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Subaru Forester (up to 2005)



  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Sounds like you've got a defective clock. Mine gains maybe a minute every 6 months. They are not self-adjusting and there's no break-in period. Since it's so new, I'd take it back to the dealer and push to get it replaced. Understand that they might be reluctant but hopefully they'll do it to maintain customer goodwill (that and it's realatively cheap to replace).

    -Frank P.

    P.S. Good luck with your move!
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    I'm pretty sure the Forester XT will not be exempt from the VIP program. It's a standard vehicle. The STi is limited release.

    Speaking of the VIP program, is that something that is separate from the IMBA or ACA memberships. I thought the VIP program was something SOA limited to certain individuals allowing them to purchase below invoice.

  • danjaecksdanjaecks Posts: 54
    No more cassette deck??? Surely that can't be true. My 02 has a cassette and a six cd changer, so they both fit. Maybe its an option.

    IMBA. I thought I saw some wording on their web site saying that it was up to the dealer to determine what models were available for this program. In other words, the dealer doesn't have to sell at invoice if he doesn't want to.
  • ducktapeguyducktapeguy Posts: 115
    I'll try posting this again without sounding like I'm soliciting.

    If anybody is having trouble finding parts for their Forester, I'd suggest checking I've had really good service from them, and the people working there really know about subarus. I can't name any names, but SHE'S a really nice rally driver who happens to work there, and can give good advice because she really knows subarus. I only mention this because a lot of places only cater to WRX's or imprezas, so sometimes it can be hard to find Forester specific parts, or even know which parts are interchangable. Plus they are usually one of the cheapest subaru vendors out there.

    Stay away from ISRperformance though. Nice people, horrible service.
  • rsay777rsay777 Posts: 100
    no problem with my clock. In fact I'm amazed how dead on it is. Better than my pc clock. Bob L.
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    I just saw on the Subaru web site that they are offering 0% financing, but they did not say for how long. Guess they want you to negotiate with the dealer. Anyone here get a Forester recently with 0% for 60 months?
  • jimbob17jimbob17 Posts: 77
    I was in Okinawa in the early 70s at Camp Courtney. Its a beautiful island and the people were great. Odd about the WRX. The troops used to buy the big Honda MCs, when I was there, and we used to joke that they didnt get through the whole gear array before they got to the end of the island.
    Cassette: I miss the cassette player in my 2003 X. I like to listen to the books that are cheaper on tape. I priced a cassette player at the dealer and they wanted about $500. A local place offered to put in a tape player that broadcasts to a radio frequency and you tune the radio to that. Its only about $150. so i'll go look at it in the near future.
  • kajkokajko Posts: 70
    hi all,

    thanks ducktapeguy for the tips. good to know.
    I'll second your opinion on i am still trying to sort the springs issue (for those who remember). i am corresponding with a few ppl in Australia directly...
  • 10years10years Posts: 48
    Hello everybody, long time lurker first time contributor here. Thank you for all the useful information and honesty over the last several months.
    On 5/21 I bought my first ever Subaru, a Forester X. For a near old fool like me I sure got complements from fellow co-workers and friends today on the good looking Cayenne Red cuttie. You could see the "I wonder if I" looks on some faces.
    They had 2.9% for five years from Subaru. Price was close to $600 under Invoice. “Will sign papers for Car” with “Don’t need no stinking money” works well by E-Mailing several dealerships and their respective internet manager guys. Then wait for the bids to come in. Check SUBARU.COM for the links in your area.
  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    Jimbob wrote:" A local place offered to put in a tape player that broadcasts to a radio frequency and you tune the radio to that. Its only about $150. so i'll go look at it in the near future."

    You don't have to spend that much. Any Radio Shack can sell you a small, low-power FM transmitter for exactly that purpose. Plug any ordinary cassette player into the transmitter, tune your car radio to a matching frequency, and listen to your cassettes over the car sound system. Better yet, you can use the same FM transmitter with portable MP3 players (CD or solid state) and listen to MP3-encoded music over your car system.
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    FM transmitters are a great solution if you don't mind the slight degredation in sound quality. It's probably a good match for playing cassettes.

  • joybelljoybell Posts: 275
    I just recently drove a new model Forester (2003). I found that the space inside for cargo at the back was less than the old model Forester (1998-2000?). The salesman said no. I said yes, proove you have an old brochure with the cargo capacity on it. No, he said, but the capacity is the same. So who is right?
  • 74impala74impala Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 Forester L. The Bridgestones that came stock on it really stunk in wet and snow. I'd like to put something on it that's a bit more agressive. A local tire dealer suggested the Yokohama Geolander. The problem is it doesn't come in a 205/70/15. The H/T comes in a 205/75/15 and the A/T comes in a 215/75/15. The dealer says neither would be a problem. Reading my owners manual I'm not to sure. Anyone have any experience?
  • 74impala74impala Posts: 4
    The cargo space for a 2001 Forester is list as
    63 cu ft and 64 cu ft for a 2003 on the Edmunds website.
  • ducktapeguyducktapeguy Posts: 115
    sorry to hear of your troubles. What's the progress with your lift kit? I've only ordered from ISR once, but that will be my last time. Took one month, 10 e-mails, and 5 phone calls to get the right parts, and they still messed up the delivery. And I'm less that 15 miles away, you'd think they could get it right.

    were you comparing the same models? The ones without the moonroof more space. I think the two are very similar, i actually thought the newer models looked larger because of the redesigned opening.
  • wantonenowwantonenow Posts: 5
    I live in Arizona and need to replace the Geolanders on my '01 Forester S. Although Prescott is mile high, traction in snow snow is not a major issue. A tire that has good tread wear; stands up well to the Phoenix area's 120 deg F summer temperatures is of primary concern.
    Choices available locally are:
    Three Michelins: Energy MXV4 Plus, Pilot XGT H4; and All-season confidence.
    Dunlop SP Sport 5000
    Sumitomo SRIXON4
    Two Yokohamas: A550V and YK420
    Pirelli P3000

    I have looked at Tires, Tires, Tires. The discussions there seem to be more in tune with the needs of folks in places that get LOTS of winter snow. I need high heat resistant tires, so that place was useless to me.

    Any other desert rats out there with experience on replacements for the 215-60-16 Geolanders in the desert Southwest???
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Are my vote, love em on my SVX. They've been used successfully in Blizzards to Track Days @ Limerock Raceway. Excellent tires IMHO.

  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    just curious, what do you not like about the stock Geolanders? I live in Fresno, they seem well suited to the heat.

  • lakepoplakepop Posts: 221
    The Dunlop SP5000s get my vote. I put on 215-65-VR15s and love them.

    Of course I get to drive in some serious snow but they are great on the highway also. Got mine at Tire Rack..........$75 per.
  • lark6lark6 Posts: 2,565
    I have them in the OEM size (215/60R16) on my '00S. Quieter and better grip in the rain than the Geolandars, and noticeably better lateral grip in all conditions.

  • jtm4jtm4 Posts: 60
    I just put a set of Yokohama Avid Ts on my '98 Forester. I'm very impressed with the smooth, quiet ride. I've heard rave reviews about these tires and they are living up to expectations, so far. This is the third set of tires we've had on our Forester. The OEM Bridgestone tires lasted 27k. After that I tried Discount Tire's Arizonians. They lasted about 40k with a 70k Tread warranty. I rotate tires every 5 to 7k and check pressure regularly. The Yokohamas have an 80k tread warranty so we'll see what happens. For the money, I think the Yokohama Avid Ts are a great deal.
  • forestergumpforestergump Posts: 119
    I just replaced my stock Geolanders with another set of the same after getting 53K on the originals. They seem to be pretty decent all-around tires. Also, since I'll be getting rid of my '99 Forester at the end of the year, I found it hard to justify spending additional money on a set of tires that I'd only get 10K-15K additional miles out of before I got rid of the vehicle.
  • wantonenowwantonenow Posts: 5

       The stock Geos are good for only 30K miles, which is what I'm pushing on my '01 S. This seems to be almost a standard on new cars... had same experience with '77 celica and '87 mazda B2000...oem tires lasted only 30k miles.

       As I mentioned, am mostly concerned about heat resistance, since we travel to the low desert area on a regular basis. Wet traction and snow is not as critical, although once the summer monsoons hit, I don't want tires that will aquaplane on a damp roadway.
  • wantonenowwantonenow Posts: 5
    You folks that have the Dunlop SP Sport 5000's neglected to tell me where you are located and if you experience the high heat conditions I do. It would also help me if you tell me how many months you've had those tires and how many miles you've put on them.

    I know I'm being overly picky, but a $500 expenditure for 4 tires takes a tad of research. Being retired and on a fixed income, we try to squeeze every drop of marginal utility out of every buck we spend. That's one reason we like the Sube.... am getting 26+ mpg and it is pure pleasure to drive.

    BTW, I do have the tires rotated at approximately 7500 mile intervals and have an air compressor to assure the proper cold inflation pressure.
  • srosssross Posts: 33
    I've got the SP Sport 5000s on my Audi A4, and they've been great. I don't have the extreme heat that you do, but I also live at altitude (Denver). You didn't care about the snow but I feel I've had both great dry and snow traction. I think I have about 15,000 miles on them over about 15 months.
  • terry4848terry4848 Posts: 8
    one thing I have noticed on my 2002 that I have owned now for a year is that after it has rained and several days after when I roll the window down and back up the window is wet,is water getting inside the door to eventually rust the inside? I have owned several different cars in my life and don't recall this on my others. This is not a new occurence just curious if anyone else notices. Also had the transmission recall problem fixed at the dealers and ever since the transmission shifts different on the last shift kind of hard. This may sound silly but does anyone have a suggestion for finding an annoying vibration on the dash area of the car that only happens when it is warm outside or the heat is on. When it is cold outside the noise is not there so it must have to do with expansion of materials. Also I have not changed my interior filter since I got the car, it's at 12,000 miles, do I need to be concerned this is not a dusty area. Thanks
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I am sure the collapsable pedals are to improve the IIHS Offset Scores even more. Even though the Forester earned a "Best Pick" and a Good rating, the foot score was only average.

    Pretty impressive that they try to improve an already excellent score.

    kajko: bummer about the springs, I was meaning to ask you about that. Still?

    So the visors are nicer and it gets those foot pedals, but loses the cassette? I was hoping they'd make the mud flaps standard again.

    Terry: look under the glove box, it's just two screws to access the air filter. You could remove and inspect. Even vacuum it if it's not that dirty. But replace it if it is.

    I bet the tranny is the placebo effect. I think they just changed a locking pin, it should not affect it's operation.

    For any rattle, try putting your finger on things until you quiet the rattle, then you've found it. Often it's just loose items in the glove box or one of the storage bins. Another thing you can do it get self-adhesive felt liner for those compartments, which I did.

    Good news - my sister just bought a 2003 Forester X auto yesterday, in silver. She was cross-shopping the Camry, but it kept raining, and the Camry felt disconnected to her. I swear we've had rain for what seems like 3 weeks in a row, Mother Nature just forced her in to a Forester! :-)

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Juice, you must have an "in" with Mother Nature. :)

  • xccoachlouxccoachlou Posts: 245
    Went on Saturday in search of a Forester XS in Woodland Green Pearl. Found it through the web at a nearby dealer.

    The MSRP with freight was ~24,850 (give or take $20-30). They gave me a $2500 trade in value on my 1999 V6 Contour with 31K miles and initially offered me the car for $21.3K with the trade.

    I offered them 19.3K including the trade figuring on a 22.5K invoice and 3K for my trade. I expected them to counter and we would settle somewhere shy of 20K.

    Most every place I've been able to check on the web has Forester XS's at or just under invoice, and besides myself, there was only one other couple in the dealership. It was very slow.

    I thought it was a fair deal. Apparently the dealership owner did not. That may explain why he still has a 2003 Legacy GT 5 Spd Wagon sitting on his lot with a manufacture date of July 2002.
  • 10years10years Posts: 48
    I’d suggest expand your dealer search criteria. Compose a brief Bid statement in MS Word, or the like, state you are an immediate buyer of a SUBARU Forester XS and are requesting their lowest one time bid to include the price of the vehicle with the final delivered price. Include the options required and the ones you’d prefer plus your Trade situation. Don’t state any dollar amounts; let the dealers come to you. Go to SUBARU.COM, enter you Zip Code and the site will post the three closest Subaru Internet manager E-Mail addresses dealers near you, then the next 3 farther out , and the next 3 again. Cut and Paste your Bid statement for each dealer. Initially request E-Mail responses versus telephone. Then wait; it won’t be long until you see nuggets in your E-Mail Inbox.

    This worked great for me last week on Forester X. It was the easiest and most confident car deal I ever made. Good Luck.
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