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Hybrid SUVs which to get and pricing

martharhoadesmartharhoades Posts: 9
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I need a new SUV(yes, I DO actually NEED an SUV or at least something with the ground clearance close to my Expedition to get through the snow on our road. I want to go greener CO2 emissions than the 2000 Expedition I will be trading in (not hard). I am considering the Mariner and the Highlander hybrids. I thought about the Escape hybrid but the owners forum reported so many problems I ruled it out. Any suggestions?

Any other vehicles I should consider? Are people getting the mileage advertised in the Mariner? Is the Mariner having the problems the Escape is? Is the Highlander more trouble free? Is it true that there is no dealing with the price on the Highlander; that the sticker price is just that, no room to haggle?


  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    Is it true that there is no dealing with the price on the Highlander

    You should be able to get a great deal on the HH. The Toyota store I visited last week in San Diego had 3 out front. All marked near invoice. The Escape/Mariner gets better mileage than the Highlander. Difference is the HH is a V6. All three are a lot smaller than the Expedition. I would have a hard time taking that kind of a size loss. Not to mention the hit on trading.
  • nomorebenznomorebenz Posts: 109
    You should be able to get a good price on any suv including hybrids. There is really no difference between the Mariner and FEH mechanically. The Ford/Mercury suv's are smaller than the Toyota/Lexus. The result is lower towing and seating capacity and greater FE. I've noticed about a 5mpg average difference in favor of Ford over Toyota. Neither gets the EPA mileage but Ford comes closer.
    I have the Toyota Highlander and am very satisfied. Which to get depends on you. I would say however:

    Ford: Higher Ground Clearance, Better FE, You already have a relationship with Ford, lower price, less space and power.

    Toyota: Bigger, More power, Toyota has been selling Hybrids for 10 years or more, Lower FE, higher price, Lower Ground Clearance.
  • Thanks for the comments. The Toyota HH is larger, but has less cargo capacity, right? I don't carry a lot of passengers, but there are times I want to put a saddle, feed sacks and groceries in all at the same time.

    Anybody know if people have had as many mechanical problems with the Mariner as the Escape? I know they are very similar, but presumably made at different factories, right?
  • nomorebenznomorebenz Posts: 109
    The Toyota has more interior capacity. If you are not moving people, the Ford should meet your requirements.

    Most, if not all, Fords and Mercurys are built side by side. The hybrids are assembled in the MO factory I believe.

    The Hybrids are different from their regular engine counterparts. I can't help you with the Ford experience. Maybe you can get some opinions from Escape Hybrid owners.
  • wozowozo Posts: 1
    I note that there has been no comment regarding trailer pulling capability. The Highlander Hybrid is rated at 3500 lbs while the Mariner is rated at 1000 and they recommend that you not tow anything with it. I finally chose the Mariner and retained my Explorer for those rare occasions when I need to tow a boat or ATV trailer. I have not experienced any mechanical problems with the Mariner and fuel economy is as published.
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