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Taurus/Sable Heating / Cooling Problems



  • cmsgt1997cmsgt1997 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Sable LS with electronic climate control. It just stopped blowing air out of the dash vents. Air comes out of defrost and floor just fine. Has anyone had this problem or no what is wrong?
  • amytateamytate Posts: 2
    How did you get them to fold so easily? I am looking to get a reimbursement on this very same problem and they wont budget!
  • amytateamytate Posts: 2
    complaint number: 10195320
  • I have a problem with my 2001 Mercury Sable LS. The Low Coolant light comes on and I can't figure out why? My coolant levels appear to be right where they should be and my temperature gauge doesn't read hot at all...square in the middle actually. Im concerned that something else is causing the problem and that not getting the problem resolved will lead to other more costly issues. Any suggestions anyone? Need help cause I use this car in my daily commute of 45 miles each day.
  • I have a 2003 Taurus, Ford paid 80% of my leak too. If its a factory defect, Ford should have paid 100% in opinion. My extended warranty wouldn't even touch it because of the water defect & damage.
  • zeuswonzeuswon Posts: 10
    We also have water in the floor board of passenger side. I replaced 1 blower before I saw this blog, it worked for 15 minutes before it blew also. Just took our 03 Sable to Ford today. The service guy wants $99.95 to look at it? He also looked up the vin number and quickly said that the leak is not on his recall list. I told him that we had contacted the 800 number and they said he needed to look at it first. So we will see, I'll keep y'all posted!
  • That don't surprise me. Call Ford Motor Company. Try this number,
    800-232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired)
    They paid 80% without any haggle, they know it's a factory defect. Let me know how it comes out.
    BTW...the Sables have this SAME problem.
  • zeuswonzeuswon Posts: 10
    Ok, after a long conversation with Ford service we were told they would offer to pay 10% of a $416 repair bill. I am not accepting that and now have to pay $99.95 diagnostic charge to get our vehicle back for a known defect that we diagnosed for them.


    Unhappy Campers
  • zeuswonzeuswon Posts: 10
    Oh, by the way they said since we noticed the leak in 2005 (but reported it in 2007) and didn't take it in for service then we missed the warranty period. And that if we would have purchased the 100,000 mile extended warranty we would be covered. So the best they could do was 10%.
  • zeuswonzeuswon Posts: 10
    Why is it we can't get the "ford zone office" service telephone number from anyone or anywhere?
  • zeuswonzeuswon Posts: 10
    Complaint number 10205290
  • zeuswonzeuswon Posts: 10
    Ok, paid $99.95 to get car back and they told me what I already knew except that it's not the windshield but the Cowl Panel that leaks. IE; TSB 04-15-3

    So here's the estimate:

    Blower motor $108.44
    Blower resistor $ 25.40
    Cowl Panel $ 43.78

    Total Parts $177.62
    Labor 1.5 TT- 2.5 $141.95
    Diagnosis 1 time $ 99.95 (Paid today to get documentation)

    Ford 10% Off -$ 41.95
    We pay $377.57 + Taxes (Unhappy Camper)

    Ford 80% Off -$335.61
    We pay $ 83.81 + Taxes (Satisfied Customer)

    Feeling pretty raw about now.

    I asked for a Customer Service Supervisor to call me, said they would within 48 hours, we will see. They "Will Not Give Out Zone Mgrs telephone number!"
  • I'm glad you fought it. I paid 75.20 ( my 20% of the mess)keep your receipts just in case of a future recall. ( I know I'm dreaming).
  • zeuswonzeuswon Posts: 10
    oksweet, do you mind telling us the condition of your vehicle, ie;
    Extended Warranty
    When you first reported problem to Ford

  • 2003 Ford Taurus SES- 35000 miles- I reported the problem after I seen my glove compartment leaking water Memorial Day of this year. ( 07) The car was waiting on the Ford place to look at it. Jeff called me & told me it be 375.00 to fix it. I thought about it & called FMC & I told her it was leaking & the Rep put me on hold & came back a few minutes later & said " Jeff would take care of me when I picked up the car". I thought it be FREE but I paid 75.20 to drive my car out of the shop! I wasn't too happy because I knew this was a factory defect & should be on a recall & I had already knew what the problem was because I googled the car's problem only to know I was not alone. I told FMC my warranty on the car should have took care of it.( because I bought the leak & they knew it). I bought the car with the factory warranty & bought extended warranty. But because I did not report this leak till the factory warranty ceased it was not honored. I called my extended warranty & they said " because of the water damage ,they would not honor my warranty". My insurance had a 500.00 deductible so I called FMC. man,I was livid!
  • zeuswonzeuswon Posts: 10
    Thanks! You got luckier than we did.
  • I have used all the advice that I have seen on this site, but Ford denies they have paid any amount to cover the expense to repair the fan motor. In my case, the dealer wants $585. Do you have any receipts that show that Ford you 80% for this repair? John
  • I have used all the advice that I have seen on this site, but Ford denies they have paid any amount to cover the expense to repair the fan motor. In my case, the dealer wants $585. Do you have any receipts that show that Ford paid you 80% for this repair?
  • We just went through the gauntlet over this, final bill to fix was paid completely by us.
    Ford $99.95 diagnostics. Another Ford dealer repaired it for $389.00 for a total of over $490.00 bucks not including the $40 I spent on a used blower from the junk yard. They contend it's not a safety issue but let them drive a car with fogged up windows.
    I guess if we had an accident and the lawsuit forced them to recognize the problem we could get satisfaction. This needs a class action attorney to file in court for us to get our money back. Not to mention it will be the last Ford this family purchases.

    If you need details of the invoice to lower your repair charges let me know! The above quote was wrong.
  • I can look it up.
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