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Those Dreadful State Vehicle Inspections



  • mta2mta2 Posts: 5
    I heard about that. Usually, if the ODBII is not ready, it will say not ready. But for me, it says communication failed. Have you heard about the CAN (Controlled Area Network)? It will be the mandate in 2008 and some car makers have already started putting that into their cars. You need a CAN enabled scanner to communicate with those types of cars.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yeah I heard that the DC cars all have that (yours being part of the DC group as well) Could be that the state isn't setup for em, but I thought CAN was backwardly compatible with the std OBDII.

    The CAN stuff is weird, my buddy said they essentially have all the wires in the car "hot" at all times and they send a signal to components when to turn on or off, like the radio, cig lighter, etc.

  • mta2mta2 Posts: 5
    That's probably why I'm failing. Same reason the guy with the LR3 is failing. The state might not be equipped to inspect those cars.
  • mta2mta2 Posts: 5
    Here's the email I got from the state:

    Yes, we are set up to be able to read the OBD-CAN interface> At this time I don't have an ETA on when the Private Facilities will be upgraded but we have been testing with CAN since late 2006. We are down to about
    5 vehicles on our "exempt" list and even if a particular vehicle "defies" the norm.....The State will work on us to authorize by-pass testing with if necessary as long as the proper documentation is obtained.

    If you are still having problems and you haven't alrady, please see an Emissions Repair Facility as discussed previously. If they perform the diagnosis, show that the vehicle will communicate in "generic" mode and that there are no other issues, I can then send that paperwork to the State and get a by-pass authorized to a lower level test.

    I hope this helps to clarify and let me know if I may be of further assistance including talking with the ERF of your choice if that will help matters.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    What do you all pay for inspection and what all do they check?

    Here in my Area if you live in Nashville Davidson County or a county that touches Davidson you have to have emissions inspection once a year. The cost is $10. You can have the biggest POS on the road as long as it passes emissions.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Hum...down here is Shelby County only Memphis residents have to get their vehicles inspected. I have lived in Shelby county since 1974 but have not lived in Memphis since 1976, thus have not had a personal vehicle inspected since then. Occasionally someone brings this issue up, but it has gone nowhere so far. More of the POS smokers seem to be down in Memphis instead of the surrounding area.

    You see a number of cars down here that have the right side of the license plate cut off. This allows the owner of a POS to transfer the expiration sticker to the POS and thus seem legal without paying or getting inspected.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    During the 80s in S. Fla. they did away with the state run yearly vehicle inspections.......After 1 year there was sure
    a bunch of rattletraps running around with broken/cracked
    windshields, bald tires, and no tail lights!!!!!!!!

    Also your yearly plate renewal verification was a new
    sticker with the year and it was placed in a spot on the
    corner of your existing license plate.

    But the crooks had a better idea ! Steal your plate and
    remove your sticker or even better carry a set of metal
    clippers and cut the corner with the new sticker off
    your plate and peel it off at home then put it on their
    own car !!!!!!!!!! :P
  • bill304bill304 Posts: 18
    -I had the same problem when I was visiting someone in Delaware. Drove to Maryland, a cop stopped me and asked where my renewal sticker was. Anyway now once the sticker is
    applied if someone tries to take it off it tears into pieces so it's no good to anyone to use. the dmv HAD A GOOD IDEA, wow who woulda thunk :shades:
  • I just took my car to a place here in Laurel Maryland for a State Inspection, after just spending $600 on it to get it ready. Mysteriously, they came up with a dozen more pure BS items they claimed needed to be done. Then they tried to get me to authorized them to do the 'repairs' some highly inflated fee. I am a mechanic myself by trade, so know a crook when I see one. Can anyone recommend a honest MD Inspection Station?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I can't point you to an inspection station but here's a complete list of items required for an inspection in Maryland: Vehicle Safety Inspection (see Appendix A at the bottom of the page)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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