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Mazda CX-7 Electrical Gremlins

kygoatkygoat Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Mazda
I';m experiencing serious electrical issues. Occasionally all of the gauge needles and cluster lights will go crazy for a second or two. The passenger window will then no longer operate from the driver's side control and one-press up and down stops working.

Most annoying is that all of my radio stations reset back to default and with Sirrus radio that is 36 presets lost.

This morning the only way to start my CX-7 was to use the secret key-fob real key.

I have nearly all options. Anyone else seen these issues?


  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    You're the first to report - congratulations! Don't you feel good about that? :)

    Pickin' on ya. Seriously, a trip to the service department is in order. I've sneakin suspicion that the security system has gone haywire, but that's only a guess.

    If you find out what's wrong, would you care to post back here again?

  • kygoatkygoat Member Posts: 3
    In the shop today. I agree it seems to be with the keyless security system. I think it gets confused and reboots all systems to recover.

    I did tell the dealer "I don't want it back until you recreate the problem" I'll see if that will fly or not.
  • kygoatkygoat Member Posts: 3
    Back from the dealer with no issues yet. Loose ground cable. Sounds like a good story (so far). Crossing my fingers cause I love this cross-over.
  • nmknmk Member Posts: 111
    Manual states that clock will change automatically with navigations system.
    Ain't true. :mad:
    Anyone have any ideas on how to change the clock setting?

    Dart Vader CX-7 AWD & Nav system aka NMK
  • astegmanastegman Member Posts: 171
    Go into the Nav system and choose user setup. You should be able to find your way to the clock settings from there.
  • 022540022540 Member Posts: 31
    I was waiting for auto time change with Navigation system.
    It even states that in the manual.

    Go into the Navigation system, configure.

    there is a clock setting. press buttons accordingly.

    It took a little while, but it turns out to be pretty simple.

    Good Luck!!!!!!
  • cxrabbitcxrabbit Member Posts: 134
    I'm having Electrical Gremlins also.

    My radio lights flicker. It's JUST the buttons for the radio, not the upper dash display or the gauges or headlights... after I've been driving the car a while (at least 20 minutes), I assume when it's gotten good and warm, the radio button lights start to flicker. Nav screen and all other lighting appears to be fine.

    Anyone else have this issue? What fixed it? I have the latest PCM Flash (they did it today). Dealer could not replicate the problem (probably because they weren't driving it for more than 20/30 minutes LOL).

  • kbramstedtkbramstedt Member Posts: 3
    I just got a CX-& Sport last week, pretty basic. Power seat, Bose package, sunroof. Saturaday my daughter notice the clock/radio display on the upper dash was not working. Also tne keyless entry would not work, nor the power door locks. The TCS light was flashing and a light/picture of a car with zig zag lines behind it stayed on. Later that night, the stereo and clock worked but the keyless entry still did not work. The stereo had erased its memory and I had to reprogram it, also the TCS light stopped flashing after a short drive. This morning, everything worked perfectly. Then again, this afternoon, the whole thing repeated plus the interior light do not work.

    Heck, the thing only has 100 miles on it and this is what I get. My only saving grace is that it is a company car and I don't have to pay for it.
  • kbramstedtkbramstedt Member Posts: 3
    I took it to the dealer I bought it from. They ffound a loose fuse. It was located in the engine compartment fuse panel. It is a fuse the dealer installs when they do a pre-delivery inspection, and they did not push it is all the way. They said some of the electrical problems people here are experiencing might be due to the dealers not inspecting the fuses before delivery. This is the closest dealership to the Mazda USA office in Irvine, CA.
  • hutchensgdhutchensgd Member Posts: 6
    The window switch on the drivers door panel which is meant to activate the passenger window does not work. The switch in the passenger door does activate the window however. A minor issue, but surprising nevertheless.
  • farupnorthfarupnorth Member Posts: 3
    I had the same problem when I first got my car and it's easy to fix. It just needs to get woken up.

    Turn car to "on"
    Roll down passenger window (from passenger side) all the way. Then roll passenger window up all the way holding it for 3 seconds.
    Repeat on Drivers Side.
    From drivers side repeat with both buttons simultaneously.
  • hutchensgdhutchensgd Member Posts: 6
    Thanks! That worked perfectly.
  • hutchensgdhutchensgd Member Posts: 6
    Have any of you experienced a very hot ignition key? It seems after I drive the car the switch is quite hot.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Is the steering column hot too?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCMember Posts: 75
    Has anyone had problems with the rear stop light housings?
    my lens melted, I found out after having owned my car for 2 years. I had the original buls from the factory, it appears that the bulbs give off a very high amount of heat and that the plastic utilized in the construction of the lens is brittle and not of able to withstand the intense heat from the bulbs.
    Anyways, my brake lights work but the lens melted. As always I contacted mazda but they have turned a blind eye on my complaint.....
    any suggestions?
    CX7 2008 GT-AWD blue with 55K miles
    By the way, I love my car!
  • tinztinz Member Posts: 2
    I have same problem with both my rear tail lights mazda said it was melted but never rxplained how.. They wanted to charge almoste 1,500 to fix it but found parts on amazon cheaper...
  • czalinskyczalinsky Member Posts: 1
    OMG Thanks you so much that worked Great.. I just bought this car (CX-7) and the same thing with my Passenger side window with drivers side switch was going on... That was an awesome fix, I thought I was going to have to bring it back ... Whoo Hooo Thanks so much
  • joshmims4joshmims4 Member Posts: 1
    Sometimes the drivers side passenger window control will not work and when this happens the passenger side tail light is also not working.
  • sbmazdasbmazda Member Posts: 8
    edited February 2012
    Passenger window stopped working so looked on here as I have now done daily with issues the CX7 seems to have. It worked! Thanks for the advice. At least it was a quick fix and nothing I needed to take to dealer to drain my pocket. Keep up the good post.
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