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Isuzu Axiom Real World MPG Numbers

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
edited September 2014 in Isuzu


  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    14 to 15mpg - all city

    22 to 23mpg - all hwy

    2002 Axiom XS 4wd 52,500 miles
  • socalstevesocalsteve Posts: 34
    2004 4wd Axiom S

    17-18 City

    About 20 Hwy (but that's 80 mph)
  • rcopa1rcopa1 Posts: 24
    2002 44,000
    Florida - A/C running all the time.
    13 - 14 city
    19 highway
  • Have 89,000 miles getting ready for the 90,000 miles check-up from the dealer. WOW $570.00. I'm getting approx 16-18 MPG city and 20-22 HWY. THe thing I don't understand is when the car was newer and i fill the tank the computer (MFD) would read 360 miles to empty, and I'd get pretty muchj that. Now that it has some miles on it, it still says 360 to empty but in reality I'm onlt getting 250. I asked the technician about this and he said that the numbers were only an estimate, and when I told him it use to be correct, he claims it couldn't have been. Whats everyong per tank full. :surprise:
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Heres some tips to get better mp:, Don't let the Axiom rev over 3k rpm. Thats hard to do. I saw my neighbor drive by my house (i live on a straightaway) and she floored it!! I know her mpg sucks! Also try to use cruise control on longer trips. It keeps the engine at a consistent pace and stretches the mpg. Drive it like a hybrid! That should help.

    Cj :D
  • Well had the service done today, will monitor and see if mileage inproves, also been keeping RPM below 3.5K. Will post a list of all that was done for the service soon.
  • I own a 2004 Axiom XS and I love the vehicle. Great ride and very comfortable. Current mileage is 24000+. My MPG breaks down like this:
    City driving 18 - 20 MPG
    Hghwy driving (55 - 61 MPH) 25 - 27 MPG
    Hghwy driving (62+ MPH) 21 - 23 MPG

    You can watch the MPG drop as you increase the speed beyond 61. I drove from Norfolk, VA to Atlantic City, NJ and got exactly 26 MPG. Norfolk, VA to Myrtle Beach, SC 25.7 MPG. Norfolk to Roanoke 26.6 MPG.
  • At 92000 miles getting 16-18 MPG City and 20-23 HiWy doing 70 with AC on in Florida. Last measured along the Turnpike from Orlando to N.Miami. :D
  • I'm about to drive about 250 miles from Central Maine to near Boston. We'll see how I do - I have a 2004 Axiom S with 41,500 miles and brand new snow tires. Let's hope for good numbers :shades:
  • Not bad - about 22-23 mpg overall. :)
  • brenbren Posts: 24
    I just bought a 2004 Axiom S 4WD with only 6,000 miles. (Yes, that's right.) So perhaps it's not yet 'broken in' and mpg may improve a bit.

    On my 2nd fill-up, the average mpg reading provided by the vehicle's display claimed 17.9 mpg, but when I calculated the miles I drove divided by the gallons used, my personal calculation was 16.1 mpg. That's a pretty significant discrepancy -- basically 10%!

    By the way, I am a delivery driver. The 17.9 mpg figure would be rather good if it were true. 16.1 mpg is certainly what I expected when I bought this vehicle.
  • I asked my dealer about this same thing and was told the on-board system only gives an estimate of MPG and miles to empty.
  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    Did you reset the average mpg after you filled it up? If not, reset it after the next fill up and check it again. You will find it is much more accurate this way.
  • brenbren Posts: 24
    Yes, I have reset it each time. Today I filled up and calculated 17 mpg while the display claimed 18.7 mpg. So the display was 10% off again. :)

    Oh well. :P

    I'm curious if using synthetic oil and a K&N air filter would improve mpg a bit. I often read people claiming that doing this can add 1 or 2 mpg, but I did both things for my previous car just a month before selling it, and they basically had no impact.
  • a9x2a9x2 Posts: 25
    What the best anyone has gotten? My normal driving 90+ on highway, some city nets me 18mpg. When I drive it like a Prius(never above 51mph or 2k revs) the best I've gotten is 23.8 :D
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