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2007 BMW X3

bosi77bosi77 Posts: 37
edited March 2014 in BMW


  • Any idea on availability and when pricing will be announced?
  • My dealer rep, said "insignificant" $ change (but of course higher $) due to the fact that "content" is a bit higher.

    We'll see.

    That tracks with my belief of what OUGHT to happen, but my belief is NOT based on FACT, just past experience, which, as we all know, is no guarantee of future performance.

  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    According to BMWUSA's Aug. 1 press release on PR Newswire, the X3's sales volume has been tailing off in recent months.

    I'm rounding off here, but Jan-Jul '06 sales were close to 12,000 X3's. That's significantly DOWN compared to the almost 14,000 X3's sold between Jan-Jul '05.

    So even if BMW slightly increases the MSRP for the new '07, it's possible that buyers will still see a slight DECREASE in the actual sales price, if BMW wants to maintain the X3's sales volume, particularly now that more and more (cheaper) alternatives -- like the Acura RDX -- are being introduced in the small, sport SAV segment.
  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    BMW is showing 26 mpg highway for their 2007 X3. I guess thats a pretty decent increase over MY2006 -- especially with all those extra horses!
  • driver100driver100 Burlington, ON 7 mo/Tampa FL 5 moPosts: 24,750
    I have had my 2004 X3 for just over 2 years, I have about 25,000 miles on it, and I really like it a lot. Love the handling, the room inside, the styling, the driving position with big windows, the safety features, and much more.

    I am wondering if I would buy another one. I am getting a little older each year, and I am wondering if I wouldn't prefer a little more luxury and a smoother ride next time. Thinking along the idea of a BMW 3 or 5 estate wagon. I need the room of a wagon so I think I would go that route. Probably better gas mileage too.

    I am not totally decided about this yet and I'd have to try a few cars out. Maybe the RDX would be more suitable. I think I would also like to try an Audi 4 probably in a wagon. (my wife has a MB C Class wagon and it is a really nice car, and she prefers it to the X3, but I prefer the X3 to the MB)

    Any thoughts?????

    2017 MB E400 , 2015 MB GLK350, 2014 MB C250

  • Try driving the new X3 -- it is much smoother, a bit quieter and overall even more comfortable, even WITH the sport suspension.

    The new interior is a move upscale, too.

    The new 6 speed auto is a smooooooooooth dream come true when hooked to the new 260HP engine.
  • The X3 is interesting, but it seems there is less support offered by the importer, and more reliance on dealers for resolution than with other brands. This seems to be a trend with most Euro importers, btw.

    Do BMW owners find that to be true, or am I misreading the posts?

    Also, have any 2007 owners run across the body panel creaking that cropped up in the X3's 2006 forums?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    how many X3 owners or potential owners have, or would not hesitate to buy, an X3 with the leatherette interior? We have it in our Mini, and to me, it's a fabulous, low-maintenance, durable material, that would really work well in an SUV, or SAV, or a vehicle with any utilitarian function. With a leather interior, I cringe everytime my kids jump in with their rain-soaked jackets and gears. The only stigma, I suppose, is having, essentially, a vinyl interior in such an upscale vehicle.
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    I wanted to go with leatherette, but in the '06 X3's, the leatherette was AWFUL compared to the 3 series leatherette. (I think because production is outsourced to Magna-Steyr, there are a number of respects in which the quality of materials in the X3 lags behind the sedans -- leatherette being one, the dashboard instrumentation being another.)

    Anyway, the '06 X3 leatherette had shiny accents that looked and felt like nylon fabric and were an absolute 'no go' for my spouse. Total cr*p.

    If, on the other hand, we were looking now and discovered that the '07 X3 now has leatherette of the same quality as in the 3 series -- which is nearly indistinguishable in appearance from leather -- we would choose it for exactly the sorts of reasons bobdle identified. With two kids and two dogs to haul around, a low maintenance material that handles water better than leather is perfect.

    And I had a great experience with the leatherette in my 91 3 series convertible. It was aesthetically unappealing by current standards, but for a car I took to the beach and routinely got into while still damp and sandy -- and for a car I once left the top down on overnight through a thunderstorm -- it held up great.

    All that said, we are quite pleased with the Montana leather interior we wound up with in our '06 X3. Non-parents and non-dogowners might be surprised at how quickly the cheerios and fur pile up, but the X3 leather has been remarkably durable, easy to clean, and resistant to abuse.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "...that the '07 X3 now has leatherette of the same quality as in the 3 series..."

    Is this a confirmed fact?

    BTW, is the leather seats on the X3 only for the seating surfaces, and the rest of it still the leatherette?
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    Ummm...did you miss the big "IF" at the beginning of that sentence?

    My spouse and I looked at '06 X3's. The leatherette then in the X3 was DISTINCTLY inferior to the leatherette in the 3-series. Because it was so cr*ppy, with shiny "nylon" accents, we DIDN'T consider it.

    What I then said was that IF we were currently in the market now that the '07
    X3's are out and learned that BMW has put the superior 3-series leatherette in the X3, we would consider buying it.

    But we were in the market last December, not this November, and it's not something we lose any sleep over. I suppose next month when I take the X3 in for service, I might spend a moment in the showroom looking at BMW's newer models, but it's not a priority.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I saw the IF. I just wasn't sure if you were referring to if the '07 has the superior leatherette, or if you were in the market now.

    So I guess the answer to my previous question is "no" -- it has not been confirmed that the '07 now has the upgraded leatherette. :)
  • The 07 most definitely has nicer leatherette.
    The sensitec material on the sides is gone.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "The sensitec material on the sides is gone."

    Thank God! ;)
  • driver100driver100 Burlington, ON 7 mo/Tampa FL 5 moPosts: 24,750
    The X3 is interesting, but it seems there is less support offered by the importer,

    I find this to be very true. I love my 2004 X3 with about 22,000 miles on it but my power windows won't go down in really cold weather. The dealer tried to fix it but couldn't. Head office has no interest in my situation, and I think it is a safety issue.

    I would conside a 3 or 5 series wagon probably (I need the cargo space) or maybe an RDX if this continues to be a problem this winter. There aren't too many vehicles I would consider but possibly the new Freelander and an Audi A4 or MB wagon are possibilities.

    I doubt if head office acts in most cases. They just had a guy on TV who had about 80,000 miles on his Honda minivan and the transmission just disintegrated. Head office ignored him until they put his story on national (Canada) television. I can't think of any manufacturer who really gets involved at a head office level these days. The current quarterly reports have become so important, car companies can't go back and work on a money losing problem.

    2017 MB E400 , 2015 MB GLK350, 2014 MB C250

  • I'm looking at the 2007 X3 and the 2007 328xit. I like them both. Does anyone have a stong opinion either way?

  • blundblund Posts: 6
    Hi all.

    I was looking to get the navigational system in the X3. Does anyone have any views on the quality of the system and if it has been upgraded recently?


  • Anyone have any real-world MPG to report yet on the 2007 X3? Also, does anyone have any specifics on the hands-free bluetooth option? - does it provide the ability to dial a number by voice hands-free? does it display incoming phone numbers via the dashboard display? etc.
  • FYI

    The I Drive navigation system offers Traffic Updates while the X3's doesn't.

    I'll be interested if you learn anything with regard to iPod intergration and/or Satellite and the X3 Navigation System. Do song names appear on the Nav Screen?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    That's interesting because I was comparing the exact same 2 models myself. The X3 would be a little more expensive, but I would opt for the X3. The X3 has more rear-seat room. And if I were to get AWD, primarily for the snow, then I may as well get more ground clearance to maximize snow performance. The 3-series sedans and wagons are really low-slung. I think they would get hung up on even moderate snow levels. :sick:
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    Garmin products fit very nicely inside the compartment in the top center of the X3 dash. I wouldn't bother with the BMW system.

    Not only are Garmins FAR cheaper, they are more user friendly with better map sets (that are cheaper to update annually), they can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, and they are available with instant traffic updates.

    The Garmin screen is smaller than most OEM Navs, but that hasn't been a problem in my experience.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Just on the newsstand:

    How to Choose a Navigation System: Built-in or Portable? (Inside Line)
  • Our X3 is an all optioned 2005. We have, recently, test driven the 2007.

    The new 2007 X3 does NOT offer voice anything. When you press the phone button on the steering wheel, however, you can see the phone book on the Nav display, scroll through it and select a number via toggles on the steering wheel.

    The dealer rep, the dealer's iDrive guru was surprised that many of the iDrive features did NOT make it to the newly freshened X3.

    The Nav works very well, but must be completely manually programmed. The integration, however, is great and as a contrarian point of view it is this integration that makes it far more appealing than any aftermarket "portable" device.

    That is to say, read the article above and "to each his/her own."

    IF the X3 were to have voice control of the phone ("dial number," etc.) like the 5 wagon and nothing else (was voice controlled) it would be nearly perfect IMHO. I would want CD and radio control added and of course some "navigate to" functionality would be a plus, but less needed as far as I'm concerned (I have a 2005 Audi with voice and radio, CD and telephone are very important considering the number of buttons and dials and knobs one would have to deal with without voice -- but then again, the X3 is more or less traditional in that respect.)

    The power, transmission (auto) and new interior of the 2007 are wonderful upgrades if you asked me. Moreover, a $50,000+ X3 can be leased for $580 for 36 months /45K miles with no money down at present. And, at $50K this car, more expensive than an RDX, to be sure, is, after all a sports sedan at heart.

    I hope BMW adds a smart key and voice control (with or without iDrive, I care not) -- AND keeps the super subvented leases going. Our lease is up in about 16 months!

  • Hi all. My wife and I are having our first child and I am beginning to look for a new vehicle for my wife to be our baby hauler. Can anyone provide some feedback on how the X3 performs in this role?
    * Does it have enough room for running errands around town and carrying all the requisite baby gear?
    * Does it have enough room for two adults and baby to take a 500 mile road trip to visit family?
  • RE: "a $50,000 + X3 can be leased for $580 for 36 months/45K (1250 per mo) w/no money down @ present."
    Is this a nationwide thing or only in your area??? When did it become offered?? Is it on the BMW of North America website? I need more info. Because if that's true I doubt if the RDX will be in my gunsights anymore!!!! Initially looked @ X3 but salesman didn't offer that, albeit it was two weeks ago.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    * Does it have enough room for two adults and baby to take a 500 mile road trip to visit family?

    I had my son, his gear (all of a diaper bag and a few toys and snacks, all of which fit in a backpack, and sometimes stroller) and make runs to commissary that was about 240 miles away once a month or so in our 95 Integra (this was in Germany). I had to use the other back seat for the groceries sometimes, but I think you can certainly make it work in an X3. I did the same run later with our 2002 530 as well, which still has less cargo room than the X3.
  • Just picked up 2007 X3 - Long Island
    Premium, privacy glass, heated seats, xenon, metallic paint;
    1232 out of pocket; 565/month (including NYS taxes) for 2 year lease at 15k/year: Very happy with it!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Consider posting details of your deal in BMW X3: Prices Paid & Buying Experience. Thanks!

    tidester, host
  • 2plus1

    When my mother-in-law is visiitng with us, my wife and I take many trips that include her mother. With 3 adults, I find the X-3 provides more than enough room. And its much easier for my mother-in-law to get in and out of the back seat of the X3 than my 330Xi.

  • I've noticed in my part of the Chicago area, dealer inventories seem very low on the 07s, 2-3 cars per dealer. This compares to about 8-10 that I was seeing on 2006's from mid summer on. Is it pretty much the practice on BMW's to buy a car off an incoming shipment or will the inventory situation improve next year - maybe the problem is that a lot of the inventory coming in is pre-sold.

    Interesting to note that my local Acura dealer has 30 RDXs on the lot.
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