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Hyundai Accent Real World MPG



  • "The highway portion of the EPA rating averages only 48.3 MPH, and never exceeds 60 MPH, so if you're hoping to see the highway rating at 70 MPH you probably won't see it."

    I do easily. All the time in every car I've ever owned, I can easily hit the EPA Hwy number at 70mph.

    There is a high speed portion (to 80mph) in the EPA testing that have been added in to the formula since 2008. The EPA Hwy numbers are NOT based solely on the test you noted. Haven't been for 5 years now....
  • radar1radar1 Posts: 25
    You are correct, I missed that there is an additional high speed cycle used to adjust the highway cycle (likely downward). Although that test does hit 80 MPH, the average speed on that portion is still only 48.4, probably because it includes 4 stops and acceleration cycles, compared to 48.3 on the slower max speed highway cycle.
    I too easily exceed the highway rating on my 2005 Accent (37 vs 30), and my 2008 Subaru (28-30 vs 26). My 2004 Dodge Dakota at about 18-19 has a hard time meeting either the old rating (20) or the updated rating (19).
    For the 2012 Accent, I only see a 37 highway rating, not a 40 as mentioned in a previous article. Was that a change at some point?
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    edited December 2012
    Yes, it was revised down on 11/02/2012 after EPA testing. The 40 mpg Hwy rating was lowered to 37 mpg at that time.

    The 37 mpg figure should be achievable by most drivers on the highway at normal highway speeds of 65 to 70 mph. Not uphill, not driving into a 40 mph headwind, and not at 75 or 80 mph.

    Drivers should not be observing 28, 29, 30 mpg Hwy. It defies logic in small, light cars turning relatively low rpms. These cars (mainly Elantra and Accent) don't require that much energy to maintain a constant 65 mph. When owners report under 30 mpg Hwy, I scratch my head because it doesn't make sense. Now if they are averaging 30 mpg in mixed driving? That makes sense. ;)
  • saturn75saturn75 mainePosts: 1
    I have a 2012 accent with digital mpg read out when i fill up it resets and according to that im getting just over 40 mpg most of the time but im conservative driver too.
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