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2008 Pontiac G8



  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    harddrivet, it's mostly Australia which can still do it, in the case of the G8.
    also i do not concur with your analysis and its incorrect implicit assumptions. one place you areprobably correct is that the car does compete with BMW specifically, at least down-under and in UK, even if nobody in USA believes that!
  • Well I personally drove the BMW and I liked the G8 more. Then when it came down to negotiating BMW didnt budge much, but Pontiac was very aggressive, with the incentives GM made available and the aggressiveness of Pontiac I bought a fully loaded high end Pontiac for what someone would expect to pay for an entry level car. And now driving my new Pontiac G8 I am very happy to say the least. :)
  • The G8 is sweet car, but GM should have given it a BMW-ish interior and brought it over as a Buick. Pontiac is a dying horse that needs to be shot.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I am not sure it should be a Buick, lol. Or maybe they should. They need to do something now, quickly! But you are right, the exterior is very nice. The interior, well I appreciate their more simple approach, but really lacks in any feeling at all. It is almost too simple. They could have taken the time to add some really good design to the interior, sleek lines. The new malibu, CTS, have this really nice interior. It doesn't have to be luxury, but the Accord even has a more sporty interior than this G8. It is almost like that in order to save money, the stopped at the interior. But, compared to most of the Pontiac line up, the G8 interior still looks good. Just not on par with the competition. The G8 is still a great car!

    Pontiac has major potential, but I think you may be right, it is slowly dying, it seems to be slipping more away from the competition. Why would I spend $27k on a G6 with comparable features, when I can go get a Honda, Acura, VW, Mazda, etc, that have so much more bang, and or more up to date. Though comparing those models to the G8 is a long stretch, just speaking in general.

    But, the issue with getting rid of the Pontiac name, GM will turn around and morph it in to another name, but we'll all know that its just a Pontiac under another name, just like the chevy cavelier, its now the new cobalt, or the similar Pontiac car. If they decide to get rid of any name within GM, the smart thing to do, would be to take that money and dump some major quality to their other more sought out cars.

    The issue with GM, they seems to only put half effort into their cars.

    Anyway. I think Pontiac needs to either get their game on, or kill it!! Permanently!

    There are new Pontiac G6's that are just sitting on the lots, and have been for a year now. I plan to trade out of my G6 this spring or summer!
  • I still keep the G8 on the top of my list to look at when I need a new car. The incentives are getting there but $3K is still too little for a non-desperate person and those are the kinds of people you need to reach out to to get the sales moving. Who needs a car when what we have is so reliable which brings me to the other topic... Ford and GM may have cars that are high-quality but that hasn't been proven using any long-term quality surveys. The initial quality of Mexican Fusions and others that Ford likes to tout so much will need to translate into long-term quality a few years from now before people start trusting them again. I know that I don't. I do believe the foreign-built G8 is very good based on my 2004 GTO experience.
  • I was a Pontiac fan for years but their offerings have dwindled to nothing. The Aussie cars get praises from all but they will be history within years. A 2 ton V-6 RWD car is no fireball, and economy of operation is not there..It may handle great and sound awesome but no value for resale..The dealers will not stock repair items and they won't make volume to allow the dealer mechanics to learn anything about the product..The existing dealers can't even repair the old models that have engines of the 3800 variety, transmissions of yore, and suspensions that are truly tin-canny..

    The Grand Prixs owned and loved were the 74,76, and 77 LJs with big block engines, owned all three models and put a min of 75k miles on each..I owned X-bodys of the 6000 series, 1988 LE w/performance suspension, 1989 SE and a 91 SE..The 89SE went 95k mi and was a stellar car, traded in on a 91 SE which was an SE in name only for all the good suspension goodies were dropped.

    I traded my third Intrigue 2002 model w/120k miles in on a used 06 Pontiac GPGT showing 4300 mi, a steal from the local Caddy dealer..loaded with all goodies.. Don't normally go the used route but I didn't feel like writing a check for $30k for whatever make and certainly nothing foreign-named..The frt end sucks and I just had the Pontiac dealer put 4 Hankooks on it, bargain-priced and really don't miss the Michelins..However the front end shakes, so either the tie-rod ends are shot, or the strut-bushings are gone..

    Economy is not a big deal--averages 20 mpgs w/a/c on and sunroof open in town driving..use Shell V-power prem, and on occasion non-ethanol premium..

    I have owned 43 cars in my 75 yrs, with two Porsches while in Europe..only 3 Chrysler products and mostly GM, reared on Ford in my early years, and I will go back to Fords with my next purchase..09 Bullitt...or a 2010 Ford something w/sport suspension and a big V-6..

    I forgot one Pontiac-1979 Firebird V-6, for my daughter..
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    The argument that since the G8 will [ likely ] not sell in huge numbers and thus will face potential issues with repair parts and \ or repair expertise @ Pontiac dealers has some merit.

    Before purchasing my 2009 G8 GT, I considered the fact that Pontiac could even be out of business in a couple of years.

    If that appears to become a real issue, I will likely trade the G8 for something else.

    I believe that since, at least, the major drivetrain components [ most of the V8 and the 6L80 transmission ] are shared among a number of other GM vehicles, the 5 year, 100,000 mile powertrain warrantee will be viable. The rest of the car – we shall see . . .

    Unless \ Until then, I still believe that the G8 GT V8 [ G8 ‘base’ \ V6 makes no sense to me at all ] is the closest thing, by far, to a reasonably priced 4DR Corvette available for anything like the actual transaction price.

    So – I am willing to take that risk.

    - Ray
    Very happy G8 GT driver – for now . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Well, what is it about Spring and warmer days, that makes me want to look at other cars!? I just get this bug to go look, and I no that I will want to trade or try to trade my 08 Pontiac G6. I have my eye on an Acura, Honda, VW products.

    Although, with current trade values, I might not be able to get out without some major negative equity. My dealer already have G6's sitting, and have been for a long time.
    Since, my VW dealer sells GM, I might have a better chance than at Honda. I find if you trade at the brand of your car, they typically give a little more. Not always, but more often. I would be happy with a 2.0T Jetta Wolfsburg. I do know that I will try to do a trade at some point, work case scenario, 2 more years left.

    Anyone else get the urge to trade when it warms New season, new car.. nothing
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Noticed today that GM Canada is now offering $7500 cash price allowance on the G8.

    With a base price of C$32450, that puts a base G8 at C$24950 which is pretty good for a V6 sprort sedan of this caliber. If they had this deal 6 months ago I would have bought a g8 for sure instead of the 3.5 Malibu LT I ended up with.
  • Hi: My friend is thinking about buying his '05 Accord when it's lease is over, price is $13,400 + Taxes,it will have 120,000Km's on it by the time the lease is over this May.He is hoping to get another 120,000 km's out of it with little or no problems. I have read that the transmissions in the V6 Honda's are problematic? Is this true? Are there any other area's of problems with the Honda to worry about?If the tranny goes and it is out of warranty(He has an extended warranty to 160,000km's) will they help at all with the cost(He is in Canada) Also what is your opinion on the new Accord or the Pontiac G-8?.Also he is financing the '05 in order to buy it , which means for the next 4 years he is paying$375. per month $13,400+ Taxes(GST,PST in Canada). With the deals out there is it worth driving a car from 120,00 to 240,000km's 80,000km's of which there is no coverage with repairs and the increased maintenance costs of an older car???He will be leasing the new one if he goes that way.Thanks for any opinions,help.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Uh, no brainer, for me Go the Honda way! Honda's are higher quality, and great cars! If he does get a new car, I would advise getting the new Accord and not the G8. You will sacrifice a bit of fun when getting the Accord instead of the G8, but the Accord will certainly be more bang for your buck. It will have more value to begin with, and last better over time. Getting a GM car when they are in the worst state, not smart. It will only get worse first than better. Though, deals might be had on them. Buying new would also not be advised when getting a G8, they are so upside down just sitting on the dealer lots. If you are going to get a GM car, the G8 would be a better car to get though. There are few...:(

    If you opt for the Accord V6 Navi model, you will find yourself to really enjoy the car. Its not like it'll be a huge blow, because your not going from a corvette to an Accord.You'll definitely be moving up to a nice, classy car. Its fascinating to see people comparing the G8 to the Accord. That is cool!! I am really open about cars too. People have been looking a Mercedes and then went with the Accord instead. Since you have Honda, you'll probably really like the Accord. Though, the engine in the G8 would be so much fun, It is also a classy car, but ask yourself what really attracts yourself to the car to justify buying it. Think of short term and long term wants and needs. Financially and practicality. I only state this about the G8, because GM company is practically crawling to stay alive. Pontiac is on its last leg too.

    The G8 is a great car, offers a great bang too, a very nice package!! but financially I think the Accord "if" you decide to get a new car now would be the smarter buy. Also, you can probably score a better lease on the Accord than G8, GM is leasing really minimal, if at all.

    Best thing to do right now, Keep your accord, don't rush to get a new car, think about both options, it if feels right then do it, but don't let emotions take over. Right now is not the time to gamble.

    Just a little tid bit, My dad is still driving a 91 Honda Prelude, parked outside, starts up every morning in the cold!! Not sure of the mileage, but we have had it for years, with not alot of routine maintanence either.
  • Bought my 08 GT in May. Have almost 7,000 miles. Kick panel above the pedals rattled on rough roads. Fixed that myself. More concerning to me is now that the weather is chilly in the morning I notice a slight knock in the engine at idle when cold which gets louder when put into gear. It goes away when it warms up. Anyone else have any knocks, or rattles?
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    i understand that the engine-knock-when-cold is normal. Most of my chevy V8s have done this too, including 05 GTO. apparently the pistons shrink a bunch when they are cold, possibly due to the specific type of metal/alloy used.
  • It is normal. My 09 G8 GT does it along with my C5 vette
  • I just bought a new 2009 G8 GT. I traded in my 2008 3.5 Nissan impulse buy to be sure as I had owed $9500 and would be done in paying off in about 20 months. I got what I think was a very good deal but that is not what I want to talk about.

    First off, I couldn't be happier with this car. It is very comfortable, looks great (classy yet aggressive for my 41 year old styling) and of course, it is very fast. I am first and foremost shocked at its below 15 MPG local driving. I "got on it" a couple of times and it return it has given me about 12 MPG. Now 3 MPG may now sound like allot but at these low numbers as it is, I can see it. Oh well, let's see how this fairs later.

    Anyway, I am shocked that Pontiac/Holden let these 9 minor flaws/shortcomings (IMHO) get past them that would be next to nothing to remedy:

    1. No red line on tach? Come on guys, this is a performance car! Estimated cost to fix, fifty cents!.
    2. No light in glove compartment.Estimated cost, 5 bucks?
    3. Trunk release in glove, not that big a deal I guess
    4. Exhaust note should be a bit more audible....opinions will vary on this
    5. Secure the gas lid or at least the cap.
    6. The hood does not appear to be flush, there are three "raised" gaps. Edmunds noted this too.
    7. Soft brake pedal, again Edmunds noted this
    8. No spare tire. The room used for the air compressor could have at least housed a donut.
    9. The red dash light is cheesy, Edmunds pointed that out as well (worst of the 80')

    All in all, again, just my opinion.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    djohnny, congrats on your car. 3 mpg is especially significant when it's 25% of the total mpg you are seeing! maybe take a long highway cruise even at high speed and you will be happier with the mpg.
    There's no trunk release in the glove compartment? hmm...
    look for a manual trunk release behind headrest of a rear seat, maybe rarely useful to you if it's there.
  • pafromflpafromfl Posts: 47
    1. No red line on tach? Come on guys, this is a performance car! Estimated cost to fix, fifty cents!.
    The manual shift mode of the automatic is not responsive enough to make use of a red line. Many owners are using handheld tuners to "tighten up" the shifts, and the tuners let you change the maximum shift point rpms.
    3. Trunk release in glove, not that big a deal I guess
    I think Pontiac has been doing this since the 60's.

    4. Exhaust note should be a bit more audible....opinions will vary on this
    AFM (DOD) 4 cylinder mode sounds bad with a good exhaust system. Both the intake and exhaust systems take great pains to wipe out all the noise. Again, the handheld tuners let you disable AFM, and many aftermarket exhaust systems are available (often with massive discounts).

    5. Secure the gas lid or at least the cap.
    ??? Mine locks when the car is locked.

    8. No spare tire. The room used for the air compressor could have at least housed a donut.
    The donut doesn't fit over the larger GT brakes. For forty years, I've been able to plug my leaks without having to remove the wheels (usually just nails and screws).
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    It's called "piston slap", had that on a 91 Caddy Touring Sedan which I bought new. Replaced 1 piston @ 12k and 1@47k, and @ 59k Cadillac replaced the entire engine. Sold the car 150 miles later...

    At the time they were replacing the engine, I purchased a new 96 Caddy and it was disposed of around 90k miles..The Caddies were the wife's wheels..
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    Nice looking car, great image, but the process involves training the service personnel and the mechanics to repair this foreign car..let alone keeping replacement parts on hand..

    The V-6 edition weighs 2 ton---too much bulk for the puny V-6..

    Buy a CTS, better car IMHO, and the dealer will be able to do a better job of keeping it on the road..

    Won't comment on the Honda pushers on the Pontiac forums gushing their love for the oriental product...Hope you haven't lost your job in this exciting economy..If you like supporting the Japanese economy---go for it...
  • wideglidewideglide Posts: 146
    I just did a quick look at building a G8 GT at Pontiac's website. Is there any reason GM can't offer the GT with the manual tranny from the GXP? I'd gladly give up the cylinder deactivation to have the manual. Other than pigheadedness, that is... How about a choice or two in interior colors? I won't buy a car with a black leather interior. Plop down on it in shorts on a hot, sunny summer day... they'll hear you screaming a mile away! How about am option for gray or tan leather - would it really be that hard? How about a wood trim option to give the sterile cabin a little warmth? You can't compete with BMW and Audi, with an interior that looks like....well.... a Pontiac. People like choices. I like choices.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    "Buy a CTS, better car IMHO, and the dealer will be able to do a better job of keeping it on the road.. "

    Better car, perhaps - for you..
    Substantially more expensive, though.
    I rented a brand new one a while back.
    I test drove a loaded 2009 before buying my G8 GT.
    You may be proven correct regarding long term service.
    We shall see...
    - Ray
    2016 BMW 340i
  • zq8zq8 Posts: 82
    So how do they compare ?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    While they are both 4DR sedans w/RWD,
    They really are in 2 quite different segments –

    First, price:
    Base \ RWD with 304HP V6 DI starts at $38,860.
    Add the UltraView sunroof @ $900
    And the Y43 performance package @ $1,490
    [ to make the equipment level roughly comparable
    to a G8 GT with every package & option ]
    results in an MSRP of $42,575.

    MSRP of the ‘equivalent’ G8 GT = $35,190.

    The CTS lists for over $7,000 more.

    Second – dynamics:
    Based on my driving, both the rental [ not the DI ]
    and the ‘loaded’ ’09 I test drove last Fall,
    my view is that the CTS just is not a sport sedan.

    I am not talking here about handling.
    Though this is important, and the CTS
    does handle competently – better than that,
    with the Y43, I expect – the 304 HP DI V6
    just is not particularly powerful, and the
    6L50 trans calibration in the CTS just is
    not aimed [ IMHO ] at performance driving.

    The acceleration numbers I recall for the 304HP CTS
    run in the mid-14s.
    The G8 GT records mid 13-s.
    That is a difference most seeking performance
    could likely feel.
    The V6 is certainly ‘sufficient’ – but driving one,
    I knew that I would ** REALLY ** miss the G8 GT’s V8,
    with deep wells of Torque everywhere, at any RPM –
    as well as the much quicker ultimate acceleration.
    Some will not care about this aspect.

    By far, my biggest disappointment with the CTS’s drivetrain was actually the trans. I have heard \ read much about how great the 6L50 is in the CTS. My Corvette had a 6L80 & the G8 GT has the same trans. I drove my ‘Vette & drive my G8 a fair percentage of the time in “S” & manual \ manumatic mode.
    2 things about the CTS trans. drove me nuts – to the point that after the first 50 miles or so, I never used that mode again.

    Thing 1: In my Corvette, & in the G8 once in a gear ( fourth or fifth or sixth, for example, on the freeway ) it will NOT downshift without a manual request. Ever.
    [ At least not exclusively based on throttle position. ]
    The CTS will downshift based on throttle position – even in ‘manual’ mode. Often shifting down one or 2 or 3 gears. Weird. And not ‘manual’, by my definition. Not exactly sure what GM is thinking here – though I have experienced something similar in a couple of BMW 3s, with their Steptronic automatic.

    Thing 2: If accelerating at ( or close to ) WOT, commands to upshift are ignored. Again, my Corvette & G8 will do as told. And again, I have seen this behavior in BMW 3s. Weird.

    Both these odd ( to me ) choices in the programming of the CTS automatic are counter-intuitive, to me. And I dislike them both. A lot.

    When driven like a luxury car ( the fun portion of my trip, with my Daughter ) the CTS was fine. When I tried to drive it like a Sport Sedan – no dice. Would not work, for me.
    The 6L50, as installed in the CTS I find just weird.
    Very weird.

    Again, during the 3 days I spent driving the rental CTS
    driving it as a luxury sedan – not a performance car,
    with my daughter in the right seat, it was OK.

    I will refrain from comments about the interior –
    except to mention that I did not find the seats
    particularly comfortable. I find the G8 seats
    very comfortable & supportive. The interior ‘styling’
    of the CTS is purely a personal opinion area.

    Now, one ** CAN ** add a navigation system to a CTS –
    and AWD – so if those are deal-breakers, clearly
    the CTS is ‘the winner’.

    Just my 0.2 gallons worth . . .

    - Ray
    Very pleased with the G8 GT – is that obvious??
    2016 BMW 340i
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Choices are nice but this is a niche car pulled over here across the world and sold for much less than in its own domestic market. They made it simple (supposedly with options appealing to the Americans and it includes the auto tranny 'cause that is, despite the tough talk, what the majority ends up getting)

    The powertrain is rather common - I wouldn't worry about long-term maintenance too much...
  • mrpushrodmrpushrod Posts: 80
    I bought the 09 G8 GT over the CTS for two reasons. The main one being interior & trunk room. The other is obviously the LS3. Nothing beats the instantaneous torque from the LS3 V8.

    The G8 auto shifts good on the normal setting and is up for some fun in the performance setting. Most normal drivers will be happy the way the LS3 carries the vehicle in normal mode but down shifting is much more responsive in sport mode. It easily out guns Maxima's Altima's, Accords in every situation.

    That said, this post has a lot of jokers trying to compare a Accord to either one of these vehicles. You would have to have your head in the sand to not notice the unbalanced (60% front/40%rear) design in the Honda and built in torque steer.. I test drove the Maxima, CTS, STS, Accord and many more sedans prior to my purchase.

    One other point, my G8 has been flawless for 10k miles so far. I would not worry about service, The engine is an American pushrod V8
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Too bad the V8 is made in Mexico though... Only the GTO had a true "American" engine.
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    Glad you are happy with the big V-8 model, love those Detroit polluters...Keep up the footprint.

    My joy ride is an 09 Mustang Bullitt along with the 06 GPGT, both noisy with lousy fit and finish.

    At 76, I need to get with the program before our incoming president outlaws fun..
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    I am seriously confused. . .

    The fact that the engine is assembled in Mexico
    means [ to you ] that the engine is not “American”?

    The fact that some BMWs are assembled in Africa
    means that they are not German?

    And Camaros or Grand Pix assembled in Canada
    are not American cars?

    [ edit: And a Honda built in Ohio is ????? ]

    2016 BMW 340i
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I'm sorry that you're confused but I'd prefer to buy stuff that's designed AND built here in the States.

    And, yes, I ultimately think that a Honda from Ohio has a more positive economic impact on our country than a G8 imported from Australia (or something made in Canada) that has parts made in Mexico. Factories are getting closed left and right and I'm supposed to be indifferent to where it's assembled? I don't think so.

    And funny that you should ask but my co-worker waited quite a long time for her 3-series from Germany rather than taking the South African one.

    (And none of it means I won't get the G8 when the time is right)
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    I see.

    [[ I am well aware of the issue -
    and a muddy one it is: i
    2016 BMW 340i
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