) we all thought it just needed a wheel rebalance. They promptly did one for all 4 wheels, but the vibration was still there (marginally diminished). The next thing they tried a week later was to rotate front to back, and that again marginally diminished the problem, but the vibration was still there. After speaking to other knowledgable tire people (and another Infiniti dealer) the concensus was a tire out of round. Putting the fronts on the rear of the car helped, which showed that the bad seed was one of the rears now, but the Bethesda dealer said to drive around for a few thousand miles and to see how it is then. I said it was likely a tire out of round, and they said that the tires weren't part of the warranty and they couldn't do anything more for me. This, for a $40K new car only a few weeks old. I felt like I had bought a Nissan instead of an Infiniti (from a customer service perspective). Having been given the runaround, I have since given all my business to an Ellicott City, MD Infiniti dealer, and the treat me like gold, and a road force balance they did confirmed my left rear tire was out of round, and they balanaced it as best as possible (the vibration was reduced further still (Bethesda Infiniti did not even bother to do the road force balance - to avoid confirming my claim about the out of round tire no doubt!!!!!

    Back to the good part - long story short, Paul he ordered the tires an they arrived Friday (both sets as promised). The285/55 18's (Pirelli Scorpion Zero V rated all seasons) fit perfectly, there's no fender rubbing anywhere, and after driving them home on the DC beltway yesterday, I have to say I love them!!!!! They were only marginally louder than the stock Bridgestones, they gripped better braked wayyyyyy better and responded better to quick lane changes (yes, I know any new tire will feel better than an old one, but driving the same roads with this car since new, I could recall how my car felt when new). And as an added bonus, my 3 1/2 yr old FX finally feels like a brand new car because the steering wheel has absolutely no shimmy or vibration - I couldn't be happier! And these sportier tires combined with the less harsh shocks of my non-sport pkg vehicle give me everything I wanted without the harshness (on bumpy/pothole ridden roads) for which sport pkg FX's are known.

    As an aside, the 285/55 18 Scorpions I got are the original equip tires for the previous generation Mercedes ML AMG!!! which is a much heavier vehicle than the FX. Good luck to you!

  • edgy99edgy99 Posts: 34
    My wife's 2005 FX 35 will need new tires soon. Great post Deannie, I also have had good service from Radial Tire of Silver Spring.

    Can I ask how much the all-season Pirelli's were?
  • Just had a set of Blizzaks put on my 2004 FX 35 with AWD and I now have steering wheel shimmy. I went back to the tire shop that mounted them (bought them from Tire Rack) and they rebalanced the fronts. The shimmy is still there but much less. Having said that, there should be no shimmy at all. Is this something I should have done at the dealer because of the fact you can't put weights on the outside of the wheels? Would they do the balance differently? Please let me know if you have experienced anything similar.
  • I need to replace the original tires on my leased '07 FX35? Question is must I replace them w/ the factory tires or is it OK to replace w/ another quality tire of the same size? I really don't want to spend $1300-1400 on tires @ Christmas! Tires are down to 4/32 - please help. Need replacement now! Thanks!
  • I would check the lease paperwork for any such stipulation, if unclear check with dealer. Can't imagine any penalty but better safe than sorry. Good luck.
  • edgy99edgy99 Posts: 34
    Don't do it. I just did a little research on Tirerack, and the Potenzas rank very low. I'm going with Yoko Avids when my wife's car needs tires, better rated and only around $125 per.
  • navboynavboy Posts: 32
    I am considering purchasing a 2010 FX35 with Tech Package. The tech package cannot be had without the Deluxe Touring Package. I would prefer the 18" wheels, rather than the 20" wheels the cars comes with. I do not know much about cars; can the wheels be swapped for 18"? I think 20" wheels create a firmer ride than the 18". I'm in the LA area.
  • Thanks... I checked the language and it's a litte ambiguous and I thought the dealer would automatically tell me to stick w/ the OEM tires but I will give it a shot.
  • The dealer should be able to swap out the wheels for you at no/little charge (or if they're being really nice a credit!)

    If you do it after your purchase it will be much more expensive. And you're right that the 18s will offer a more compliant ride.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    just got the hankook 265 50 20 to replace my rsa's

    big mistake

    at speeds under 65 mph the tires are good .not as sharp handling as the rsa but very acceptable.

    once you hit 80 mph what a dissapointment .the tires are all over the place and lack directional stability and if you change lanes at say 85 mph you will be scared to death as the car sort of dances or slides its front and rear end.

    regret it

    will go back to the rsa.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I had to get new tires before I returned my 2005 FX35 in 2009 because my OEM Bridgestone's were shot by 40k miles. I put on a cheap costing set of Yokies and they were great tires! The ride and handling was 5 times better than the Bridgestones though they did seem to be a tiny bit noisier and tended to flat spot in very cold winter weather but overall, for their price, I would recommend them to anyone as a replacement tire for the FX! Mine were int he 18inch tire size!

    Yokohama AVID V4s were the tire I got I think! They were like $140-$150 a tire compared to the like $250-280 a tire they wanted for the OEM Bridgestones that came with the FX35!
  • Is there an aftermarket shock/strut universal parts that will fit this FX35? I'd like to soften the ride comfort. Also, are the same OEM shock sizes used on the 2009 thru 2011?

    Ken Moore
  • timkaytimkay Posts: 1
    OMG. I just did the same thing today. 08 fx 35 sport package with Goodyear OEMs and replaced with the hancook 265/50/20. Anybody know the return policy for tire rack if any? Drove maybe 10 miles back home from the shop. I also noticed these tires aren't as wide as the goodyears. Is it because they are touring and the goodyears are high performance? Wish I would have stuck with the goodyear rsa.
  • bigal080bigal080 Posts: 1
    What did you ever do about the Hankook? I got my fx used and It had Hankook tires already installed. I was trying to figure out what the original tire was on the car, when I found this blog! If it makes you feel any better I think I made a huge mistake too! I went this morning to put new shoes on my fx and the guy told me he had a great tire made by Hankook called Aurora! I never heard of it before, but I thought it was the name of the tire. I just got home to look up the reviews and I can't find any reviews!
  • nobadmojonobadmojo Posts: 2
    I realize I am responding to an old post, but I thought I'd relay my experience with a 2010 FX with the 20" wheels. The 20" wheels make the ride unforgivably harsh on anything but very smooth roads. If you live in the north where the concrete highways get uneven, you are in for a lot of bouncing and unevenness. Stay with the 18s.
  • flzzflzz Posts: 19
    What is the take on the best tire replacement for the Potenza 18in oem tire for my 08 FX35 awd? I live in NE ohio-Akron Canton. I"m at 44k and winter is coming.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I need to replace all tires on my 2009 FX35 AWD. I would like to get a tire that can handle at least light snow because live in the Chicago area. Anyone has experience between Yoko Parada and Yoko YK580?

  • julian_gjulian_g Posts: 1
    Did you ever decide or find out anything regarding the tires? I have the same car and just moved to the Chicago area. Any info would be appreciated.
  • flzzflzz Posts: 19
    Hankook Ventus has been a nice replacement
  • hi deannie, i realize your write up was done a while ago, but i currently have an 08 fx35 and i am faced with the same issue you described so well in this post. i am in need of replacing the stock potenzas and wondered if there was a lower profile tire i could buy that fits the stock 18 inch wheels. Well I found the same pirelli scorpion tires that you did and i wanted to know if you were really satisfied with them over the long haul. I am reading that they are unbelievably noisy and some people recommended staying away from them. Since it is confusing to know what the real story is I trust your recommendation simply by the way you wrote this very detailed post. Any feedback you can provide would be extremely helpful. Thank you and happy holiday!
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