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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid



  • sdancejsdancej Posts: 3
    Me and my friend each bought a new R350 back in July 2008. It was a great time to get a SUV because of gas price.

    Got pretty much everything, P2, navigation, 7 seats, panorama roof...
    MSRP: $57k
    Paid: $44.7K+tax = $47k.

    My Friend:
    Got P1, with regular sunroof,..
    MSRP: $52k
    Paid:Under $39k+tax = $40.5k

    So whether you got a good deal or not.... I don't think so based on the year and prices of the R350 you are buying.. you are being ripped off. Plus, the MSRP of $47,625.00 in 2008 R350 is basically no optional equipments.

    Again my friend bought a MSRP of $52k for $40.5k OTD in 2008, the one with MSRP$48k you just bought could have been sold as new in 2008 for under $37k OTD.

    And now 2 years later, they are selling you a Used with Mileage for $38K OTD. You are ripped off. You should pay no more than $30k OTD for a 2008 R350 with no optional equipments.
  • sdancejsdancej Posts: 3
    >>The sales manager is great, good guy, I don't have to haggle at all. He accepted my offer right way, total cost me 1 hour, I drove the vehicle back.

    Just noticed your last note in the message, kinda funny..... Yes, the sales manager must be very very nice, in his mind, he must be thinking either this guy is out of his mind or what (sorry didn't mean to offend you, but this could really be true what he was thinking), someone is offering $38k OTD, 2 years old with mileages R350 that was sold for under $37K OTD as new in 2008. Yes, he must be very excited in his mind. Once he knew you were offering this outrageous price, he might had bought this car for $27k through employee price then sold you for $38K to net $10k in his pocket, what a nice guy.
    Just remember, the dealer will never never stand on your side, they are there for making money. It's your work to do some research how much people are paying.. not to wait until you have bought the over priced used car.

    Imaging you could buy a new, no mileage 2010 R350 with MSRP of $52k for under $40K OTD. Why would you buy a used 2008 MSRP of $48k for $38k OTD.
    Again, no offensive, this is a very foolish decision. See if you can go back to the dealership and ask for the original sales price of this car, and see if you can appeal it according to your state law if they sell you more than the market price and return it.
  • sdancejsdancej Posts: 3
    I will be glad to sell you my 2008 R350 with P2, navigation, 7 seats, ipod....and only 11k miles for $38k (MSRP $57k). Still shines like new, my wife has been driving this car for picking up kids.
  • I forgot to mention that I got 1.99% loan for 36 months from dealership.
    It may make the deal looks a little better.

  • sdancej1sdancej1 Posts: 2
    1.99% is available for ALL CPO (certified pre-owned) vehicle in ALL MB dealership. You are still not convinced you were being ripped off, are you? Just google this forum for the very recent new 2010 R350 and see how much people are paying. I have seen several posting about MSRP$59k sold for $45k. That's a $14k difference. How much do you think your 2008 MSRP $48K R350 would have been sold for? $45k.... no way... my guess is around $36k~$37k. The fair market for this 2 year old would be around $29k.

    You should really do some research first, internet is out there.
  • To: sdancej1
    Thank you for your comments.
    I want to tell you something for your information:

    One week before I bought my R350, in th week of Feb 26, 2010, I went to MB in Valencia, CA, I wanted to buy its 2008 R350, with 30K miles,(20K miles more than mine) but better options (Naviation, DVD Entertainment..), the vehicle not certified yet. after few time back and forth, I told the manager: "my final offer was 38500.00 USD OTD,(sale price at 35000.00), you certified the vehicle. Please anser me: YES or NOT?" .You guess what? the manager rejected my offer. He insisted on 37000.00 USD sale price, and he did not call me back.Between my offer and his, there is only 2000 USD gap.
    That vehicle has very close KBB value as mine

    And at Febuary, 2010, R350 was not applicable for 1.99% loan from MB.
    Even the dealership in Valencia accepted my offer at 35000 sales price, I have to pay for a high interest rate loan.

    If you are right, the market value for such vehicles is 29K, why the dealer in Valecia rejected my offer of 35K USD?

    I feel the current market of vehicle was differenct from 2008.

    Did anybody in the forum bought a used R350 recently (not in 2008), please posted your purchase experience.

    Jay Yang
  • sdancej1sdancej1 Posts: 2
    Well, it's your money. If you want to pay more, go for it.

    I don't really know what's your thinking logic in your mind. The user buying experience posted here already told you:
    - a NEW 2010, MSRP$59k is selling for $45K,
    - I bought a NEW 2008 (in July 2008), MSRP $57k for $45k.
    - my friend bought a NEW 2008 (in July 2008), MSRP $52k for $39k

    Based on those historical data, the used one 2008 you bought with MSRP $48K could have been sold for less than $37k.
    If somehow you find out the original owner's purchased price for your R350 is $36k, would you pay for $38K for a 2 years old with MILEAGES car?
    Do you know math?
    Spend a bit time on this forums and see how much people are paying. People are sharing their buying experience to help others for better deal.
    I have to say you are get a bullish and foolish deal I have ever seen, sorry didn't mean to offend you.
    It's not how your offer was accepted or not, the dealer is playing the game. The realistic data won't lie. If someone else in the USA can buy a new 2010 R350 for $37k, why can't you? It's still bothering my head what's in your mind why you would pay $38k for a 2 years old car when you can pay less for the complete new one with new warranty package?
    I didn't know there was a $6000 manufacturer discount the time I bought. I got this information from this forum. I might been silly to pay close to MSRP of $57k if I didn't know other's buying experience.

    I am trying to give you the buying experience and not to attack or against you in anyway. The dealers you were dealing with has no fault, they are doing business to make money, they set whatever price they want to sell but you as buyer (don't forget in this economy, it's still the buyer's market....buyers drive the deal not dealer) pay you think what's the true reasonable price. No need to came back to me with more reason to support your foolish deal, you are ripped off, that's it, please admit it.
    They might have 30 exchange warranty, you might be able to get a new one for less you paid.
  • hi there - I am in the market to purchase the R350 and would be very grateful if someone can tell us what kind of deals I can expect on R350 with P1 and panoramic roof package.
    This is our first luxury car and we would be very grateful for your help.

    The edmunds shows the MSRP is 57K and people are paying 54K in Woodbridge area.
    Is this what I can expect?
  • I found a 2008 MB R350 4-matic with 7 Passenger, Stability Control, AM/FM Stereo, Tilt Wheel, Premium Pkg, Xenon Headlights, MP3 (Multi CD), ABS (4-Wheel), Third Row Seating, Privacy Glass, Heated Steering Wheel, Steering Adaptive Xenon Headlights, Backup Camera, AWD, Dual Front Air Bags, Leather, Bi-Xenon Headlights, Moon Roof, Power Windows, Air Conditioning, Power Door Locks, Fog Lights, Hill Start Assist, F&R Side Air Bags, Navigation System, Power Steering, Integrated Phone, Heated Seats, Traction Control, Parking Sensors, Dual Power Seats, Harman Kardon Sound, Alloy Wheels, Power Tailgate, Panorama Roof. The MSRP for 2010 model is about $60k. Mileage is 28500. I was going to pay $33,950 for it plus tax and license fee. Is it a good deal? I am in California. It's a one owner car purchased in May 2008. Thanks guys.
  • 2010 $59k are selling for $45k? that's 25% off MSRP. May I ask where you are? I don't think I can get that much off in silicon valley, California... Thanks.
  • sdancej1 - While I have no opinion on the "value" of zijiangyang's deal, I don't think your argument that zijiangyang got ripped off necessarily holds up based on your own data.
    New 2010 R Class prices paid- a fine reference point but not overly relevant. These large discounts were funded by MBUSA and are not currently available. Even if they were the outlay is still $7k more than zijiangyang; not including additional sales tax, excise tax etc. $7k is pretty good-sized nut.
    New Prices paid in 2008 for a 2008. Again, you and your friend got a great deal due to an MBUSA incentive, but the cost of the car to the dealer selling to zijiangyang is what they paid MBUSA Financial or at auction. lists 60 certified 2008 R's in the entire US, ranging in price from 33,900 to 44,000. THe limited availability of pre-owned certified R Class' lead me to believe that their best-case margin is $3-4k otherwise prices would be lower due to dealerships trying to make a quick $500. I don't think a lot of dealerships are going to lay out $30k+ for a $500 profit (or maybe they would - I admittedly do not know the inner workings of the business).
    Keep in mind CPO's cost the dealership money, insurance and required maintenance (which is unlikley less than $500 and could easily be $1500-1800), not to mention the additional year of coverage (brakes and tires are less that 60% wear or new).
    I myself am interested in a R CPO but have not seen enough CPO prices paid on this forum to know what a good deal is (or what dealers are paying for these cars ). All I see is a limited amount of inventory.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    edited April 2010
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  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    edited April 2010
    In about 3 months, new and redesigned 2011 R-Class is coming out. It's not going to change a lot, but it will look much better. You can see what will change here: 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class Changes. Also, if you click on the picture, it will take you to 2011 R-Class cool photo gallery.
    So if you still want to buy 2010 model - dealer must give you a reason: HUGE DISCOUNT. Use this info while negotiating with dealers.

    Hope it helps.
  • fusillifusilli Posts: 24
    edited April 2010
    Well, before ANYONE buys a Mercedes, let me tell you about my recent experience with a warranty issue I had with my 2006 Mercedes R350. I needed a replacement control module which was caused by a blocked a/c tube that subsequently leaked on it, causing it to short. There was a service bulletin on this very problem issued to all MB dealerships. This absolutely should have been covered under warranty but they fought me tooth and nail on it ($875). I finally called corporate and complained. I told them I would like to see where in the warranty this would NOT be covered. Instead of going through that harang, they just covered the warranty. Happy day, right? (of course, why would I have had to fight that hard for a warranty item anyway?) So, when I went to pick up my car, the dealership presented me with a waiver they wanted me to sign basically holding MB and the dealership harmless for any and all injuries from any accidents that occur in my R350. OMFG! (remember Toyota?) I laughed and asked if they were serious. I had a conference call with corporate up in Jersey, and I said let me forward to my attorney. Of course, my attorney said over her dead body would she have a client sign this paper. I am so disgusted that, after 6 Mercedes (S-Class, E-Class, 2 ML-Class, SL500 and now my R350), this WILL BE MY LAST BENZ EVER. I am so totally let down by this company. I love my car, but I certainly don't feel like I have a company that backs it.
  • saytokensaytoken Posts: 5
    What's a good offer price for this deal:

    2010 R350 P1 with PARKTRONIC and PANORAMA sunroof. Asking for $49K, and it has 2K on it.

    Some people on this forum has got a brand new at $45K, considering my has 2K mileage on it, I think a $42K would be a fair value. Thank you !

    The car is listed at: v=R-Class&sb=&rs=0&pc=7&pcurr=1&ps=10&els=VehicleType%3A~Price%3A~Make%3A~Model%- 3A
  • yetialanyetialan Posts: 13
    Make sure you check the money that the dealer is getting back from MBUSA I got an 08 new with sticket at 52 for 39

    4k off MSRP and MBUSA was giving the dealer 9K back

    Edmunds shows incentives
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    This car is loaded! It also has Navi and tons of features. I'm sure that there is a plenty of room for negotiating...
    Although I'm always cautious of any car with such low miles. What was the reason, the previous owner got rid of it so fast? Ask for CARFAX history. Were there any accidents or paint work? The warranty starts on the date of first sale. You need to find out the date. Maybe this car is more than a year old, even though it has low mileage. Is this car MB Certified? If yes, than you get automatic warranty extension and history is clear. If not - why?
    Ask all these questions directly from Dealer. This will also help to drive selling price down...
  • saytokensaytoken Posts: 5
    What a good deal you got! I checked the incentives infor on Edmunds, unfortunately there is none in my area (Seattle). I am hoping to offer at $43 K.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    The best way to get low price is to shop around. This way you make MB Dealers compete to earn your business. You can request quotes from any local MB dealership here: Request Mercedes-Benz Price Quotes from any MB Dealership anywhere in USA.

    Of course, request from more than 1 Dealership and remind them that the deal must be good enough not to wait for 2011 redesigned model.
  • saytokensaytoken Posts: 5
    Thanks for the Info Storm10. I checked the carfax history, it looks odd. The owner brought in Oct 2009, and kept it for only 2 weeks, brought the car to service in early November and put the car for sale the next day. And the car has been on sale since. Also the car was brought in Florida, but now on sale by a Seattle dealer.

    It's very odd looking to me a) kept only for 2 weeks, b) in a different states....

    There is no accident on the car..... This is the link to the car fax history: 02763
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    Very strange. The car was serviced at 630 miles. Normally the first service is around 10,000 miles. It means - it had problem. And Service Dept fixed it, and 1,000 miles later Dealership bought this car back.
    I suggest to stay away from this car. You can also call to MB of South Orlando and ask Service manager on what happened. The phone# is in Carfax report. Tell him you are thinking to buy this car and asking for a truthful advice. He can pull the info by the VIN #.
    Maybe there is a good explanation - who knows?
  • bc14bc14 Posts: 3
    I'm looking for a CDI with similar mileage. If you don't mind my asking, what did you pay for the vehicle?
  • saytokensaytoken Posts: 5
    No I have not purchased the car yet, will do some more research first.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,616
    CarFax is somehow a little hard to decipher and convoluted... Looks to me like they possibly put this car in their loaner fleet.... Maybe there was some sort of incentive from Mercedes to do so... The 2nd entry for the DMV could have just been permanent plates, with the 1st one being the temporary tags... (just guessing.... more likely than a buyback).

    I also wouldn't consider it unusual that a car is serviced in the first 1000 miles.. Plenty of things might not get caught during the pre-delivery inspection...

    I wouldn't let this CarFax put me off the vehicle... but, if it's at a Mercedes dealership, just ask them to see the vehicle history... That will show the service records and anything else of interest...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    MB Financials just came up with Summer Special Deals. Particularly, R-Class finance special rates are prolonged up to 66 months. R-Class lease specials are extended until August 2nd. You can see all the specials in full details here: Mercedes-Benz Summer Specials. Also, you can see the breakdown of what changed from May to June.
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    Ready to buy. Just waiting for biggest incentive. Any suggestion!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    If you want to buy/finance (I assume you're looking for R-Class) - then I wouldn't wait any longer. You can get 1.9 % APR for up to 66 months. Basically you save thousands of dollars if you finance.
    If you're looking to lease, then I would probably wait for 2011 model, because it will have much better residual value, so it will probably lease better than 2010, plus it looks awesome. 2011 model will be released next month in July.
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    I will buy the R350. So still wait for the cash incentive for 2010 model. Any advise? Thank you!!
  • jasonwipfjasonwipf Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    Got a 08 R320 CDI diesel 22kmi. FULLY loaded (only minus keyless entry, 7th seat and all the sports rack junk). Got from Carmax for $39K, trade in value for this model was $37K, Private $40.2 and Retail $43. And it was in impeccable condition. Carmax treated me very well (no snake oil salesmanship BS) and with a price below private sale value, so I was game.

    I went to a few Mercedes Benz dealers and some were good, some very money grubbingly bad and what they were passing off as certified pre-owned was sometimes a joke. Do not be afraid to call them out on stuff. Be meticulous. I flew from Houston, TX to Columbus, OH to test drive one Certified Pre-owned that the dealer was beaming about, yet it had cat hair & dirt throughout, fast food oil stains, cracked ipod plug, missing fasteners, crooked steering wheel, torn panoramic roof fabric and scary low milage on the test drive (17mpg vs. 23mpg from all my other test drives, mixed city and hwy). ALL in the same car. Then the sales man shrugged his shoulders and tried assuring me it was in fabulous shape and was offended at the notion that all of those things weren't completely normal and I would be lucky to buy it RIGHT NOW!.......BU BYE! Mind you this was the biggest and nicest MB dealer ship I had ever seen too, not some hole in the wall small town dealership.

    got a ticket to Atlanta, GA next day and purchased a real cherry from Carmax of all people.

    FYI: had the best search parameters for me.
  • Does anybody have their residual price on 2007 and or 2008 R320 CDI? Or better yet, do you know what lease returns are selling for at Manheim?

    Looking to buy a 2007 or 2008 R320 CDI with mileage below 50K and just trying to get another reference along with TMV.

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