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Mercedes Benz M-Class ML320 CDI



  • I keep watching for information as to when this model will be sold in California. Any information would be appreciated. Local dealer hopeless and clueless.
  • Hey guys!

    I am looking to purchase either a 2007 or 2008 Mercedes ML320 CDI and when I went to the dealer he explained to me that Massachusetts (where I plan to move in about a year) does not facilitate ULSD and that you can't find it in stations there anywhere.

    I currently live in Florida and there are a few stations that do have it, so its not a problem down here. The problem I have is: If I buy this SUV (which I have my heart set on), will I be able to drive it in Massachusetts or not?

    I tried looking online but could find limited information on whether or not MA had ULSD. The closest I could find was that they were equipping service vehicles (like school buses) to run on ULSD.

    Any help would be immensely appreciated! Thanks in advance guys!
  • ML320 CDI is due to be released in August-September 2008 as a 2009 Model in California as well as other PZEV states so it complies with 50-state diesel requirements.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I think your dealer should do a little more research. I've got an 07 ML320 CDI and was in Cape Cod this past summer. On Rt 6 about 5 or 6 miles south of Well Fleet there is either a BP or Hess on the right at an intersection (it was green)...really does not matter since it had ULSD and it was stickered as such. Keep in mind some of the stickers are white and some green - just look for that 15ppm number. If you see 500ppm keep going

    The service buses do run on ULSD in MA but the nozzle is too large for the MLs tank - the station I went to had both sizes.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I have the R320 cdi, and have been driving it for one year. When I first got it fuel was a big problem. Now more and more stations are carrying it, but some seem not to label their pumps. Allegedly, the ULSD is all that should be available at vehicle service stations. Truck stops are another thing. The gov had issued "rules" last year about stations having the ULSD as a mandate, but kept moving the date. I had a hard time driving from MD to FL last year. While in FL I found a few stations with the fuel. In MD more and more stations are carrying it. Of course, now it's 30cents more per gallon. You can contact the major oil companies and they can tell you where they have fuel (if it's a company station).
  • Well thanks for the tips guys. I did a little research and found out that he is indeed wrong.

    I also managed to find this on MB's website (after a lot of searching through google and whatnot). Thought you guys might find it useful since you already have the diesels:

    Let me know if that sheet is useful and correct. Thanks for the tips guys!
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    I have owned two diesels in CA since 2005. I have never had a problem finding ULSD. BP started selling ULSD at their ARCO stations in about 2004. It was great fuel. Not a lot of that usual diesel smell when fueling the vehicle. Still best to have a glove as it does not evaporate if it gets on the pump handle. My local ARCO station handed you a plastic glove when you told them it was a diesel pump.
  • Fingers crossed, did my research and can't find a reason not to buy this one. Only concern is the price of diesel fuel. Where do you see diesel fuel prices going in relation to regular fuel? Any feedback on the 2008? Dont know if what the difference is between 08 and 07. Guess I didnt do enough research.
    Also, I traded in a supercharged 2006 Range Rover Sport. Great car but felt like i was sitting in a coach airline seat. I am broad shouldered and edges of seat cut into my shoulder blades. Plus it sucked down fuel while I watched.
  • I currently drive a 2008 ML320CDI and in terms of fuel economy it performs very well in my opinion. The figures of 18/24 are pretty accurate, though it really depends on your driving.

    After buying the car in December I took it on a road trip to New York where I got about 24.3mpg max even though I drove 80mph average but was very soft on the pedal. However, about 2 weeks ago the mileage on the car went up and I now get around 24 minimum on the highway and up to 27 if I drive it well.

    For the city, I have only ever gotten 17mpgs if I drove the car quite hard (fast acceleration etc), but usually I never go below 18 and average about 20-22/23 mpgs in the city. Generally even if you're getting about 22mpgs on the highway or whatever, the car will usually average 20-23mpgs city and highway driving if you drive it normally. The mileage does go up now quite quickly when I drive it steadily over prolonged distances (it went up by 3mpgs from 21.5-24.5 after having spent about 2 minutes doing 65-70mph on the highway after city driving). My car is currently hovering around about 4,000 miles driven. I'd say at about 3,500-4,000 miles the engine should be worn in enough and you'll get those higher mpgs.

    In any case i've had no problems and the car has been absolutely joyous and lovely to drive. Definitely a great purchase and it gets quite a lot of looks, and when you compare it to a lot of real-world mileage of gasoline SUVs it does quite well. Diesel prices don't matter as much to me, as the higher mpgs for an SUV and the 25.1mpg fuel tank make up for it. That, and the fact that diesel stations are actually easier to find than most people think, and if you look a bit longer you might find cheaper diesel rates down the road. I doubt diesel prices will go sky-high and when you consider the greater efficiency of diesel and the coming of diesel vehicles by VW, BMW, Audi and the Japanese as well as new Mercedes models, its worth it.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I've got an 07 ML320 CDI and I also get stunning MPG. On a recent long trip to Cape Cod with a loaded SUV I got 26.5 and that was doing near 80, I divided gallons used into total trip miles when filling up.

    In winter Diesel is higher but in summer it is much lower, less then regular in some cases. Keep in mind Diesel in winter is around the same price (maybe a little more) for premium which all MBs require. Bottom line, with the extra miles you can go on a gallon and low summer prices you are paying less overall for Diesel. Get one...oh and that torque is intoxicating
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    Get one...oh and that torque is intoxicating

    It is something that has to be experienced. You can have the gassers HP, I will take the diesel torque any day. How do you like the 7 speed transmission?
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    The 7 speed is ok but I do get a couple shift kicks if I do strong acceleration and then let off the gas, the tranny wants to go for the high gears ASAP so it will jump 2 to 3 gears if you let it and gives you a double kick. Only happens if I am aggressive then let off the gas (reaching 40 or so). Of course this could be because of the bigger torque causing a snap as I have a CLK with the same 7 speed and do not notice this.

    I finally found a use for the shift paddles on the wheel. The ML diesel loves to engine brake going down hill or stay in the best RPMs for full torque at lower speeds (gear 4 to 6 at 30 to 40) - to get better MPG I force it to stay in the highest gear with a tap of the right fine. I will add that auto engine braking when coming to a full stop is great benefit - love that subtle growl too.
  • Thanks for all your replys. PS I pitted 3 dealers against each other and saved another grand plus got them to throw in running boards..
  • thochethoche Posts: 4
    Help, I just filled up my new 08 diesel with low sulfur and not ultra low sulfur. Should I pump it out? should I just fill in more of the correct ultra low? HELP HELP!!!
  • My ride is so new I have not even fueled it yet. Hit your teleaid info button and choose vehicle information when they ask and they will have your answer in minutes while you sit in the car. Let me know what they say.
  • Pump it out! You could seriously mess up your ride if you run it on Low Sulfur Diesel. From what i've heard it'll emit black smoke and u'll hear the engine chug followed by the engine potentially breaking.

    Low sulfur has 550pm and Ultra-Low sulfur has 15ppm so you see the difference.

    I haven't filled with low sulfur yet cos i'm really careful not to- don't wanna risk damaging the engine and I think you definitely shouldn't try to run on low sulfur.
  • thochethoche Posts: 4
    I asked my salesmen and he said it's a new car and it's ok, but don't make the mistake too often. I was hoping anybody have more information. Somebody like a mechanic or similar profession.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    What I've heard is it can clog the special exhaust system, MB will not warranty it if that happens. The system is $1500 or more. those 550ppm and 15ppm numbers mean parts per million, so imagine 550 particles getting filtered through your exhaust system all at once vs 15 particles - not wholly accurate but you get the idea.

    You may be ok as it is a new car and the system is clean...but go ahead and get the ultra low in there to start and dilute

    good luck
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    Low sulfur diesel can be anything from 30 PPM sulfur to 500 PPM sulfur. If you are in CA it is no more than 130 PPM. You can drain it and sell it to someone with a diesel PU truck which all run fine on the stuff.
  • jph3006jph3006 Posts: 49
    I am beginning to do the research on this interesting vehicle/V-6 diesel engine.

    1) Does this super high pressure fuel system require special treatment oil changes? Are fuel filters (I know oil filters are changed) changed when the oil is changed? What are owners paying for oil changes at the MB dealers?
    2) What special maintenance for the diesel over the 3.5L gas engine is required up to 100,000 miles?

    Thanks for any help, Jay
  • Thats super. Please let us know what you find?
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    What does anyone know of the recall of the 2007 CDIs? It's a crankshaft sensor problem.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    have not heard of the recall but my 07 CDI up and died while my Wife was driving it. Crankshaft sensor went bad. If it happens to you let it sit for 20 mins and then start it up to just get it off the road if you find yourself stuck.

    Other then that car has been good.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    Thanks for the heads-up. I am traveling, and called my home dealer who had heard nothing. I had read the info in and asked him to read it. He did, and then did a search on my vin no. and said my car was not involved. I can't find anything about the recall elsewhere. I checked the gov. website and MB website. Not sure what to think...
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    well it seems there is a recall. Heard about it yesterday and just got the letter today.

    Funny thing is I already had the sensor fail and replaced months ago, yesterday during service, they replaced it again....I guess just to be sure.

    From the letter it does not specify if it is just a Diesel issue, but it seems to effect some ML, GL, R and E-class models, years 2006 to 2008.

    Anyway - if you got the letter then your vehicle could be affected....go in.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I called my dealer when I read about the recall. He ran my vin no. through and said my car was not involved. He also knew nothing about the recall. As luck would have it, I'm traveling, so will deal with it when I get home...
  • chintchint Posts: 30
    I recently traded my R for a new ML320 CDI . I find it little difficult getting in and out of ML without side steps or running boards as ML has little higher ground clearence than the R.

    The cost for the delaer installed option when purchasing was 510 ( Free installation) Unfortunately the dealer had the part on order and I did'nt want to wait

    But now when I enquired my local dealer about the running boards he says the price is 940 + installation

    Any recomendations on where to get the running board ( the new aluminium ones with black spots)
  • I am considering one with the premium 3 package with the air suspension.
    Any one used it off road?

    I own an LR3 and I am trying to get better mileage while preserving my ability to leave paved roads.
    What mileage?
    Thanks for your thoughts.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "For most of our test, the 2009 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Bluetec led the Lexus in our comparison."

    Diesel Vs. Hybrid: We Debate Two Technologies

  • watkinstwatkinst Posts: 119
    Wife and I currently have 3 cars and I'm trying to get it down to two:-)

    Two of our 3 cars fit our uses well but I'd like one that covers it as a whole.
    Thinking the R 320 CDI might just do it. But have never owned a MB - the reliability thing is my major hang up. And Concern

    Diesel I'm familiar with - my first car was diesel - great car took more abuse than any car should ever endur but thats what happens when a 16yr old had his first car. It wasn't a MB.

    Anyway the milege the CDI returns - the road trip comfort big Plus - and the hauling/ light trailering ability is ideal along with the AWD.

    It's not MB like for owners to do their own basic maint - but I like to know enough about my cars to know when I'm getting the BS line from the shop or can fix it enough to make it home on a road trip. Having lots of experience with Diesels I'd probably want to know how to replace the fuel filter and have an extra on board for long road trips.

    Anyway very good thread - any additional comments on reliability with the 07's - 7spd transmission - AWD system? - Air suspension system seems like a great idea though not a must have if they are known for complicated issues etc. Thoughts?

    I like to keep my cars a long time so cars that have low numbers of odd quality issues are my top interest. Hence my 94 Land Cruiser and my 2000 Subaru which I hope to replace with a single vehicle
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