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Kia Spectra Engine Issues



  • yeah i have the site if you need it they run about $2,500 for a complete turbo its bolt on if you want the site just go to my name
  • I have a 2003 Kia Spectra GS. I have had multiple problems with the car that are covered under warranty. The first problem is that the car eats tires, meaning that the tread wears unevenly and quickly. I thought that maybe it was the tires, but I have been through 3 brands. According to my dealer I have a lead tire issue, which I think is an excuse for not knowing what the problem is. The other issues I have had are the breaking system. When I lock my breaks, the engine shuts off. This is not good, because I drive the base model, no extras, so the car is impossible to drive when it is off. I believe this is a vaccuum problem, but the dealer cannot "replicate" the incident. Also, the heat sheild became loose after almost every oil change, and I know the heat shield is not even close to the oil pan. After my last oil change I looked underneath my car, and realized that they are removing the one heat sheild bolt. I confronted them, and they charged me $75 to remove the heat shield altogether. Next, my engine almost seized this weekend due to lack of oil. I do not know how this could have happened, but my car lost about 3 quarts.

    The dealership is very SHADY. Dorschel KIA in Rochester, NY likes to schedule your appointments, and then do absolutely no work on the car. This has happened to me twice. If I have an appointment, I expect work to be done on my car, especially a simple oil change. The other problems with Dorschel are the heat sheild issue. According to my maintenence record, the heat sheild has been removed 3 times, not replaced. They have been charging me money each time and will not own up to their mistakes.

    Does anyone else run into these issues?
  • hey froverdrive: I have a 2006 Kia Rio 5 with just over 10,000 miles on it. I noticed my front tires were wearing excessively down the center treads, nearly down to the indicators. They are Kumho Solus HP4+ tires. The back tires seem to be wearing fine. The service department was totally unhelpful at Auffenburg KIA in Belleville IL. They said it was either overinflation or because I didn't rotate them. I've been to them for all my oil changes and they are supposed to inspect the tires as part of that service. Obviously, they didn't because they would have seen the wear sooner and if they would have told me to have them rotated, I would have. I know we have never inflated them over the recommended psi on the car door label because they always look low to me and when we check the pressure its never been over. They also told me that it could be because they are low profile tires. They said it was not alignment or camber before they ever looked at the car. I think there is something wrong with my car that they won't or can't fix. I hoped KIA would be different, but all car dealers service departments are the same. I'm going to replace the two worn tires on my own. What other tires have you tried? Please write if you find out what the problem is. Good luck.
  • Dorschel Kia test drove my car, aligned my car, checked my frame, my suspension, my rims, and concluded that my car pulls to the right because I have a bad lead tire, which is BS for, "We really don't know!"
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
    Sounds like all of you with starting issues need to put in NGK Irridium'll be very happy you did....(hint hint)
  • ayden_boiayden_boi Posts: 2
    A few months ago i took my car to the kia dearlership to get fixed since it was making a funny noise and also it was still under warenty. they fixed it and said it was my radiator but it still made the funny noise so i took it back. this time they said my transmission was bad and they cant do it under warrenty. so i had someone else look at it and they said the transmission was fine that they just wanted my money.

    Another problem im having is that when i go up hills i lose horsepower example i will be going 50mph as soon as i start up the hill i drop down to 20mph and i cant get speed built back up til i go down the hill then my gas goes down alot.
  • acm563acm563 Posts: 11
    This is interesting as this is the same symptoms my sons car had after we put the new transmission in it so I have to question and ask if the transmission in your car needs reprogrammed for some reason...and that may also be why the dealership in their infinite ignorance :):) thought you actually needed a new transmission...
    IMO KIA's just suck, noone knows how to work on them and as I stated before they give you every excuse not to honor the warranty.
    Since the reprogramming of the transmission my sons KIA is running fine although check engine light now stays on....
  • ayden_boiayden_boi Posts: 2
    how much did it cost and does he get horsepower going up hills after this was done?
  • acm563acm563 Posts: 11
    yes, he had nopower even on straight rds with no inclines. it cost him $134..i would ask them if they think the the reprogramming would help
  • axel_roseaxel_rose Posts: 16
    I bought my Spectra 5 new in May of 2005 and I now have 80,000 miles on it with no problems. All I've done is oil changes and the timing belt change at 68k. I got almost 52,000 miles out of my first set of tires by rotating them with every other oil change.

    So far the car has been a solid performer for me and I put almost 900 miles a week on it.
  • axel_roseaxel_rose Posts: 16
    I've got 80,000 miles on it so far. All I have done is get the oil changed at the recommended interval, replaced the original tires at 52,000 miles (I rotated the tires every other oil change) and I had the timing belt changed at 68,000.

    I've replaced the stock radio with a new pioneer head unit and installed an 8 inch subwoofer in the back.

    Everything works on the car as it should and it appears to be holding up well under heavy daily use. I average about 900 miles a week on the car.

    I should mention that paid $9100.00 after trade and that it is fully loaded minus ABS. I opted for the 5 spd. manual tranny.
  • Mabye if you did'nt drive so hard and checked your tires for proper inflation and pressure you would not have this problem with your tires. No car "eats tires" if you drive sensibly and maintain your tires. I do agree that some of there practices are shady but by the looks of this post it seems as if you drive this car a litle to hard.
  • There were some posts in another area that were related to tires wearing unevenly and quickly for no apparent reason. It was noted on one vehicle that using the Bear Alignment rack to detect mis alignment solved the problem. Try that to find out about the tires.

    We found with one of our vehicles that the oil drain plug as lose after an oil change possibly that is where the lack of oil came from suddenly.

    I would say find a new dealer to maintenance your vehicle. :shades:
  • Bought my brand new 2007 Kia Spectra5 just 4 days ago.
    The check engine light came on and I hooked a OBDC-II
    to it and the code report it as an EVAP (small) emissions control problem.

    I owned a (2006)Kia Spectra for about 4 months until I got it totalled in a car accident(not my fault). Decided to go
    with a Spectra5. I loved the old 06 spectra. Had no problems
    with it at all. In four months I put on 15k miles!! Followed
    KIA manual with out fault.

    Now I get the check engine light under 1k on the Spectra5 !!!

    Checked Gas cap and check under hood for obvious hose or loose line problems.

    I love the car. I choose the Manual Tranny with Electric Orange Color. It is great !!!

    Bringing it to dealer first thing on monday.

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    the check engine light may still turn off on it's own. Just checking that you've clicked the gas cap on enough times is sometimes all it takes to turn the light back off(and it'll stay off).

    I have needed a new gas cap on one of my two Kia's before, too. You're under Warranty and if you feel more comfortable taking it in, do that, and let them check out your gas cap(among other things, if they need to). For some reason sometimes they're not made right and don't provide a tight enough seal for you.

    I think you'll like your Spec5 too and that is an awesome color choice. Do report back what you find out, OK?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • ok, went to dealership.

    they pulled the car to service bay.
    i asked for all paper work.

    tech reported that they "re-tightened" gas, drove car.
    and "cleared" on-board computer.

    if problem re-occurs then i will re-post. but i did
    exactly what the tech did, except i did not "clear"
    the computer.

    The dealership only had my car in the service bay for 8 minutes. plus 4 minutes for the test drive. I was out in
    under 15 minutes !!!

    Way to go KIA of Baton Rouge !!!(Allstar KIA)



    #1 - Our sales person Tara wanted to put us in a alternate car right away !!!

    #2 - Tech talked straight forward to me.

    #3 - Tell someone your "keeping" a folder of incident
    and start writing names down AND the wheels of progress
    start moving faster.


    #1 - Service guy(RYAN) does not know SH*T. so IMHO
    dont even talk to these guys. All they do is paper work
    and thats it.

    #2 - KIA does not want a responsible "buyer", such as myself
    to have access to "diagnostic" print outs.


    #1 - I really wanted that ERROR LOG printout from the diagnostic computer to compare to my own readings.

    #2 - New Service Guy. Ryan sucks.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    I agree. So it was just your gas cap needing to be turned enough times until it clicks 5 or 6 times? If so I am very used to this with both of my Kia's.

    To get that error log would be nice. It's possible it won't tell you much of anything, though. But to be able to read it in it's entirety would be helpful. Your dealer should be interested in helping you. After all, you've spent a lot of money on one of their cars. You deserve to have a great running rig with no problems. Keep up the desire to probe for more information.

    Good fortune to you and report back how your check engine light situation goes, OK? I remember those lights coming on and I felt better driving my Kia's when that dumb engine light was off. What's weird is it's for information and the car always ran well even with that light on every now and a then.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • they took it off and then turned it it three or four times.

    i did that as well, but they "reset" or cleared the computer. i did not.

    i guess they are ruling out the fact that its the cap.
    and if it happens again, then replace cap comes next. i guess.

    one cavet of information. i cross checked the ERROR code "(SMALL) EVAP Emissions Control Leakage"
    and found out that this problem commonly
    occurs when GAS CAP is not on properly OR it could
    be a "LEAK" in hose OR the EVAP unit has been contaimenated
    with GAS.

    basically the last one mean that a person has "topped" off
    their gas tank until it is completely full AND the excess gas has found its way into the EVAP unit.

    Apparently a RONDO buyer had encountered this problem before. I checked the forums for the EVAP error.

    I knew about the excessive topping off but never knew exactly why or what it damages. So its good to know.
    And should be on the TIP of every SALES person's tounge when they talk to a customer when they purchase a car.

  • DAY 3 after FIRST TRIP to KIA for service.

    sequence of events -
    1)Left shop on Monday.
    2)Filled up gas, but did not overfill.
    3)reset tripA milage meter.
    4)car would not start outside of daycare.
    5)car had to be jumped started !!!
    6)found that battery cable to battery post was loose.
    7)checked mileage. Car has only travelled 111 miles
    and used 3/4 a tank of gas !!!
    8)Check engine light came back on !!!
    8)set up appointment with service manager RYAN.
    He reported that he will need it for a few days.
    He reported that he will hook it up to a SMOKE machine.
    9) A pit has formed in the pit of my stomach.

    I knew this was not the end of the CEL problem.

  • Im just about to buy a 2005 Spectra EX, 16k miles, and the front tires (stock manufacturer) are completely worn down, while the rear (Goodyear) is new. Dealer says stock tires are junk...they're throwing in 2 free tires. Just get yourself a reputable brand of tires (Walmart sells Goodyears now for $75 for this size wheel).
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    Do ya know, troynall? Sorry to hear of this problem. Maybe they'll actually find it and fix it properly this time.

    A smoke machine?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • i owned 2006 Spectra EX(bought it off the lot with only 132 miles on it) for four months until it was totaled in an accident.

    i put 12999 miles on it in those four months.

    The tires showed 73% thread usage. The insurance people
    measured the tire tread depth. So the tire life on your tires is about right.

    Must have been one owner ?

    but sounds like a sweet deal. really. I trust the regular Spectras, but the Spectra5 is another story. I am having headaches with the EVAP system in my BRAND NEW 2007 Spectra5. Had it in to the dealer twice in One week.
    Two more times and I have a lemon law case.

    They mentioned a smoke test, but all they are doing is test driving it.

    BAsically it is getting bad gas mileage. 130 miles to the tank. And the Check engine light comes on about 100 miles into a fresh tank of gas.

    They have got me a rental car, but get this. The first time they fixed it, they disconnected the battery and cleared the computer memory. The tech did not tighten it, so next day later they car would not crank after driving to day care. Car had to be jumped off and thats when the battery terminal was found loose !!!

    People, WATCH YOUR CARS !!!
  • SMOKE MACHINE: a machine that pumps a non harmful smoke into the car hoses and finds the leaks while car is operating.

    But they are "test" driving and waiting for the
    Light to come on AND then fix it.

    But what the difference if the light is already on ?
    Are just came on ? BTW, Lemon law in my state says
    they(KIA) has two more chances at fixes this problem.
    Else they can give me a NEW car(since mine is BRAND NEW)
    OR buy mine.

    Honestly, I am having second thoughts about this SPECTRA5 !!! :lemon:
  • himi1himi1 Posts: 25
    Congratulations on your new Spectras!Those are nice can have a look at the upcoming Kia coupe here. This might be the base for new 2009 Spectra. What do you think? urt-coupe-concept/
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    I can't wait to see the new Kia coupe unveiled at Frankfurt. It is the new design from their new design chief, Peter Scherer. He comes from Audi and Kia has hinted that this new coupe is a look at what may very well be the new design direction from Kia.

    Very exciting!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • OMG.

    The CEL may not come on, but the car only gets 215 miles per tank now.

    live and learn.

  • I don't know where a lot of the posters live at but the warrantee issues are dealer inspired. If you read the 116 page warrantee you will get a better idea of what is supposed to happen. Also if your not satisfied with the dealer complain to the better business bureau and to Kia USA. That's the national corporate offices in California. Bad dealers, uneducated mechanics, will give any car manufacturer bad press. Call your local TV and radio stations. Sometimes they can help and the dealers don't want there names on the air with bad press. In most cases where there is dealer issues, that dealership is a multi-brand dealer and won't take the time or money to train their mechanics properly. Check out StreetKiaz web site. You will be able to talk with some of the best Kia mechanics and modders on the planet. The owner of the site can put you in touch with the right people at Kia USA. Don't give up on a car because of a bad dealer. There are many good ones out there. :)
  • My 2006 Spec 5 has around 16500 miles on it. It is highly customized, KFX Performance header, KFX Perfomance cold air intake, no cat, Kia OEM Cat back center exhaust, automatic tranny, and I get 31 MPG. I got that mileage before the header install and am still getting that mileage afterwards. I have had no problems with any part of the car. I change the oil every 3000 miles. I use whatever oil is on sale. I use Wix or Purolator oil filters, no Fram products at all. Do not use Penzoil or Quaker State oil in any Kia product. They have too much parafan in their oil and will eventually give you problems. Ditch the factory plugs and put Iridiums in it you will see better mileage. Ditch the factory air cleaner. Use a K&N type filter for stock air systems or go to a cold air intake and K&N. You will definitely see a difference. The MPG I posted is in town driving on expressways and city streets with the AC on. This is my fourth Kia and since 2003 and have had no problems with the cars. I currently own a 2003 Sedona, 2006 Spectra 5, and a 2007 Rondo. For those that don't know, the 2.4L engine that is in the Rondo was co-developed by Hyundai, Kia, and Daimler-Chrysler. It is called the World Engine. The SRT engines that Dodge are using is the same engine that is in the Rondo. There are several other makes that will be using this same engine but that hasn't been released to the public yet. All will eventually have lifetime to the original purchaser warrantees.
  • Does anybody know about this particular problem? Is this something I could undertake myself, rehooking up a hose or something? Im not sure what it means but I can't afford to put a lot of money into my car right now... any tips or advice for this question, or about this car in general would be most appreciated! Thanks!
  • I've noticed a vibration felt in the steering wheel when idling. Most common when the car is cold, and goes away completely when it's warmed up. I've had it in once so far and was told that it was a) a 4 cylinder and I would feel some vibrations, b) when first start the RPM are near 1200 and go down to 700 when it's sufficiently warmed up. This morning, I let it warm up between 5-10 minutes, the first stop light I came to, it vibrated terribly and made a very faint noise similar to when you used to put a card on your bicycle tire. It didn't last long and didn't happen again.

    Any suggestions?
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