Honda Accord: Dealer Service Issues

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I bought a brand new (or so I thought) 2005 Accord from Rosenthal Honda in Tyson's corner last May. Just recently I noticed there was paint coming off the rear bumper underneath the right backlight. I took the car to two autobody shops, one independent and one Honda body shop. Both shops confirmed the bumper was repainted. I took the vehicle back to the dealership yesterday and they refused to do anything. My question is, aren't dealership required by law to let the customer know the car was damaged during shipment or on the lot. What is my recourse if any?


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    Years ago when I worked at a dealership, we used to fix small body damage all the time. Once I replaced a whole hood, painted it, and off it went. I don't know about any leagl options you have, because the car WAS NEW when you got had just been repaired.
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    Was the car ever titled? You might want to run a CARFAX report on it, just to be sure. Jacob0218 is right. Dealerships often fix lot damage. At the very least they should repaint the bumper for you.
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    This is an excellent suggestion! ---- If the vehicle was titled, and it was sold to you as "NEW," you are now in the so called "driver seat" on this issue! Run a CARFAX report on this vehicle. If it shows up "titled" to another person before your purchase, get yourself an attorney, and make the dealer's life a living "HELL"! :) :mad: ;) :shades: Have some "fun" in the process. Best regards. ----Dwayne
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    Brand new car, never titled. I am really upset at the fact that the bumper was repainted and I was never informed.
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    Would they be willing to repaint the bumper since it is peeling? Or even replace it?
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    The sales manager denied the bumper ever getting repainted. I expected that from the dealership. He said the previous ownership sold the dealership to a new group and so they are not obligated to do anything.

    I'm miffed that dealerships do not disclose to the customer that there was previous damage to the vehicle since it is brand new. I can understand if I was purchasing a used car but this is a brand new vehicle.
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    How in the world did he account for the peeling? Tell you that you were hallucinating? I assume you showed it to him.
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    He saw the paint peeling off but he said it was a "paint defect" whatever that meant. To me it means I want to get compensated because I was deceived. Paint the whole bumper.
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    You still have several options. You can either contact Customer Relations at Honda Motors and tell them about your experience, or the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. It's a shame that your dealer is unwillingly to help. My experience with Ourisman of Laurel was completely opposite of what you're describing. Good luck!

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    To be honest, I was quite surprised too. This is Honda after all and I didn't expect to get this type of reponse. I expect much more from a Honda dealership. I will take your advice, many thanks.
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    Keep us posted.
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    Will do.
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    Is this not covered under warranty?
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    I moved to the DC area 23 years ago and during that time, I have heard nothing but bad reports on Rosenthol Honda and, for that matter, all of the Rosenthal family of dealerships in the area. When I had gone to Rosenthal in late 2001 to test drive the S2000, they tossed me the keys to a brand new one (not broken in) and said "let it rip". Those bumbling idiots shouldn't be allowed to sell horseshoes, let alone a high performance sports car.

    I bought a 2002 S2000 from Sheehy Honda and their sales and service was great, in spite of their location being somewhat inconvenient.

    Unfortunately, Rosenthal doesn't give a S...T about their crappy reputation, as far as I can tell. It seems that many dealerships in the DC area are particularly bad in customer service and professionalism, compared to other regions of the country. Jim Coleman Infiniti, Fitzgerald Isuzu, all Darcars dealerships (including Lexus of Silver Spring), just to name a few that I or friends have had bad experiences with. To be fair and balanced, VOB Nissan served me exceptionally well for 10+ years with my former Maxima. But in the last 24 months, I ended up buying both of our Acura's from my hometown dealer in Pennsylvania and my Porsche 911 for a dealership they recommended in Baltimore.

    If I were you, I'd get ahold of a Honda District Representative and get your complaint in writing to them with copies to the VP of Marketing for Honda USA. I have to believe that they care about crappy service and undisclosed damage of Rosenthal. When a latch broke on the roof of my S2000, I got a call from their senior V.P. at home at night to confirm I was happy with the service.
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    I may end up buying at their Mazda dealer in Fairfax. Initial visit went pretty well - I was looking at cars on both the new and used side of the house, and it was pretty low-key. Just curious if anyone has experiences there.

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    I helped a friend buy a car at Brown's Mazda on Richmond Hwy. just south of Alexandria a couple years ago. The process went very well, the salesman was professional and friendly, and we arrived at a good price (I was well-armed with price info from Edmunds and other sources, and did the negotiation after my friend picked out the car).

    We started the day test-driving a variety of cars: Nissan Sentra, Honda Civic, couple other things. The Mazda came in the middle of the test-driving marathon. At the end of the day, that was what he liked the best so we went back and did the deal.

    It was a good process. After the test-drive my friend explained to the salesman that he still wanted to look at a few other options, sales guy was very polite, gave us his card, said "hope to see you back here" and we left. Couple hours later we returned.

    I'd agree with you they were low-key. Of course he wanted to make the sale, but he wasn't high-pressure about it at all. Final price was arrived at very quickly after a little back and forth.

    So, long story, but just based on that, I'd say they were a pleasure to work with.
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    I live in Northern Virginia, actually work in Tysons not far from Rosenthal Honda. And if all else fails, I would tell them that you are filing a claim in the Virginia General District Court in Fairfax County- the version of small claims court here- it will cost you about $36 to file and it will cost them hundreds, maybe thousands of $$$ to defend themselves. And then actually do it if they don't give in to you.

    I did that some years ago with Fairfax Volvo in Fairfax ,Virginia and they referred it to Volvo North America, hired some high priced law firm to try to have the case thrown out or dissuade me from continuing, and eventually settled everything to my satisfaction. Tap the legal system- it works!!!
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    That's what I was hoping. I'm moving into the area so I'm still getting a feel for who are the sharks and who are the good guys. Sounds like Rosenthal is the former and Brown is the latter. Thanks!

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    jocob0218 wrote: "This is Honda after all and I didn't expect to get this type of reponse. I expect much more from a Honda dealership. I will take your advice, many thanks."

    Regardless of the make of vehicle, you can come across bad dealerships. Just because it's a Honda, or Toyota, or Mercedes, or ???, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever. Ironically, and I must say most suprising, has been our experience with my daughter's Hyundai. The dealership experience, as well as the car itself, has been absolutely wonderful from the "get go." I was not expecting this type of treatment from a Hyundai dealer, but I guess times are changing.
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    A couple of things -- Pre-purchase questions about whether any given dealership is okay to work with really should be placed in the proper Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion. You can reach the Accord PP & BE by clicking on the Honda Accord link at the top of the page. You'll see it in the list of discussions.

    The other thing is please keep in mind that sales peoples names may not be posted nor can any contact information (such as a URL) to a dealership. Please see the Rules of the Road (linked on the left) for further details.

    Let's keep this discussion on how to get things made right if you find out something stinks months after the purchase was made.

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    whitecloud1, yes, they were great! Email me and I'll provide you with my contact.
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    My bad Pat. Thanks.
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    I can also recommend Hendrick Honda in Woodbridge. Also, stay away from Landmark Honda...

    As for the bumper, I have seen this issue (dealer fixing minor issues on a car and not telling the customer) and from my understanding as long as the repair is under a certain dollar amount the dealer does not have to report it. I think this is a load of bull, but the dealer may have been within that dollar amount. I still think the dealer should make it right, and I agree with the others that you should call Honda of America and file a complaint there first.
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    "I helped a friend buy a car at Brown's Mazda on Richmond Hwy. just south of Alexandria a couple years ago."

    I just purchased a Mazda 3 there (Brown's Alexandria) in June and was very happy. I would suggest working with the Internet sales team as I was able to negotiate the car under invoice, whereas most local Mazda dealers were only willing to sell at, or slightly above invoice. This is my second Mazda from this dealership and have been happy with the service department as well.
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    Posted this in the "Buying experience" forum first; apologies if this is not the right place to ask this.

    I bought a new Accord LX at a North California dealership last week. Before taking delivery of the vehicle, I noticed spray paint on the right side of the body and the wheel wells, and got a due bill. Since then, I've just been given the runaround by the dealership. At my first appointment, I was made to wait the entire day at the dealership, before having to drive back home because they did not have the "replacement wheel wells" though I had mentioned this when I made the appointment. After complaining to Honda, I now have a second appointment, but while they claim to have the replacement wheel wells, they refuse to tell me how they will fix the spray point on the body. Their answers vary from "body shop" to "touch up paint" to "it is a secret". At this point, I am really wary of trusting them with the car, and I would like to know:
    1. If there are any other avenues I should pursue to get this fixed?
    2. Can I possibly contact another dealership with the due bill?

    Thanks much for any advice.
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    Has anyone here had any issues with a dealership damaging a vechicle in their repair shop?

    Just the other day I brought my honda accord into the dealership to get it tested for a water leak into the cabin. When I get it back there is a baseball sized hole punched into the bumper breaking the plastic/fiberglass. I tell the service department guys and right away they basically told me screw you. The damage was not there when I dropped the vehicle off but they refuse to do anything about it. The only thing that told me was they have no tools in their shop that would have made a circular type indentation into the bumper so it is not their fault even though the car was there for 5 days including over the weekend.

    What if anything can I do to fix this problem? Thanks.
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    Call Honda Customer Relations

    Good luck.

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    I got a Honda Accord three years ago. Only after a couple of months (two and a half years ago), I ran into a curb and damaged the left front wheel, and took it back to my dealer for repair. They replaced the wheel, lower control arm, and rotor. The car had been running fine.
    Just three months ago, I took the car to a different dealer for minor service. The under-vehicle inspection turned out fine.
    Then one month ago, I got involved in a rear-ender for which the other party was 100% responsible. I took the car to my original dealer for repair. After a long month, today they told me they already fixed the damage from the rear-ender. HOWEVER, they said that they found the alignment was not right; there was something wrong with the suspension on the left frontal wheel and it would be more than $1000 to get it fixed because some parts would need to be replaced -- including some parts like the lower control arm that they replaced two and a half years ago). Besides, this alignment problem could not have come from the rear-ender, so basically I would pay for it myself.
    They said that I must have hit something which led to this damage. But for crying out loud I hadn't (a check of the wheel could tell; also the second dealer did not find anything when the car was serviced just three months ago).
    By the way, my car was driving just fine before this rear-ender -- no noise, no pulling whatever.
    I don't know anything about cars. So could anyone tell me what you would do if you were in my shoes?
    Thanks a million!
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