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Who plans on keeping their Corolla for 200K+ miles?



  • On those Corollas that had 250K on them, how many years did you own them? I have a 6 mile commute so I don't anticipate putting a lot of miles on each year. I figure it might rust out before the engine wears out...
  • 20 years, same engine, still going, though not much longer? My commute is 12 miles each way.
  • denver5357denver5357 Posts: 319
    I have a 1993 Corolla DX with 74,300 miles (yes, I have had a short commute for years). As our "primary" cars have come and gone (now is a 2005 Ody for kid hauling) the Corolla has stood by us for almost 14 years. But - it isn't great when we have big snows. So I am considering selling it. I looked it up on KBB and I see "good" condition is $3310. Our Corolla is in great condition inside, and we have almost all the maintenance records, but it has a few dings on the sodes and one medium-size dent low on the front passenger door where my wife just recently (after 14 years!) hit an ice bank at the foot of our snowed-in driveway. Also have new (Dec 2006) studded snow tires. Question: What is a fair private party sale price? Given the age of the car, even with low miles, is $3,000 fair? Should I go for more? Also, am I getting close to timing belt time? Thanks.
  • My 89 Corolla wagon has.....286,459 Miles....And it is still purrrin. I have NO plans to rid my "Bessie." I have maybe 5% rust, and only $500.00 Out side of routine maintainance. It a 1.6L Carb. I may buy another...We'll see. :shades:
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    I've found if you check the value of your Corolla on this site,, and, you can come up with a good indication of what it's actually worth. If you get greedy you'll probably just end up extending the amount of time it takes to sell.
  • denver5357denver5357 Posts: 319
    Yes, thanks. I've looked at all of those. My question was more about any inside tips on pricing. For instance, KBB asks whether the car is in poor, fair, good, excellent condition. Well, I think the car is good to excellent, given the low mileage, maintenance and condition of the body/interior. But it is almost 14 years old. Realistically, can a 14-year-old car be in excellent condition? Is good a better choice? Or is good even applicable and you have to look at fair? Stuff like that. I have been browsing Craig's List and I have seen 92/93/94 Corollas for sale for anything from $700 to $4500, so it is hard to tell.
  • dkarschdkarsch Posts: 72
    I did some website work for a auto wholesaler and I asked her what would be considered excellent condition for a used car. She said that if it could be put on a dealers lot with no reconditioning, flawless paint, etc. and had extremely low miles, then it might be considered. Any other vehicles would at best be a good rating.
  • agalasagalas Posts: 38
    Toyot's and Honda's are the best in the world.

    I drive a 94 Corolla, 165K on it, 3 times in the garage. Plan on keeping it until the wheels come off.

    Oh and by the way, check out 500,000 mile accord post on this forum. It links to youtube "to the moon and back chrinicles" in whicha guy documents in video cast his 86 Accord which is about to turn 500,000 miles and is still going strong!

    If my Corolla can get anywhere close to this I won't need a new one until 2015 or later!

    I will be able to wait until the 11th gen Corolla! (The one after this coming redesign)
  • I got my 96 corolla from my parents and it had approx 160k miles on it. The power steering was leaking badly and their mechanic said it needed new rack & pinion which would cost a few thousand dollars. I had a buddy replace a hose for $190. That was about 2 years ago.

    I am now at 191k miles and haven't had any issues besides a tail light burn a bulb.

    This car was seriously abused prior to me taking it over. It wasn't uncommon for it to go 6k-10k miles between oil changes. My dad finally replaced the spark plugs at approx 150k miles prior to me getting it. If I had known better I'd think this car belonged to an crack house because it was so trashed out. It took my wife and I 3 hours just to clean out the interior. It had gotten so much hail damage it was totalled my the insuruance company and they bought it back. :cry: One day, my mom couldn't get it out of park.. she took it in and the mechanic took apart the shifter and it had so much spilled coke and half eaten french fries that it had clogged it up and it could switch out of park! :sick:

    With 190k miles and an extremely rough life it is still chugging along and the AC blows ice cold. It leaks some oil which I have to keep an eye on....but for as old as it is and with as many miles as it has, I can't complain.

    Every morning when I go out and it starts right up, I'm am absolutely amazed! I'm hoping to get at least 220k miles out of it. At the rate its going, that may not be a problem.
  • twocents1twocents1 Posts: 4
    Hello, brand new to the site so bear with me =)

    I have an 01 Corolla in which I just hit 102,000 and still running strong. I have never had a problem with it other than replacing bulbs, etc. I always keep the routine maintenance on schedule...oil changes every 3000 and I change the radiator, tranny, and plugs every year as well as tires, (just to keep safe) since I mostly do highway driving.. (80 miles a day just for work). I did have a check engine light come on with a "bank one lean" code and a hesitation on acceleration which turned out to be a dirty mass airflow sensor...I cleaned that and it ran perfect once again.

    The only thing I dont like is the lack of power..I wish I could get more horsepower out of it... "if anyone knows a way let me know =)"

    In conclusion, I'm very happy with my Corolla and definitely plan on keeping it well over 200,000!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Although it's nice to know I can keep the car that long, I've already invested a new starter, a new door handle, and a new wheel bearing in this car, and it's bound to find other ways to slowly fall apart after 125K miles. I don't have any plans to keep my '98 that long. I've been well pleased with this one's performance, but I hope to have another car by the end of the year. I don't plan to duct-tape this thing together just so I can win some sort of 200K mile prize that doesn't really exist. Baby wants a built-in CD player and side air bags, and some wood trim would be nice, too. :shades:
  • hello im new to this site and want to give input, and recieve input and ideas. I have an 03' Corolla S, bought it in 2006 with 75,000 miles ( i know thats high), paying $10,300, i changed the oil, looked it over and kept a strict mileage sheet everytime i filled it. I was getting 30mpg when first bought. Then i got talking with people about synthetics, and changed my oil to Castrol part synthetic. Change it every 5,000 miles and it now has 85,000 miles plus, and getting between 34-40mpg, 400miles pr tank a few times. I changed my tires (will update with size), and plan to do more preventive maintenance. Only thing im wishing it had was a 6spd rahter then the 5spd. At speeds over 70-75mph it seems to sucks the fuel and give me only a 32 or mpg. But then again i am very happy. Im looking to see if theres ways to improve cornering, and im looking to see if they make a kit to change the rear drums to rotors, then install cross drilled rotors for cooling.
    well any ideas give a shout. I'll post more later as i learn more and gain better mileage.
  • Ohh and yes im deff. plannign to keep this 03' Corolla, mileage is great, makes my friends
  • Im new, and brousing forums and want to comment hear and there. I will agree with others changing spark plugs too often is a waste of money. I'd almost wait til it started acting up, or least check them once a yr. If well maintained you'd be surprised as to how much life you'd get out of the plugs. Another idea, and take it for what you want. I have an 03' Corolla and i use Castrol part synthetic since i bought it with 75,000 miles on it. Was basically told you can't do that, change oils, it hurts it. Well i've gained least 8-10mpg (almost 40mpg regularly). only thing i'll say is like my brother told me, if you change over and find it leaking then go back to regular oil. Regular oil sludges, and builds up, where synthetics don't, so when you remove something that stops a leak in say the oil pan, its best to go back to reg. oil.

    Just my worlds of minor wisdom i've learned in the past yr of woning my car. and changing to synthetics can give you longer time between changes, i've heard studies say least 40,000 miles, but im surely not gonna test that
    I got every 5,000 with an extending life fitler. works great. 5spd trans, and remember to shift up, more times then not my father has caught me and told me to shift to 5th, and wow what a diff. in mileage, so if you can use 5th at 45mph, do so.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome! Be sure to check out other discussions here in the Corolla group also! :)
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    77 DX - drove till 191,000 - had 3 months - in family since new
    85 SR5 - drove till 110,000 - had 2 years
    89 GTS - drove till 150,000 - had 10 and a half years
    95 DX - drove till 217,000 - had 11 years
  • If my 2004 Corolla S is as reliable as my previous Toyotas, I'll definitely keep it to 200,000 miles. I usually buy new vehicles, but I made an exception and bought the Corolla used a few months ago.

    I currently have a 1990 4wd Toyota truck with 192,000 miles on it that I plan to keep it until Toyota imports their diesel or maybe puts a hybrid in a 4wd truck, both of which I figure are still a few years away, so I'll have well over 200,000 miles on the truck when I finally sell it. I bought this truck new in 1990 to replace a 1982 Toyota 4wd truck that had 180,000 miles on it. It was still running like new. I only sold the 1982 truck because I made the mistake of ordering it without air conditioning and because I wanted an extended cab.

    I change my oil every 3,000-4,000 miles and do regular tune-ups.
  • have a '98 with 250,000 I am trying to get more out of it by using synthetic oil, but it does use about a quart every two weeks, I do drive a lot and maybe using a thicker oil would help, but everywhere I read it says to avoid 10w50, even though a couple of mechanics have suggested it , anybody has any thoughts on the subject?
  • Toyoman3:
    From my past experience and the teaching of my father (mechanic for many years) i know that if a vehicle calls for 10w30 then its best to stick to it. What ever the vehicle ask for "weight" wise keep it that way. As for the synthetic oils, i have had very good luck with part synthetic from Castrol 10w30 in my 03 Corolla. Thing is that i have heard from others is that if you try a synthetic and you experience leaks, one that are more often then usual oil, then change back to the regular. The thickening and sticking to the sides of the motor and pan are what keeps it from leaking. Now if it is leaking anyways and someone says put a thicker oil...hmmmm

    ask yourself if you put something thicker into something of the same mass and apply the same pressure what do you think it will do. my thought it would bust something cause the oil is too thick to move and give. don't bandaid it. im not a ASE mechanic but i have learned enough to keep my face out from under the hood. Best thing i can say is stay with regular oil and have someone else look over the motor, or wash it down yourself and look for the leak, if its the pan area, it may be a very easy fix. Im sure others have opinions on this....

  • tpulaktpulak Posts: 44
    Does it have power windows, and locks? If so, you can sell it up to $4,000 bucks. In eBay, some corolla's , like yours are selling for like up to 5,000 dollars, but since you are private party, you can expect this much. ($4,000 )
  • jilliewjilliew Posts: 48
    I do, or as long as it keep running. I am replacing a '97 Subaru Outback that I drove for 11years and would have kept it if gas wasn't so high.It looks just like a brand new car inside and out. I met someone the other day that has a Corolla with 400k on it. She's going to get a new one. Unless you have a real :lemon: or some cheap piece of tin, most cars will go beyond 200k if you take good care of them, don't beat them up, and be religious about the maintenance. :D
  • I'm buying a 2009 Corolla this week (waiting for delivery now). I absolutely plan to get 200k miles out of it. I'm trading my '93 Camry for the Corolla. The Camry has 267k miles on it and still has many original parts, like the alternator, starter, and muffler. I've done routine maintenance and only had one major failure -- the distributor at 199k.

    1990 4Runner - totaled at 167k miles with original clutch. Was going to keep that one "forever."
    2002 Sienna - current kid-hauler with 136k and planning to get 200k out of it too.
  • qwnvqwnv Posts: 1
    In 1997 bought my 95 Toyota Corolla DX used for $12,000. It had approximately 30K miles. Today, my Nellie has over 238,000 miles. I had purchased an extended warranty and before the warranty expired, parts failed and I had to replace the alternator, timing belt, and some other major engine work. Each incident was $50 out of pocket.

    Since then I have replaced the timing belt and water pump an additional 2 times (3rd one replaced 3 weeks ago)
    I have kept up with the routine maintenance at the recommended milege, gone through 3 sets of tires, 2 batteries, brakes,and replaced parts that started to get worn.

    This year, 2008 is the first year where I have spent the most money on my Toyota.
    I need to replace the struts, distributor cap, spark plug wires, engine mount for now. I have a feeling the alternator will be next.
    I found a good mechanic shop and am taking Nellie in tomorrow morning (2nd time this month) for complete disgnosis and servicing mentioned above.

    She is definately aging, and I am hoping that she will last up to 300,000K miles.
    I have been fortunate that she has lasted this long.
  • mgealmgeal Posts: 2
    I bought an 89 toyota corolla from someone for $500 it has 212k km on it and runs like a new car. To reach that many Miles/Kilometers all you have to do is regular oil changes, rad system flushes and don't forget to change the oil and gas filters. man older toyotas are so good on gas filled my gas tank with $50 and have 100km on quarter of a tank in city driving.
  • trikev19trikev19 Posts: 18
    I have a 1994 Corolla with 177,000 miles on it. A few days ago, I replaced the shocks and struts. When the car needs a repair, I consider whether or not it is worth putting money into the vehicle or replacing it. The repairs are always normal stuff like brakes, tires, tune-up, timing belt, etc. and it runs like new! I use Mobile 1 fully synthetic oil and I change it every 10,000 miles. I check the oil every 1,000 miles and keep the oil level proper. Based on the condition of the vehicle, I plan on keeping it for another 100,000 miles unless I have one of those "avoidable accidents". Aren't all crashes avoidable?
  • trikev19trikev19 Posts: 18
    Its difficult to find a mechanic that you can trust. I recommend performing basic scheduled maintenance yourself. I have a '94 Corolla with 177K. The maintenance is straight forward and simple and nobody cares about your vehicle more than you do. When the time comes that you need a professional, make sure that you get one! You don't need to pay dealer prices. If you research mechanics and asks for references, you'll find a good one and when you loyal.
  • trikev19trikev19 Posts: 18
    I'll buy it when you're ready to sell.
  • texaslady1texaslady1 Posts: 2
    that part he took out is a security feature to prevent theft. your car wont start with out it. try calling a toyota dealer to see about replacing the part.
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