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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • Yes, got the DI. Also AWD. Regarding the gas pedal being too close to the brake pedal, this does not seem to be a problem for me, and I wear a 10 1/2 shoe. One gripe with me is no convenient place to put your sunglasses.
  • Hey Neuronbob! Good to see you here..normally we're talking about Mark's loudspeakers somewhere else... :)

    I guess you ditched the RL for the CTS. Let me know how this car is working for you over the next several weeks. I'm hoping to order one in the spring if finances come together.

    Those of us that are following this car have been told that Bluetooth may be a dealer installed option at some point in the not too distant future. Talk to your dealer about this one.

    I think that the car is selling pretty well right now if the comments from my dealer are any indication. For them, all cars are selling but the DI cars don't stay on the lot more than a day or two. Few people order AWD in Tennessee so I don't think they've been trying to order those versions. For me, my company has the GM supplier discount so that discount is a known fixed value. I'm told the Costco discount might work too. Otherwise, it may be difficult getting really good pricing until the initial demand surge wanes. But if Caddy plays their cards right, there should be decent demand as they slowly roll out coupe, wagon, V8 and V-series versions over the next 24-30 months.
  • rspruitt - I have owned my 08 CTS since September, and I have the V6 DI. Not sure if it is the same ticking noise, but if you haven't already try using premium gas. I have found that by using premium gas every once and while the ticking noise goes away. The car doesn't need Premium (especially with gas prices) but if you alternate Premium and regular the ticking seems to go away. You could also try using a mid grade as well. I get gas from Costco and they only have regular and premium. Hope that helps the ticking.

  • Never heard that. I have a 08 DI AWD. I have heard in my gararge when I shut the car off and before the headlights go out...a high pitched whine which I thought had something to do with the lights. But no ticking noise.

    I'll pay that closer attention and see....
    Does it happen when the motors on and your driving, or ideling, radio off? And is it definitly coming from the dash? Drivers side dash??
  • I ordered mine (DI, all options minus AWD, Sunroof, Nav, Wood trim on steering wheel and shifter) on Oct 20.

    My salesperson called me to say it was built yesterday, Wednesday, 12 December. That's my brother's birthday, but I'm getting the present.

    Only question is whether it'll arrive before, or after Christmas.

    I haven't been this excited about a car since I purchased new a '90 Mustang GT (and the Caddy is a LOT more car).
  • I have Verizon as my carrier. For an additional $10 a month you add your CTS telephone number to the family plan. When driving you forward your cell phone to the car number. Works very nice.
  • jpennjpenn Posts: 68
    Anyone familiar with my posts knows I have one main objective, the CTS Coupe.

    So, does anyone have any new information about the Coupe? I had hoped to hear it would be shown at one of the early 08 shows like NAIAS or New York or Chicago.

    There have been several posts on the Caddy blogs about what the styling will be ranging from a two door CTS to a completely redesigned car fashioned after the BMW 6.

    As I've stated before I'm a coupe guy but when I saw the new CTS I was ready to take on the additional doors, but then the coupe rumors became reality and now I have to wait until I see the coupe before I make a decision.

  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I would rather doubt that a CTS coupe is about to be unveiled. At this time last year with the sedan about to be shown at the NA show there where many pictures floating around of the car in camouflage to whet everyone's appetite. So far there are none of the coupe. Even the V has been seen in camouflage and now even naked although someone jumped the gun by about a week.
  • adamg2adamg2 Posts: 12
    I recieved my Black Raven CTS, standard engine, RWD, 6-sp manual transmission on Dec 12/07 (earlier than expected). I didn't have a chance to test drive the manual tranny at the dealer so I was taking a bit of a chance.
    When I first attempted to pull away, I thought "I've made a terrible mistake". The clutch position seemed very odd and my left foot felt as if it was getting trapped between the brake and the clutch. The problem was resolved by adjusting the seat further back than what I'm normally accustomed to. The clutch is well sprung and has a somewhat imprecise feel to it but its nothing I can't live with. The shift action is very smooth despite what was reported in C&D. However, the shift throws to 2nd and 4th (haven't tried 6th at this point) are quite long and require a slightly awkward elbow/shoulder position in order to clear the arm-rest. There is a small yellow light on the tach which lights up when the car 'determines' that you should shift to the next gear for better fuel economy. Very irritating feature, it lights up anytime the engine is over 2000rpm. In the city, if I'm driving 80 kmh (50 mph), I am not going to shift into 5th gear simply because the engine is at 2200 rpms!
    In sum, I would give the manual a 6.5-7/10 - certainly the most disappointing aspect of the car, however, I'm not regretting my decision to go with a clutch since I really enjoy the extra communication a manual transmission provides (and I need to extra control for Toronto winters).
    There seems to be a consensus that the CTS feels underpowered even with DI. I am one of the few who purchased the standard engine and I wholeheartedly agree. It's not very quick of the start and the sense of power doesn't come in until the higher rpms. Despite these quibbles, I am very pleased with the interior, exterior, fit and finish, brakes, suspension, and chasis. I look forward to each and every drive.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Looks rather like they grafted the old (2007) front end on a 2008 body. Personally don't like it.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    Thanks for the report...I've been wanting to read more about it. the magazines wern't very comlimentary of the manual. i do think it adds a lot of fun to driving,though...And the new CTS seems like a really fun car.
  • jkr2106jkr2106 Posts: 231
    I agree, there probably won't be a 2009 debut for the CTC(?). Besides, I think all speculation was for a 2010 debut which would have it probably released in the '09 shows.
  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    I think 2007 CTS V front looks much better than the 2009, although the 2008 grill is a knockout; the only problem with the 08 is the translucent sunroof shade. I hope they add a conventional opaque sunroof to the option list for 2009, and then I’ll be the first to buy a fully loaded one. I'm waiting for NAIAS (1/13 - 1/27/08) to see what CTS has for 2009, otherwise I might be looking for the import.
  • I also JUST picked up my 6sp manual CTS today, with the DI engine. Though it's a lease, I haven't pushed it hard yet, though I did have it up to about 100MPH (gradually getting there) on a highway stretch.

    Even without pushing it, I know it's not as fast as my 2005 G35, though the final verdict is not out.

    As far as the shifter, position, smoothness, etc., I believe this is less of an issue for someone who has had awful manuals (my 1979 VW Rabbit), and really good ones (a 2007 Mazdaspeed 3), and driven quite a few in between. You just get used to it, whatever it is.

    I did notice some noise (clanking) following upshifts, something which C&D referenced but not specifically.

    The handling with the FE3 is excellent, the brake effort is higher than my Infiniti, but that's just pedal effort, not stopping power which seems fine, again so far.

    It's only 25 miles so far...
  • Thanks to you and adam for those reports ont eh 6MTs - not hearing too much about 'em
  • I have had my '08 CTS fir 3 months now (red, DI, AWD, all options except nav and sunroof). I have about 2400 miles on it including recent mileage in fresh snow - the car is awesome.

    At this point, I have one complaint and given the cost, it really irritates me. It's the sound system! I have the high end 10 speaker Bose system with the 40 gb hard drive and I have to say that I am very disappointed in the sound quality. My wife's Explorer sounds much better! I have played with all the controls and just can't seem to get the sound right. The rear speaker(s) (I'm not sure how many are supposed to be back there) are particularly muddy sounding.

    In a car with this tight of a cabin and with excellent exterior noise insulation I was anticipating top notch sounds fromk the stereo system. I don't know if there are some speakers not working or if I am doing something wrong but with the high price of admission I'm pretty disappointed.

    Anybody else have any comments on their music system?
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Take it back to the dealer and tell them to fix it.

    I had radio components replaced twice in my '03. The strangest things can interfere with the radio. They had to replace the high level tail light in order to eliminate static in my radio. Apparently the neon bulb caused a problem. They had to get help from the factory to solve the problem.
  • bdingbding Posts: 13
    Got tired of waiting for the constraints (P63) to be lifted off my order out. Went searching on Cadillac web site and found one in Thunder Grey that was optioned out the same as the Black Raven I ordered. Contacted my dealer, he traded for it. I drove it home in a snow storm today (90 miles). Polished wheels and 18" tires really make the looks of this car. Got to take advantage of the 1.9 financing. So far I love car, worth the wait.
  • I suspect there is something interfereing with your system. For what it's worth, I've got the fully loaded (minus AWD) Black/Black DI, and I am absolutely in LOVE with my sound system.

    And I just read an article (can't remember where) that rated the top ten new car sound systems. The CTS come in 5th, but was topped by some systems in much more expensive vehicles, with the exception of a Lexus that was in the same ELLS category. The main gripe in the article was that the CTS only had ten speakers, vs the 14 or so in other vehicles.

    Anyway- I'm happy with mine! I hope you find satisfaction with yours- it REALLY makes the driving experience incredible!
  • I have the same car with the upgraded Bose and think it's the best I've had and I'm real picky about my sound systems. I think something must be wrong with yours or the settings. Try the center point option on the speaker settings for simulated surround sound, a very rich sound. I do find I needed to boost the base way up. If you can find any DVD audio give them a try. That gives you true 5.1 surround sound. The only one I found was the new Beatles "Love" cd of the Cirque Do Sol Beatles show. Some copies have both a regular cd plus a DVD audio version. A great cd in either format. You can also play DVDs of Music Concerts and hear them in true 5.1 surround sound. Good luck because the second best things after how well the car drives is the sound system.
  • I must have the same issue with my 10 speaker Bose 5:1 system - rear speakers don't seem to have much power and is obvious when you push the sound to the rear by using the fade or DSP option. I have tested radio, XM, CD and no difference. Centerpoint helps but not enough to make me feel better. I have not yet tried DVD audio for the 5:1 sound.
    I reported the problem to the dealer but they allegedly didn't find anything....although I'm guessing they didn't look very hard. I'm thinking about sitting in another one on the lot to see if the problem is just me.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    jdavis - Maybe you have already checked the Speed Compensation Volume (SCV) or the Noise Compensation Technology settings, but if you haven't it may be a place to check to see if it is set to a low position. See page 3-82 in the owners manual. It also provides a Bose website for more information. My system works very well, we made all the necessary adjustments before I left the dealer, and adjusting these settings was included. Just a thought.

  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    bding - Congrats on your purchase. You're gonna love it. This is an awesome car. It is everything that I expected/wanted it to be and then some. I'm up to 2100 miles (mostly playing around in the mountain twisty turnies), what a fun car to drive. It holds very well on mountain climbs (sometimes at triple digit speeds) with relative ease, and feels as though it's on rails on downhill curves.

    Went to Cadillac West today just to look to see if the wood is being optioned, and it is. I missed out because I couldn't wait, but it's all good. These cars are flying of the lot. All that were available on the lot had sold signs on them, and none to be had on the showroom floor.

  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    rspruitt - I use 89oct all the time and I have no problems with ticking. I did the same with my 03 CTS. Not really a big price difference, (usually about 7 cents) and it my be worth the extra cost to prevent the noise. That being said, I've been blessed in that regard, my gas is more than paid for by my organization. We currently get $9.60/20miles, (drive about 2K/month) with gas at $3.16/gal, average, (I purchase on the Air Force Base most of the time) I get to pocket the rest.


  • I don't have a CTS, but your comment about the rear speakers not having much power reminded me of an experience in a newer Acura TL and a Toyota Sienna.

    These cars offer surround sound (I think the TL calls it ProLogic), and just like in a theater, surround speakers are softer - used to create an echo effect.

    Perhaps you should check if your radio is set for surround sound, Dolby ProLogic, or soemthing similar and turn it off.

    Hope this is helpful! :)
  • After about 7 weeks or so, my custom ordered RWD CTS has arrived at the dealer. I intend to pick it up tomorrow.

    I will now join the growing crowd of 2008 owners now on the road. I can't wait.

  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Have the new GM price increases affected the CTS? If so what prices have been affected, and by how much?
  • bdingbding Posts: 13
    Anyone that's waiting for the constraints on P63. It's worth the wait! 18" wheels and 50 series Michelin's make the car, especially from the rear. Even the stock Bose are great. Got my 1st OnStar diagnostic report yesterday. Told me that two of my tires only had 31 lbs. rather then the recommended 35 lbs. Also told me that I had 337 miles on the car. Don't know if I like "Big Brother" looking over me that much. Anyone else notice the oil filter (PF 2129) for the DI, its a pleated element that must slide into some type of canister. I think a neighbor had that same filter on a "Iron Duke" four- banger back in the 80's.
  • I think I had one of those on my 1966 Chevy Bel-Air 283.
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