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2007 BMW X3



  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    BMW diesel engines have been running turbos for quite a while outside of US and I do not recall reading about any reliability issues on European magazines, or friends. I really wanted to bring a 530D wagon back, but oh well.
  • bosi77bosi77 Posts: 37
    Hey guys I was just wondering: I have a 2007 X3 and I noticed whenever I want to defrost my windows when I push the defrost button hot air is blown on me as well as the windows. To be frank too much hot air is blown on me. Does anybody know how I can fix this or what I should do?


  • For the posts asking about kids/baby hauling.....
    We have a 2007 BMW X3, and a Toyota Sienna 2004 AWD XLE. Our kids are older, but I gotta tell you.... as nice as the X3 is, nothing beats a minivan for moving people and "stuff." With kids, the "push-button" door opening can't be beat. By the time you get the carrier or stroller to the car, the doors are open. And you can reach back and tend to them without opening the doors.
    The Sienna cruises at lower RPMs at highway speeds. And when we get there the in-laws can even fit in, we can all go together (is that good or bad?). For camping, I can't see taking the BMW. If I had one to choose, it'd be the van for the kids. (DON'T let the wife see this, she already beats me up for the X3!)
  • cincyartcincyart Posts: 15
    I have an X3 on order, should arrive any day !
    When I test drove an X3 I noticed a hesitation from a standing stop.
    The salesman said it was due to the cold and a cold engine.
    However, I have noticed this topic on other forums:

    Some have mentioned that a computer fix will take care of it. At any rate, I am leasing
    a BMW, in part, for their reputation for preformance,handeling,etc.
    I'm also a bit troubled about CR recent "below average" reliability rating.

    Are there any current owners who can shed any light on this........I guess I'm having some buyers remorse before taking delivery ! :confuse:
  • I, too, am concerned about CR's not recommending the X3. I am thinking of getting rid of an MDX (too big) but am worried about the X3's reliability (or lack thereof). Any bad experiences as to its reliability?
  • Why do you say that the X3 blows away the RDX? I'm debating between the two.
  • x3driverx3driver Posts: 18
    You can go back and see some posts about this debate. I bought the X3, for the reasons I posted before. But I don't think it's fair to say one blows away the other. Unless you get a bad example, you can't go wrong with either one.

    For us, whatever was on paper didn't settle it, it was the drive that did. As long as my X3 stays reliable, I'll be thrilled ever time I get in it. (Although that "hesitation" is real).
  • I read all the posts on the subject. Aside from the hesitation, are there any other issues re reliability? I am going to sell my MDX for a smaller car and can't decide between the reliable Acura RDX and the unknown X3. :confuse:
  • cincyartcincyart Posts: 15
    So...x3driver, you are saying that your x3 has the hesitation from a stop and
    it is not an objection? Do you just overlook it ? Is it something that becomes less
    pronounced after break-in ? I have not taken delivery yet, but it may be a deal breaker
    for me ! I have never owned a vehicle, new or used, that exhibited this behavior. And in a BMW ?? Thought this is why they get the big bucks ?? :confuse:
  • x3driverx3driver Posts: 18
    I've heard both good and bad on the X3's reliability ratings. I've always stayed away from cars with less than stellar reliability. We went with the X3 anyway - based in part on the 4 year / 50K mile warranty. Also, the dealer is close to us, and has a reasonable number of loaner cars if the car needs work, and we got the BMW Assist.

    We weighed the reliability issue, which, at least statistically, favors the Acura. But the "driving experience" of the BMW was overwhelming, to the point that even with the extra expense (it cost more) and risk, we dove in. We thought the Acura's dash and "attitude" etc was focused more on the car, and less on the drive.

    It's all so subjective at this level, thus my quote about the choice being art, not science. All the paper numbers and statistics went out the window when we drove the two. That's not happened in other cars I've bought over the past 25 years. It happened with the Bimmer. One mistake we made, go for the preminum sound, if you go with the X3.

    Whatever you do, enjoy the ride!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    You ordered one, now, of course, you DID order a stick?

    The auto versions may still have a slight hesitation, but the stick versions none.

    Frankly, I have all but given up on the stick shift, so few people even will test drive one, and so few dealers even try anymore to move anyone to do so.

    The 6speed BMW auto will, over time (if it is like my Audis auto) kind of learn to drive like a normal (stick) transmission, shifting when you would shift and almost never having any lag.

    What little hesitation there is, can be further reduced by driving the car in Sport Mode.

    I love the new X3, the new interior, the new power, etc. I wouldn't sweat the sensation you may have felt when test driving.

    Hopefully you did extensively test both auto and manual versions.

    Despite what you may be thinking, I am at this point, mostly in favor of the auto, as the path of least resistance.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The RDX is superior in almost every way, while standing still, at a stop light, when parked, etc.

    The BMW is superior in almost every way, while driving, cornering, when moving. Not so much when parked though.

    Drive AND park in both. Drive them both over the same test route, drive at the limit, brake the car as hard as your leg will press. Enter a turn at the maximum speed you dare, then go +10MPH faster. One car will thrill you, one will scare you.

    Too bad the technology and audio system in the BMW is a notch or four less.

    Get the BMW with the upscale audio package and Servotronic -- all other options are, of course, options. The nav system works great, but the RDX's is modern. In the end, they both are capable and competent. The RDX's is better.

    There is no voice activation on the Bimmer. I miss it most on the phone system, I can dial the radio myself, mostly.

    If you care more about how the car feels when stopped, go RDX, if you care more about how the car feels when driven, well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you figure it out!
  • x3driverx3driver Posts: 18
    The hesitation is not that pronounced. It's not a stutter or anything at take off, it kind of feels more like the tranny is sorting itself out (only) under very light throttle. You don't notice it unless you are the one driving.

    I've attributed it to the fact that the gas pedal has a very stiff spring, the drive-by-wire throttle control, and yes, ours is still very new - less than 2,000 miles. But I am staying on top of it to sort out what's up, if anything.

    Also, and I've seen this in other "smart" cars: you can fake them out a bit if you are on the gas, off the gas, on the gas, etc hard. The car is trying to anticipate for you, and doesn't always get the dance right.

    In the end, it always takes off when we ask it to :)

    I echo the recommendation on the upgraded audio, I didn't get it, but always will, from now on.

    One more thing..... I do believe the steering wheel phone control is voice activated... try holding the little man down a bit longer - mine speaks to me and follows my voice commands when I do that. It listens to my wife, too.
  • cincyartcincyart Posts: 15
    Mark, I see you are here in Cincinnati as well.
    I grew up on the east side, now live on the west. As Jim Morrison said "the west is the best". I'm buying from Sweeny BMW. Titanium silver, 18" wheels.

    I tend to go thru cycles in auto to stick, the X3 is in my auto cycle. I don't think they had a 07 stick on the lot.

    This hesitation thing is something unexpected for me,in a BMW especially. I drove two and they both exhibited it. I will try Sport Mode, do I sacrifice anything
    by driving in Sport ? Gas mileage,etc.

    BTW, what kind of mileage on average mixed are you folks getting?

    Mark, you have calmed my jitters quite a bit,thanks.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Our 2005 X3 3.0 with virtually all options is one of the best cars we have ever had. The new 2007 is much better in terms of its power and interior refinement.

    I hope the audio response is correct, at least when phoning.

    The issue I have is that BMW, and frankly all the Germans, are late to the modernizing game.

    Yet, there is nothing like driving a German car, even Infiniti has yet to fully crack the code.

    I love my wife's X3 and my A6 is, likewise, a great car behind the wheel and when riding in it.

    You have chosen wisely if driving is of importance to you.

    We've got the upgraded sound -- but the Acura, damn, DVD audio and even overall exceptional sound.

    Our Bimmer, of course, has Sirius, and we love it.

    The Nav system has never let us down but it seems so, second generation to the Acura's third and so on.

    The BMW is meant to be driven and it rewards the driver like only German cars, thus far, seem able to do.

    I've had 28 Audis -- we have had 2 BMWs between us. I have almost purchased an Infinti and am wondering if the NEW for 08 CTS from Cadillac will be a worthy substitute for a German car even if it is $10K less.

    Many cars have improved so much and many of them seem hell bent to imitate the German feel behind the wheel and the Japanese features. If the Americans master these two traits, and do so in a single car simultaneously, well, we may have something.

    Competition and the legacy costs may have darn near killed the US auto mfgr's -- but but but, perhaps competition has been good for the consumer and a new American auto can actually be the best of both worlds.
  • Can anyone commend on whether this is a good option? The appearance, headliner, m steering wheel all seem pretty cool.

    Just wondering about overall ride/comfort?

    Thank you
  • Has anyone heard rumors of BMW coming out with an M version of the X3 and X5?
  • bruceomegabruceomega Posts: 250

    No, I have not heard anything about an M version.

    I'm hoping BMW will offer the twin turbo I-6 engine in the X3. Has anyone heard any rumors about that?

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Has anyone driven the 2 back-to-back and could comment on the difference in real-life performance?
  • mpt1123mpt1123 Posts: 2
    Hello :
    I'm about to place an order for an X3. I'd like to get Sirius satellite added - but the dealer wants $885.00. Seems like a lot since the X3 is already pre-wired for satellite. Does anyone know what's involved in the installation and do they replace the audio unit that comes standard with the X3? Will I still have the CD player and Bluetooth capabilities? For $885 I was thinking of just taking the X3 over to the local audio store and having them install a satellite unit. Thoughts?
  • x3driverx3driver Posts: 18
    My thoughts:

    If you have the radio prep package (and you said you do), then the install is quite easy, as is the activation. My dealer sold it to me for a discount, after I found another dealer's internet ad and showed it them. I think it was $465 or something, but can't swear to that.

    They would NOT discount the install, citing a "minimum" hourly charge.

    The unit is an add-on which bolts in the driver's side rear cargo area, and the instructions guide you through it. DO take of the rear-mounted battery cables! My instructions were wrong about a blue or white connector, but the dealer said it's nothing, and mine works perfectly.

    That took 20 mins, but I think you then you have to remove the radio, to switch out a cable in the back of it which is easy, if you have the right technique for removing the radio. (I forget if this was needed for the Sirius or the I-POD connector I added later, but put it in just in case)

    The hardest part is figuring out how to pop out a/c vent to access the radio to switch out a connection at the rear. The middle a/c vent radio is pressure fit (really), and then 4 screws release the radio.

    Remember re the price: it includes the 1st year service.

    I would NOT get a non-factory unit because it does not intergrate with the radio controls. It's just not worth it to have to deal with switching sources and not having the data on your radio itself instead of some little box dangling or attached to your car.
  • bruceomegabruceomega Posts: 250

    I wasn't as ambitious as x3driver- I had the dealer install Sirius in our 06 X3, which was prewired for satellite radio.

    I don't have my records in front of me, but it seems like the price was between $500 and $600 complete, for the unit and installation.

    I had to sign up and pay for Sirius service after it was installed. As an aside, my 06 3 series sedan came with the Sirius option and BMW provided a 1 year free subscription.

    Our Sirius unit in the X3 went bad several months after we had it installed. The dealer installed a new unit, under warranty, and I had to switch our subscription to the new serial number. Other than that it has worked fine and we are very glad we got it.

  • Dealer told me today that you can't put chains on the tires that the Sport Pkg comes with? Has anyone else heard about this? I'm thinking of leasing this car soon and I like the way the sport tires (M steering wheel, etc) look on the X3! But does this defeat the purpose of getting an SUV? We already have a sedan (Audi). Any thoughts/expertise?

    Thanks in advance! I love love love this site!

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The sport package comes with H rated all season tires -- the wheels and tires are 235 x 50 x 18". I would see no reason the chains would not work.

    Now, however, therefore, notwithstanding, there ARE optional tires of the summer only persuasion -- they do not come automatically with the sport package, and as I recall are actually 19"-ers.
  • maryn165maryn165 Posts: 12
    I just picked up my new O7 X3 today and absolutely love the ride. I was wondering if anyone had the IPOD interface adapter installed. Originally I thought just hooking it up into the input would be OK, but after riding around all day, I think I would like to have access from the steering wheel and also have my IPOD charging when using it. Any information would be appreciated (i.e. price and satisfaction). Thanks in advance.
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