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Chevrolet Lumina Maintenance and Repair



  • See post #58.

    BTW, no tools needed. :shades:
  • I need to replace the rear leaf spring rubber insulators on my 1991 Lumina. I would like to do this myself, but have never done it before. Can anyone help me with some direction? It looks like the ends of the leaf spring need to be lifted just enough to slide on the new insulators. I do not know how to do this. Does it require special tools? Or can a bottle jack be used uner the spring to raise each end? Help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Newby here.
    I have a 1995 lumina sedan. when I try to accelerate it seems to hesitate unless I depress the accelerator all the way down and downshifting.when at highway speed i depress the pedal and either nothing happens of it responds very slowly.again downshifting seems to help.

    Any suggestions and help????? thanks Larry
  • I have a 91 Lumina Euro. I am trying to replace a rear strut that has blown. I have the two bolts above the tire in the wheel well and the top bolt on the lower section out. The bottom bolt will not move. The bolt has groves on it that I am guessing are to keep it from turning. I am also guessing these same groves are whats preventing the bottom bolt from coming out. Does anyone have an idea of how to remove the bolt? The top one came out with a couple of light taps from a hammer.
  • Nevermind. I took the knuckle off and used a larger hammer to get the bolt out.
  • I have a 2000 lumina my delay and the low setting do not work on my wipers only high, and mist work. Does anyone have any ideas? Because to replace the switch you have to replace the motor and all and it's like $300
  • I need to find an abs module for my 2000 Chevy Lumina. I found one on ebay that says it fits 1996-2000 Lumina Car Assembly; except. option 9C3 and option 9C6. My problem is that I don't know where to find out what option codes my vehicle has. Can anyone help? - my vin# is 2g1wl52j5y1137349. Thank you.
  • pump shaft seal gasket goes out alot on the luminas

    when it goes out the fluid leaks out .

    it acts like that when its out of fluid . plus it lets air in which messes stuff up

    seal kit costs 9.99 just did mine last weekend

    when the seal gets really bad the fluid leaks out really fast.
  • About a month ago my fuel pump went out on my 3.1engine and after replacing it my car had a jerk
    now and then. It has gradually got worse. There is no check engine light. Any ideas
  • Did you ever replace your fuel filter?If it is getting pluged,this could explain why your pump went out to begin with.Check all grounds and hoses too.
  • I have a 1997 Lumina Sedan. Just had the transmission rebuilt at 190,000.
  • I've got a 1998 Lumina with 168K miles.

    The problem is my 17 year old son cut the corner too sharp and damaged the right rear rim on the curb. Had to replace the rim. Tire was mounted and balanced on another rim.

    However now there's a constant thump whenever I accelerate above 15 mph. At speed it almost sounds as if there's a helicopter hovering over the right rear of the car. The noise was not there prior to breaking the rim.

    I'm thinking the wheel bearings may be damaged, but I open for suggestions. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be?
  • I have a 95 lumina w/170K.

    I would probably put on the doughnut spare and go for a test drive. If the problem persists, you know for sure its not related to the tire/rim.
  • Put the spare on this afternoon. Unfortunately, the noise didn't change much.
  • Well, It sounds suspension/drive related for sure.
    Sorry, wish I could help.
  • It's the wheel hub bearings. They're shot.
  • sirgovsirgov Posts: 1
    I have a 96 lumina, I had head problems when I bought the car. I opt to replace the motor and now that i have it want start. It doesn't seem to be getting fire. it was running fine before the new motor. everything is hooked up. Could it be that the computer needs to be re programed?
  • is it compatible with a 3.4 lumina or monte carlo to do a motor swap?
  • how long to change brake booster &master cylinder on a 1994 chevy lumnia z34
  • 1996 LS model with 125K on it, the problems are as listed
    Power steering
    - Will work on and off
    Won't start after X number of starts
    - All electronics will start and turn on, engine won't do anything
    Whenever it does decide to start
    - Clicking noise that eventually goes away
    - It will hesitate on acceleration, flooring it will make it go but nothing other than that
  • diddy1diddy1 Posts: 2
    engine hesitate like it want to cut off!
  • tphmaggietphmaggie Posts: 2
    I turn my car on and every thing electrical works. Battery is good. Starter works. Will not communicate with Autotech II.
  • bigdograinbigdograin Posts: 3
    what is a code 35 on a 1991 chevy lumina is my computer faulty car will not start at all ran fine yesterday but had one stall but started right away. now will not start at all changed map sensor. just put fuel injector cleaner in the fuel could it have an effect.
  • wzbzjmnwzbzjmn Posts: 4
    I have a 1991 chevey Lumina/euro 3.1 engine. I am having trouble with the engine sputtering like it isn't getting gas. This problem is intermittant and seems to happen when I decelerate. It almost seems like the engne is going to cut off but I just keep pumping the gas and then it goes back to normal. Is this a gas or electrical problem or could it be caused by the temp sensor or any sensor sending the wrong info to the computer. Where do I start.....Help!
  • yeah if your car at least turns over. but will not start you could have a lot of problems. check your sensors. do a manual diagnostic. i recommend getting a chiltons book. but test the exaust regulator solenoid. if no take your o2 sensor out. if it is very black then their is probly a block in your catalatic converter. seems like these cars are getting notorious for burnt heads and exaust problems. oh yeah and for all you lumina owners take care of the undercarriage. tends to rust and cause a lot of problems.
  • does smoke tend to come out of the manifolds when it starts to get hot. sounds. like you have a caytalatic converter that is plugged. change that .
  • wzbzjmnwzbzjmn Posts: 4
    I recently bought a 1991 Lumina from a friend who had the same problem. He had the torque converter clutch replaced. That solved the problem with it not going into gear, but he also had a hesitation when he was on the freeway. I have inherited this problem. I getting a 42 code which indicates a faulty circuit or short in the EST (Electric Spark Timing) System. Also I've heard it could be the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). I Also need to replace my Catalytic Converter, but would that cause the car to hesitat so bad. And isn't there something else wrong with the cars performance to have the catalytic converter go out in the first place? does anyone know?
  • wzbzjmnwzbzjmn Posts: 4
    Check your EST circuitry, for shorts or shorts to ground. Are you getting codes?
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